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Invisible Kingdom Chapter by Chapter Story Summary

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Hi everyone!

UPDATE: Um... I think some people think I used a video or something. No, this was done as a play through, directly from the game. xD I just did it at an incredibly fast pace with Phoenix Mode and such.

So instead of translating Famitsu, I ended up, well, marathoning Invisible Kingdom. Managed to finish that and a story summary like I did for Hoshido. Nohr is next... I played it already but wasn't writing summaries back then. xD So hope to do that, but it won't be as quick as this one I assure you.

Please forgive any typos, I did the usual spell check but that doesn't help some of them... I'll review it later on. xD

Now I can finally roam the forums regardless of careless use of spoiler tags and such...

Blog post here, or read it below! Enjoy and goodnight everyone. xD

Chapter 6: Sinking in Between

Kamui chooses not to side with Ryouma. Marx commends them, but Kamui says they are not siding with Marx either. They say they cannot choose between them as they do not want to betray either side of the family. They plead the two to put their weapons down and find a solution together. Marx says he will talk some sense into Kamui, but Ryouma moves to protect them. A battle begins with Kamui overlooking the siblings fight. Aqua remains with them, as their servant (Joker/Felicia) rushes to join their side.

After the battle, both sides are still in shock at Kamui’s decision. Marx remarks on how he treated Kamui like a true sibling, guilting them farther. Both sides announce that Kamui is a traitor to them. Aqua says the two aren’t listening to matter what Kamui says, and so they retreat.

Aqua says both countries are now enemies, and that Kamui must choose between them. Kamui says they already chose a path—one where they side with neither army. Aqua remarks her mother lost her life protecting the Nohr, and likely had no regrets having protected something she loved. Aqua feels that this is a sign, and resolves to travels with Kamui.

Lilith then takes Kamui to their special castle.

Chapter 7: A World Unheard Of

The group wonders what to do, figuring it may be best to remain hidden. Aqua says she can lead them to a hidden place that nobody can find. She heard about it from her mother, the world’s “true form,” a place deep in despair.

She leads them to the Infinite Chasm, which Kamui remarks Gunther had fallen into. Aqua says they enter simply by jumping in. The servant remarks that it is dangerous and they may die, as nobody has ever returned from it. Aqua says to believe her and jump. Kamui resolves to do so, and so the servant follows.

A scene showing their descent plays, and Kamui then wakes up in a world with floating islands and greenery.

Aqua says this place is the “Touma Kingdom” (*Touma = Invisible Demon) , which is the culprit behind Nohr and Hoshido’s war. Aqua does not explain, and says they should move as enemies may appear.

When they reached safety, Aqua explains that the king of the country is named Hydra. He killed the previous king during peace time. He used his power to control peoples’ hearts to usurp him. The once bountiful earth was changed to a hellish landscape, leading to the kingdom’s demise. She says there was more, as this was just the beginning of his ambitions. He seeks to destroy the world, causing a war between the two kingdoms, controlling Nohr’s King Garon from the shadows. Kamui says stopping Hydra may end the war, and wants to tell everybody about it. But Aqua says it’s impossible as nobody knows of this place. If they told anyone, a curse would cause them to disappear like bubbles on the water –like her mother, once Empress of Touma, named Shenmei, did. Aqua reveals she is actually the Princess of the Touma, from the previous King that Hydra had killed. Because of the curse, she cannot tell others about this even if she wanted to. Aqua says to Kamui that they must do the same and not reveal this to anybody no matter what happens.

Aqua pauses, realizing they are surrounded by enemies, and that they will continue the talk after. The battle begins.

During the battle, Kamui encounters Gunther and is delighted to see he survived. Gunther pledges again to serve Kamui and joins the team.

After the battle, Gunther compliments Kamui’s fighting strength and how it has grown. Gunther remembers Aqua when she introduces herself from the day she was kidnapped as a child. He feels guilty for being unable to protect her back then. Gunther asks about this place he fell into, and she explains it is Touma, the Kingdom that cannot be seen. They explain their plan to kill Hydra to bring peace, and Gunther pledges allegiance to them. Gunther assures them that despite his loyalty to Nohr, he will not be aiding Garon.

A mysterious figure appears, telling them to leave, and that this place is not for them. She says she is a mage of Touma. Aqua says they cannot win against this person right now, and so must return to their original world.

Back at the Infinite Chasm, Kamui wonders who that was, as Aqua does not answer. She simply says the door closes once Hoshido is Nohr, or Nohr is Hoshido. The “next” time it will open will be several decades if the two countries are still at conflict. Kamui figures they should cooperate to try and get more allies as well as bring peace quicker. They head back to Hoshido.

Chapter 8: A Traitor’s Stigma

At the Tenjin Fort, Gunther wonders if it will be best to just tell the enemy their intentions. Aqua reminds them of the curse that will happen if they tell anyone, and they reluctantly move forward.

Yukimura greets them at the gate, but is hostile. He mentions that because of Kamui, Ryoum and Takumi have been captured by Nohr. Kamui insists they are not the enemy, but Yukimura refuses to listen to them. The fight begins.

After the battle, Yukimura wonders why Kamui does not kill them. Kamui reasserts that they are not the enemy. Orochi wishes for Queen Mikoto and the other Hoshidians back, as Saizou suddenly decides to go out with a bang for the sake of the Hoshido. Suzukaze and Princess Sakura then run in, telling him to stop. The two vouch for Kamui, talking reason that Kamui is not acting as a true traitor would. Saizou stops, saying he may not believe them, but is willing to listen. Kamui explains the one they’re after is the one responsible for Mikoto’s death and holds grave ambitions, yet cannot tell them completely. Yukimura and Saizou seem to not believe Kamui, telling them to leave, but Sakura stops them, wanting to go along as she believes them. Suzukaze also wants to go with them, as Yukimura and Saizou tell them to do as they please.

