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Tenda tries : T_T Fe8Random : Pray Anna and pick off your opponents.


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  1. 1. Should I promote Marisa

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    • Absolutely not !
    • As you wish...
  2. 2. Who should A support Syrene

    • Tana the Lordly Priest
    • Kyle the Prettiest Dancer
    • None ! She's MINE !
  3. 3. What should I promote Tethys to ?

    • Swordmaster
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So, yeah, I'm also gonna jump the bandwagon.

The settings are the same as Klok's ones (AKA official ones), except all ennemy have a 45% Bonus, instead of up to 100%, and I forced a minimum 5% Bases which should makes it easier. Depending of which units I get, of course.

I'll look at the character's growths after I complete a chapter, excepeted for Prologue and Chapter 1, when I already looked at them, to decide if it would be worth publishing. But I'll summon my best acting skills to makes you not notice it.

Are you ready for an adventure full of bad screen cap, and even worse attempyts at humour ?

Well, let's start then :

[spoiler=Beyond Light and Darkness]


Obligatory Title Screen Pic


Orson ? What are you doing there ?


And he sent one of its minion directly after us.

Tana picks a god and prays.

A flier with weapon advantage. I sure hope Seth's replacement is good.

Units run down :


The Good...


...The Bad...


...The Ugly

Seriously, though...

Tana's growths seems decent for a healer, even if that Magic base is nothing to write home. (She is 3HKO by O'Neil, which is actually a life saver this chapter.)

Saleh have trouble hitting anything, is surprsingly frail, and have hard time doubling (plus his stell swords way him down further). We'll see what his growths are.

A Wyvern is really one of the worse thing I could face right here right now.

Well, let's see how it does, right.


Litterally half the chapter.

I would have prefered my healer to be the Jeigan, but I can't complain.

Even if she has sucky growth, she'll gonna be used for a while.



The ennemy doing a Victory Dance after hitting Saleh against the odds.
Twice. (nope, I didn't accidentally posted the same image.)

At least the first was one-shotted.


Pictured : why wyverns are dangerous in this map (Tana can't even hide anywhere)


Not even a scratch. Saleh for Top Tier


"...I was sure I hitted him every single time."

Welp, actually...


Remenber what I said earlier.

Half of my chapter's pics.

[spoiler=Love WIll Grow]


HP : 110

Mag : 40

Skill : 65

Spd : 55

Luck : 40

Def : 5

Res : 25

Rating : 8/10

Actually quite good. Her defensive stats are atrocious, but she's a healer, so this won't be relevant later on. (besides, that HP growth will makes for it.)

Mag and Luck are quite shaky, but the good thing with healers is that you can really easily RNG abuse.

My main healer this run, and a great one at that.

We're on to a god start.


HP : 75

Str : 45

Skill : 50

Spd :5

Luck : 5

Def : 60

Res : 25

Rating 4/10. A physically bulky Assassin... Pretty wierd combination.

Will be used for chipping damage early on, and then forever benched. Pretty much what's expected for a Jeigan.

Next Time on T_T FE8R : Tana the Witch, and the Miracle Doggy.

Stay tuned !

Also, fun fact : I uploaded exactly 44 image in my album consacred to this game.

Seems like a bad omen

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Now time for Chapter 1.

Tell me if there's any way I can improve it

(I know I really need to screencap faster).

[spoiler=The Avo stat is a lie]


Teleporting makes escape 100% easier.

Unless your range is limited.


The ennemy took us from behind.

WHat a bunch of cowards.


Well, damn. Looks like some units remained.


Tana is the princess of Frelia.

She flew past you just a second ago.


No, she's fighting the ennemy there.

You should buy yourselves some...

Glasses :B):

(This joke will actually makes sense later)

Let's takes a look at our unit shall we ?


Wow that Def !

Who care about the lack of luck when none of the ennemy on the chapter can damage you (actually, fighter can do 2 damage, but Brennet do nothing at all).

Being able to hit Res makes her the best unit to damage Brennet (because Seth isn't gonna hit any time soon...)

The rest will be growth dependant.


Miracle Dog !

His base stats arepretty unimpressive, except that Skill and Speed.

Well, he's Seth so at least his growth should be good, right ?


I finished a Fighter with Syrene, and moved Miracle Dog on a fort, to help his avoid.

Perfect setting (until I realized I should have moved Tana closer to the fort... ;w;)


Saleh avoid against greater odds than before...


Miracle dogs move to the fort....


And ended up badly hit.


Syrene critted, but I missed the pic.


...And gets a great level up.


Some cleansing gives Miracle Dog a perfect Shin Level.

Seriusly considering to send him back to the kennel, now.


You can't see well, but it's a 6.

He's one of the only one able to damge the Boss.


Range ? What Range ?

(She actually got crit-tinked, but I missed the screenshot...)


I start to notice a pattern here...


...Who the hell are you ?


"I'm just taking some stuff before I leave again."


