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Good morning everyone, and welcome to a brand new let's play of FE8! This is a randomized run using Otaku's randomizer! "But wait" I hear you say "What about your youtube??? WHAT ABOUT MANRIKLASS?" and I say............. maybe later. In the meantime, this is going to be a great LP. I previewed a bit of it, and it's AMAZING.

First off, I randomized FE8 with these settings:


Having tried a bunch of variants, this is the most reasonable one I've found to date. I don't randomize weapons because it usually ends up stupid and broken, and I only randomize characters because the bases can be interesting. All in all, over multiple tries, this always ends up most balanced. Also, enemies get buffed, which makes FE8 finally hard again. Note that character growths have variance of 45, which means they can get anywhere from -45% to +45% on their original growth % totals. This tends to work out against me but who knows, maybe I'll get useful characters with good growths and not too many shitty ones?

This run will also help me focus down issues with my FE8 Fix Patch I'm working on. So without further ado, let's get started!

Hard mode, always. I'm no wimp. Even if the enemy growths ARE buffed up to a 100% increase, how hard can it possibly be?

Huh. King Fado sure surrounds himself with a lot of magic users. Let's hope they never try a coup, or his RES is being destroyed!

I wonder what our first three character classes will be...

Valter confirmed assassin. Oh my god that is such a perfect reclass for him.

The fact he doesn't 2HKO me here with a double is a total mercy move. And Valter shows nobody any mercy.

Uhhhh, "Seth", you know I can't use that, right? I'm apparently a Pupil now.

Huh. He doesn't look so bad. Ewan replaces Eirika in this mode, so maybe he will turn out awesome? His only good stat appears to be Resistance, but curiously he has 5 movement. Don't forget, movement among the classes will be anywhere from 4-8! In this case, 5 is a pretty good number, and considering he's a Tier 0, that's great!
But what about his growths? You'll have to wait and see.

THE BOULDER once again returns! This time he's a goddamn summoner with RES out the ass. I will have nothing to fear from mages! Note the 6 movement, expected for a T2 magic user. His SPD and Ewan's spd are pretty bad. Maybe growths will fix it. I... I wonder how they compare to this chapter's enemies?

T-THE BOULDER DOES NOT FEAR YOU! Yes, the enemy stats are already higher than vanilla, those 0-100% growth boosts are already kicking in and lemme tell you, that shit is gonna be huge later on down the line. In all honesty, I have no guarantees I'll be able to beat this hack. None at all.

Hahaha! Gotta love how the summon has better stats than the summoner! Sure, no DEF, but that's a good SKL/LUK rating, plus he makes for a good meatshield/distraction! As a final bonus, summons can fly, so he can get past barriers easily. Finally, every time THE BOULDER summons, he gains 10 EXP. That might be needed later on down the line for EXP grinding.

Couple turns later, after using summons to weaken the enemies and some attacks on them, Ewan gains his first level! It's shitty.

Moving the summon to the mountain, I create a target to draw the first enemy in, shielding Ewan with my Nosferatushield just in case.

The summon has better hitrates than the enemy... wow XD

More summoning to draw the boss in and see how I fare... the hitrates suck. I'll have to get him away from the forest.

Moulder gains his first level via summon spam. It's actually worse than Ewan's.

Ewan gains another level! It sucks. I'm beginning to detect a pattern here.

Turns taken: 16. WHAT A GREAT START.

[spoiler=Growths for characters]
Ewan's Growths:
HP: 20%
POW: 100%
SKL: 35%
SPD: 0%
LUK: 0%
DEF: 35%
RES: 50%
Comments: WHY GOD HAVE YOU FORSAKEN MEEEE?! Almost no HP, absolutely no SPD or LUK, but stupid high POW gaining! He'll hit like a truck and be locked to 2 SPD for the rest of the game. What a great character!
Klok Rates: 2/10!

HP: 135%
POW: 0%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 5%
LUK: 0%
DEF: 25%
RES: 50%
As usual THE BOULDER fails to disappoint! On top of having summoning skills, this badass has relegated his POW/SPD/LUK stats to the nether, forsaking them in favor of RAW DEFENSIVE POWERRRR! Also lots of SKL, because YOU NEED TO HIT THINGS TO STAY ALIVE!
Klok Rates: 2/10.


Edited by Klokky-Kuuuun!

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. . .oh my.