Later, Kamui reaches the spot they first met Aqua. Kamui apologizes for talking on about Aqua, but Sakura says it is fine, and even if she is young and has known for Kamui for a short time, she wants to be able to help carry any burden Kamui feels they have. She professes her dedication rather shyly. Suddenly, Kamui notices a Pegasus, and Sakura’s subordinate Tsubaki arrives with Kazhana. Kazahana scolds Sakura for leaving them behind. They learned of Sakura’s whereabouts from Yukimura.

Chapter 9: Wanderers

Garon is shown pondering about Kamui and how they are still alive, but laughs it off, knowing nothing can stand in his way. Elise overhears Garon wondering why he would be after Kamui, but Camilla tells her not to worry.

Meanwhile, Kamui and their group are at Hades’ Stairway. Kamui is exhausted wondering how much farther the stairway goes. Sakura asks if they’re heading to the neutral Principality of Izumo, which Aqua confirms. They are then ambushed by Nosferatu, and cut through them. They then see dead Hoshidians, specifically members of the Wind Tribe. Macbeth is seen laughing from afar before disappearing. Kamui decides to head to the Wind Tribe’s lands to hopefully explain this to them.

Near the Wind Clan’s village, they encounter guards who assume they are responsible for the deaths of those they saw earlier. Kamui tries explaining to them, and they finally meet Fuuga, chief of the wind tribe. He says he heard they are allied with nobody, and seek to fight a particular king, but Aqua tells them to stop. Fuuga doesn’t believe talk about the “true enemy” and tells them to execute Kamui. However, Rinka appears, vouching for Kamui as Kamui saved her life before, swearing on her Flame Tribe blood that it is truth. Fuuga finds this interesting, but still wishes for them to show him their ultimate proof of resolve by fighting him. The battle begins.

After the battle, Fuuga apologizes and says he will believe them. He remarks on how Kamui is like Sumeragi, and how they were close friends. Fuuga talks about how he heard about the Yatogami and the one to wield it from Sumeragi and says it is the key to unlocking the Fire Emblem. It will have the power to destroy gods when complete. Fuuga suggests they go to Izumo to learn more from Izuna about this. He wants to send someone along, and so Tsukuyomi is chosen to go.

Chapter 10: A Divine Voice

They arrive at Izumo. Kamui says it has a very divine aura to it. Izana greets them very excitedly, betraying his own divine appearance. Kamui asks him about the Fire Emblem, but he does not know anything about that. He says to just enjoy food and drink while here, but Aqua asks him again if he really knows nothing about it, as it is an important matter. He insists he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and so Gunther calls him out on being an imposter. The magic wears off, and Zoura reveals himself. Gunther recognizes him as a mage of Nohr who specializes in illusions. He uses a spell that creates ice everywhere. The battle begins.

After the battle, Kamui corners Zoura and asks him to reveal where Izuna is hidden. Zoura quickly takes Sakura hostage, but is then destroyed by a magic attack. Leon then reveals himself, saying that it was a cowardly maneuver. Kamui thanks him, but he is silent. Kamui invites him to join them in search of truth, and that someone is controlling Garon. Leon asks for the name, but Kamui cannot reveal it. Leon says that Kamui shouldn’t treat him as a fool, saying he does not listen to traitors. He makes it clear he was killing Zoura for cowardice, not saving Sakura. Leon uses a magic attack to reveal a passageway to where Izana is.

Speaking to Izana, they find out Takumi was also being held here. Sakura explains she’s working with Kamui, and Takumi is surprised to hear she is turning traitor. Sakura says to believe Kamui, but Takumi says he will not trust a traitor so easily. Izuna says Takumi must not fight with Kamui, and that this is a divine message. Takumi still says he cannot trust despite that, so Izuna says he will tell a fortune with this doubt in mind. This new fortune still says the same thing, that Kamui is not the enemy. Kamui says they cannot explain at the moment, but seek an enemy that is neither Nohr or Hoshido. Izana then reads that they have come to learn about the Fire Emblem as well. He says that tales of the “Hesitant One” who does not choose light or dark is something that the family has passed down for generations. They wonder if it refers to Kamui, but nobody is sure.

Izana mentions “Meeting a Dragon,” and collapses. He tells Takumi to please travel with Kamui as his dying wish, his life force having been exhausted. He passes away as the group mourns him, Gunther calling him a true king. Takumi finally agrees to travel with them, but only to see Izana’s dream of a peaceful world realized, and not as a favor to Kamui. Takumi’s servants Hinata and Oboro pledge to follow Takumi as well. Kamui’s confidence is boosted and they swear to make Izana’s peaceful world come true.

Chapter 11: Joint Battle

Kamui and the group spot smoke up ahead. Suzukaze says it is a signal from his brother which says the enemy power was overwhelming. Kamui wants to help, but Suzukaze says shinobi who do this not expecting any rescue. The shinobi hopes to draw the enemy away to let the allies flee, but Kamui says to prepare for battle anyway. Suzukaze is surprised, but thankful that Kamui is going to rescue his brother.

Aqua mentions they’re in Fuuma territory. They are then ambushed, Suzukaze protecting Takumi from a shuriken he says fits Fuuma’s design. The battle begins.

Kotarou has Kagerou hostage, who he mocks and remarks on how the others fell into a trap. Elsewhere, Saizou, Orochi, and Yuugiri arrive looking for Kagerou. Kamui learns that Saizou was not the one who deployed the smoke. He explains that they learned Ryouma’s whereabouts and were ambushed when on their way to convey that he had not in fact been captured.

After the battle, Sakura says they found Kagerou, who is surprised that a traitor like Kamui is here. Sakura says Takumi and her are traveling with Kamui willingly, and Kagerou understands. Kagerou conveys that Ryouma was seen heading toward the country of Chevalier. Saizou is surprised, as Kagerou says that there is an uprising taking place in that country getting ready to fight Nohr. Ryouma is likely encouraging them to fight. Takumi mentions they will have to take a boat to get to Chevalier.