Um... Eirika won't do anything here. You're the one on the battlefield here.

And we get some new units :


Stats are OK(Speed is great, but it will epend of growth (and I hadn't checked those yet)), but 8 move ! He can have some utility for Cormag recruitment, if I don't get any fliers, at least.


Except his Knoll Luck, nothing truly impressive. Stats makes or break, but having a thief is still good at least.

I'm gonna includes those two's growths in the rundown.

[spoiler=Venusaur's best boosting Move]


Hp : 20

Mag : 110

Skill : 95

Spd : 85

Luck : 20

Def : 5

Res : 5

I told you this joke would make sense...

Rating : GlassBolganone/10 : The epitome of Glass Cannon, but with an amazing starting Def. Great growth were it matters.

Her only real problem will be her low luck on the long run, otherwise she may be one of my top units.


Hp : 15

Str : 10

Skill : 85

Spd : 5

Luck : 100

Def : 50

Res : 30

Rating : Infinity/10. Best unit of the game. Have growth where it truly matters. Will always hit, and crit often, so who care if each attack makes no damage ! And he has all the luck, so he won't be crit ever !
All hail Miracle Dog ! Mwahahahaha !
... Sorry, I think this was too much for me.
Real rating : Shin/10. Saleh have found his master. The Master of Shin Levels.
Back to the doghouse.

Hp : 35

Str : 5

Skill : 40

Spd : 75

Luck : 30

Def : 140

Res : 5

Rating : ...The hell if I know.

I'm a Boat/10.

He have terrific def growth and great speed, but will do no damage at all.
I may feed him some level, anyway, so he can ferry Tana if needed.


Hp : 70

Str : 35

Skill : 5

Spd : 60

Luck : 5

Def : 50

Res : 5

Rating :


On one hand, he have no Luck at all, every mage is gonna hit him hard (Thunder... Arghh).

On the other, Speed and HP are decent, and he may score some Def point along the way.

He's gonna be my rogue if nothing better appears.

Next time, on T_T FE8RR : Who's the pretiest ?

Stay tuned !

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Oh boy, that Syrene. She'll be a great asset.

She's gonna be absolutely essential this run.

This chapter...

I'm starting to feel the 45% upgrade here.

Anyway, let's run it down :

[spoiler=Where Tenda convert to Anna-mism]


Let me guess... It isn't me right ?


Welp... How bad can it be...


She may actually be good once she's o my team (depending of growth, obvs...), but in this chapter she's a dead weight.

All her weapons weights her badly, and her avoid is... non existant (besides every damn units on the map double her AND she has weapon disadvantage... AND crappy Def).

Maybe the other one will be easier to protect ?


First off : It's a fricking dancer !


The easier one to protect.

Besides, KAIRO-CHAN-SAN-SAMA-SENPAI-SAN-SAMA-SAN-SEMPAI-CHAN is the prettiest guy in town :wub:.

Who cares about growth here ? KAIRO-CHAN-SAN-SAMA-SENPAI-SAN-SAMA-SAN-SEMPAI-CHAN will see lots of use.


Litterally half my chapter.

Miracle Dog deserved his name by savagely slaughtering tons of innocents Random Numbers so that she could survive.


Oh Glorious Goddess Anna, accept those RN sacrifice and offer us your divine protection !


But Anna grew Jealous of KAIRO-CHAN-SAN-SAMA-SENPAI-SAN-SAMA-SAN-SEMPAI-CHAN and the miracle never happened.

Countless RN sacrifice, and a promise to marry her in every playthrough of FE13 and FE14 later...


Now I hope it'll works out.

(Notice Miracle Dog saved the village at the bottom. His Move and being the only one able to double shit, makes him an important member of the team.)


Hard to see, but it's a crit.


Healing or recruiting ?

That is the question.




Meanwhile, ignoring the torrid love affair that happens behind his back...

Saleh gets a pretty good level up (hitting a 5% and 25% growth, but not the 50% one...)


Meanwhile, Knoll handled his part of the map perfectly.


Time for cleansing.


Let me AXE you a question.


All according to Kohaku.



Tana completely ignore her two best growth, but I won't complain. Try to hit that Speed next time, though...


The terrifying struggle between a man who have awakened his beast side and a beast trying to be human.

Who will win ?

...Actually Knoll stole the kill (and didn't get a level up), but it seems I didn't took that pic...

Quick Preview for next time.


She's actually a male Wywern Knight (Seth is a Female Assassin btw...)

At least I have my flier. Let's hope she doesn't suck.


Oh boy...

We'll see the growth, but at least he's gonna have no problem hitting anything.

[spoiler=Go, my son, and become a great king !]


She's a T0 btw, but you should have guessed it already.

Hp : 120

Str : 70

Skill : 5

Spd : 95

Luck : 10

Def : 5

Res : 5

Rating : Gonzales/10.

The skill is troublesome, and training her isn't gonna be the easiest thing to do (can she even promote ?), but she is actually quite good.


