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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away


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OMG... I though it was a troll thread when I saw it on PS4's board at Gamefaqs. RIP Iwata-san, may you blessed Nintendo from the world up above us. My deepest condolences to his friends and families.

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Re-posted from FE4 thread:

I talked about it over Twitter, but because nobody here is ever getting access to said Twitter, I'm gonna put this here:

As someone who's had a Nintendo console of some sort all his life, I can safely say I grew up on Nintendo games, and those in turn helped me become who I am today. in some ways for worse according to some, for better in other ways. but I wouldn't change a damn thing. Nintendo has done a lot for my life, and I've put a lot of money - my own or my family's when I was younger - into Nintendo, and that won't change either because even now Nintendo games are a strong presence in my personal life.

Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata. Good game, and a winner is you.

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Man, this seriously came outta nowhere...

But like it was said before, this man really deserves to go to heaven,

I mean cutting your own salary for the sake of the company and the people that work for you, it's something really amazing and courageous,

What really irritates me, is that I know that there will be trolls mocking his death, ugh...

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Sorry for posting here again, but I just realized something,

that now everytime that will I watch the staff credits of a game and see "Executive Producer: Satoru Iwata", it's gonna give me a really empty feeling...

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