Chapter 12: The Frozen Sea

Kamui is resting aboard the ship, as they look at the weather. It seems to be getting dark with rain approaching, as a sudden loud noise is heard. They realize the sea below them is frozen over. They spot Camilla, who is happy to see Kamui is still calling her older sister, but does not like her tone nor the fact a traitor would say it this way. She reveals Garon has ordered them to kill Kamui, and while she loves Kamui, she also do not want to go against her father’s orders. Kamui tries to explain themselves, but Camilla orders Flora to unleash an ice attack. Kamui’s servant asks Flora to stand down, but she refuses. It is revealed that Flora is the one that froze up the waters so they could catch Kamui. Camilla says she will do Kamui the favor of killing her herself along with the rest of the group, but that she still loves her. The fight begins.

After the battle, Camilla says that Kamui is the winner and is ready to die. This surprises Kamui as well as Camilla’s servants Luna and Belka. She says she will be executed if she goes against her father’s wishes anyway, so she would rather die by her dear sibling Kamui’s hand. Kamui says if that’s true, then Camilla should just come along. Takumi objects to this saying Camilla just tried to kill them, but Camilla says Nohr is not their enemy and they should cooperate to fight the true enemy. Camilla asks about what she means, but Kamui cannot explain, so asks Camilla to simply believe in them. Kamui asserts that they want to help both sides find the truth, and Flora notices Kamui’s sword is glowing as a result. Camilla meanwhile believes Kamui due to the look in their eyes. Luna says it can’t be helped, and so joins too along with Belka. Kamui asks Flora to come too, but Flora says she kept her clan waiting when she came here and must return to them. Kamui says it may be dangerous, but Flora says the clan already evacuated and will go into hiding until the war’s end. Flora calls Kamui the Hero of Legend, as Kamui wonders why, Flora reveals it is because she saw Kamui’s sword glowing. This is a sign of the Hero that was passed down through generations, the one that yields the glowing Yatogami. Kamui asks Flora one final thing, regarding what the “Dragon” which Izuna mentioned is exactly. Flora apologizes that unfortunately the Ice Clan knows nothing of this. She takes leave saying they will meet again.

Camilla reassures Kamui that Flora will be fine. Kamui asks if Camilla believes the legend, but Camilla says rather than the legend, that she believes in Kamui, and that Kamui can bring an end to the fighting. Camilla then notes the Hoshidians are eavesdropping, and Aqua apologizes. Camilla then is shocked to see Aqua, wondering if she was the same that was kidnapped. Camilla explains about Aqua’s mother Shenmei being usurped by Marx’s mother Ektrina, and the lack of resolve in getting Aqua returned being for this reason. But despite that, they have not forgotten about Aqua. Takumi says not to believe so easily. Camilla jokes that she would only kill one or two people at most, but Kamui doesn’t take it well. Camilla then says not to worry, she would not betray Kamui as not to see them sad, and joins. Aqua and Sakura welcome her, and Takumi says he may not trust her, but trusts her fighting skill as a valuable ally.

Kamui says to continue the voyage to Chevalier.

Chapter 13: The Fallen Paradise

They arrive in Amusia, only to see it in ruin. Kamui mentions there was likely a battle as Camilla laments the loss. They see someone coming.

Flannel is laying on the floor, as a weakened Nishiki says it’s dangerous to go on ahead. Camilla suggests Sakura heal the two, as she does so. Aqua then asks what happened, as Nishiki reveals it was not a battle between two sides, but a single person who caused the destruction. They say there were no soldiers or anything, and simply a person without a defined figure, but looked human. Takumi announces that the two eldest brothers Ryouma and Marx are fighting nearby. Nishiki and Flannel both wonder what side Kamui is on, to which they answer neither. Nishiki and Flannel both decide to join to help them end the war.

Kamui pleads the two brothers to stop. Ryouma is surprised to see them here, but says it is too late to stop the battle as Nohr destroyed the peaceful town. Marx retorts saying it was destroyed by the Hoshido invasion. Kamui is unsure what to do, as Aqua says it is inevitable that the sides will not listen to each other in war. Aqua says that the key factor is that a single “thing” destroyed the city by itself, and Kamui gasps, realizing it is likely the figure they witnessed when in Touma. Aqua wonders what Kamui is doing, as Kamui yells that they know the true enemy and tells the two sides to stop fighting. Kamui says they will fight to stop the two brothers to show them the truth. The battle begins.

After the battle, Marx demands they fight to the last man. As Ryouma says he will defeat all of them regardless. Kamui tells them to stand down as the real enemy was defeated. The two keep going with their fight anyway, as Aqua starts singing, resulting in Marx and Ryouma losing the urge to fight, feeling more at ease. Aqua too gets tired as a result of doing this.

Kamui chases after Marx before he leaves, telling him to come to the Infinite Chasm the day Hoshido and Nohr change. Marx asks what they mean, but Kamui apologizes still unable to tell them, but wishes to fight alongside him to save the world. Marx shrugs Kamui off, as Kamui asks if Marx knows anything about what Izuna meant by “Meeting the Dragon.” He says even if he did know, he would not tell a traitor, and leaves.

Ryouma meanwhile is more willing to listen, but feels Kamui may not trust him if they can’t tell him what their plan is. The leader of the resistance, Crimson, also introduces herself, and says she heard about Kamui because Ryouma would keep talking about them. Crimson decides to trust Kamui, and says the fact Kamui is Ryouma’s younger sibling should be reason enough to trust them. Ryouma says they’re not cooperating yet, but Crimson ignores him, saying they will return to Shirasagi Castle. Kamui asks Ryouma if he knows about “Meeting the Dragon” that Izuna mentioned, but he says he knows nothing. He suggests asking the Rainbow Sage in Notrodia. Camilla says that’s interesting, as not more than four people have every returned from visiting the Rainbow Sage. The first was late King Sumeragi of Hoshido, the second was a younger Garon, the third was an unnamed knight, and the fourth was Marx. Kamui is surprised, and so figures that Marx likely knew about the “Dragon.” Camilla isn’t sure if that’s the case. Ryouma and Crimson head back to help Hinoka out in Hoshido, as Kamui sets their eyes on Notrodea.

