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Fire Emblem Blazing Sword Random

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So recently a bunch of screenshot LPs of FE8 using the new universal GBAFE randomizer have been popping up. I decided I wanted to do one too, but I wanted something more original, and not just the same old stuff.

So I'm doing FE7 instead!

Here are the settings I'll be using:


Same settings Klok is using on his except I toned down the enemy growths a bit because FE7 is harder than FE8.

I will be playing on Hector Hard Mode, recruiting every character that I can, and keeping everyone alive. I'll also be going for every Gaiden chapter except 19xx.

Sidenote: I haven't actually played Hector mode before, or really any of the game past chapter 20, so my knowledge of those parts of the game will be vague at best. That just adds to the challenge though!

Now let's get going!

[spoiler=Chapter 11]hxPMK3j.png

And so it begins.


Looks right.


First chapter, and it's one I've never actually played. This should be fun.


Uther doesn't want this game to happen apparently.


First off we have Wallace the Shaman! He's replacing Hector. 4 move isn't great, and his stats are also pretty meh. That defense though. Wow. And of course he comes with two Lunas instead of a flux so he'll be doing five damage to everything ._. And Luna ways him down to 0 AS so pretty much anything faster than a snail will double him...

Do I have to use this guy? Yes? Ok then. Hopefully his growths are stellar.


Next we have...Hector actually. Mercenary replacing Matthew.

7 move is great and his stats are pretty nice as well. He can wield that Iron Sword just fine and he'd only lose 1 AS switching to steel. Plus he comes with keys since he replaced a thief. Definitely being used unless his growths suck balls.


Here's the boss. He really outsteps my units. Thankfully he only has an Iron lance and I don't think he moves so Wallace can just Luna spam him.


These enemies don't mess around, holy shit. Especially that knight, wow.

This'll be a bit tough considering my only healing item are gonna be the couple of vulneraries some of the enemies drop.


My plan is to bust down the wall, unlock this door with my key, and let the thief unlock the other door. Unfortunately it's gonna take me two turns to bust this wall down because Wallace is shit and can't do more than 5 damage.


These two both attack the wall. Wallace will finish it off next turn.


Positions after enemy phase. Offscreen is the thief, who's just below the bottom right pillar, the archer in the top left room, and the boss. Soldier was stupid and blocked the archer from attacking Hector.


Wallace destorys the wall so Hector can attack.









At least Wallace got a critical afterwards.

So there is no way I'm gonna be able to beat this chapter like this. I may have set enemy growths too high. So here's what I want to ask you guys: Should I rerandomize with lower enemy growths? Or should I keep this randomization and try Hector normal mode instead?


Game Overs

(A character whose death results in a game over dies.)

None yet


(Another character dies.)

  • Hector - Chapter 11 - Died to overpowered generic enemies.

Also if someone could tell me how to look at a character's growths, that would be helpful.

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Yeah, I don't want to put any LPer through that... the allies looked almost normal, but those enemies... PHEW!

Try randomizing again with lower enemy growths.

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I've decided to just rerandomize with lower enemy growths.

This time the enemy growths are set to 25% more. I've checked chapter 11 and it looks manageable. Chapter 11 will come tomorrow.

Also, if you want to know ahead of time who and what our two units are,

[spoiler=Units]We have our main lord Matthew the Monk, with his assistant, Serra the Mercenary!

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When randomizing FE7, never play HHM. Play EHM. You get more units from the start and the chapter is less bullshitty.

I may end up doing that if this chapter still ends up being bs, but I want to at least try HHM first.

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Now we start for real!

[spoiler=Chapter 11: By the skin of our teeth]


Alright, here we go again.

Let's take a look at our units, shall we?


Matthew the monk is our Hector replacement, and he's...okay I guess? It's almost like his bases didn't even change. His growths will make or break him, but I'll still be forced to use him either way.


Next we have Serra the mercenary. Can you say "glass canon"?

A good thing about this is that we have a thief's replacement and someone who used to be a thief, so we get double the keys. Those could come in handy if things don't go according to keikaku.

Translator's note: keikaku means plan.

Yes I used that too.


Boss is bowlocked, not a problem.


Enemies. Considerably less OP then last time.


Starting to work on the wall.


Matthew attacks the soldier and Serra gets shot by the archer. I probably should've moved Serra to the center of the room.

Matthew's pallete looks pretty nice. Serra's is...interesting.


Matthew attacks again because Serra would be one damage short of killing the soldier and I move Serra to the center.


Oh well. Didn't expect to get that anyway.


Matthew breaks the wall...


So Serra can kill the soldier!


And then get shot again.


Then this guy comes and unlocks this door. Definitley not what I expected. Not good either.


Archer trapped.


Asshole, I want that vulnerary!


Sera could've done that on her own but I wanted to give Matthew some chip exp.




That doesn't look good.