How the heck will Ewan's promotion work? AND WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DEFENSE ON EWAN?!

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WElp. I have discovered the shittiness of a mouse with a button that goes back a page. I'll have to retype up this post. YAY.

This'll be fun to watch, especially if you get more characters that are gutter trash.

Gutter trash?! THE BOULDER resents that remark! Real men train their bodies to withstand all attacks! THE BOULDER is as hard as a rock, and I mean that in both ways.

. . .oh my.

How the heck will Ewan's promotion work? AND WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DEFENSE ON EWAN?!

Eh, 1 DEF, 13 HP, 2 SPD, he's just fantastic.

OK, time once again for chapter 1!

[spoiler=Axes out the Ass]
It begins.

THE BOULDER devises a brilliant tactical maneuver designed to test the enemy's mettle! And it determines... these enemies are on par with summons right now. That's sad.

The summon and enemy trade blows and both hit. I was planning to have Ewan move up and finish the axeman off, but that didn't work out so well.

So instead I just sheepishly move Ewan down here.

The enemies are certainly new and improved. Soldiers are buffed from vanilla, and both classes have 6 movement. I wonder if I'll get a playable soldier myself?


Breguet is 1-range locked and has shitty RES. Looks like a job for either Ewan or THE BOULDER! Unless I get other ranged units on this chapter.


Oh a real shit talker, huh? That's THE BOULDER you maggot, and he's here to smash you to bits!


Methinks you misspelled pain and torture, friend!


Man, Nosferatu is NosferaTOO GOOD TO NOT USE! The boulder chugs those uses down like alcohol after his failed marriage! No woman can satisfy him, only his beloved pectorals stand a chance of such a thing!


Aaaaand new units! ...both are axe wielders. Maaaaan...


So... not only did I get a journeyman... it had to be Ross. WONDERFUL! And his stats suck, of course. What's up with that random 9 RES? I hope I can fight against magic users soon because I am prepared as fuck! Also did I mention his Steel Axe slows him down by 7 points? He's -4 AS. WOOOOO!


Man, what is up with these weapon levels? All my units so far are A level. Camtech's randomizer never had this problem! But seriously now, Artur is better in pretty much every way. Even with that 11 CON though, he still loses -4 AS with his lightest weapon so GG ME for having the slowest turtle team in the history of the universe!

Let's hope both these guys have good growths. Please.


More nosferatu slurping of blood, yes. THE BOULDER shows you that vampires are the only salvation!


These two tag-team the soldier, with Ross taking damage he'll have to heal off. Thankfully soldiers aren't good enough to double me yet, so that's nice.


1. Ross gains EXP absurdly fast, just like Ewan.



Let's try having this unit with only 4 LUK attack with a devil axe! What could go



and then I RNG abused to make it not kill him


For the final guy, THE BOULDER once again demonstrates his genius tactics for baiting his opponents into a bad spot!


Blows are traded, and the guy actually misses a hit on the phantom.


A few minutes of grinding hits later...


Ewan is literally the only person who can handle this boss. Everyone else has the accuracy of a musket from 1776.


Two shitty levels later...



[spoiler=Growths for the two axeholes]


Ross's Growths:

HP: 30%

POW: 45%

SKL: 90%

SPD: 45%

LUK: 5%

DEF: 30%

RES: 35%

Comments: Well, at least he has fairly universal stat growth! LUK sucks who needs it! And ALL OF THE SKILL! Too bad his defenses will be shity and even his SPD/POW will be lackluster.

Klok Rates: 4/10.


Artur's Growths:

HP: 0%

POW: 55%

SKL: 40%

SPD: 60%

LUK: 20%

DEF: 45%

RES: 75%

Comments: Holy shit! No HP growth but everything else is pretty good! You'll need like, every single robe under the sun BUT YOU'RE ACTUALLY A GOOD UNIT! That RES stat is so weird though. Everyone has either stupid high RES bases or stupid high RES growths. Lyon is gonna be rekt.

Klok Rates: 7/10!

And soon, chapter 2! Featuring... 4 new characters! Huzzah!

Edited by Klokinator

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The growths.

You need your Est soon. This is looking like true Chaos there. You'll need to dump quite the statboosters on Ewan if Eph's replacement sucks. :D

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The growths.

