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LunaticScreamer takes a stroll through a randomized run of FE8

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Well, everyone else is doing one and the game's relatively short so hell, I might as well throw everything into the blender and see what transpires. Using the same settings as Klok's LP so...let's get this random party started!

[spoiler=Prologue & Ch1: Monster Quest]Dau0xDv.png

Yeah, I'm no weakling. Go big or go home for challenge I say!


Someone hit the red button and changed everyone. Names, classes, you name it, the jerk that hit the red button likely caused it.


Apparently the enemy hates monsters. I suppose they aren't anyone we know, right?


Oh hey, there's a king...who was really a monster this whole time.

That being said, he doesn't seem too bad. That speed is likely going to lead him into being doubled before long, meaning he's going to need to travel very carefully as the game progress, but good starting magic & resistance scores means he's no slouch at dealing damage right out of the gate. Being a flyer gives him some utility too, allowing him to reach important points in a map before anyone else potentially.


If one king wasn't enough, how about two? Fado's having none of this dying bullshit on his home turf and he too turned himself into a monster. Lots of move, acceptable bases. Should be able to help Hayden mop up the joint if needed.


Just a reminder that Hayden isn't very tanky right now. Since I want to feed him as much experience as possible, I'm going to have to get a bit crafty.


By crafty, I mean Fado stands in front of Hayden and trades his weapon away to him so he can act as a giant monster-esque wall to which the enemies will have to put in some serious work to break down.


Like so. I've got six Vulneraries to burn so Fado can keep on tanking hits like this.


Not much needs to be said about my strategy here. Hayden keeps plinking away while Fado uses a Vulnerary so he can keep up with his tanking duties. Repeat until Hayden drops the two nobodies.


You know, assuming he can hit said nobodies in the first place.


After a good 4-5 rounds of a giant eye nuking things, there's only the leader and...oh god that's another monster, haha.


So I'm 3/3 on player units & bosses being monsters. I'd love to see this keep up honestly.

In any case, O'Neill has a ton of speed, enough to double the two monster kings, but he's no stronger physically than his lackeys. All this means is that Fado will likely take 6 damage a round compared to 3 damage.


Fado rushes forward into a forest and pops another Vulnerary as he's going to be tanking again.


Monsters wanting to kill other monsters...oddly amusing to be honest.


That high speed does mean O'Neill will be a bit tricky to hit, but luckily for Hayden, he nails both of his attacks over the next two turns, killing O'Neill. Considering he's gotten all the kills thus far, something else happens...


Hayden's first level! Not that bad actually since he can now hit harder and be more accurate, two things he'll sorely need if that speed is anything to go by.


Eirika really needs to lay off the drinks because monsters are appearing everywhere, but whatever, chapter 1 time now!


Not much to say about the start here. Fado uses his turn to take back his Demon Surge weapon since I'm going to need him ready for offensive strikes if needed. Meanwhile, Hayden gets as close to the Soldier's attack range without being in it as he can. He'll take a hit most likely from the Fighter in the next enemy phase, but he'll be fine.


I think he's even seeing through this whole farce...or maybe he's drunk too, who knows?


You didn't miss much here. Just Hayden trading blows with that Fighter.


Reinforcements for us, but obviously they aren't who they say they are.


Oh hey Ephraim, fancy meeting you this early. Problem here is that his magic is abysmal and he's not that much faster than Hayden. Hopefully his growths don't disappoint.


Please please please have awesome growths Saleh. Amazing bases, high move, and a flyer to top it all off.


Ephraim's 2 magic just hurts him so badly. He needs to feed off of very low hp enemies if he wants to get anywhere.


Saleh though kicks all kinds of ass. Give him some Vulneraries and he'll likely be able to fend for himself if needs to fly somewhere dangerous.


Fado wipes out a Fighter while Hayden finishes off the Fighter he counterattacked last turn, picking up the same level he got in the prologue.


Enemy phase highlight right here folks. Saleh promptly kills the foolish Soldier on his counterattack.


