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QOTD IV!! 884: Who should be next QOTD master and why, or should it die?

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Original thread

Series 2: QOTD Harder

QotD Row the Third

LET'S GET IT KIDS i am integrity your new master i took over briefly in the month of june and i'm just so happy to be here right now delivering to you these fine qotds

every day a new question! some of them will be dumb! some of them will be cool! some of them will make u think!

please deliver unto me, via any means necessary/convenient, question requests. i am a massive fount of good and bad ideas, but not an infinite one!

Series One Question List

1. What is your favorite animal? (Page 1)

2. Which countries have you been to? (Page 2)

3. What is your biggest pet peeve? (Page 4)

4. How was your weekend? (Page 6)

5. You are caught in a situation where you are driving a runaway train and are unable to stop it in any way. In its path are five people that will not be able to get away in time and will die. However, before hitting them you can go down a path and kill a single person who also would not be able to get away and time and will die. Would you choose to turn and kill the one or just stay the course and kill five? Why? (Page 7)

6. a stupid question that broke my formatting somehow (Page 9)

7. What's the most ridiculous excuse you've heard from someone going AFK (or real-life equivalent)? (Page 10)

8. Whats the one word you find is misused the most (from your anecdotal experience)? (Page 11)

9. What gaming consoles do you own/have you owned? (Page 12)

10. What is your proudest accomplishment? (Page 13)

11. Do you like to debate? Why or why not? (Page 14)

12. What is your favorite dessert? (Page 15)

13. What is your favorite book and/or book series? (Page 17)

14. What is your ethnicity? (Page 18)

15. What's your favorite movie? (Page 19)

16. If you could make a "back in my day" saying, what would you say? (Page 21)

17. What food do you cook for yourself? (Page 22)

18. What is your ideal meal? (Page 23)

19. What browser do you use? Why? (Page 24)

20. If you could change one past event, what would it be? (Page 26)

21. What is one piece of "futuristic" technology you think will exist within this decade? (Page 28)

22. What would you do if you came across a large amount of wealth? (Page 28)

23. What is one piece of technology that you think will become obsolete within this decade? (Page 30)

24. What are your computer's specs? (Page 30)

25. How do you handle bad days? (Page 31)

26. If aliens of an unknown intention were to visit Earth and you met them, what would you do? (Page 33)

27. What's your favorite board game? (Page 34)

28. What was a favorite childhood hobby that you rarely/never do today? (Page 36)

29. What kind of people do you really like? (Page 37)

30. Did/Do you play an instrument? If so, which one? (Page 39)

31. How do you typically spend your weekends? (Page 41)

32. What one thing would you link to help restore someone's faith in humanity? (Page 42)

33. Whats your favorite cartoon show growing up? (Page 43)

34. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?(Page 45)

35. What fictional device(s) from games/movies/shows etc would you like to have? (Page 47)

36. If you could live for a fixed duration of time, how long would you live for? (Page 49)

37. Have you been to an amusement park? If so, which one did you like and why? (Page 50)

38. How do you like your steaks cooked? (Page 51)

39. What made you choose your name? (Page 53)

40. What is one myth/urban legend (or equivalent) that you know of? (Page 55)

41. What is the most enjoyable class/course you took? (Page 56)

42. What extracurricular activities did you do while growing up? (Page 58)

43. Did you ever try to cheat or cheese your way through an assignment? (Page 59)

44. What is your favorite season? (Page 60)

45. What fantasy location(s) would you want to live in? (Page 62)

46. What kind of music do you like? (Page 64)

47. If you could meet one or more person(s) from the past, who would he/she/they be? (Page 66)

48. What time period would you go back to? (Page 67)

49. A question of perception (part one) (Page 69)

50. What would your dream home look like? (Page 70)

51. Which fellow SF members would you like to meet and why? (Page 72)

52. What do you fear? (Page 75)

53. How long do you sleep for on average? (Page 78)

54. What are your thoughts on fast food? (Page 80)

55. What operating system do you use? (Page 83)

56. What activity would you never do under any circumstance? (Page 85)

57. What question(s) would you like to see asked in this thread (Take One)? (Page 86)

58. Which video game have you spent the most time on? (Page 87)

59. What is one of your bad habits? (Page 90)

60. What player character's ability from a game would you want in real life? (Page 93)

61. What NPC ability from a game would you want in real life? (Page 94)

62. Do you have a sibling or siblings? If not, do you like being an only child or did you want to have siblings? (Page 95)

63. What is your favorite monochrome screenplay (or show or sketch, etc)? (Page 99)

64. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about autumn? (Page 99)

65. What do you dislike about autumn? (Page 101)

66. Whos your favorite superhero? (Page 103)

67. What is your favorite quote(s) from a novel or novels? (Page 105)

68. What activity do you do more often now than you did as a kid? (Page 106)

69. Why did you join Serene's Forest? (Page 107)

70. What is your favorite color (yes really this is question 70)? (Page 109)

71. How often do you shower? (Page 112)

72. How long does your typical shower take? (Page 114)

73. How would you try to survive the zombie apocalypse? (Page 117)

74. If you had a day left to live, what would you do? (Page 119)

75. What is your favorite book genre? (Page 120)

76. Do you want to have kids? (Page 121)

77. What three adjectives best describe you? (Page 124)

78. How many languages do you know? How proficient are you in each language and when did you initially learn it? (Page 126)

79. What language(s) do you want to learn/become proficient in? (Page 128)

80. What are some modern technologies/products that you don't actively use? (Page 130)

81. What is your religious belief? (Page 132)

82. If you could describe happiness in one phrase, what would that phrase be? (Page 136)

83. What is one thing you like that a lot of people seem to have a hatred for (excluding video games in general)? (Page 138)

84. What is one thing you hate that a lot of other people seem to like? (Page 140)

85. Do you donate to anyone or anything? (Page 143)

86. What is the best gift you have ever received? (Page 145)

87. What is your greatest or otherwise noteworthy accomplishment? (Page 146)

88. What is one change you would make for the Serene's Forest Forums? (Page 147)

89. What is your favorite word or a word you find inordinately interesting? (Page 149)

90. What kind of movies do you like to watch? (Page 151)

91. What is your weapon of choice? (Page 152)

92. What RPG class/archetype do you typically play or is one you're most likely to play? (Page 155)

93. Have you ever preordered anything? (Page 157)

94. Who from the gaming industry would you want to meet and why? (Page 159)

95. How good are your navigational skills? (Page 161)

96. What methods of transportation do you use? (Page 163)

97. What are you doing for Halloween? (Page 164)

98. What kind of journalistic works do you read? (Page 166)

99. What is on your bucket list? (Page 167)

100. Describe your ideal video game in detail. What aspects of genre, storytelling, gameplay, graphics, features, etc. would you like to add? Do you have ideas on what kind of plot or characters you'd like to see? (Page 169)