You need your Est soon. This is looking like true Chaos there. You'll need to dump quite the statboosters on Ewan if Eph's replacement sucks. :D

Yus, THIS is the FE8 Chaos Mode hack! Mwahahahaha notreally

And now for chapter 2!

[spoiler=Beginnings of the fix patch effects]

Two new units gained right off the bat.


Rennac, who is clearly superior to Ewan in every way... except that fucking atrocious MAG stat. Throughout this chapter he scores a whopping 0-2 damage using the Fire tome but luckily Thunder doesn't slow him down, he has good SPD, and it patches up his damage a little. And his growths? We'll see.



Seth comes out with a bang! Same class as vanilla, but a tier lower wut wut! Good CON, obviously good weapon levels like all units so far (Seriously though, Otaku, you need to make that not happen), and pretty balanced stats. 6 SPD isn't amazing but at least we can buy a sword on this chapter! As for his growths, we'll have to wait and see.


The only thing getting nailed today is YOU, fools! THE BOULDER will show you how a foe gets nailed!


And here we see Ross straining to take the biggest dump of his life, while daddy watches in approval. Fire Emblem is messed up.


First big fix patch edit: Ross's character will start off with full HP now. The replaced character pretty much always died so I felt it was necessary. There's still some big luck based elements, but significantly less so now.


No flying units. No brigands. Let's hope they can hold out, because the best I can do is send over some phantoms.


First up is Hayden as a monk! We now have almost the entire weapon and magic triangles! We're only missing bows and a staff user! Pretty balanced for a randomized run, that's for sure! Maybe we'll get the other types next chapter? In any case, Hayden is............... aight. Unless he has good growths, he's not very impressive.


Knoll fucking sucks. Worst monster weapon, 2 SPD, and his only redeeming factor is decent defenses and decent HP. I should mention now I never actually know what a character's growths are until I type them out at the end of an LP when I go to look them up, so I'm just as surprised as the rest of you. I can only hope he's my Est. COME ON BAYBEY!


I skipped a few boring turns, and now Seth has an iron sword, and he's fighti- wait, he's a GIRL? Seth confirmed rename to Seth Jenner.


Hayden holds his own against this enemy, but unfortunately...


Captain dumbshit runs over and attacks this guy instead of standing still. He gets doubled, he gets rekked. Only 9 HP. I was gonna try and pull some phantom+rng attacking shenanigans...


...but the phantom only deals 7 damage out of 12, and has a 26% hitrate. Fuck that. Restart.


After the restart, things go VERY well and Hayden critkills this guy, saving me tons of trouble! This one thing made the chapter like 60% easier.


This guy has a 61% AVO while standing on a mountain. They ALL do. FML.


Archer in the corner can double literally everyone on my team except Seth and Rennac, my two fucking badasses.


Bone is pretty scary, but I end up just killing him at range with my three magic users.


Rennac using that deadly magic on an enemy.


Ewan AKA BEST LORD EVER gets another shitty goddamn level up.


Thanks to that shop on this chapter, Artur no longer has AS loss, and Ross still is at only 1 AS.


Killed this guy. Nothing special happened.


THE BOULDER does not understand the meaning of 'hitrates'. Where he comes from, you just smash your head on the dirt until someone walks in between the two of you.


Come on, Rennac!


No joke, these phantoms save my ass, and they're dodgy little fucks too.


Despite all those growths, Artur will currently die to anything stronger than a twig falling on his head.




Seth also gets good levels wao


Who are these people? Why are they tinted a shade of sepia?!





Rennac's Growths:

HP: 0%

POW: 50%

SKL: 10%

SPD: 20%

LUK: 75%

DEF: 30%

RES: 55%

Comments: So long as you don't want to hit anything, dodge anything, or gain a single point of HP, this sumbitch is great! I'll probably keep him a while but I'm praying for better units eventually.

Klok Rates: 5/10.


Seth's Growths:

HP: 0%

POW: 75%

SKL: 20%

SPD: 50%

LUK: 55%

DEF: 60%

RES: 50%

Comments: HOLY SHIT! Now that's what I call a good unit! Seth's Solo Adventure indeed! Well, no HP growth... but I'd rather give HIM my robes than any of these other crappy units! His SKL isn't too hot but out of 7 stats, 5 are at 50% or higher! In this hack, that's phenomenal! Definitely endgame material, providing he can get HP.

Klok Rates: 8/10!