Hp : 5

Str : 80

Skill : 15

Spd : 65

Luck : 25

Def : 15

Res : 45



I may use the monster control trick to makes him learn some Dark Magic, otherwise that Power stat will go to waste. The rest is pretty unimpressive, but at least he'll get speed.

KAIRO-CHAN-SAN-SAMA-SENPAI-SAN-SAMA-SAN-SEMPAI-CHAN is a freaking pretty-flower-dancer.

No way I don't use him.

Next time on T_T FE8RR : Syrene-sama's swan song !??

Stay tuned !

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Even with dark magic, he'll cap at 10 MAG. Not very impressive.

Senpai noticed me !

Yeah, forgot the caps...

And every magic is gonna weightened him heavily, which I'd rather avoid. (Besides, I have Syrene. All my magic needs are met.)

What a waste of a good growth...

I'm gonna finish chapter 4 first, because Chapter 3 hadn't enough content for a full update (ennemies are somewhat dangerous, but not at all aggressive. Chapter 4 seems to be the opposite.)

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It's finally here :

[spoiler=A walk in the park... IN HELL !]


Are they as tough as they look ?



Syrene can't kill him (remember he have +5Res from the Throne).

Otherwise, pretty underwhelming.

BTw, I didn't noticed this beofre, but bandit having only 4 speed is one of this game's highlight (8 speed Pirate howver are going to be lots of trouble...)


I divided my team on two part, though this ended up being not really important (the ennemy Thief has no lockpick...)

Here I wanted to see if that bandit would attack Knoll or Innes.


He attacked Knoll, missed, and Knoll gained a Level Up, but I didn't took a screenshot soon enough.

I think he only gained Str.


Beginning of the Cleanse up.


Great !






Syrene have troubles...


Saleh one shot him (he chipped with the Steel Sword instead.)


Some more chip damage at least.


Could be better in retrospect...


And this is over...

Ennemy are somewhat strong, but they don't attack you unless you're in range, so it ends up being quite boring.

Next !


Well, how bad can they be...

Let's watch more closely...


Those things utterly sucks, but look at at that move !

How can rotten body walk so fast ?


Nothing really special. They're Nice stats al around.

Is that really all those ancient horrors can do ? How diappoint-

Wait, what's that ?


Oh dear, we are in trouble...

Those things are the only reason I couldn't rush through the chapter.

Not only are they stats quite good, but they have amazing move, and can hit my weakest defensive stat from 1-2 range.

Fortunately they are pretty limited on this map.


And this is their Boss.. Doesn't seems that ancient, or horrible, though...

It had two lockpick, but Knoll isn't fast enough to steal it... (This is going to be a serious problem later on...)

But what you really want to see are our new unit, right ?

Well, sure :


He's a T1 like Syrene.

And unfortunately, he seems inferior to her on every point.

Yeah, sure growths can change everything, but I don't see how they could surpass her's.

Benched immediately.


Well, another Healer can't hurt, I guess.

Growths will decide his fate.

The chapter isn't that interresting.

First I cleansed evil in the higher part, then I send Marisa to solo the lower part.



I'm seeing a thread in those level up...


Here too.


Same old growth.

Can't really complain.




Reminder that one of my top unit will probably never gain any point of strength.

The boss was killed by Marisa and we're up to the next chapter.

[spoiler=Buy our special pills and you'll grow big !]


Hp : 35

Str : 5

Skill : 20

Spd : 5

Luck : 60

Def : 140

Res : 15

Rating : Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No it's MariSuper !/10

Similar to Innes's stats, but somehow slightly worse.

She's able to fly, and no non-mage unit can vever hope to defeat her before quite a while, so she's gonna be used until I fins something better at least (if I do find one, that is.)


Hp : 55

Str : 20

Skill : 30

Spd : 5

Luck : 55

Def : 20

Res : 75

Rating BWAHAHA !/10

Yep, he gained Skill twice with a 30% chance.

I'm not quite sure yet what to do with him honnestly. His stats are pretty average (except the Abysmal Speed, and Pretty great Res.).
He could become a pretty good Mage Tank with some babying, and Ephraim Lord is a cool class.

On my team for know, at least.


Hp : 155

Str : 15

Skill : 20

Spd : 75

Luck : 5

Def : 15

Res : 5

Rating : LoveThief/10.

Yeah, the HP Growth is great,the speed is decent, and everything else is awfull...


At least, he came with a free Thunder spell for Syrene.


Hp : 155

Str : 40

Skill : 20

Spd : 30

Luck : 5

Def : 15

Res : 25

Rating : Boulder 2.0/10.

Slightly worse overall tha Eirika, but i don't know which route I'm taking yet, and Ephraim's may need another healer.

And Bishops are gonna be pretty usefull.

The rest is for tomorrow.

Next time on T_T FE8RR :" No, I am your Father !"*

Stay tuned !