Saleh still owns face as he continues to either ORKO or OHKO his opponents. He grabs a bit of an underwhelming level after counterkilling a Soldier, but whatever. Strong bases ensure he'll be pretty good up to at least lv8-10.


Oh sure, more random mooks to slay.


Going to let Ephraim lure in one Fighter and do some damage via a counterattack with everyone else out of range and ready to pounce on the enemy trio in the next turn.


Some people can murder well enough.


Others would murder if they could actually hit their targets.


That's why Fado's here to correct said failure to murder.


You didn't miss anything on the enemy phase aside from the Soldier & Ephraim trading blows. The Soldier is weak enough that Ephraim can finish him off on the next player phase, leaving only the boss to deal with.


Another monster as a boss, fantastic. Too bad he sucks besides his modest hp total.


Between just about everyone getting in some random hits for lulzs and unneeded rescue shenanigans (Fado rescued Saleh just in case someone wanted to attack the boss at melee range), the boss falls to an attack by Hayden who picks up another level. No magic in this one, but he gets some precious hp which is just as important. He then seizes on the next turn.


Ephraim confirmed to be a secret agent working undercover without the girls noticing.

That concludes this update.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hayden, Fado, Ephraim, Saleh)]Hayden's growths:

Hp: 15% Luk: 20%

Mag: 80% Def: 0%

Skl: 100% Res: 80%

Spd: 20%

Eh, he's going to become more and more of a liability as the game progresses with those kind of hp & spd growths. Not as worried about him having no def growth as that simply means he'll need to ensure that there's no physical bearing enemies near him when he ends a turn.

Fado's growths:

Hp: 25% Luk: 30%

Mag: 0% Def: 45%

Skl: 60% Res: 95%

Spd: 75%

If there's a 0% in someone's growths, it had better not be in a stat they're going to need desperately. Fado clearly didn't get this. Hopefully the enemies don't get too resistance blessed later on. Alternatively, I get another Gorgon that rocks the house down the line.

Ephraim's growths:

Hp: 45% Luk: 35%

Mag: 25% Def: 35%

Skl: 55% Res: 70%

Spd: 50%

2 magic with a 25% growth sucks, but his other growths aren't horrid. I guess I'll give him a chance and see if he gets enough lucky magic level ups for himself. May even consider promoting him if I don't run into a staff user quickly enough, just to have a staffbot available.

Saleh's growths:

Hp: 105% Luk: 50%

Str: 25% Def: 0%

Skl: 45% Res: 0%

Spd : 15%

Dammit Saleh, I thought we had something special going on here and you decide to have god awful strength & speed growths. Even so though, his fantastic bases coupled with flyer capabilities means he should stay relevant for awhile.

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Saleh, as usual, being a 0/10 unit. STR/SPD/DEF/RES all being fail growths? Literally gonna be useless past chapter 4 with my settings.


Klok's setting make enemies tanky monsters.

On my playthrough, funnily enough, Knights are not tanky at all. Enemies Knights are pegasus with armor. (seriously, their best stat is speed)

But anything besides them eat hits for breakfast. (maybe because I have put exactly up to 100%, but worth it)

The more strength your units will have, the better they will be. Doubling is nothing if you deal 0 damage.

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Klok's setting make enemies tanky monsters.

On my playthrough, funnily enough, Knights are not tanky at all. Enemies Knights are pegasus with armor. (seriously, their best stat is speed)

But anything besides them eat hits for breakfast. (maybe because I have put exactly up to 100%, but worth it)

The more strength your units will have, the better they will be. Doubling is nothing if you deal 0 damage.

There's a wierd thing with the randomizer when you makes the ennemies' growths increases when they ends up being weaker on their higher stats... Not sure why...

so 65% 75% increases (fixd) may ends up being harder overall than 100% (at least early on. Not sure how it works with promoted ennemies. But at least more balanced.).

(Bosses are inaffected obviously)

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Might as well throw out one last chapter for today.

[spoiler=Ch2: Monster Blender]QVwj1mf.png

Another day, another potential monster for the ranks. Big whoop. Quite a few character introductions to get out of the way so let's get to that shall we?


