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Hero of the Fire Emblems

FE11/12 Wifi Server recreation?

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So apparently someone is recreating Wi-fi. This makes me wonder a whole slew of things about FE11, FE12, and the HoS FE12 Fanslation.

Are Wi-Fi Battles back in buisiness?

Can the HoS patch do them?

What about the Wi-Fi Shop?

And unit storage, can I store the gaiden chapter characters and retrieve them in a normal game?

I'm a bit excited for both DS FE games, and was wondering if anyone else has been able to emulate Wi Fi connection in some way...

I really want Caeda to be a Falcon Knight by Chapter 20...

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i actually tried this once for the hell of it

i couldn't get it to work with pokemon so i just tried shadow dragon for the hell of it

it actually worked

it wasn't on the right day to get an elysian whip but it did

i'm assuming wi-fi battles work but haha that's not happening

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seriously look around on there before you make a thread

it clearly says under the changes for version 1.4 that it was updates to work with FE12

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