*This is a hint about one of our new unit. I'll let you guess.

Edited by Tamanoir
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Every reroll on the ol' randomizer machine gave me Hayden or Fado (usually both) like just a bit after the first half of the game, which makes me think you're right about that. Plus they're fathers of main characters if that didn't give it away, me.

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Wait this run doesn't have buffed enemy growths?!

Aaaaaand unsubscribe.

Fixed 45% only. (I said it in the oppening post.)

Against scrub units, it's unnoticeable, but against good ones...

[spoiler=Ch5's Mise-en-Bouche.]


... You can see it clearly

(Can I exchange you with Miracle Dog ? Please ? )


Zombie being dead soldiers confirmed.


He damages and double Tana, so it's best to keeps him away from her. 4 move though...


Bad Hp and Move, but they hurt hard.


Yeah, they are harder to kill than fighters...

The hell, game ?


If Syrene didn't completely owned you, you will actually be dangerous...

MariSuper takes no damage for around 65% of the ennemies (yep, I calculated it) but she won't do lots either (she'll stay at base Spd and Str the whole game...

In fact, the Bosses are less challenging, but all the ennemies are generally better.

Since I'm here... Our new units :

[spoiler=the Prodigal Son, and the Doting Father]


He's T0. Not sure if I'll use him.


"No, I'm not King Hayden, I'm just a traveler.

My name is.. umm... Henday !"

Dayden (Hayden + Dad) is quite buff, but that magic leaves a lot to be desired.

It will depend of it's growth once again.

Come with a Luna Spell, so he's gonna finish ennemies.

Edited by Tamanoir
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Oh great, now you got your own future summoner. Aren't you special.

Actually, the two can become Summoners.

But I don't know yet, if I'll bother to train Ewan.

BTW, Arena Abusing right now (trying not to get killed AND having good levels takes time...°. Posting an update soon.

Henday is... Average.

EDIT : Would people be interrested by a 70+ pics Album with all the Level Up ?

I think I'll just show the final stats otherwise.

Edited by Tamanoir
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So, yesterday i realised I hadn't taken Orson's items before finishing chapter 5x ANd that I had already erased my only save for this chapter...

After some thought I decided to start the Chapter again because I didn't really like how it turned (It actually ended up being worse...)

But now you'll have a double update.

Let's geht's loss !

[spoiler=The Rage of the Behemoths]


Finally !


Look at that smug face...

Because of you, Amelia is put aside.


I separated my team in two to get rid of those bandits.

Syrene can't double them for now, so she chip for Knoll


...Who secure a pretty good level up.


Meanwhile Innes leads the second group and kill a Soldier.


1 Minute of Silence for the RNs sacrificd to get this kill.



You can't really see it, but I think Marisa saved the village up ahead.






Typical Innes Level.


Amelia ? Where are you going ?

I don't remember allowing you to leave.


Thanks god those monsters only have 4 move, because they were the most dangerous thing this chapter.

I didn't expected MariSuper to lose her advantage so fast.


Marisa capped Def while saving the village.


Good job, Tana.


19 Skill has its uses.


Holy... Strength ! At last ! (and Res too.)


I won't insult the Rns who died for this Level Up...

You won't be forgotten.


"You're not weak, I'm just too strong.

Oh, wait, no. You're a pathetic weakling. BWAHAHA !"


Typical Syrene Level


See ya in a few hours !


Those things are so wierd. Pathetic HP, but the rest is quite high.


Twice in a row, against a different ennemy.

Knoll for Harold Tier.


I didn't RNG abused his level up. Probably should have.


I didn't RNG abused his level. It wasn't necessary.

Unless Ephraim turns out amazing (spoiler : he did. Just not the way I intended...), I'm gonna do Tana's route.


Had some RNG Abused to proc something else than HP.

Deserve his title of Bolder 2.0


As you saw, his training wasn't the easiest. I favorised Spd on his level ups.

Like with Kyle, if not for his class, he would probably be benched.


Not bad, honnestly. I modified the map shop with nightmare to buy a Flux, so he can actually damage things relliably.


Arena isn't the best place to train him. He will do some Valnii runs later.


He's the one who had the easiest time on the Arena, actually.

I used this opportunity to RNG abuse his level up, and he gaines some Strength along the way.

Still one of my top unit.

And last but not least...

Our MVP !


Reay to promote.


She will take the sage route, but other will need that Guiding Ring, so I'm gonna keep her as a Trump Card if things go too badly.



MariSuperBoss Abused Saar (since every ennemy in the Arena has Slilver, making her only good point useless) and gained an amazing Level Up.

[spoiler=Gao Gao !]


Hp : 10

Str : 45

Skill : 35

Spd : 55

Luck : 50

Def : 25

Res : 40

Rating : DarthVader/10

Pretty average, so it could go both way. The HP Growth is kinda bad, but the base makes up for it

A solid addition to my team.