Chapter 14: Unrest Within Nohr’s Army

Macbeth welcomes Marx back. Marx seeks audience with Garon, and Macbeth wonders if Kamui was a bad influence on him. Ganz says that’s impossible for the Crown Prince Marx to be influenced in such a way, but Macbeth disagrees. He warns they have to be careful and do something about Kamui soon. Elise overhears this. She realizes if Camilla is with Kamui, then that is proof that Kamui is not a traitor.

Marx meets with Leon, and they both head to meet Garon. Marx wonders if this war is won, whether their father will return to how he used to be. He has absolute trust in his father. Leon asks him if he still thinks that seeing the way his father is now. Garon is smiling like a maniac, yet is saying very hesitantly and forcefully that the war must continue, almost as if he was possessed against his will. Garon says to destroy both the Hoshido –and Nohr. He says to destroy it all, to destroy the world. Marx is lost for words.

Leon asks Marx again, saying that this father is a completely different person –like someone is controlling him. Leon then mentions how he met Kamui in Izumo, and learned that their true enemy is “someone else” who is controlling him. Back then he thought it simply a traitor’s words, but now he sees there may be some truth to it. Leon suggests that perhaps Kamui is not the true enemy after all, but Marx shuts him up saying that’s idiocy. Marx reminds Leon the punishment for treachery is unforgivable, and he best keep it in mind. Marx mentions how Kamui said to meet at the Infinite Chasm when the two countries’ skies “change places.” Marx says he needs to assemble a reliable army until then. Leon wonders what he’s planning…

Meanwhile, Kamui arrives at the Port Town of Dia. Aqua says they need to take a ship from here to Notrodea. Some Nohr soldiers appear, saying they’re here to apprehend Kamui. Among them is Cyrus, who says that orders are from Garon to kill Kamui. He has no choice but to attack a close friend. Kamui wonders who he is, not seeming to remember him. He settles to fight. From behind, Elise arrives to join the fray, to Camilla and Kamui’s concern. Kamui wonders how the older brothers took it, but Elise says she didn’t tell them. Camilla wants her to go back saying this is not a game, but Elise is insistent. She eventually wins out, even realizing she may have to fight Leon and Marx in the future. She hugs Kamui in joy. Her servants Harold and Elfie join too. The battle begins.

During the battle, Elise manages to convince the border guard Benoit to join after saying she can see he is kind in his eyes beyond his frightening appearance. She also gets the other border guard Charlotte to join after revealing she is a Princess.

After the battle, Kamui asks why Cyrus was holding back. Cyrus mentions the Knight’s Oath, and remembers he made it a long time ago when Kamui was young. He swore to save Kamui. Kamui finally remembers, saying that Cyrus would tell them of the world outside the confines of the castle. Cyrus gladly joins the team after some short reminiscence. Kamui then sets off to the Country of Wisdom –Notrodea.

On deck, Elise meets Aqua. She says that the others were saying Aqua is a Princess of Nohr, thus making her Elise’s older sister. Elise is elated to hear this. She’s happy to have made so many friends and met new family on board, and she is seen being on great terms with Sakura. Aqua is quietly pleased with how fast Sakura and Elise became friends, and thinks that maybe, one day, Hoshido and Nohr as a whole will get along in that sort of manner.

Chapter 15: The Rainbow Sage

Kamui asks a man about the Rainbow Sage. The man guesses it is about the Yatogami, which catches Kamui off guard. He then asks why they want to meet the sage, wondering if it is just for power. Kamui says they are not interested in power, and simply wish to ask him something. This impresses the man, and he says the sage can be found at the top of Notrodea’s mountain where the Seven Story Towers lie.

Climbing the mountain, Kamui is getting exhausted. Elise slips and falls, but Sakura catches her. They spot the towers at the peak. They cautiously move out.

During the battle, Kamui asks the lonely Nyx to join by saying that this army will be like her family. Kamui also manages to recruit the power loving Asura who came to steal the Rainbow Sage’s power. He wants to destroy the Fuuma King, but Kamui reveals they did that already. He introduces himself, and when Kamui does, he recognizes them from name alone. He joins their team to help realize the dream of a peaceful world.

After the battle, Kamui steps through the entrance, and ends up back where she was talking to the man before. The man reveals himself to be the Rainbow Sage. Kamui asks about how to meet the Dragon and how it will lead to ending the war. He asks to see the Yatogami, as it changes form. Kamui asks if this is the Fire Emblem Fuuga spoke of, but the sage says that requires the five divine weapons to be together. The Fire Emblem is also known as…the Fire Emblem (this is a silly translation thing, but the word they were using up until now is literally “Fire Seal” in Japanese, but then they used the English word.) Suddenly, the sage collapses, like Izuna did before. Kamui asks Elise and Sakura to heal him, but he says “Human” magic will not work. He reveals that he is in fact the “Dragon” they have been searching for. He said he got mixed up in wars of long past, and has spent the last of his power to upgrade Kamui’s Yatogami. His final request is that Kamui use that sword to carve their own path.

Chapter 16: White Flames

Yukimura and his forces are under attack by Nohr, but Ryouma and Crimson arrive in time to save them. Yukimura and Ryouma exchange information about Kamui, once again mentioning the Kamui’s request to meet at the Infinite Chasm. Ryouma says he still plans on getting Kamui back, to Crimson’s dismay. Ryouma says it is because ever since he saw Kamui taken away before his eyes long ago, he vowed to get them back with his own hands. Yukimura attempts to comfort him saying that it was not Ryouma’s fault. He says he will fight for Kamui’s sake, but not on Kamui’s path. Hinoka says she overheard the conversation, and wishes to go along with Ryouma to the Infinite Chasm. She feels the need to protect Kamui too. They leave Yukimura in charge of the castle and promise to return safely.

