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guide to war of shipping!!11!


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1: Say you like a pairing, say Mario x Peach.

2: Wait for someone to hate on your pairing.

"marioxpeach sux, luigixpeach rulz! gt said so!!!1"

3: Get annoyed and try to be reasonable to them.

"No, Game Theory was wrong. Mario and Peach have more ship-teasing."

4: Have your bad pairing of choice flame you.

"i am right, you are rong. luigixpeach 4ever, only idiots ship marioxpeach, noob."

5: Get very annoyed and yell at the guy.


6: Someone clicks the report button and calls in a mod.

7: The mod locks the thread and bans both of you.

"locked, banned. no shipping wars allowed."

8: Whine in bed as you wait out your ban. Take your salt to the internet wasteland.

PS: I ship Mario and Peach, regardless of GT.

PPS: In Tomodachi Life, I got with Peach.

3PS: Do not take this seriously. But it's FftF, what did you expect?

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