Hp : 15

Str : 130

Skill : 25

Spd : 5

Luck : 5

Def : 5

Res : 70

Rating : Deja-Vu/10

...Amelia leaved us for this.

Damn you, panty-stalking jerk. Damn you to Hell !

Yeah, benched.

Finally going to do two posts.

Next Time :

Remember this ?


Innocents will be sacrificed to grotesque horrors.

Will you be able to watch until the end ?

Saty tuned !

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Last update before the end of the universe.

Here we go :

[spoiler=The Sacred Saint and the Unholy Horrors]


Actually, I need something to fix my heart after this chapter...


"Word of Mouth" ? Weren't you there when it happened Kyle ?


Our Lord.

Yes, both Lords are Clerics (and familly related).

Not the best healer so far, we'll see if the growth can save her.

The decent defences on both fight are a plus.


And that's how much staff uses I had at the end of the chapter. And I could have used them all, since all of my units were more or less seriously wounded. No matter how good she'll be, in this chapter she was essential.


Franz never made it to Frelia I see.

That Move is good to eat some bRaiNs (and Anna know how important that was), and an infinite weapon is pretty good on a chapter like this with limited ressource (beside Poison is a fun little bonus), but those stats are really awfull.

Also, it occupy Forde's place, which is pretty disturbing.


At first I thought that Halberd was a pretty useless things to have, but it was necessary to kill those damn Cavalier on one turn.

And the only unit with 2 Range option

Stats are pretty good (outside Res...), but he has pretty limited ressource.


Too bad we can't keep him.

I had to actually RN abuse so he won't crit ennemies and steal a Kill

And yes, he's a Female Swordmaster.



New ennemies. Knights' Def was unbreakable for most of my unit (Joshua needs the Halberd, and Orson the Armourslayer). Funny that they have more Move than Cavalier. All the mages are pretty Dangerous on their own ways.


He's actually a female Knight, and he's sensibly worse than his subordonates.

He wields a Dragon Spear.


Tirado will be a Deathgoyle.. That means he won't get the Throne Bonus, right ?


Securing the begining position.

Those 8 move Soldier are pretty nasty, since there's no defense for your weaker character.

Warning : Nearly every move this chapter is preceded by slaughtering countless RNs.

Please have a thought for their selfless sacrifice while reading the rest of this post.


Pretty decent Level up.

Sad your bases are so atrocious.


Ganging up on a lone Archer.


I actually hitted that Knight with Franz and waited until poison made him weak enough.


Pretty good.


First level up for Vanessa.


Securing the next strategic position.


At full Hp, they resist with only 1 HP, except for one of them, so Orson had to weaken him first


I start to see a pattern here.


Maybe he should have ated more bRaiNs before killing that monster, but he nedded all of them to actually land a hit.

Solidiers sacrificed themselves on Orson. Not worth retrying for this.


Third position.


Def instead of Skill. I'll take that as an improvement.

Then I advanced. Jooshua beated the Monk, Shaman and Archer with his Hand Axe (this time I knew the archer had an Elixir, so I didn't wasted 2 Hand Awe on him.)


And got a pretty bad level up.


That's underwh- wait ! +3 HP ! What's the limit for a single growth anyway (I'd say 255, but I'm not sure)

Then we finish the ennemies, and go for the Boss.

Orson weakens him with the Armourslayer.

Joshua finish him with the Halberd.


Great Level Up !


This time we verify we haven't forget anything before finishing.

Don't want to start this again.

[spoiler=Bertha the Growlitzer]


Hp : 245

Str : 5

Skill : 5

Spd : 5

Luck : 40

Def : 5

Res : 25


Rating : SuperMeatGirl/10

Wow. That's impressive, really.

Totally useless, but impressive.


Hp : 5

Str : 5

Skill : 40

Spd : 65

Luck : 110

Def : 25

Res : 5

Rating : Get Lucky/10

Joshua sure is Lucky, but I'm not with such a disappointing unit.

And you were the only promising unit here...


Hp : 35

Str : 55

Skill : 5

Spd : 5

Luck :115

Def : 45

Res : 65

Rating : You are dead dead dead/10

Somehow strangely fitting the class...

Still not really good.


Hp : 60

Str : 55

Skill : 70

Spd : 5

Luck : 5

Def : 65

Res : 95

I want to take it home with me ! Pretty please ?

Rating : Ne me quitte pas/10

No seriously, he's the best unit I got this chapter, and I won't see him ever again (The Orson you can get post game is a different unit with completely different growths.).
How could I not be heartbroken ?

I would be quite busy this wekk-end, so Ch 6 wouldn't be here before monday at best.

Next time :Fog of War ? What Fog of War ?

Stay tuned !

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Actually, Chapter 6 is right there.

It's... Show Time !

[spoiler=Antisocial Knghts]


Despite the title, this chapter isn't about Franz.

Let's run down our main protagonists :


New units this chapter

Priest have far better move, but Troubadour have a more "aggresive" (read suicidal) AI.