First up, Garcia. Pretty much worse than Ephraim. I'd rather take Ephraim's low magic, but decent speed over this guy who will probably get ORKO'd by every physical enemy in existence right now.


Duessel as a Dancer. The thought of that makes me laugh something fierce, heh. That being said, being a Dancer gets instant points in my book. His growths could be awful and I'd still find use for him. Extra turn granting is always useful.


As for the local green army units, Joshua here...well, his bases aren't god awful, given his class, but he's at 5 hp and starting right next to a Brigand that can kill him with 80%+ odds. Fantastic.

On the plus side, he does have a weapon that will be extremely useful in a couple chapters.


As for his partner, Lute's yet another addition to my ever growing army of potential monster units. Granted, that Crimson Eye is going to slow her down enough to be doubled by everything right now. Like Hayden, she'll need to pick her fights carefully so she doesn't get herself killed, but at least she has more utility compared to Garcia or Joshua right now.


First order of business is to save Joshua's weak ass. Thank god I have Duessel & Saleh, otherwise this would not be possible. To start, Saleh moves east as far as he can, then Duessel grants him another turn.


That extra turn allows Saleh to fly east and kill the Brigand, thus saving Joshua's life. That nearby Archer doesn't have enough range to reach him.


You missed nothing on the first enemy phase. Nothing happened on the other phase too besides Joshua backing off and healing up.


On the next player phase, my two flyers rescue Lute & Joshua. They'll be flown back best where Hayden can start a talking chain to get both under my control.


The rest of my team is slowly lurching southward with Fado acting as the team's tank.


Even so, the enemies are picking up in strength and he can't coast on his defenses quite as well now. Still, he rips off a large chunk of the assailant's health on his counterattack here.


Saleh & Hayden drop off the green army members on the western side of the mountains. I'll need to wait another turn before I can recruit them since I need to try stopping the group of Brigands that will be invading my space in a couple turns at least.


Fado rushes forward and weakens another Brigand. He takes a hit, but the only other Brigand that could hit him is on 5 hp and about to be killed off.


Ephraim begins visiting villages by grabbing a Red Gem from the first one. Meanwhile, Garcia takes out the first Brigand that Fado weakened. Left Duessel there just in case Garcia missed and I needed an extra chance to kill the enemy off.


Free Vulnerary? Yes please!


Duessel uses his turn to give Saleh another one. I want to get Saleh near the two Brigands in the southwest so he can slow them down and hopefully injure them in the process.


This is the only thing to happen on the enemy phase. Fado blows up his attacker in response.


The approaching Brigands from the southwest managed to get into range of Lute who decides to give one of them some taste of her eye magic.


Garcia adds another kill to his belt as he finishes off this Brigand.


Saleh goes west and, despite low hit odds, manages to nail one of his two hits.


Hayden begins a recruiting chain which eventually gets Lute & Joshua under my command.


Duessel grants Ephraim another turn so he can go stand next to Saleh and form a wall to keep Garcia safe.


Alternatively, he can crit the Brigand's face off and get a level. That works too.


Lute wanders over here. This'll allow her to nab either the village to her south or go east to provide some damage assistance depending on how the next turn goes.


Nothing of significance on the next enemy phase aside from the boss getting within striking distance of Fado. Decent stats, but he's more than easily beatable right now.


Fado moves forward and heals himself up to be on the safe side.


The answer's simple sir...


A monster who can dodge really well, then blow up most of your health bar with one attack, that's who.


Oh yeah, there was an Archer in the east. Well, you can guess what Fado does to this lovely individual. Take a look at Fado's damage and the Archer's hp and you'll know what happens.


Joshua uses his turn to run up here and visit the second village for an Elixir.


Saleh uses his time to visit the final village and nab some Holy Water.


The weakened Brigand gets illuminated to death by Garcia who picks up a lovely level in the process.


Duessel gives Ephraim another turn while Fado rescues Garcia.