101. What are your thoughts on space exploration? (Page 171)

102. Describe your ideal social center (town, village, etc). What would it be like? (Page 172)

103. What do you do to get to sleep? (Page 174)

104. How long have you gone without sleep? (Page 176)

105. What is the most notable pickup line you've heard? (Page 177)

106. What meme(s) do you dislike? (Page 179)

107. What meme(s) do you like? (Page 181)

108. What gender character do you like to play as? (Page 182)

109. What did you do for Armistice Day? (Page 184)

110. If you could make yourself absolutely fearless, would you do it? (Page 185)

111. If you could choose to suffer no pain, would you? (Page 186)

112. What do you think of the recent Youtube comment changes? (Page 188)

113. Do you have or have you had any pets? (Page 189)

114. What sort of exotic animal would you want as a pet? (Page 191)

115. What is your favorite taste? (Page 192)

116. Do you use social networking sites? Why or why not? (Page 194)

117. What is/are your favorite television show(s)? (Page 196)

118. What kind of television shows do you dislike? (Page 197)

119. How well do you think humanity as a whole could survive without technology? (Page 198)

120. How well do you think YOU could survive without technology (see above question)? (Page 199)

121. What specific technological things could you survive without? (Page 200)

122. What is your favorite strategy game scenario or campaign? (Page 201)

123. What is the worst movie you have ever seen? (Page 202)

124. What do you find yourself searching on Google (or other search engines) for the most? (Page 204)

125. What are you doing for Thanksgiving/What is your favorite national holiday? (Page 205)

126. What are your thoughts on Black Friday? (Page 207)

127. If you were forced into a survival situation, what environment would you want it to be most (besides urban)? (Page 208)

128. How often do you fly? (Page 209)

129. What slang word(s)/phrases do you find yourself using most often (IM lingo counts)? (Page 210)

130. If you could describe the Internet in a sentence what would it be? (Page 211)

131. What do you consider a necessary evil? (Page 213)

132. If you could give (serious) advice to a person new to the Internet, what would that advice be? (Page 215)

133. If you could give (sarcastic) advice to someone new to the Internet, what would it be? (Page 216)

134. What are your thoughts on pirating (the act of illegal downloading)? (Page 217)

135. What's the worst typo you have ever seen? (Page 219)

136. Have you ever been robbed? (Page 220)

137. What do you think of cheating (adultery, etc)? What if your SO cheated on you? (Page 222)

138. What is the most common grammatical mistake you've seen? (Page 223)

139. What are your thoughts on filing a lawsuit for having one's life saved? (Page 225)

140. Do you think humanity as a whole can work together? (Page 226)

141. What drugs have/are you taken/taking? (Page 227)

142. What kind of strange food combinations do you enjoy? (Page 228)

143. What card games have you played or are you currently playing? Which is your favorite? (Page 229)

144. What are your thoughts on an open relationship? (Page 231)

145. If you could choose to forever be finished with school and work, would you do it? (Page 232)

146. What are your thoughts on the Harvard bomb threat? (Page 234)

147. What do you think is the largest source of financial waste? (Page 234)

148. What is/are your favored method(s) of learning? (Page 235)

149. What are you doing for the holidays? (Page 236)

150. What are your thoughts on the methods used for evaluating knowledge and which do you prefer? (Page 237)

151. What are the most pleasant and unpleasant smells you have experienced? (Page 237)

152. What did you give and/or receive for Christmas? (Page 238)

153. What kind of clothing do you like and dislike? (Page 239)

154. Who (besides yourself) do you believe would make a good role model? (Page 241)

155. What are your thoughts on public breastfeeding? (Page 242)

156. Have you ever used Omegle, Chatroulette, etc? (Page 243)

157. What's the longest time you've taken to download something? (Page 244)

158. Out of the seven deadly sins, which do you find yourself the most prone to? (Page 246)

159. What is your New Year's resolution? (Page 248)

160. Would you want to be euthanized? (Page 250)

161. As you grew up, how did you parents discipline you and/or your siblings? (Page 251)

162. What antivirus software do you use? (Page 252)

163. What are your views on cheating in video games? (Page 254)

164. What action(s) would you make illegal or enforced that isn't/aren't already (according to law)? (Page 255)

165. What is your favorite riddle? (Page 257)

166. What animal best describes you? (Page 259)

167. Would you rather have to watch several short ads or a longer ad while watching content? (Page 261)

168. What is the best book title you can think of (preferably an original one as opposed to one taken from an existing book)? (Page 261)

169. What is your shoe size? (Page 262)

170. What are your thoughts on cloning? Would you want a clone of yourself? (Page 263)

171. Where do you shop? (Page 264)

172. What nicknames have you gone by? (Page 265)

173. What file(s) take up the most space on your computer? (Page 267)

174. How often do you get your hair cut? (Page 268)

175. Do you make purchases over the Internet? What, where, why? (Page 270)

176. What is your sexual orientation? (Page 271)

177. What is your favorite web site (besides Serene's Forest)? (Page 273)

178. What makes you cringe? (Page 275)

179. What web sites would you want to remove? (Page 278)

180. Do you even lift? (Page 283)

181. How often do you exercise? (Page 286)

182. What is your ideal course syllabus? (Page 287)

183. What is, in your opinion, the worst superhero power? (Page 289)

184. What is your favorite paradox? (Page 291)

185. What is one thing that you used to like but hate now? (Page 292)

186. Whats the most interesting glitch youve seen in a video game? (Page 294)

187. What computer programs do you use most frequently? (Page 295)

188. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Page 299)

189. What chores do/did you do around the house? (Page 300)

190. What is one thing you used to hate but like now? (Page 301)

191. If you could have someone narrate your life, who would it be? (Page 303)

192. What is your favorite sport? (Page 306)

193. What is the most frequently used non-word from your experience? (Page 310)

194. If you could invent a job, what would it be? (Page 311)

195. If you could go on a game show, which would it be? (Page 312)

196. What is your favorite drink? (Page 313)

197. What is your alcohol tolerance and how much do you drink in a sitting? (or) Have you drank alcohol and why? (Page 315)

198. What is your "theme song?" (Page 317)

199. What do you think is crazily complex or senseless without sufficient reason? (Page 319)

200. Who is your favorite internet celebrity/personality? (Page 320)

201. What habits do you have in video games? (Page 321)

202. What is your favorite tree? (Page 323)

203. What are you doing for Valentine's Day? (Page 324)

204. What is your favorite candy? (Page 327)

205. Do you know any martial arts? What martial arts would you want to learn, if any? (Page 329)

206. What is your favorite (non-tree) plant? (Page 330)

207. How good is your vision? (Page 331)

208. Which year do you consider your favorite? (Page 332)

209. What would be your ideal afterlife? (Page 334)

210. What is your favorite quote from a movie or show? (Page 335)

211. What was your least favorite year (that you lived)? (Page 337)

212. What are your thoughts on global climate change? (Page 338)

213. How do you think humanity will end? (Page 339)

214. Do you believe aging improves wisdom? Why? (Page 340)

215. What is your favorite video game quote? (Page 341)

216. What is the greatest prize you have won? (Page 342)

217. If you could represent yourself as a Dungeons and Dragons character, what would be your highest and lowest ability scores? (Page 343)