This one is quite exceptional, but i had to promote Syrene because even the others are incredibly hard to kill.

And when they gang up on my units with an Ambush, they can find me in the Alps hard.

I had to restart a lot before finding how to deal with them (throw Syrene at them, quite simply. It's the solution to every single problem.)


Bosses that doesn't sit on a Throne have higher bases (unless they are monsters. Those one incredibly sucks), which explains why he's pretty impressive.

Murray, and Tirado will have progressively lower bases, whichc is funny in its own right.

But since he doesn't move, he's not much of a threat actually.


That sings royally sucks though...


You can easily escape this puny spider any days.

I mean Soldiers are gonna feed you scrambled eggs, but you can still flee anything else.


As said above, My team id with them in small waves, while Syrene utterly destroy those damn Cavaliers.


Some levels are get on the meantime.


We continue to advance, slowly but surely.

Syrene already beated the reinforcement by this point. I gave an armourslayer to Knoll.



More levels


I couldn't get there in time, so while my main party deals with the Bosses close guard, we rescue them to avoid them seeing their tragic end.


Levels again.


And MariSuper finish the Boss for a correct level up.

Next time : Murray's Dedication.

Stay tuned !

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This isn't over yet.

Took some time, but it was because I wanted you to immerse better on the next cahpter, and not because I was lazy and spent to many time checking others' LP instead of completing mine.

This one is gonna be a little different from the others, you'll see.

I had that idea I thought would be great, but I ended up playing even worse than usual, and getting awfull level (ecause of Karma, I guess...)

Anyway, let's do this :

[spoiler=The Noble Warriors's Last Stand]



It feels as if I spent my whole life here, protceting this palce against an ennemy who may not even exists.

This Frelian Army could as well be Tartars, or chimaeras.

Many time, I feared I will die in this place, but even death couldn't stop me in my duty.

I will defend Renvall's gate with my last breath.

This is the duty Master Tirado gaves me, and I never abandoned a misson yet. This is my biggest pride.


My name is Murray. Knight of Grado, and captain of the Murray's Brigade.

I was a Cavalier oce, but my horse catched an incurable cold. He stayed at my side until the very end, ready to face our ennemies in battle one last time.

But they never arrived...

I don't know how many time I spent here at this gate. Too long, for sure.

I don't even feels hunger anymore. I don't feels anything, actually.

"Captain !"

"What is happening Rion ? You look terrible today."

"They arrived ! According to our informers, they are facing master Novala, and they have the upper hand.

He is going to fail any time soon."

Novala is staying until the end ? this shouldn't surprise me actually. We're on war.

Retreating would means death.

"Captain ?"

"Get the troups ready !"


*1 weeks later*

"Rion ?"

"Yes, Captain ?"

"Their troop still haven't arrived yet. Have they been defeated ?"

"Well... According to our source, they decided to spend a few day in a nearby village before facing Novala."

"What ?!"

"We heard one of their member saying they didn't "play for turns", whatever that means..."

*some more days later*


I thought I wouldn't be able to makes it...

Let's review our troups :


Our first line of defense. Bob and Steve are gonna takes the assault, and Mard, Sard, and Mishka are just behind.


I wanted Mishka to be up there at the Ballista, but he won't do anywhere without the two brothers.
Elleric and Burst are some of my best units, ,so they shuld push some pressure on them, and force them to advance.


Bojii, Cojii and Toscar are up there. Toscar will pillow them with our Ballista if they comes to close.

No way they pass this part without any heavy penalties.
Rion and Gardyn are at my side, ready to makes rain arrows on the ones still alive.

I'm confident on my men's strength, but...


Our target. They seems to have left their best unit on the side. What could it means ?

Their commander is well protected. We may have to takes down a few, before we can hope to kill her.


This should be necessary to raise their fighting spirit.

We have down so much together.

No way we loose here.


Their king himself is going into battle.

If King Vigarde was there, they woul be small fry already, or one of our general. Or Lord Tirado.


Prince Innes got aginst our main troops. He may think it's an easy fight, but Burst isn't gonna die so easily.

He have danced with Death long enough to know all His tricks.


Bob's Steel Lance is deadly, but far too heavy.


At least, this bearded giant isn't gonna last long.

It's said it is one of their weakest member after all, and he was hurt to badly.


Meanwhile the prince decie to try beating Elleric, seeng that Burst still escape death.
Elleric (and all of us, actually) knows this terrain better than his own room. No way he could miss

Sadly, this was his last stand.


Mellean is Elleric's biggest rival so he started to rush immediately.

If he could have some support at least.

Their Wyvern Rider finish Burst.


She's toying with us. We can hardly damage her and she can heal all damage anyway.

If only we had some ways to heal ourselves...

If this is a battle of attrition, the issue wold be uncertain...

I have faith in our determination, but they have all the tools at their disposal to last forever.

Unless we deal fatal damage, this is gonna be useless.