Hayden's Growths:

HP: 50%

POW: 80%

SKL: 75%

SPD: 0%

LUK: 40%

DEF: 0%

RES: 70%

Comments: In all honesty, while he has no SPD or DEF, he will make a great healer and a good unit VS the undead hordes if I promote him quickly for stave access. If only his base SPD were a few points higher, that'd be great.

Klok Rates: 6/10.


Knoll's Growths:

HP: 0%

POW: 10%

SKL: 30%

SPD: 15%

LUK: 130%

DEF: 70%

RES: 30%

Comments: Go fuck yourself.

Klok Rates: 2/10.

Edited by Klokinator

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Why does half of your team get 0% HP?

Use Knoll, he has a 130% Luck Growth. THE ONLY UNIT ABLE TO CAP LUCK.

1. I have no idea, but I did make sure not to tick balanced stats. I like having 0% stats, it's pretty funny :P

2. No, curse you and I'll even kill Knoll on this chapter just cuz I can :P

Chapter 3 mini-update: part 1. The last thing I'll post until later today after work.

[spoiler=Why god, why.]


Buy myself some hand axes because having two range is essential for my party of aspberger sufferers to survive. I skip the javelin since there's one in a chest here and it's not useful against earlygame axe users.


Looks like Neimi is replaced by a knight. Who could it be?


Ismaire! The redheaded knight... with fairly normal knighty-stats. I hope her growths are good because I could use a solid tank character. That STR is abysmal but with good growths, it could easily become top tier. 19 HP is the worst part though, against all these axe users, it's a death sentence.


The enemies are all pretty tough, and most start at around 9 SPD on this chapter. I can assume their stats will only rocket upwards as I go on. Again, no idea if this hack is even beatable. I'll likely be arena abusing a bit unless I don't get a healer.







Edited by Klokinator

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This is AMAZING. I kind of hope you get lucky, but if things continue at this rate, it might be even more amazing!

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The Boulder decided that he was too good for the shity holy hand grenade.

Holy crap, Knoll, that waste of an original class.

... The hell is that boss ?! XD

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Privately, I think to myself... this hack... this is my own personal ragefest... and how enraged it makes me feel.

why does nobody ever sub to my topics :(

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Ohman, this is fucking amazing. I can't wait to see how this turns out at higher levels.

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Two Ewans? Oh boy! Sounds like trouble!

EDIT : I'll try that one on FE6 hard mode and see how long can I hold on before I commit sudoku.

EDIT 2 : With your settings, it ends at chapter 4. Even with a Manakete Ray, I can't win it because I can't stop the trollforciements. Not to mention all the other units are crap while the enemies have for most of them almost capped stats.

Edited by Nintales

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Um no, that specific Ewan is just a generic soldier.

Two Ewans? Oh boy! Sounds like trouble!

EDIT : I'll try that one on FE6 hard mode and see how long can I hold on before I commit sudoku.


Edited by RandomSwordmaster

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Real talk though, what do monster promotion gains look like in this game?

Edited by Terrador

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pretty sure there just 0's across the board regularly, unless this randomizer also randomizes promotion gains? that'd be funny to see.

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Monsters can promote. I'm doing a run myself with the same settings as Klok, and it seems he's just unlucky on units. I can promote Gerik, who is a Bow Bonewalker. Sadly, his promote gain is only +2 con, which is kinda underwhelming.

I have 2 god-tier units right now, who are Ephraim's replacement (Duessel) and Eirika's replacement (Neimi). Both of them has bad growths everywhere... Minus Str/Spd/Def (over 80 for Neimi, with a Spd Growth over 100, and Duessel has all of those around 80). And Neimi is a Draco Knight. I have a flying thwomp on my team at chapter 7, with Str/Spd/Def capped. Seth's replacement (Amelia) is also very good, because she is a Dragon Lord. The others are just bad, but I have two healers (who are ORKOed by any living unit in this game, minus mages), which means I'm less screwed by Klok.

Edited by Nintales

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Should be the difference in Class Bases, right?

So Knoll would get 10 HP and 1 Strength/Speed if he actually was promoted.

This is what I'm doing, but the trouble is that it's not what FE8 does in general, so I'm just taking it as a reason to use monsters in general/for funsies since I can't be bothered balancing their promo gains. I wanted to know what Klok was doing, since I assume the ranndymizer has a better option

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