Ephraim then walks up to Bone and sends him the same kind of shiny death his Brigand buddy got, ending the chapter.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Garcia, Duessel, Joshua, Lute)]Garcia's growths:

Hp: 10% Luk: 0%

Mag: 50% Def: 30%

Skl: 30% Res: 140%

Spd: 5%

Garcia is more or less another variation on Hayden. Slow as hell, but with a good magic & resistance growth rate. If I haven't gotten a healer before the route split, I'll likely grind him up and see if he'd make a better staffbot than Ephraim.

Duessel's growths:

Hp: 0% Luk: 85%

Str: 90% Def: 10%

Skl: 0% Res: 85%

Spd: 25%

Like I said earlier, I don't care if Duessel has poor growths. Being able to grant extra turns is absurdly useful. He'll likely get a spot if I require such services or have an open spot on my team for whomever.

Joshua's growths:

Hp: 85% Luk: 45%

Str: 0% Def: 55%

Skl: 85% Res: 30%

Spd: 15%

3 strength + 0% growth + 15% speed growth + 5 speed base = Benchmaster 2015!

Lute's growths:

Hp: 75% Luk: 40%

Mag: 20% Def: 80%

Skl: 35% Res: 70%

Spd: 0%

Lovely, 0% speed growth on someone who's already getting doubled by everything. She'll likely be joining Joshua at Benchmaster 2015 at this rate.

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Looks excellent! You should title it "Kingly Heroes" or something, since your first 2 characters were kings!

On it!

That being said, time for an update.

[spoiler=Ch3: No New Monsters?!? What a Shame.]3rtcKmo.png

Ch3 begins with the realization that I now have more non-monster units than monster units. I do believe that Archer is new...


Well hello there Tethys. Not too bad bases, but that speed means she's getting doubled by just about everything right now. So long as she doesn't allow that to happen with some hope her growths are good, she might go places.


Tethys & Lute break down the eastern wall. Don't have a Thief nor do I feel like wasting my precious supply of keys right now so this will have to do.


Pictured: Why Hayden's speed sucks right now. Obviously, he doesn't go through with this action.


Here's someone MUCH more competent doing work right now. That miss actually helps me because I can give the kill to someone else.


This guy...except he's not going to be able to kill the Brigand this turn, even with help from Duessel sadly.


Still, he picks up a level after his attack plus a Duessel-provided second turn.


There are here just to give an idea of how the enemies are coming along thus far. They are not to be underestimated, that's for sure.


Hayden & Garcia open up the southern wall so Fado can weaken the Brigand inside via a counterattack.


Like so. No critical sadly and probably a bit of a mistimed picture too, but this attack did connect.


Oh hi sir, you're here early and...


Oh, you just left yourself as a decoy and sent along a real unit. That's fine I guess.


Then again, maybe having 1 speed and getting slowed down by an Iron Lance isn't exactly a prosperous relatonship for dear Amelia. Still though, she's in a class which basically gives her 8 free levels before getting to choose an actual useful class so she may be useful if her growths are good.


Saleh picks up a level after taking back his lance and spearing the Brigand in the face.


Hayden finishes off the other Brigand and picks up a free Chest Key.


Ephraim moved up into the central Brigand's area to lure out the one up north. He's got the hp to eat a hit which is fine, but dodging it like he did here is even better.


Dammit Lute...


DAMMIT LUTE! That could have been a kill if it weren't for your stupidity!


Luckily, a combination of Tethys & Ephraim (he gets hit on the counterattack) drop the Brigand into killing range for Amelia.


One Duessel provided turn later and....I still blame Lute for this fail.


Luckily, I have a backup plan for killing the jerk and his name is Fado.


All that happens on the next enemy phase. Tethys got doubled, but she dodged one of the hits which is nice.


Tethys gets out of the way so Fado can come up and strike down the jerk over the wall to the east.


Lute & Ephraim tear down the wall.


He then eats an arrow for breakfast. He'll live though.


Amelia takes Fado's weapon off of him. I need him to do some walling up for a bit here.


An extra turn provided by Duessel lets Amelia get out of range of the Archer before the next enemy phase.


Fado's going to be just fine for now I think.


Amelia gets herself a prime target for chucking Javelins at to get easy experience.