They're becomming more and more reckless.

They want to prove their superiority on us so much they're ready to risk their life.

It may be our chance.

Let's show them what happens to the ones who underestimates us.


General Duessel !...
I heard the rumours. He decided to travel the country as a lowly priest, to investigate Grado's actions

Why would such a loyal and fierce soldier helps our ennemy ?


There it is !

Does she sincerely thinks she can handle my fidel soldiers so easily ?
She's up for quite a surprise.


This man is able to refresh them and makes them fight again.

This is truly dangerous for us.


They finally decided to advance.



We lost so many men already and they seems as fresh as at the beginning of this batle.

Even stronger actually.

And their best unit haven't made a single move yet.

Reinforcements aren't going to come.

Things started to chanhge since that man, Valter the Moonlight, came here, no before.

Riev the bloody Beryl. He have started to distribute strange potions to "boost our strength", and everyone started to change.

Lord Tirado... Are you still the same as before. The man I sweared to protect until the very end...


No ! My determination can't falter yet !

I'm a soldier. I listen to orders and accomplish them no matter the costs.

It's as simple as that.


Toscar wasted on Ballista on this man.

He avoided most of our hit, and even when he was, it barely scratched him.

Is he even human ?


Harry always have the keepsake from his mother.

He's persuaded as long as he have it, he will never lose, and I saw him change the tide of battle enough time to believe it's true.


... He just realized what happened.
I've never seen him; so angry. He's ready to take them all with him.


"M-Mother... I can... finally... be at your side."

Sadly, Fate had chosed otherwise.


They know we'll fight until the very end, so they chosed to let no survivor.


But we're not going down without a fight.

This may be a losing battle, but at least we'll lose with honour.


I'm all alone now. If I could accompany my men on the battlefied, maybe the issue would have been different.

But I couldn't leave this place. No matter what.

Riev also gave me some of his pills. It may be why I lasted so long...



"Yor name is Murray, right ?

You're already dead"

"I know".



Father and daughter's bondings.

(I really would have liked Fado and Hayden to have proper supports...

How well...)


"Lady Tana"

"You seem proccupied, Father Duessel".

"May we take some time to give those soldiers a proper burial.

Maybe even pray Anna for their safe travel of their final mission."

"Of course. After all...


...we don't play for turns."

...I have no idea where this will lead us.

I'm not even sure it will lead us anywhere to be honnest. But that was a too good occasion to miss (the soldier who keeps guarding the map long after he's dead. Quite a powerfull imagery, right ?)

And I managed to place a literature reference on a video game LP, so I guess my life is now complete.

I hope it wasn't too painfull to read and you appreciated the change.

Next time on T_T FE8RR we fight against a mutated hellfly of doom and stereotypes.
At least we'll try to...

Stay tuned !

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I see what you did there :hat:

T o s c a r = Castor

Ell-ric = Ellrean
Me-llean = Merric

Rion = Ryan
Gardyn = Gordin

Bojii = Bord + Sajii (his japanese name)
Cojii = Cord + Majii (his japanese name)
Burst = Barst

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I see what you did there :hat:

T o s c a r = Castor

Ell-ric = Ellrean

Me-llean = Merric

Rion = Ryan

Gardyn = Gordin

Bojii = Bord + Sajii (his japanese name)

Cojii = Cord + Majii (his japanese name)

Burst = Barst

And Mard and Sard are Majii + Cord/Bord and Sajii + Bord/Cord.

M i s h k a = Kashim.

6 5 3 4 1 2

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Time for the end of the first part.

And this time I continue to gain awfull levels... Who would have guessed, uh ?

Anyway, let's go :

[spoiler=Satirado the Devil]

Last time :


Hello, handsome !

Here to help us ?

Also notice Eirika is riding on Miracle Dog's back.

That's so adorable.


...ANd then the title screen insults Orson, just because he's wearing women clothes.

Classy, title screen. Really classy.


Besides we took all your equipment before you left us.


I freaking love that whole scene.


NO ! Don't let the devil tempt you !

Handsome Orsoon !


Small Typo ther, but Tirado's indeed a Monster.

As usual, let's see the new ennemies :


Fun fact : I forgot to steal that Master Seal.

That Silver Lance hit quite hard... Especially when only a few can double him.

That excepted, he wasn't that much of a challenge.

(Since he's flying the only throne bonus is healing.)


He's slightly worse than Mercenary, but once they'll start holding Killer Sword, they'll be quite dangerous


Number Seven's lucky in Japan

Here, we don't give a damn :



He appears later. I can't steal his lockpick with Knoll.


I badly timed those pics, but Dozla avoided and Crit in Return.


Kyle informing some unknown person.

Don't you dare leaving me.

Seriously, helping there is the hardest part of this chapter, since they have nearly no equipment, except Franz who is a litteral dead weight (Yeas, I know I've already de=one that joke before, but it's true.)


Syrene will deals with the upper part of the map, and open that chest.