218. What is your favorite gaming myth? (Page 346)

219. What is the worst injury you have sustained? (Page 348)

220. What is your favorite junk food? (Page 349)

221. What do you think could be improved within the gaming industry? (Page 350)

222. What comics have you read and which is your favorite? (Page 351)

223. What movie(s) do you consider highly underrated? (Page 353)

224. Do you watch/read reviews? If so, from who? (Page 353)

225. Do you have a personal motto and if so, what is it? (Page 354)

226. Do you live in an area that follows daylight savings time? Do you think it should be abolished? (Page 356)

227. What title(s) would you give yourself? (Page 357)

228. What do you consider the best prank? (Page 358)

229. What is your favorite fairy tale or fable? (Page 360)

230. The End (Page 361)

Series Two Question List

230. What sports teams do you support, and why? (Page 1)

231. Do you consider yourself attractive? (Page 3)

232. What advice would you give to your 5-year old self? (Page 5)

233. Who is your favourite insane politician/political ad? (Page 7)

234. When was the first time you got drunk, and at what age? (also Page 7, 233 never really took off)

235. What is your favourite guilty pleasure? (Page 9)

236. What was your most fulfilling achievement of the past year? (Page 11)

237. What do you feel was a missed opportunity of 2013? (Page 13)

238. What sports have you been involved in playing? (Page 14)

239. What was the last fiction book you read, and what did you think of it? (Page 15)

240. What was the last non-fiction book you read, and how was it? (Page 17)

241. What was the last film you saw, and how was it? (Page 17)

242. What are your favourite masculine/feminine given names? (Page 19)

243. What are your favourite surnames? (Page 20)

244. What accents do you like to hear the most? (Page 21)

245. What was your favourite April Fools' thing? (Page 24)

246. Who is your favourite supervillain and why? (Page 25)

247. Who is your favourite lackey in evil's service and why? (Page 26)

248. What do you think of facial hair? (Page 27)

249. What is your favourite salad? (Page 29)

250. What is your favourite meat? (Page 32)

251. What is the worst book-to-film adaptation you've ever seen? (Page 34)

252. What is the best book-to-film adaptation you've ever seen? (Page 36)

253. What is the best game-to-film adaptation you've ever seen? (Page 38)

254. What is the worst game-to-film adaptation you've ever seen? (Page 40)

255. What do you most want to see a film adaptation made of? (Page 41)

256. What is the best place in your country? (Page 42)

257. What is the worst place in your country? (Page 44)

258. Who is your favourite public figure? (Page 45)

259. Who is your favourite historical figure? (Page 47)

260. What did you like in the past, but not anymore? (Page 48)

261. What statement do you most hate to hear? (Page 50)

262. Do you identify more as lawful or chaotic? (Page 55)

263. What is your favourite time of day? (Page 58)

264. What is the closest you've come to being arrested? (Page 60)

265. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (Page 62)

266. Who is your favourite newsreader or commentator? (Page 65)

267. Who is John Galt? (Page 66)

268. What are some small things that make you laugh? (Page 68)

269. Which one (past or present) President of the United States of America would you fuck? (Page 70)

270. How do you sleep? (Page 72)

271. In your opinion, what are the best and worst personality traits to possess? (Page 73)

272. What was the last thing you did that you were truly proud of? (Page 75)

273. What is your favourite swear-word? (Page 76)

274. Would you rather have a reputation for being too serious or not serious enough? (Page 79)

275. Would you rather live in the underground or in a city in the sky? (Page 80)

276. If you could change your name, would you? If so, what to? (Page 82)

277. What classical element do you associate yourself with? (Page 84)

278. Which of the four humours are you? Do you agree with your classical element's associated characteristics? (Page 87)

279. What is your favourite passage from any religious text? (Page 89) (it was a trainwreck)

280. Tell us a joke. (Page 94)

281. Which of the seven heavenly virtues do you associate yourself most with? (Page 98)

282. What is the most beautiful object you've ever seen? (Page 101)

283. What is your least favourite shade of your favourite colour? (Page 103)

284. Which one disease would you eradicate from the face of the Earth? (Page 105)

285. What is your favourite flower? (Page 107)

286. Could you go vegetarian? (Page 109)

287. If you had to eat just one thing for a week, what would it be? (Page 114)

288. Do you feel adequately represented by your mainstream political parties? (Page 116)

289. Who will win the World Cup? (Page 118)

290. How do you want others to think of you? (Page 119)

291. What colours on the Magic: The Gathering wheel are you? (Page 122)

292. What is the most violent fight you've ever been in? (Page 125)

293. What is the best book/film/game you've ever enjoyed? (Page 126)

294. What are your thoughts on the horror genre? (Page 128)

295. What was the last thing you liked that you thought you'd hate? (Page 129)

296. What was the last thing you disliked that you thought you'd like? (Page 131)

297. What music do you play to feel unconditionally happy? (Page 132)

298. When does politeness/etiquette become excessive? (Page 133)

299. Complete the following phrase; 'It is better to X than to Y' (Page 134)

300. I, PARRHESIA demand a new avatar. PROVIDE ONE. (Page 136)

301. Who is your favourite one-scene character? (Page 138)

302. Rank the seven deadly sins by 'how attractive a quality in a significant other' they are. (Page 139)

303. Rank the seven heavenly virtues by 'how attractive a quality in a significant other' they are. (Page 140)

304. What is the best SeverIan post on SF? And what is the best of the rest? (Page 142)

305. Do you consider yourself patriotic? (Page 143)

306. Do you consider yourself/your upbringing wealthy? (Page 149)

307. In what way are you better than ME, PARRHESIA (Page 151)

308. Choose any one superpower, but you can only employ it for mundane uses. (Page 154)

309. How good are you at chess? (Page 157)

310. What is wrong with you? (Page 159)

311. What is right with you? (Page 162)

312. Have you ever seen a sports game live at the event? (Page 165)

313. What is your favourite traditional/folk song? (Page 167)

314. What was the last thing to inspire you? (Page 169)

315. If someone is brought back to life after a length of time, which is more fair: to consider them the same age as when they died, or to consider them the age they would be as though they had lived every year between their date of death and their date of rebirth? (Page 170)