Duessel gets a level giving Amelia another turn so she can finish off the Thief and...oh dear, oh dear.


Fado still tanking like a beast.


Oh screw you!


Fado takes back his weapon and hits the Brigand. He gets hit by the counterattack though so he's going to need to get another turn from Duessel so he can heal himself up.


.....Wait a second, why didn't this guy move? Guess he doesn't move which is fine by me.


Saleh rescues Amelia, allowing Duessel to give Fado another turn. Tethys comes in and takes out the weakened Brigand.


Fado takes some Vulneraries from Duessel and uses them to heal himself up.


Oh what, NOW you move? Why didn't you move last turn you idiot? Oh well, you're losing most of your health on Fado's counterattack so have fun with that.


This Archer can't double Tethys, heh. Tethys responds by planting an arrow in the Archer.


Hayden finishes off the Brigand.


With a bit of help from Duessel, I'm able to get the poor Archer completely surrounded. Amelia will have a chance to gain more experience once Saleh puts her down and she can act on the next turn..


Like so.


Alrighty, now we're talking good levels girl!


Saleh who's currently weaponless moves up to lure out the Mercenary so Amelia can pelt it from afar with her Javelin.


Saleh's not dying anytime soon thanks to his high defense.


Amelia's ready to attack.


You know, when can hit her target that is.


With help from Duessel, she kills off the Mercenary on the next turn and gets a good level. Here's hoping she has a good enough speed growth to keep on training her up in the future.


Only one enemy left, Bazba. He's decided not to change his class and be a jerk, but he did get quite the sizable stat boost and he's also packing a Hand Axe, meaning I can't cheese him nearly as easily as I could the previous bosses.


Amelia doesn't have enough punch to break through Bazba's high defense so I ended up taking this as a chance to get Hayden some experience. What he'll do here is attack, then get an extra turn from Duessel so he can get out of range of the boss. Rinse & repeat until Bazba kicks off. Takes awhile given Hayden's low chance to hit though.


Hayden picks up two levels for himself (with a surprise luck boost from the level he got killing the boss). Duessel also gets a level while dancing for the king.


Are you sure Colm? I mean, you weren't in my party and I sure as hell wasn't going to waste my precious Chest Keys on those chests (all iron weapons for the record).

That's the end of chapter 3.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Tethys, Amelia)]Tethys's growths:

Hp: 0% Luk: 35%

Str: 25% Def: 85%

Skl: 85% Res: 0%

Spd: 150%

Well now, Tethys may have some potential. No hp or resistance growth stinks and that strength growth is bad, but she's got batshit good skill, speed, and defense. Stat boosters could make up for her shortcomings. She may yet be useful to me, we shall see.

Amelia's growths:

Hp: 0% Luk: 5%

Str: 55% Def: 40%

Skl: 50% Res: 90%

Spd: 45%

Everything mentioned about Tethys could also apply to Amelia here. No hp growth once again and garbage for luck growth, but solid growths everywhere else. She also has the advantage of her Trainee class and will likely get bonus levels to grow before selecting a new class later on. Going to give her a shot in training up and see how she turns out as she certainly has lots of potential.

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Uh, trainees can't promote. They're broken. So Amelia will suck shit.

Really? Well damn, there goes my fun, haha. I even used her for the entirety of chapter 4 expecting happiness too.

Chapter 4 to be coming very soon. Just putting together all the pictures I took.

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Shit dude, you really are not lucky. :/

Trainee are glitched ? That's a shame.

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Really? Well damn, there goes my fun, haha. I even used her for the entirety of chapter 4 expecting happiness too.

Chapter 4 to be coming very soon. Just putting together all the pictures I took.

You can gameshark a masterseal to promote them.

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One last update for today.

[spoiler=Ch4: Monster Chapter]ZCwC0tb.png

Well, Amelia's benched for now. I may gameshark in a Master Seal and boost her to lv10 if I feel I REALLY need it, but for now...the team going into the next chapter, one of them being a new unit and forced on the team.