At the Infinite Chasm, it still seems too early, as Aqua says there is a clear boundary in the sky above Hoshido and Nohr. Sakura spots soldiers, and they are ambushed by the Nohr lead by Ganz. Camilla and Takumi take care of a few soldiers, but are overwhelmed by numbers. Ryouma and Hinoka arrive on time to help Kamui, along with Crimson, and Hinoka’s two subordinates Setsuna and Asama. The battle against Ganz begins.

After the battle and Ganz’s death, Kamui says this should be the end of the war. Aqua feels it is still too early, however. Aqua points out that Macbeth and his forces are still there.

Chapter 17: Black Flames

Aqua says they cannot retreat, even though Kamui is far outnumbered. The battle continues.

During the battle, Kamui fears enemy reinforcements that arrive, but Marx and Leon come to an unexpected rescue and join on Kamui’s side. Macbeth isn’t flustered at all though. Then, Marx and Leon’s subordinates Odin, Zero, Pieri, and Lazward arrive as well.

After the battle and Macbeth’s death, Marx explains how Garon wishes the destruction of Hoshido, Nohr, and the rest of the world. Leon says he did not believe what Kamui said at Izumo at first, but then saw his father change steadily. Marx insists Kamui turning traitor will not change, but that they must do something about Garon. They all agree to help Kamui to achieve this. Ryouma and Marx finally form an alliance to make a world where Hoshido and Nohr are not enemies. Aqua says it is time to head off to the kingdom that cannot be seen.

Chapter 18: The Invisible Kingdom

The skies change, the time has come. Kamui says all will be revealed once they leap, but the others are not sure if this is suicide or not. Kamui tries to explain what it is to them, but Aqua does not want Kamui to disappear as a result. The others trust Kamui regardless, and they all leap into the abyss. Crimson is the last to go with Kamui.

On the way down, Kamui is ambushed by a mysterious figure that uses some sort of magic attack. Crimson moves Kamui out of the way and is hit by the blast. By the time they land, Crimson is already dead. Kamui isn’t sure what to say to Ryouma, but then gets surrounded by enemies. Ryouma and Marx save them, followed by Aqua and Gunther. They spot the same figure they saw before, and they aim to defeat them.

After the battle, the mysterious figure disappears, welcoming them to the kingdom and understanding their power before doing so. Leon wonders where they are, and Aqua says this is the Touma Kingdom –the origin of the war. Ryouma realizes Crimson is missing. Kamui reluctantly tells Ryouma what happened to her, showing him the body. Kamui feels guilty that Crimson died protecting them, but Ryouma says not to. They move on.

Chapter 19: City of Ruin

Aqua explains that Hoshido and Nohr have roots in the Touma, with thing such as Hoshido’s “Throne of Truth” being of this world. Aqua wishes to show them something in particular though. It is a statue that Garon also has in his room. Aqua explains that is Hydra. The Light Dragon to Hoshido, the Dark Dragon to Nohr, and just Hydra to the Touma. Touma has knowledge of all things. Marx wonders why Garon would keep a statue in the room. Aqua explains that Garon is no longer of this world, to which Marx is shocked. Aqua says that Hydra can control dead bodies, and that Garon is just a puppet controlled by magic now, an existence solely as a follower of Touma. As Hydra’s puppet, Garon instigated a war to destroy the world. The others try to take it all in, realizing the tragedies at Amusia among other things in a war all for Hydra. Aqua also explains her heritage to them, as the Princess of Touma, with her original father killed and mother dying protecting her. Ryouma also finds out about the curse, and that the world cannot be talked about unless one is in the world itself.

Suddenly, a plea for help from a boy named Rontao is heard. They move out to help him.

After the battle, Rontao thanks them and introduces himself as King Touma’s page. He mentions that there are people here and there that were left in this world. Aqua asks if he can tell them where Hydra is, and he agrees to lead them, but then is taken aback when Kamui mentions defeating him. Rontao says it’s impossible, and they should run while they can. Kamui reasserts their position, and says Rontao can flee if he wants. Rontao decides to cooperate, saying Hydra is at a castle named Rouran.

Elsewhere, a figure in a hood is amazed Kamui has come. With him is a ghastly figure that resembles Queen Mikoto. The other figure from before remarks that the daughter named Aqua has come too.

Chapter 20: A Seed of Doubt

Rontao says in order to make it to Rouran, they have to cross a few obstacles that consist of various flying islands. Rontao runs toward a bridge and Leon worries it may be dangerous. But he crosses fine, and invites the rest to cross over. The bridge disappears after a few more cross over. Rontao says he is glad, though Marx seems to doubt his intentions now. Enemies appear out of nowhere, and a battle begins.

After the battle, the group sees the impregnable Castle Rouran looming in the distance. Kamui says what the best way to attack is, and Rontao says he knows a secret entrance around the back. Marx declines, saying the same trap won’t work twice. Marx accuses Rontao of sabotaging the bridge to try and kill them. The others agree with Marx, but Kamui still believes in Rontao. They say it’s fine, as Kamui is the leader after all, which Kamui did not think about up until now. They follow Kamui’s path to save the world, and so Kamui is the leader.

Chapter 21: Following the Destined Path

The group rests. Rontao approaches Kamui, saying he wants to prove he is not a traitor by going in on his own to open the gate from the inside. Kamui says it’s too risky, but he wants to prove himself. Kamui believes in him, saying he will not fail.

On the path, Rontao thanks Kamui for believing in him. He says Kamui is a wonderful leader, but changes his tone saying they will regrettably have to die here. Rontao attacks Kamui, laughing, as he summons reinforcements, saying Kamui’s trust in him made this easy. Rontao mocks Kamui because their allies won’t even know where they went. But Kamui mentions they left a letter so the allies will know their whereabouts exactly in case they don’t return. Kamui starts fighting, but starts to get tired. Takumi then arrives, followed by Leon, and then the others. They attack Rontao, who gets injured, and he asks his Lord Hydra why he is losing. He then screams, as he is transformed into a Nosferatu, and the battle begins.