316. Would you prefer to have ten years to live, or have a 50/50 chance to live normally or die instantly? (Page 172)

317. If you could have a genre-shifted spinoff of any series, what series/genre? (Page 173)

318. What was the last really bad book you still read to completion? (Page 175)

319. Were you ever a bully back in school? (Page 176)

320. What are your experiences with (non-medicinal) drugs? (Page 178)

321. Are you ever spiteful or petty? (Page 181)

322. Has anyone ever been frightened of you? (Page 183)

323. What is your single greatest flaw? (Page 188)

324. What is your greatest strength? (Page 191)

325. What vices are you prone to? (Page 193)

326. Is charisma more important than intelligence? (Page 195)

327. What is your favourite gun? (Page 200)

328. Do you drive? Do you plan to learn? (Page 202)

329. Have you ever met one of your heroes? (Page 204)

330. What is the best thing about your country? (Page 207)

331. What is your favourite mineral? (Page 209)

332. How punctual are you, and how important to you is punctuality in others? (Page 211)

333. How many truly close friends do you consider yourself to have? (Page 213)

334. Who is your favourite philosopher? (Page 219)

335. What is your favourite piece of World War-era propaganda? (Page 221)

336. What Harry Potter house do you associate yourself with? (Page 222)

337. What habits have you lost with time? (Page 226)

338. Is Integrity a broken wretch of a human being? (Page 229)

339. Is it better to die on your feet or live on your knees? (Page 231)

340. Do you eat with your mouth closed, like a civilised person? (Page 233)

341. Coke or Pepsi? (Page 235)

342. What is the best meal you ever cooked? (Page 239)

343. What is your favourite source of caffeine? (Page 240)

344. What are you most self-conscious about? (Page 242)

345. How accurate are your first impressions? (Page 244)

346. What language do you most enjoy listening to? What about speaking in? (Page 245)

347. Do you believe some people are naturally un/lucky? (Page 247)

348. What is your lucky number? (Page 250)

349. What are your thoughts on the colour pink? (Page 252)

350. What forum skin do you use? (Page 255)

351. What pet nicknames have you given other people? (Page 258)

352. Where did you grow up? Do you live there now? (Page 260)

353. What is your favourite classical myth? (Page 262)

354. What should Question 355 be? (Page 263)

355. How would you feel about living on a small, Malta-esque island? (Page 265)

356. What are your opinions on VR/voice/motion control gaming? (Page 267)

357. What is your favourite gid that doesn't contain Tom Hiddlestone? (Page 268)

358. What was the last game you completed? How was it? (Page 269)

359. What was the last thing you broke? (Page 273)

360. What do you think about modern education? (Page 275)

361. Scissors, paper or rock? (Page 276)

362. What do you do to relax? (Page 278)

363. How extended is your sense of family loyalty? (Page 280)

364. What is the best metaphor to describe your life? (Page 281)

365. Who (outside of family) do you talk to most often? (Page 285)

366. What is the best pizza topping? (Page 287)

367. Wh- what are you wearing right now, s- sempai-kun? (Page 290)

368. What is your favourite mainstream popular hit? (Page 294)

369. What are your thoughts on fanfiction? (Page 298)

370. What's the best way to find out someone dislikes you? (Page 301)

371. What is your favourite metallic colour? (Page 303)

372. What very poorly-received game did you personally really enjoy? (Page 304)

373. What is your experience with MMORPGs? (Page 307)

374. What is your favourite kind of bread? (Page 310)

375. Have you ever seen a religious official try to convince others out of bad actions? (Page 312)

376. Or do you go to read the exact wording of the question? (Page 314)

377. What is your favourite geometric shape? (Page 315)

378. Do you hate hypothetical questions between two negative options? (Page 317)

379. Post one (1) piece of fanart, and source it. (Page 319)

380. Do you watch/read Let's Plays? If so, what sites? (Page 321)

381. What is your least favourite word in the English language? (Page 322)

382. What is your favourite kind of weather? (Page 327)

383. What are your experiences with trading card games? (Page 329)

384. What is the best concert you've ever been to? (Page 331)

385. Have you ever actually used the OP to navigate to specific questions? (Page 332)

386. What is your favourite font? (Page 334)

387. What is your least favourite font that isn't Comic Sans because that joke's way overdone? (Page 336)

388. What kind of shoes do you wear most often? (Page 337)

389. What was the best Halloween costume you saw? (Page 339)

390. Tell the thread an anecdote. (Page 339)

391. What is your favourite public holiday? Besides Christmas. That's kind of obvious. (Page 343)

392. Would you describe yourself as a hoarder? (Page 345)

393. Have you ever gone camping? How often, and do you enjoy it? (Page 347)

394. Have you watched How To Train Your Dragon 2? (Page 348)

395. Take this test, even if you aren't American. What did you get? (Page 350)

396. How would you best describe your dress sense/style? (Page 354)

397. Do you ever read your horoscope, or care about the zodiac? (Page 356)

398. How important is marriage to you? (Page 357)

399. What are your experiences with social media? (Page 360)

400. What is your favourite genre of music? (Page 362)

401. What is your least favourite genre of music? (Page 368)

402. What are your sleeping habits like in general? (Page 371)

403. How much does the writing in computer games matter to you? (Page 372)

404. What is your favourite city in your nation, not counting the one you live in? (Page 374)

405. What is your preferred instant messenger? Do you use them often? (Page 375)

406. What kind of mobile phone do you use? (Page 378)

407. Post a good song you like with bad lyrics. (Page 380)

408. Have you been naughty or nice? (Page 382)

409. What are you planning to give for Christmas? (Page 384)

410. How much do you live up to your national stereotype? (Page 385)

411. What did you last spend money on? (Page 389)

412. What sort of tone do you prefer in endings to fiction? (Page 392)

413. What are your experiences with moving houses/cities? (Page 394)

414. What is the hardest game you've ever completed? (Page 396)

415. How clean do you keep your email accounts? (Page 398)

416. Nobody gives a damn about your petition in this, the Question of the Day thread. Meanwhile, in the real world, what is your favourite remake of a game? (Page 400)

417. Do you still ever play browser games? (Page 402)

418. Do you find it okay when the fourth wall is broken? (Page 404)

419. What are your thoughts on hard cash as a gift? (Page 405)

420. What has been your favourite question so far? (Page 407)

Series Three Question List

421. What is your patronus? (Page 1)

422. What is a dream that has stuck with you? (Page 3)

423. At what point should old questions be reseeded? (Page 5)

424. Where do your family roots go back to? (Page 6)

425. What would your VALIANT STEED be if you could make any animal rideable? (Page 8)

426. Ever had a supernatural or otherwise unexplainable experience? (Page 11)

427. What are you looking forward to in the new year? (Page 13)

428. Is there a particular actor you'll watch almost anything for? (Page 14)

429. Specialization or generalization? (Page 16)

430. Do you read manga? If so, which series is your favorite? (Page 17)

431. Do you watch anime? If so, which series is your favorite? (Page 20)

432. Is there any fictional character you identify with? (Page 22)

433. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? (Page 24)