Well, he sure didn't take long to appear after what would have been his actual joining chapter in vanilla. That being said, his bases don't seem too bad aside from hp, luck, and resistance. Hopefully he's got good growths.


First chapter featuring a ton of enemy monsters to mow down. Most aren't very fast, only having around 5-6 speed at best...and that's assuming they don't get slowed down by their weapon. My units getting doubled, even ones with crap for speed like Garcia, will be a rarity here.

That being said, Saleh goes east and drops a monster with his Javelin.


To the west, Lute weakens a monster, allowing Tethys to come in and finish it off with a double hit, getting her first level which is great thanks to getting +2 speed. A few more levels like that and she'll be quite respectable.


Duessel gains a level granting another turn to Tethys.


Fado visits village #1 and gets an Iron Axe. Great, just the weapon I needed to give to the 0 axe users currently in my party!

Also, note the two eyeballs to the southeast.


During the enemy phase, a shambling wall of flesh tries to attack Colm, but doesn't accomplish much other than eating a face full of spear. Colm can actually double this monster, but his first attack missed.


Hayden also gets attacked, but he proceeds to remove most of the monster's health thanks to swiping Lute's Crimson Eye before the chapter started.


Remember those two eyeballs I mentioned a little while ago? Both were in range of Saleh. He promptly drops both of them with his counterattacks and gets...a damn good level, despite his 25% strength and 15% speed growths? Very nice!


A few skeletons are lurking around the southeast. Saleh gets into position to counterattack all of them along with another eyeball across the river and heals himself up to prepare for the assault.


An approaching skeleton from the west gets dusted by a combination of Lute, Tethys, and Duessel granting another turn to Tethys.


Hayden finishes off the enemy that attacked him during the enemy phase, then gets moved back a square with some random rescue shenanigans.


Need to make sure I have enough units ready to pounce on a group of enemies that'll appear in the northwest in a couple of turns.


Saleh racked up a ton of counterkills during the next enemy phase. Two skellies, a walking wall of flesh, and an eyeball fell and Saleh gets karma'd for that awesome level he got last time.


Hayden gets attacked again, but barely survives. The monster does not survive though.


Oh hey, L'Arachel's group. Looks like there's a Cavalier, Death Gargoyle, and Great Knight in my future. Not going to complain there unless they have shitty growths which they probably will, given my luck.


Hayden weakens an enemy, then it gets finished off by Tethys who could easily get into range thanks to Duessel.


Saleh decides to leave the one remaining skeleton he failed to kill for the others. He's going to make his way towards that southwestern village next.


Nothing happened on the enemy phase other than a skeleton going up to Tethys and saying "please kill me now". She obliges and gets +2 speed again, but more importantly, gains a point of strength. Sweet!


Saleh + Bright Lance = Pain. Lots and lots of pain.


One last stupid enemy suicides on Saleh, then the next player phase begins and a bunch of enemies appear in the northwest. Too bad I'm about to shame all of them before they get any turns.


Tethys kicks it off by ORKO'ing one of them.


Colm & Hayden team up and drop a second one with Hayden getting a fantastic level in the process.


An extra turn from Duessel allows Tethys to weaken the third threat, allowing Ephraim to come in and finish it off.


Fado finishes off the final threat.


Saleh visits the southwestern village and finds a new party member which is...another Dancer. Really game? Oh well, let's see how good this one is.


Gerik's not too bad. A bit less hp, but more speed & defense compared to Duessel. If I wanted to, I could have him grant an extra turn to Duessel and vice versa to get them both to lv20 easily. I'll probably do that by chapter 6 or so.


Gerik immediately gets to work by giving Saleh another turn so he can OHKO the skeleton to the south. Saleh picks up a level from the kill.


Tethys lures in the last non-boss enemy, then proceeds to kick its ass on the next player phase with some help from Duessel.


As for the boss, nothing extra special stat wise, but it is in the Super Trainee class, meaning a good crit rate. Not to be underestimated here.


Saleh heals up in preparation to lure in the boss.


By lure in the boss, I really mean that Saleh just counterkills the poor sucker and gains a level in the process, ending the chapter.