After the battle, Kamui apologizes for being naïve. Ryouma assures Kamui not to worry, it was simply Rontao’s fault for being a deceiving coward. The siblings and Gunther remind Kamui that they can rely on them too.

Chapter 22: Memories of Mother

Kamui asks if Aqua had come to this forest before. Aqua says yes, with her mother when she was little. They hear a voice of the figure that they fought several times before welcoming them to Touma. It turns out to be Aqua’s mother, Shenmei. She announces herself as one of Touma’s Followers, like what Aqua said Garon had become. Marx is disgusted at bringing the dead back as puppets. Aqua resigns to the fact that this is not her mother, as she does not have memories of when she was alive. Shenmei has no idea what Aqua is speaking of, and all she does know is that all of them must die. The battle begins.

After the battle, Shenmei retreats. Aqua laments what happened to her mother, but Ryouma reminds her what was once her mother is no longer. Aqua says she knows, just her shape. She mentions how Shenmei taught her how to sing, and taught her a lot about Touma’s history. She hoped she could fight alongside her, but realizes her mother is dead and gone.

Chapter 23: Touma Loyalist Shenmei

Ryouma is thinking about Crimson and how she would be doing now. Ryouma suggests that the one who truly killed Crimson is among them, however. Ryouma says nobody aside from them went down the chasm, and so he concludes it has to be someone among them. Someone who has been deceiving them the whole time. Kamui understands, and they will focus on fighting but keep this revelation in mind. Shenmei then ambushes them, and a battle begins.

In mid battle, Ryouma spots Crimson as one of the enemies. He has doubts, but realizes it is just another reanimated puppet. After he kills her, she manages to mutter the start of a thank you, but dies before she can finish saying it.

When Aqua fights Shenmei, Shenmei remarks she feels something painful in her head when she looks at Aqua’s face. Aqua gasps realizing her mother still may be in there, but Shenmei quickly remarks that perhaps killing Aqua will make the feeling go away.

After the battle, Shenmei says Aqua’s name, telling her to come closer. Aqua is amazed Shenmei is finally remembering her. Shenmei says her spirit is fading, the work of the Touma King. She says she is glad she remembered in her final moments. Aqua goes closer, but Ryouma tells her to stay back as it seems like a trap. Aqua is unsure, but trusts her mother. She holds her mother in her arms, as Shenmei compliments her for growing so much. Aqua remarks of how long she had been wanting to meet her mother again. Shenmei apologizes for leaving Aqua on her own, but Aqua says she was not alone. She says she had her siblings in Hoshido and Nohr. Aqua’s mother fades away in her arms, thanking Aqua for being her daughter, and glad she could see her face one last time before she passes on. The other remain silent, as Kamui is more determined than ever to take down the Touma King.

Chapter 24: A Face From Days Gone By

Kamui asks if the Touma King will be in here, Aqua says he should be. It suddenly becomes pitch black inside. Kamui thinks they fell into an enemy trap. Nobody replies to Kamui. They see a pool of blue, as Mikoto then materializes, saying she is happy to see Kamui again. Kamui says that this Mikoto is not her mother, and just another Touma Follower. She says to believe her, but Kamui is not falling for it. Kamui believes in their mother, but not in some puppet. They take a swing, but is stopped. Mikoto says even if Kamui does not believe her, she believes in Kamui. She says even though she is a puppet being controlled by the Touma King, she is still Kamui’s mother. She says to look out for traps, and remember the “Blue Door.” Mikoto fades away, as Kamui hears Aqua’s singing. They rush off to the source.

Aqua is glad to see Kamui safe, but wonders why Kamui looks down. Kamui says it is nothing of importance. A battle begins.

Mikoto leads Kamui’s group, telling them which doors to follow. Her final door turns out to be a trap that gravely injures them however, as Mikoto says now it will be easy to eliminate them all. After she is defeated, she mumbles Kamui’s name.

After the battle, the Hoshido siblings surround their mother. She apologizes, and Kamui says they knew she was trapped against her will. Sakura cries about how she so wanted to meet her, and Mikoto says she is still cute as ever. She says she’s happy she got to see Ryouma, Takumi, and Hinoka as well. Takumi says the feeling is mutual, as Ryouma does too from the last sudden parting they suffered. Mikoto thanks Kamui for freeing her, telling them not to cry. She also makes it known that she was born in Touma, and that Kamui is also of Touma blood. She says that Shenmei was her older sister, but due to the Touma curse, she could not reveal this. She says the biggest dangers lie ahead, but trust they can handle it. She fades away, as Sakura, Takumi, Hinoka, and Ryouma mourn her sudden passing. Kamui tells Mikoto to rest in peace, that they will bring peace to the kingdoms.

Chapter 25: The Return of the Demon Swordsman

Kamui tells Aqua to scout ahead, and to use her singing as a signal. Kamui now on their own hears a voice talking of how they are a forgotten god, a betrayed god, a buried god –having lost the title of Touma King. Kamui gets knocked out.

They awake to see Gunther, who is glad to see they are okay. Gunther suggests Kamui rest, but Kamui wants to press onward. Kamui mentions to Gunther that the person who attacked them just now was the same apparition that killed Crimson, as the words he echoed were the same as he did back then. Gunther supposes it is the same traitor they spoke of before, and does not wish to see Kamui torn apart the same way as Crimson’s flower was. They proceed to the top of the stairs where Aqua waits. Suddenly, enemies appear, as Kamui tells Aqua to get help, and for Gunther to trust them and their judgement, to which Gunther agrees reluctantly.