434. Do you do any crafts of any sorts? (Page 27)

435. Is there something that seems simple that you're inexplicably bad at? (Page 29)

436. Which country's flag is your favorite looking? (Page 32)

437. What does a typical breakfast consist of for you? (Page 34)

438. What's your favorite place to shop online? (Page 36)

439. What's your favorite place to shop offline? (Page 38)

440. What games have you been playing recently? (Page 40)

441. What's your favorite Disney movie? (Page 43)

442. What is your favorite Dreamworks movie? (Page 45)

443. Who has your favorite speaking voice? (Page 47)

444. Who has your favorite singing voice? (Page 49)

445. What skill would you like to pick up? (page 51)

446. Where is the place everybody knows your name? (Page 54)

447. Do you use emoticons often? Which do you think you use the most? (Page 56)

448. What is a guilty pleasure of yours? (Page 59)

449. You are now nobility. What sort of design is on your wax seal? (Page 64)

450. What went well this week?! (Page 66)

451. What scene in a movie/show/game/etc made you the most emotional? (Page 68)

452. What was the last album you bought? (Page 71)

453. What's your Myers-Briggs personality type? (Page 73)

454. What is something that exceeded your expectations? (Page 76)

455. What are your favorite scents? (Page 78)

456. What are common themes in your dreams? (Page 80)

457. What is the riskiest thing you've ever done? (Page 82)

458. What word do you always misspell? (Page 85)

459. What plot twist did you totally not see coming? (Page 88)

460. What is one of your favorite music videos? (Page 89)

461. Do you want to get any tattoos? Do you have any already? (Page 91)

462. What's something that's so bad it's good? (Page 93)

463. What's your favorite confection? (Page 96)

464. You're stuck in the world of the last game you played - how boned are you? (Page 98)

465. What foods do you not like? (Page 102)

466. Do you tend to hold grudges? (Page 105)

shoutout to Integrity

467. Got any Valentine's Day plans? (Page 112)

468. If you could pick the next big fashion trend, what would it be? (Page 113)

469. What is the cutest animal ever? (Page 121)

470. Can you do any home improvement stuff? (Page 124)

471. What color are the walls of your room? (Page 126)

472. Do people tend to think you're older or younger than you are, or are they about right? (Page 129)

473. Do you ship characters? If so, what's your favorite ship? (Page 132)

474. Do you have headcanons for anything? (Page 133)

475. What were you scared of as a kid? (Page 135)

476. Do you enjoy cleaning? (Page 137)

477. Do you consider yourself ambitious? (Page 139)

478. Do you get along with your neighbors? (Page 140)

479. What theatrical productions have you seen, if any? (Page 142)

480. Do you talk to yourself? (Page 144)

481. If you could magically change your hair to whatever you want, what would it look like? (Page 146)

482: Do you prefer TV or movies? (Page 148)

483: Do you do any roleplaying? (Page 149)

484: What gets you all nostalgic? (Page 151)

485: Do you have any piercings? Do you want any? (Page 152)

486: What do you have a love-hate relationship with? (Page 154)

487: What was the last fad you took part in, if any? (Page 156)

488: What is the best kind of cookie?! (Page 158)

489: What's the best kind of CAKE?! (Page 159)

490:What is your favorite PIE (Page 161)

491: What is your favorite word for dong? (Page 164)

492: The contents of your last post are put on your tombstone. What does it read? (Page 166)

493: You now have an extra pair of arms - how do you use them? (Page 169)

494: Who was your childhood crush? (Page 171)

495: What is an embarrassing phase you went through when you were younger? (Page 173)

496: Can you do any accents besides your own? (Page 178)

497: Can you do any impressions? (Page 180)

498: What is your current desktop background? (Page 182)

499: What do you wish you liked? (Page 184)

500: In honor of the INDY 500, what's your dream car? (Page 187)

501: What celebrity death actually made you sad, if any? (Page 189)

502: Evil shapeshifters are becoming a problem. How do you prove to your loved ones that you're really you? (Page 190)

503: What were your last 3 google searches? (Page 193)

504: Who is the best Disney princess? (Page 194)

505: Who is the best Disney villain? (Page 196)

506: Who is the best Disney prince? (Page 198)

507: And, finally, who is the best other Disney character? (Page 200)

508: How tall are you? (Page 201)

509: How do you tend to accessorize your outfits? (Page 204)

510: Who's the worst character in your favorite tv show/movie/game/book/etc? (Page 205)

511: What's your favorite pokemon? (Page 207)

512: What is the most recent song to get stuck in your head? (Page 210)

513: Everywhere you go, a song plays in the background... what song is it? (Page 212)

514: Did you do anything for April Fool's? (Page 213)

515: Do you drink coffee? If so, what's your favorite way to have it? (Page 215)

516: Do you drink tea? If so, what's your favorite? (Page 217)

517: What is a book you've been meaning to read, but still haven't gotten around to? (Page 220)

518: What is a game you've been meaning to play, but haven't gotten around to? (Page 222)

519: What is a movie you've been meaning to watch, but haven't gotten around to it yet? (Page 225)

520: What is a show you've been meaning to see, but haven't gotten around to it yet? (Page 226)

521: What is something you've been meaning to do, but haven't yet gotten around to it? (Page 228)

522: What's your favorite fast food franchise? (Page 229)

523: Who has your favorite avatar on SF right now? (Page 232)

524: Do you wear glasses? (Page 234)

525: What is your lucky number, if you have one? (Page 237)

526: Do you follow any sports? (Page 238)

527: What's something stupid that you remember for no reason? (Page 240)

528: If you were a superhero, who of the people you know would be your sidekick? (Page 241)

529: What's one verse of a song that stands out to you? (Page 243)

530: What song motivates you best? (Page 245)

531: What kind of stuff do you tend to blow spare cash on? (Page 246)

532: Do you have any plans for the summer? (Page 249)

533: What are your career plans, if you have any? (Page 251)

534: If you had to make a dish to bring to a big SF get together, what would you make for us? (Page 252)

535: Spiderman wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider - he was bitten by a radioactive YOU. What are his new powers? (Page 255)

536: What was the last thing you wrote? (Page 256)

537: Who's your favorite Arthurian character? (Page 258)

538: How accurate are you at throwing? (Page 259)

539: How good are your reflexes? (Page 261)

540: We're making a video game about you - what genre do you want it to be? (Page 263)

541: You're now a survivor in the zombie apocalypse, found by my group. Why should I let you join my team? (Page 266)

542: What's your hair care routine? (Page 257)

543: What's your skin care routine? (Page 259)

544: Do you like scary movies? What's the scariest you've seen? (Page 270)

545: What's a fun fact you can share with the class?! (Page 272)

546: What are you brand loyal to? (Page 273)

547: What's the coolest looking writing system? (Page 275)

548: What language sounds the most intimidating to you? (Page 276)

549: What is on your desk right now? (Page 277)

550: What do you wish you knew more about? (Page 279)

551: You have to move to a different country right now. Where do you go? (Page 280)

552: You have a time machine with exactly two uses and no expiration date. What do you use it for? (Page 283)

553: If you went down as a historical figure, what would you want your "The <Adjective>" title to be? (Page 285)

554: Do you share any music tastes in common with your parents? (Page 286)

555: You're now a superhero with powers based on your current username. What are those powers? (Page 288)

556: You can bring one kind of extinct creature back into the world. What do you choose? (Page 291)

557: Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? (Page 293)

558: Do you have nice handwriting? (Page 295)

559: Is 2AM too early or too late? (Page 298)