Finally, Knoll attacked the Archer instead.

Even if Syrene is godly, the rest of my team is really average.



Dozla's Level Up is OK, but otherwise, even Syrene got an awfull Level Up...


Oh Shii-


Franz and Marisa killed the archer, then Joshua occupied the free space and rescued Franz.
Only way I was able to survive


Please take a look at this dead ennemy.
Those things are legitimately scary.


Ephraim and Hayd... Henday handing the mages, while Marisa stall the Cavalier (they can't damage her, or only scratch damage).

I already complained about how incredibly hard to kill those bastards are, but without Hore Killing Weapons, they take lots of turns...


Marisa's and Vanessa's Level are as expected, but Henday's one is a true disappointment.


More Levels...


Syrene used her Vulnerary entirely inthis chapter, and still ended up with 1HP left.

Here, she deals wth the last ennemy on this part.


Lots of Turns of Joshua killing Mercenaries, and Vanessa healing her.



...Which gave us lots of Level Up.



Some pics of the ennemy compared to us.


Finally Joshua ended up with him for a pretty OK Level Up.


...And done.

Next Time on T_T FE8RR : ... our first filler.


Please get excited.

I'm gonna post a poll soon.I'll explain everything, and I'll show you what we can expect in the next chapters.

Stay Tuned !

Edited by Tamanoir
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It's time for the intermission :

[spoiler=Tendai Reflexion]


As you see, Innes has some obligations.
So we can't really chose which route we take.


Was that a Devil Axe ?

ANyway, that's wierd


Caellach is a (Zom)Berserker (kinda fitting) and Selena is a Rogue.


The Valnii Boss. Kinda Ironic that a Leader a Monster is a Church Man...


The fun thing with the randomizer is that it makes all the Monster Boss the same class as Valnii Leader.


If you looks closely, There's a Tarvos blocked just below that Entombed. You can't select it natually, and obviously he can't move.


Those damn things... Thankfully they have pitifull caps.

Also note that due to how the Ennemy's growth boosts works they'll always will keep their base HP (It's shown as -126 in Nightmare, as is the case for every growthsthat is too high.)

I don't have the knowledge necessary to know what it happens, but it shows why +45% growth can actually ending up more dangerous that +65/75%, and how +100% can have such disappointing ennemies.

Let's see what can be expected from Ephhraim's route :


Gheb... kinda freaking sucks. Great weapons, even if only Joshua could use them for now, and Joshua has thero strength...


Tana is replaced by Thethys, Natasha replace Amelia

Now, for Eirika's route :


Their starting weapons are so much better...


Pretty unimpressive, but Boss are the last threatening ennemies in this playthrough...


Notice how that random Sniper's stats are vastly superior to Gheb's ones (except Con) ?

He only have a Steel Bow, though...



Saving the villages is gonna be hard...

That's actually why I want to ask you something :



Should I promote Marissa ?

Obviously she will be a Wyvern Lord, since they are superior in every point.

Her def is still good, but it may become more and more of a problem later on.

However, if she promote, she's gonna have 1 less point of Movement at least,, which is a slight problem.

So, here it is.

I will do some training in Valni before chapter 13. I may makes another small update about it.

Anyway, stay tuned !

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A small update related to the new poll option :

Here are Amelia's three promotions.
However we have to keep in mind they will promote again.
Great Knight(F) and General(F) have only 4 move.
Paladin(F) has 5 Move.
Recruit(3) have 7 Move.

Promotional gain taken from the site :

Class Promotion              HP S/M Skl Spd Def Res Con
Cavalier (F) Paladin (F)     +1 +1  +1  +2  +1  +2  +0
Cavalier (F) Great Knight (F)+3 +1  +1  +2  +2  +2  +1
Knight (F) General (F)       +3 +2  +3  +2  +3  +3  +1
Knight (F) Great Knight (F)  +3	+1  +1	+2  +2	+2  +0	
Recruit (2) Paladin (F)      +1 +1  +1  +2  +1  +2  +3
Recruit (2) Recruit (3)      +2 +2  +1  +1  +2  +1  +0

And the maximum stats for each promotion (Recruit(3) have their japanese caps) :

Class            S/M Skl Spd Def Res
Paladin (F)      23  27  25  24  26
Great Knight (F) 26  26  25  28  26
General (F)      27  28  25  29  26
Recruit (3)      28  30  29  27  27

Amelia's growths :
Hp : 120
Str : 70
Skill : 5
Spd : 95
Luck : 10

Def : 5
Res : 5

Personally, I hesitate more between General and Recruit(3).

Recruit(3) have the strength and speed, as well as great move, but their low con is a prooblem. They also have a nice +15 Crit.

General(F) have the second highest Strength and Speed (becaue of their Con), and access to Axes and Swords, and a great con, but only 4 Move. They also have better Promotion Gains.

So, here it are my thoughts. I'd like to hear yours.

Edited by Tamanoir
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