The hooded figure appears with the enemies, laughing at how much his child has grown. He removes his hood, revealing King Sumeragi beneath it. He has returned as a Touma Follower, and is much stronger. A fight begins.

After the battle, Sumeragi compliments the strength of his children. Takumi tells Sakura to try healing him, but it’s hopeless. Sumeragi asks why Ryouma is crying, as it is not the way of a warrior or a man. He says they have all far surpassed him and comments on Kamui’s strength too, and apologizes for being unable to help. Sumeragi is glad Kamui got to meet Mikoto too. Even if his time with her was short, he truly loved her, and will never forget the day they first met. He had fallen in love at first site. But soon after the uprising in Touma began and Mikoto moved to Hoshido for safety and a series of events lead them to where they are today. However, it is not a bad ending, as they are all here now. He trusts they can finish this fight, and moves on without any regrets.

Chapter 26: My Name is King Touma

Aqua says the King is beyond this door, and that there will be no turning back. Kamui says this to leave this to them, as the Yatogami is needed to land the first strike before the others can follow up. They understand and will do as they said. They charge through the door –to see an empty room. Suddenly, a barrage of fireballs bombards them. Leon is gasping, that it came from Kamui. Gunther says he deduced that the traitor had to be one of Touma blood, and so thinks it is either Kamui or Aqua. Gunther says it is a plan to destroy all sides. Kamui pleads him to stop, but Gunther calls them a traitor. After more bickering, Kamui finally speaks their mind, accusing Gunther of being the one who killed Crimson. Kamui deduced this based on when Crimson put the flower on which was after everybody else had jumped, and so the only ones who would know were Kamui and Crimson’s killer. Gunther had mentioned the flower earlier at the base of the stairway when he said he would not want to see Kamui end up that way, which is what was the nail in the coffin. Being exposed, he sits atop the throne, revealing his true intentions and self, enjoying Kamui’s face of shock and despair. He reveals he is King Touma, and Kamui realizes they helped him reach this destination. Kamui says they will fight to get Gunther back. The battle begins.

During the battle, a special area glows around Kamui and Aqua that provides great healing and evasive capabilities, which Kamui says is their mothers watching over and providing care for them even now.

After the battle, Gunther says it isn’t over. As King Touma, this isn’t the end and he won’t die here. Kamui pleads Gunther to stop, as Aqua starts singing. Marx calls out for Gunther to come back to them. Kamui reasserts their belief in Gunther, and asks Gunther to remember the day they left for the very first time with Joker, Felicia, and Flora. Gunther seems to remember, but raises his sword to strike Kamui, but is struggling. Instead, he stabs himself with the sword, as the evil dissipates. Elise and Sakura heal him. He mentions how Garon had killed both his wife and child. He also massacred everybody in his home town. As to why, he is not sure, he would assume royalty like Marx and his siblings would know, but they seem at a loss for words. Gunther is ready to face consequences for his actions, but Kamui says he is forgiven, and Gunther is Gunther to them. He wonders why, considering he killed Crimson. Kamui says that was not him, but rather King Touma’s power. Kamui says to live on for Crimson’s sake. Kamui then says for everyone to move out. This will be their final battle.

Chapter 27: The End of Buried Madness

The evil aura from Gunther flows to the giant mask statue at the end of the room, causing it to float. This is Hydra. He talk about the failure of humanity in forgetting about him, or being grateful. He cares not for human life, as it is beneath him. He keeps asking why humans want to stand up to him. Kamui tries attacking with the Yatogami, but to no effect. The two older brothers step up to defend Kamui, but are blown away with ease. Aqua is knocked over too. Kamui begs for power to help everyone. Suddenly, Takumi’s bow, Leon’s tome, Ryouma’s sword, and Marx’s sword all glow. They realize together they are the five with the divine weapons the Rainbow Sage mentioned. Kamui asks them to combine their power . The result is a very different sword –the Fire Emblem. The sword is changed to “Final Night” form.

After the battle, Hydra wonders how he could have lost to mere humans. He said his blood is insufficient, and so calls for Garon. Garon says that Gunther was used as a weapon before, and so starts laughing and gladly tells Hydra to use his body as a weapon. Instead, Hydra eats him, like nothing more than an insect. Hydra seeks to eat the others to get more of his own “blood” back. He says to Dragons, humans are nothing more than insects.

The face starts to crack, and the head withdraws into the cave, then pops out, destroying the entire top of the castle. The Dragon then emerges at full size, flying up into the air, creating a vortex that begins to suck up all the floating island and debris, and gets ready for combat…

Final Chapter: Touma Dragon Hydra

Takumi feels humans are helpless against such a beast. Leon thinks it is the end of all things. Marx is impressed that they will meet their end with Hoshidian royalty. Ryouma says it’s true, but that they won’t be dying here. Kamui says not to give up, and their belief in their friends will overcome this Dragon. They chose this path and this is their fate. This is their destined battle for the sake of the future. The battle begins.

They fight, reducing the Dragon to just the orb in its mouth, and defeat that too. The battle ends. Kamui is unsure if they won, but Aqua confirms that the Touma Dragon has been completely eliminated. The siblings, in order of youngest to oldest, express their relief at the victory. Aqua tells her parents she did it. Aqua expresses her joy of having had the opportunity to fight alongside Kamui.


Kamui is crowned Ruler of Touma. They all congratulate Kamui on the coronation and ascension to the throne with hopes they will rebuild the country. Kamui expresses gratitude to Ryouma and Marx for their and both their countries’ aid in the war. Kamui swears to believe in all and to make everyone happy. Gunther watches the coronation from afar, and walks off silently.