560: How much stuff do you keep in your bag/purse/backpack? (Page 300)

561: What are your family traditions, if you have any? (Page 301)

562: Can you dance? (Page 302)

563: What are you allergic to? (Page 304)

564: Why was your favorite teacher your favorite teacher? (Page 306)

565: Why was your least favorite teacher your least favorite? (Page 308)

566: What should you be doing right now? (Page 309)

567: How many push-ups can you do in one set?! (Page 311)

568: What is the last thing you bought tickets for? (Page 312)

569: What was your first ORIGINAL CHARACTER (do not steal) like, if you've had one? (Page 313)

570: Do you enjoy traveling? (Page 315)

571: What's a major event in your life you remember fondly? (Page 316)

572: If you were famous, would you go by your own name or a pseudonym? (Page 318)

573: What's the color of your eyes? (Page 319)


575: Which member of Super Junior has the most attractive singing voice? (Page 324)

576: What is your world historical forte? (Page 325)

577: How do you arrange and store your clothing? (Page 326)

578: Can you sing your national anthem by heart? More importantly, do you like it? (Page 327)

579: How often do you use the wondrous Voice Over Internet Protocol? (Page 329)

580: What's something you grew out of, then came back to with a vengeance? (Page 331)

581: How do you like your eggs? (Page 332)

582: Have you ever backed a kickstarter? If so, what was it for? (Page 334)

583: Do you tend to spend more or save more? (Page 335)

584: What's your favorite insect? (Page 336)

585: What is your favorite onomatopoeia? (Page 338)

586: Take the stairs or take the elevator? (Page 340)

587: What nicknames have people given you throughout your life? (Page 342)

588: How much do you care about avoiding spoilers in general? (Page 344)

589: At what temperature does it start to get too cold to you? (Page 346)

590: Do you have anything you do for "luck?" (Page 348)

591: How do YOU pronounce GIF? (page 349)

592: Are you happy with your own voice, or do you not like it? (Page 351)

593: Are you happy with your height or no? (Page 354)

594: Have you ever dyed your hair? (Page 356)

595: How do you like your noodles? (Page 359)

596: Have you ever been banned elsewhere for something? Care to share? (Page 360)

597: What fashion should make a comeback? (Page 363)

598: Can you do the "third world squat?" (Page 365)

599: Do you eat meat? (Page 367)

600: What is your favorite Sanrio character? (Page 370)

Series Four Question List

601: How well can you read Roman numerals? (Page 1)

602: What's your blood type? (Page 3)

603: How much DO U BENCH ???? (Page 6)

604: Are you a better leader or dependable number two? (Page 7)

605: What's the worst thing you've ever lost? (Page 9)

606: What's the best surprise that's ever happened to you? (Page 12)

607: What's your ideal workroom layout? (Page 13)

608: Do you put your drinks on coasters, or are you a godless barbarian? (Page 14)

609: What's your favorite onomatopoeia for a pause in speech? (Page 17)

610: In food, do you pour liquids into solids or dump solids into liquids? (Page 19)

611: Piece of cake, or easy as pie? (Page 20)

612: What is your favorite style of architecture? Provide a picture example! (Page 22)

613: What's your favorite video game controller? (Page 24)

614: What's the last new dish you tried to cook? How did it turn out? (Page 26)

615: What was the worst album/song/period by an artist you otherwise really like? (Page 27)

616: What's a great song/album/whatever by a band you otherwise do not care for? (Page 29)

617: Do you prefer 12-hr or 24-hr time? (Page 30)

618: Are you good at reading analog clocks? What's your preference? (Page 32)

619: What's your dental hygiene like? Do you have a routine? (Page 34)

620: What's your favorite idiom from a non-English language? (Page 35)

621: What's your favorite English language idiom? (Page 36)

622: If you could be fluent in a fictional language, what would it be? (Page 36)

623: How do you commute? Comment on it! (Page 38)

624: Can you sew? Is it a skill you want to learn? (Page 39)

625: When and how do you like to treat yo self? (Page 40)

626: What was the last piece of Official Merch you bought yourself? (Page 41)

627: What's your preferred affirmative? Is it different in text versus in voice? (Page 42)

628: What's your villainous motivation? How do you intend to carry it to fruition? (Page 44)

629: Is it better to be actively dislikable or utterly forgettable? (Page 45)

630: What's the best Let's Play you've ever read/watched? (Page 46)

631: What's in your ideal sandwich? (Page 48)

632: If you were a Pokemon gym leader, what would your type be? (Page 50)

633: What's the last purchase you regretted? (Page 52)

634: What media player do you use to listen to music? (Page 54)

635: What adorns the walls of your room? (Page 56)

636: What's on the floor of your room? (Page 58)

637: Have you participated in any video game closed betas? What's your impression of that kind of test? (Page 59)

638: Logistics aside, is there any place you would travel to right now? Why? (Page 60)

639: What's the last thing you drank? (Page 61)

640: What's the last thing you ate? (Page 63)

641: Do you enjoy school? (Page 65)

642: What's your immune system like? (Page 67)

643: If you were to be known as THE [gendered parent] OF [field], what would you want [field] to be? (Page 69)

644: When was the last time you wrote a check? When was the last time you cashed one? (Page 71)

645: Are you married to the music? (Page 72)

646: What's your favorite musical instrument? (Page 74)

647: What's your favorite style of drinkware? (Page 76)

648: Suggest a creative punishment for users of obnoxious .gif avatars and/or signatures! (Page 77)

649: A hypothetical "how would u act??" (Page 79)

650: What's a work that you really "got" on the reread/watch? (Page 81)

651: What's your cardio routine? (Page 82)

652: If you owned a sports team, what would you name it? (Page 83)

653: You, the fourth little pig, are building a house. What is it made of? (Page 84)

654: If you were a boss in an MMO, what kind of loot would you drop? (Page 86)

655: Same as above, but what would your attack rotation be? (Page 88)

656: What's your favorite acronym? (Page 89)

657: What F2P games do you play most? Have you spent $$$ on them? (Page 91)

658: What's your favorite onomatopoeia for laughing? (Page 92)

659: How much direction do you prefer in your games? (Page 95)

660: Does your horoscope tend to agree with your personality? (Page 96)

661: How well can you swim? (Page 98)

662: Do you like math? (Page 100)

663: What's your preferred term of endearment for people to use about you? (Page 103)

664: What's your favorite voiceover shout from a multiplayer video game? (Page 105)

665: What's your favorite automatic response from a video game? (Page 106)


667: What's your favorite utensil, as asked by Severian? (Page 109)

668: How frequently do you DIY? (Page 111)

669: What was in the last package you received? (Page 113)

670: What's the longest it's taken you to realize you did something really embarrassing? (Page 367)

671: Tell us about a work that was almost great. (Page 368)

672: Do you llllllllllllike to play with fire???? (Page 369)

673: Did you get Fates? Which one? How are you finding it so far? (Page 370)

674: Do you listen to the radio? How about internet radio services? (Page 372)