No you didn't Seth. You ran off like a ninny with Eirika & Artur while Lute did some minor damage.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Colm, Gerik)]Colm's growths:

Hp: 20% Luk: 45%

Str: 10% Def: 50%

Skl: 30% Res: 75%

Spd: 100%

I swear I seem to be getting a LOT of units with either low strength, low hp, and/or low speed growths. Colm's got some good speed/luck/defense/resistance growths though.

Gerik's growths:

Hp: 75% Luk: 15%

Str: 45% Def: 25%

Skl: 75% Res: 0%

Spd: 65%

Son of a bitch, really? REALLY?!? Excellent growths that more or less get wasted on someone with no combat capabilities? You'd damn well better repay me with a godlike unit soon for this travesty!

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Another day, another chapter to roll through.

[spoiler=Ch5 Part 1: The Glass Cannon Mercenary]3r6arfp.png

That's nice and all. Now if you could use it to get your growths to not suck stages, that'd be great.


I mean seriously, every unit coming into battle today is useful in some kind of way, even Lute who's arguably the worst of the bunch currently.


Hell, even the first of the newest recruits for chapter 5, Innes, has his uses. Yeah, that magic base sucks, but holy crap that hp total. Honestly, as long as he has a good magic growth, he'll be useful, even as a staffbot once promoted.


Not quite all the enemies I'll have to worry about during this chapter, but there's one that Innes will have to chat with to get on our side.


This guy. Pupil class, meaning I'd have to use dark sorceries to get him promoted as it stands. We'll see if I bother grinding him up after finding out what his growths are like.


Saleh's job is going to be to solo the entire western half of the chapter by himself. He can even opt to fly over the wall to the east and poke anything if he so chooses.


Situation at the end of my first player phase. Colm got to where he is thanks to some dancing powers so he can lure out an enemy or two. Fado will watch over the central passage and make sure my squishies don't get ganked at the worst time.


Colm lures over two enemies. The Soldier he deals with effortlessly, but the Fighter is going to prove to be a touch more annoying.


Fado lures one Fighter over and promptly counterkills him.


Do I even need to say what happens to the poor Soldier here?


Chucklefuck squad approaching fast from the east!


Both are pretty combat viable and need to be dropped quickly before my next player phase is over with.


Fado slinks over next to Colm and takes out the Fighter that attacked him.


He then gets granted another turn to go weaken one of the eastern Brigands.


Lute passes her Evil Eye off to Hayden who finishes off the Brigand that Fado weakened.


With some extra turn granting powers, Innes gets off two shots of Elfire, bringing the other Brigand to 9 hp.


Tethys then plants one arrow in the Brigand to finish him off and pick up a level.


Saleh has his Javelin equipped so he can lure in a nearby Archer while Colm tops off with a Vulnerary.


Soldiers: Still making dumb decisions that get them killed as Colm demonstrates by countering & doubling this one to his doom.


Saleh takes a sizable chunk of damage, but his counterattacks leave his assailant very near death's door.


Once the next player phase comes around, Saleh shows the Archer the way through said door.


With the power of a Dancer, Tethys fills an Archer full of arrows.


With more Dancer powers, Tethys moves to a village and heals herself up.


Fucks given: 0


Still no fucks given!


Innes recruits Moulder, then Moulder gets out of danger range and throws his book into storage.


Hello evil nasty painful Mercenary. How are you today?


Saleh heals himself up because he's about to engage the Mercenary in combat very soon.


The eastern squad just about has the enemy situation under control now.


The poor Archer gets surrounded and is about to suffer a death by arrow. Duessel gives Tethys another turn and picks up a level.


Between her turn and a counterattack turn, Tethys brings down the Archer.


Good thing the Mercenary that Saleh's engaging has low hp because Saleh can't exactly stand up to powerful double hits like that forever.

Part 2 to be coming shortly.

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[spoiler=Ch5 Part 2: Wrapping Things Up]ck34QSz.png

Saleh heals up once again, just to be safe.


Oh nice, another sword I can't use because I don't have any good sword users right now.