Aqua and Kamui stand at the water’s edge where they first met, talking about the coronation. Kamui asks Aqua if she’s really okay with this, but Aqua says that she is not really fit to be a ruler. She trusts the hero chosen by the Yatogami can lead the way to a bright future. Aqua asks Kamui to hear one more prayer from her, being the song she sings. Kamui asks who had written the lyrics, but Aqua does not know. The creator remains unknown, but she learned it from her mother. It has been around since ancient times, likely from a Dragon like Touma rather than a human. The song contains strong wishes and dreams, for those that have sunk into the greatest bouts of despair. That is how Aqua feels anyway, but Kamui agrees. Aqua says for now, Kamui is the beacon for the future rather than this song, however. Kamui says they cannot do this alone, and will be relying on the others to help them pave the way. Kamui says it’s time to return to where everybody else is, a party awaits.

In an ending scene, the siblings of all three kingdoms form an oath of allegiance and peace. A new treaty that cannot be broken. The siblings all stand with their counterparts. The younger ones, Sakura and Elise playful with each other. Hinoka and Camilla reaching a mutual understanding, Takumi and Leon remarking on the situation casually, and the eldest Ryouma and Marx shaking over the vows. They all turn to see Kamui, and the two younger sisters pull Kamui in, as all the siblings say together that this is all an oath to Kamui, too.


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Must resist temptation to spoil entire plot. Down spoiler hand! But seriously while I did not read through it major props on translating it and summarizing it. While I'm sure you enjoy doing this don't kill yourself over it.

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I am much busier than I thought I would be these days; I still haven't even started Nohr. By the time I've beaten the third path and this thread is relevant to me it will likely be dead, so I'll give my thanks in advance.

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Annnnnnnnd I've now spoiled myself completely. Excellent?

I've really got to stop logging onto this forum.

But seriously, really good job. I can't even think how much work that had to have been.

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Wait!???? Does that mean Garon killed Gunter's wife and his child then massacred everybody in his home town!????? Now that's sad...

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Thanks for the work : D

To think in the space of two weeks, we can enjoy 3 full Fire Emblem games.

4 if you count My Castle XD

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Wha-, already ? Well I'm not complaining, thanks !

OMG, Aqua and Kmaui are cousins!

Wincest ! :o

I'm going to be the one starting it. So is it me, or is the story completely dumb ? I honestly don't know where to start...

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Wait did I miss something, why could Aqua talk to Gunter and Kamui about the invis king. but not anyone else?

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Question about the Yato

I've heard that some of the later chapters are a point of no return does that mean you can only use the final version of the Yato/Fire Emblem in the last two chapters, without being able to take it into skirmishes or MyCastle battles (as you only get it in the final set of chapters)?

Or am I misinformed or otherwise mistaken?

Wait did I miss something, why could Aqua talk to Gunter and Kamui about the invis king. but not anyone else?

The curse doesn't apply to those inside the Invisible Kingdom, only when one travels or is outside of it. They meet Gunter inside the Invisible Kingdom.

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Gunther won't die on the third route? Thank God!

Also, kinda noticed something, but

Gunther essentially takes on a very major role in this route, even compared to his role in the Nohr route. I am happy!

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I swore not to spoil myself for this path, for this path at the very least... and that lasted all of two seconds when I saw this thread. Self restraint, I have none.

All I got aside from spoilers is the revelation that it is time to do one thing........


... I laughed way too hard, and I apologize profusely for it. Is that from Poseidon, or am I just seeing things?

Edited by Skywolfe

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Well it's still largely contrived.

Apart from that, if I think about it, it does seem to be fairly balanced I guess

RE: Hoshido/Nohr/Final Yato, What I would like is for someone to attempt to bring it out, since I haven't seen anyone try it yet. It might not be possible though. Though it might also be possible, since I think you can still retreat from C27 (but it might not stay? not sure)

Aside from that, man, did you really go through the entire game in a single day? Let me guess, Phoenix Mode turbo?

Edited by CocoaGalaxy

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Kamui chooses to side with Ryouma. Marx commends them, but Kamui says they are not siding with Marx either. They say they cannot choose between them as they do not want to betray either side of the family. They plead the two to put their weapons down and find a solution together. Marx says he will talk some sense into Kamui, but Ryouma moves to protect them. A battle begins with Kamui overlooking the siblings fight. Aqua remains with them, as their servant (Joker/Felicia) rushes to join their side.

Did you mean to say that Kamui chooses not to side with Ryouma?

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Thanks so much for this!

question, and sorry if I missed it. I'd been hearing Kamui's father was Hydra? Was that an actual thing and it's mentioned here or was that internet taking some thought and running with it?

Edited by Aquakat

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Awesome stuff. Good to see that some of my earlier theories were confirmed, after all. Thanks.

Hydra is both the dragon of Nohr and the dragon of Hoshido after all, as I originally thought. And if there was question about the nature of his gift to mankind after the Azura supports were translated, I think that last bit more or less confirms that he's the source of Dragon's Vein. Also, it seems that Hydra does quite literally empower and enslave spirits, though I think that wasn't really too much of a theory.

Edited by Lhyonnaes

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All I got aside from spoilers is the revelation that it is time to do one thing........


rip in rip.

Thank you based Kirokan! The path looks really awesome tbh and i cant wait!

I have a question though. Even though Aqua is Kamui's cousin, they can S support. Does the ending change slightly if they are married?

Im also preparing myself for Lobster and Marx feels.

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Thanks so much for this!

question, and sorry if I missed it. I'd been hearing Kamui's father was Hydra? Was that an actual thing and it's mentioned here or was that internet taking some thought and running with it?

It was confirmed in the ancient texts in the My Castle Museum.

I didn't read the dialogue to know if Hydra/Anankos acknowledged Kamui as his/her child though.

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It was confirmed in the ancient texts in the My Castle Museum.

I didn't read the dialogue to know if Hydra/Anankos acknowledged Kamui as his/her child though.

Okay, what in the world is the My Castle Museum? I've been hearing about it and apparently it tells you everything you need to know about what's going on in the game, but when does it become available? Right at the start or at the end?

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It was confirmed in the ancient texts in the My Castle Museum.

I didn't read the dialogue to know if Hydra/Anankos acknowledged Kamui as his/her child though.

Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying!

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