I think my best chance of survival may be to just leg it to the boss and kill him, as much as it pains me to leave all that experience behind. Two frail as fuck units just aren't strong enough to take all these guys down.


What? Vulneraries get there uses back when an enemy drops them?

That's nice.



Next turn Serra opens the door.



Matthew can't damage the boss so I'm gonna have him try to buy Serra some time.


How did I forget about that archer.


Thankfully, this guy's longbow weighs him down just enough for Serra to double him.


Matthew and Wire have a conversation across the map.


He did actually.


Matthew just has to survive those soldiers. maybe I should've given him the vulnerary.


Oh my fucking god yes.


And the boss didn't use his vulnerary either, amazing!


I let Matthew kill the one at two hp and he repays me with a shit level up. Please don't be a sign of things to come.


Take that!


Serra's level isn't nearly as bad. Strength and defense are both good for her, and resistance is nice as well.


That wasn't close, it was insanely close. Also who's this douchebag? He isn't Serra!


Matthew, you're a monk, not a peg knight.


So Uther does want the game to happen after all.

And that wraps up chapter 11! Join me next time for Chapter 12, Berserks, Ballistas, and Bards, Oh My!


Game Overs

(A character whose death results in a game over dies.)

None yet


(Another character dies.)

  • Hector - Chapter 11 (Failed randomization) - Died to overpowered generic enemies.

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I now have Nightmare so I can now look at the growth rates!




Hp: 50

Magic: 30

Skill: 90

Speed: 15

Luck: 45

Defense: 70

Resistance: 50

Oh Matthew, why? He's gonna be doing no damage and get doubled by everything. At lest he'll be tanky and won't miss I guess?

I foresee power rings and speedwings in his future.

Rating: Whydoesthisrandomizerhatemainlords/10


Hp: 40

Strength: 50

Skill: 35

Speed: 45

Luck: 5

Defense: 120

Resistance: 35

Pretty balanced...mostly. Her defense is gonna be stellar. Her resistance and skill might not turn out the best, but she should hopefully get at least some levels of them. Plus she's already gotten one resistance level, so that should be a good sign. That 5% luck growth could be bad eventually but it shouldn't be that bad.

Rating: 8/10

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Next chapter!

[spoiler=Chapter 12: Berserks, Ballistas, and Bards, Oh My! - Part 1]


Ooh, mysterious.


Obligatory chapter title picture.


"He's off in some other far away chapter!"


"I want to avoid running into him for as long as possible."


She's been here the whole time. Actually I should be asking what you're doing here Hector.


We'll see about that.


Hector butally murders a guard.

(Inb4 he's a class that can't attack.)

Now then, let's check out our new units!


Replacing Bartre is Lyn the hector Lord. Not too bad, probably will use.


Next we have Harken the Myrmidon replacing Dorcas. Hey, he's actually pretty good! And he comes with a Lancereaver too!

The Iron blade weighs him down by 3, but that's still 13 AS.


Replacing Eliwood is Karel the (female) Archer, and oh my god those stats are fantastic for level one. His con's a bit lacking but it hopefully won't be too big of a deal. And 6 move too. Only problem is he has a ballista and not a normal bow. They sell bows in the armory here but I don't have any money because I couldn't get the red gem last chapter. Maybe if someone's worthless I'll have things to sell.

Alright who's ne-



Guy the soldier, replacing Rebecca.

Those stats are absolute garbage. He can't even wield a fucking slim lance without being slowed down.


Also he only has a B in lances, whereas everyone else has A's in their weapon types.


Next up is Priscilla the Bishop-Jeigan, replacing Marcus. Her stats are on par with Karel and Harken. You'd expect them to be a bit higher than those two considering she's promoted and they're not, but it might just be because Harken and Karel got stat blessed.

Either way, staff utility is awesome. That berserk staff may come in handy. Also 7 move.


And for the last of Eliwood Karel's group, we have Fiora the cavalier, replacing Lowen. Her strength and defense are great, her speed and hp are ok, and her other stats are a bit meh. 60 use sword is nice though.


Replacing Oswin, we have Marcus the bard. A bard this early? Amazing! Also he has Ninis' Grace. That will likely come in handy. His stats are pretty good too, not that they matter too much. 6 move as well.


Rounding off our army we have Serra's replacement, Dart the soldier. Hey, he's even worse than Guy!

At least guy has almost decent speed, res, and hp. Dart here specializes in skill and con. His con isn't even that good. Sure he could hold a slim lance just fine, but an Iron lance is heavy enough to weigh him down to 0 AS, let alone the Javelin he comes with.

Also benched.

At least he has an A in lances. Not that it matters.

Our boss of this chapter. Pretty nasty. I'll likely snipe him with the killer ballista.


And here's what the generic mooks have to offer us.

Brigands have 7 move, ugh.

Otherwise, not too bad. This hopefully shouldn't be as annoying as the last chapter.

Part 2 will be coming soon!

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