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Animation Shading and Palette Issues

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I am trying to get the shading right for this dark elf animation (a GIF is included below), but I cannot find a pre-existing palette for what I need.

I am a total moron when it comes to shading and colors/ect, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me of an existing palette (or if you can make a palette, but I am definitely not expecting anyone to do that for me) for my animation.

I need a lot of grays/whites, and blacks/blues for this animation, but I also need a magenta like color for the eye (since the character is supposed to be a dark elf).

I have already asked a very friendly moderator about this, but I am a little hopeless with this sort of thing, and do not want to bother them about this again.

Thank you,

Here is a GIF of the animation:


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