675: How fast have you ever driven/been driven? (Page 373)

676: What's your paper-writing style? First draft best draft, or revisionism? (Page 375)

677: Do you get the itch for spring cleaning? Does it actually correlate to the onset of spring at all? (Page 377)

678: What's your favorite season for fashion? (Page 378)

679: Do you have a green thumb? (Page 381)

680: What's the longest (not counting "indefinite thus far") you've gone between starting a game and beating it? (Page 381)

681: How diverse is your circle of friends? (Page 383)

682: TP: Toilet or tissue paper? (Page 385)

683: Tell us of a game that has aged really well. (Page 387)

684: Tell us of a game you like, but which really has not aged well at all. (Page 389)

685: What are your favorite emoji? (Page 391)

686: Have you ever read the best fanfiction of all time, My Immortal? (Page 393)

687: How flexible are you? (Page 395)

688: Where was the last place you went out to eat? (Page 397)

689: Who is your favorite saint? (Page 398)

690: Do you actively edit any wikis? (Page 400)

691: What's your take on the Steam Controller? (Page 401)

692: What kind of coding have you done? (Page 402)

693: Do you have a keychain? What do you keep on it? (Page 404)

694: Post something that just takes you back, man. (Page 406)

695: Have you ever been a part of a club? (Page 408)

696: What's your home page? Why? (Page 409)

697: What kind of toothbrush do you prefer? Paste? (Page 411)

698: Do you use this forum's private message feature much? (Page 412)

699: Did you enjoy this return to the 600s? (Page 415)

700: Open Season 1: DLC (Page 115)

701: What was the last thing you got a refund for? (Page 116)

702: Do you do any tabletop gaming? (Page 117)

703: What was the last game you gave up trying to beat? (Page 118)

704: Do you play pool? (Page 119)

705: Are you getting the flu vaccine this year? (Page 121)

706: Do you ski? (Page 123)

707: How do you cope with stress? (Page 124)

708: What's the harm of a little white lie? (Page 126)

709: Have you ever had a magazine subscription? (Page 128)

710: Are you a good exam taker? What are your strategies? (Page 129)

7-11: What's your preferred convenience store? (Page 131)

712: What's your favorite shade of brown? (Page 133)

713: What's your preferred sweetener? (Page 134)

714: How do you enjoy The Sims? (Page 136)

715: What's your favorite fruit? (Page 136)

716: What's your favorite vegetable? (Page 139)

717: How do you take your potatoes? (Page 141)

718: What's your favorite style of pasta? (Page 142)

719: What's the furthest you've ever walked? (Page 144)

720: Let's get it out there: cats or dogs? (Page 145)

721: What would your ideal picnic include? (Page 147)

722: We've done enough cuddly things: what's your favorite BUG?! (Page 149)

723: Do you enjoy scavenger hunts? (Page 151)

724: What is/are your preferred greeting/s? Are they the same in text? (Page 152)

725: When do you like to get up in the morning? (Page 153)

726: What are your Halloween plans? (Page 155)

727: What's the best and worst things you've ever trick-or-treated? (Page 157)

728: How much do you store on the cloud? (Page 158)

729: Would you describe yourself as environmentally conscious? (Page 159)

730: What's a cover of a song you consider better than the original? (Page 160)

731: Do you have a favorite outfit? (Page 161)

732: Post a graph or chart you like for whatever reason. (Page 163)

733: What is your favorite CREATURE OF THE DEEP??? (Page 163)

734: Let's just lay it on the table. What is your ... (Page 165)

735: Some weather we're having, eh? (Page 167)

736: Do or did you do webcomics? (Page 168)

737: Do you consider yourself a helpful person? (Page 170)

738: How often do you poop? (Page 171)

739: What are you hyped for right now? (Page 173)

740: Post a positive fun fact about yourself! (Page 176)

741: Health, knowledge, wealth, or power? (Page 177)

742: Would you smooch a ghost? (Page 180)

743: Do you do any kind of art? (Page 182)

744: What's your favorite class in any RPG? (Page 184)

745: How's your hair right now? (Page 186)

746: What was the last thing you were, frankly, unreasonably excited for? (Page 188)

747: What would your porn star name be? (Page 190)

748: What is your favorite mineral?! (Page 192)

749: What was the last risk you took that spectacularly did NOT pay off? (Page 194)

750: What's a thing you love, but hate the aftertaste of? (Page 196)

751: What are you thankful for? (Page 197)

752: How weak are you to sales? (Page 199)

753: What holiday music do you enjoy? (Page 200)

754: Do you prefer the novelization of the movie or the film of the book? (Page 202)

755: What's your most useless talent? (Page 203)

756: What's your favorite letter of the alphabet? (Page 206)

757: Write a paragraph on something you're passionate about! (Page 208)

758: Write a paragraph on somebody whom you're passionate about! (Page 211)

759: What is your favorite DINOSAUR?! (Page 212)

760: What do you do to keep yourself awake? (Page 213)

761: If you went into business with a partner, who would it be? (Page 215)

762: What's a cool historical landmark you've visited? Were you impressed? (Page 217)

763: Do you replenish things when they run out, or the next time you need them? (Page 218)

764: Do you use any Craigslist-type sites? (Page 219)

765: What's the best street name you've seen? (Page 221)

766: What's your favorite animal? (Page 222)

767: When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny? (Page 224)

768: What occasions do you send out cards for? (Page 225)

769: Tell us a story in which you do something clumsy or dumb! (Page 226)

770: Tell us a story in which you do something cool or clever! (Page 227)

771: Post a Vine! (Page 228)

772: Have you ever made it into the news? What for? (Page 230)

773: Do you prefer your war machines to be big and stompy or quick and agile? (Page 232)

774: Do you mod your games? (Page 234)

775: Do you prefer the look of gold, silver, or bronze? (Page 236)

776: Where are you going to be for Christmas? (Page 238)

777: What's your experience with gambling? (Page 240)

778: Post about what Christmas gifts you gave! (Page 243)

779: Favorite quote from a book or movie? (Page 244)

780: Do you tinker with computer hardware? How about other electronics? (Page 246)

781: What do you use The Greatest App Of All Time, Snapchat, for? (Page 248)

782: Do you subscribe to absolute morality or relative morality? (Page 252)

783: What is your favorite PSY video? (Page 258)

784: Did you stay up 'til midnight to celebrate the new year? (Page 260)

785: What was your movie of 2015? (Page 262)

786: What was your book of 2015? (Page 264)

787: What was your album of 2015? (Page 266)

788: Why was Undertale your game of 2015? (Page 268)

788: Rewind. What was your game of 2015? (Page 278)

789: What went right in TYOOL 2015? (Page 283)

790: What's the gameplan for TYOOL 2016? (Page 285)

791: God bless the legend. What was your favorite Bowie? (Page 286)

792: How well do you follow your local politics? National? (Page 288)

793: How well do you follow international politics? (Page 289)

794: What was your favorite Alan Rickman film? (Page 290)

