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Action Replay Codes(Wii Ocarina) Offset

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I am having a doubt, how do you convert an action replay code to a legible offset?

If there is anyone who knows on the matter I will really appreciate it.

The thing is I am working on a mod of FE Radiant Dawn , I want to make Florete into a magical weapon, and since there is a code for it it should be possible to modify it in a hex editor, but have no clue how can you read the first part of an Action Replay Code to know where it is pointing exactly.

For example:

This is a code that is used to remove the non-promote skill to Sothe

0488A104 00000000

But the offset in a hex editor seems to be

0x0000A3AC (found in FE10Data uncompressed)

I guess the second part of the code indicates what is going to be writed.

Thanks in advance

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