795: Do you consider a draw to be a favorable outcome? (Page 291)

796: Dual-wielding, two-handing, or sword and board? (Page 293)

797: What's the nicest flight you've ever been on? (Page 297)

798: What's the nicest fight you've ever been in? (Page 299)

799: How good are you at sticking to a schedule? (Page 301)

800: Are you a huggy kind of person? (Page 303)

801: How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many of those do you use? (Page 306)

802: When was the last time you successfully converted a friend to one of your interests? (Page 309)

803: What's the last thing a friend successfully converted you to like? (Page 311)

804: How often do you talk to people on the telephone? (Page 314)

805: Is there a name you just have a really good track record with? (Page 316)

806: Is there a name you just have a really bad track record with? (Page 317)

807: Did your name appear in either of the last two QOTDs? (Page 319)

808: What is your favorite cardinal direction? (Page 322)

809: Do you enjoy the rain? (Page 324)

810: How do you layer up in the cold? (Page 327)

811: What was the most recent dream you had you can recall? (Page 329)

812: What's the largest audience you've ever addressed? (Page 331)

813: Do you feel the need for speed? (Page 333)

814: Do you enjoy grouping with random people in online games? (Page 336)

815: xcom 2 (Page 338)

816: What's the last thing that, like, ate your life? (Page 340)

817: You're a pilot. What's your callsign? (Page 342)

818: It's clickbait time. Paste what's on your clipboard right now! (Page 344)

819: What would your country's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry be called? (Page 346)

820: Do you enjoy running? How far have you run in a session? (Page 348)

821: If you were a font, which would you be? (Page 349)

822: What was Arnold's best film? (Page 351)

823: What are your Valentine's plans? (Page 352)

824: What goes on your pizza? Are you picky, or does every group want one of you? (Page 355)

825: Do you Tumblr? (Page 358)

826: What's your favorite of the Classical Flavors? (Page 360)

827: What's something you really should be doing more often? (Page 362)

828: What's something you really should be doing less often? (Page 364)

829: Star Wars or Star Trek? (Page 365)

830: Light text, dark background; or vice versa? (Page 415)

831: Would you want to live next door to you? (Page 417)

832: What's a pair of opposites you like both of? (Page 420)

833: Ever just let yourself lose your mind for a bit? (Page 422)

834: Ever meet someone who's a lot like you? (Page 423)

835: How freely do you express emotion? (Page 426)

836: How do you kill time? (Page 428)

837: Do you practice any meditation or breathing exercises? (Page 430)

838: How did you last manage to hurt yourself? (Page 431)

839: What are your earliest memories of? (Page 434)

840: Beat 'em or join 'em? (Page 435)

841: Why? (Page 437)

842: Do you play any MOBAs? (Page 439)

843: What's your ringtone? (Page 442)

844: What's your take on VR? (Page 444)

845: Answer these one hundred questions. (Page 446)

846: Nice job, I'm proud of you. Take a breather. Happy Sunday. (Page 450)

847: What's your preferred image processing software? (Page 453)

848: What's your take on pay-what-you-want distribution, a la Humble Bundle? (Page 455)

849: Do you enjoy ambient music? (Page 456)

850: What subject do you know an unreasonable amount about? (Page 458)

851: What system of magic do you like best? (Page 460)

852: What system of Magic do you like best? (Page 462)

853: What would your fursona be? (Page 463)

854: Ever had any major dental work done? (Page 465)

855: Are there any words that you just refuse to say? (Page 467)

856: How good are you at working with the cold, unfeeling bureaucracy? (Page 469)

857: Do your SF/other forum/IM themes tend to be cohesive? (Page 470)

858: What was the last thing you preordered? (Page 472)

859: What goes on your toast? (Page 474)

860: Bitch a little bit about a disappointing sequel. (Page 476)

861: Do whatever the opposite of that is about a surprisingly improved sequel! (Page 479)

862: What's your favorite Eeveelution? (Page 481)

863: Compare and contrast yourself and napalm. (Page 484)

864: Do you enjoy outdoorsey stuff? (Page 486)

865: How are you going to overthrow the decadent bourgeoisie today? (Page 488)

866: What're your feelings on swamps? (Page 489)

867: If you could learn a dead language, what would it be? (Page 491)

868: Do you readily try new things? (Page 492)

869: Which finger do you start counting with? (Page 495)

870: Describe every element of your ideal cheeseburger in glorious detail. (Page 497)

871: What are your favorite things about your Citrine Overlord, Tangerine? (Page 499)

872: What was the best boss/supervisor you've ever worked under like? (Page 501)

873: So, what about kale? (Page 502)

874: Would you eat Sushi Burrito? What would be in yours? (Page 504)

875: What role do you gravitate towards in team projects? (Page 506)

876: What was the most patriotic moment of your life? (Page 508)

877: Do you see films in the theater often? What was the last? (Page 509)

878: What weird hair color do you think you could rock? (Page 511)

879: Do you think you'd make a good moderator? Why/not? (Page 513)

880: Are you a good listener? (Page 518)

881: What size drink do you tend to get? (Page 521)

882: Do you go to festivals/fairs/stuff like that? (Page 523)

883: Do you have any dietary restrictions? (Page 525)

884: Who should be next QOTD master and why, or should it die? (Page 529)

Question #601: How well can you read Roman numerals?

let's start with a super dumb question to get me warmed up! this is a really straightforward one, get it on

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I endorse this thread, as the Parrhesia of the past did mine

answer: I can do combinations of I, V, and X, but anything else I'm probably gonna mix up with each other

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i am integrity your new master


I know roman numerals from I up to L and I am still a little shaky on remembering which order of numerals makes me subtract and so it takes me several seconds of staring before I can realize what number I'm supposed to be reading ^o^

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Can't read 'em for shit.

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Fine until it goes past 50.

Used to be better at it, like when I actually learned in 3rd grade, but with only the FF games to keep me trained I kinda lost track.

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I start getting lost after the 30s. Up until then, im good.

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Quite well. Apart from when I first learned about them, no problems.

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decent enough i guess

until like

50 or something

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I V X are fine, beyond that I have to guess at things.

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i'm not used to having to read roman numerals over 100 tbh

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Up to like 100

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Up to 500 for me.

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Decently in the first hundreds and stuff. Although I have a bad habit of forgetting some of the later letters lol.

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I, V and X I can work with. Memory's a little hazy beyond that. But I can infer from the title that D=500 and C=100.

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anything that only involves I, V and X flawlessly

maybe L and C too

i can never remember what's the one for 500

i wanna say m. L is 1000, right?

i, v, and x are very simple--it's like identifying the number itself. things that involve other wacky letters--it's like i'm counting on my fingers again. so not well. also, i have no idea what q or c mean.

edit: looked it up. m is 1000, and d is 500. and now i feel stupid because i just realized the format previously always started with a q lol.

Edited by Phoenix Wright

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I = 1

V = 5

X = 10

L = 50

C = 100

D = 500

M = 1000

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