Tethys gets granted another turn so she can reach the Soldier guarding a village and promptly kick his tail into the afterlife.


Innes moves north to lure out a Soldier on the next enemy phase while Lute takes back her Evil Eye weapon.


Not much happened during the enemy phase, but Saleh did kill that Mercenary finally.


Oh yay, random Brigands.


You can go away now, thank you.


Fado weakens the other Brigand. Now I just need to get Tethys over here to finish the job.


Before doing that, she shoots down a Soldier and picks up another level.


Innes weakens the Brigand further.


Tethys finally gets over to the Brigand and shoots him down.


Saleh still has a Vulnerary to spare and uses it to heal up a bit.


Proof of why these Soldiers are no Captain Rex to me.


This guy? Maybe. Then again, his strength & speed growths shouldn't have sucked eggs.


On the next player phase, Innes gets some mad Dancer help as he fills the foolish Soldier full of Elfire spam and gets his first level. Definitely the three best stats for him to get right now.


As for the boss, he's got some high magic, but Hayden's basically a walking magic tank and can slowly chip through his hp pool.


Free 5 use Torch, that's good.


Random Brigands, boo.


Secret Book for the stat pile, nice.


Since I don't have a healer, I can't abuse the Arena here. Tethys though had enough hp to run through it once and pick up another level for herself.


Yeah no, try again when you're not about to have a giant blast of magic energy aimed at your face.


Fado finally gets his first level weakening a Brigand. More defenses & hp work for me.


More Dancer powers let Innes drop the Brigand to his southeast. More speed works for me right now.


Hayden kills off the other living Brigand. No magic, but more hp is good.


Tethys heals herself up. Planning to have her deal the killing blow to the boss when I'm ready.


This is what I get to see for a few rounds of combat.


This impending critical would be more nasty if it hit someone not named Hayden.


With the boss under 20 hp, Tethys can come in and double him to death, ending the chapter.

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Innes, Moulder)]Innes's growths:

Hp: 50% Luk: 0%

Mag: 45% Def: 0%

Skl: 5% Res: 70%

Spd: 85%

Well now, that's not too bad. Good growths in the three stats he wants the most. Low skill growth can be fixed with that Secret Book I picked up and perhaps even supports.

Moulder's growths:

Hp: 5% Luk: 30%

Mag: 50% Def: 5%

Skl: 80% Res: 0%

Spd: 80%

Glass cannon to the extreme. Despite being a Trainee Mage (2), probably won't use him too extensively unless I really feel like it.

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If it's not Ewan/Amelia/Ross, it's a T1/T2 class, meaning Moulder will not need a seal to promote and caps at level 20 as normal.

You can have T0 class with anyone else, they're not exception.

Source: Me.

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Morning update time.

[spoiler=Ch5x: A New Lord]TAUfP9C.png

New chapter, lots of new people. Let's see how many of these people are terrible in combat, shall we?


Off to a GREAT start...oh, and this fucker with his low str & def is my second "lord" too. Awesome!


Trainee Mage (2) class, lv6...TWO GODDAMN MAGIC ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


Orson's basically my only unit that can really do any extended round of combat. 7 magic promoted is just hilarious though. On the plus side, he does have a Torch staff, meaning I could try for some Torch glitching if I really need to. One problem though...still no staff user...for all of like five seconds. There's one last unit that hasn't been introduced.


Sweet. Dozla's probably going to be in my main party for a very long time, even if he turns out to have a 0% magic growth, due to finally being my first healer. I'm convinced that he's going to be the only reason that I'll be able to do this chapter without pulling my hair out for that matter.


Here's hoping I don't die instantly on the first enemy phase. With two units that can't just rush into combat without getting torn apart near instantly...yeah.


Franz gets attacked by two Soldiers & an Archer. The Archer can double him. Great....


Kyle takes out one weakened Soldier while Orson kills the other Soldier.


Dozla gets some use out of his Recover staff right away as he patches up Franz before he goes off to tickle a Knight with his Elfire tome.


A Fighter from the north attacks Orson. He gets a face full of double Fire and dies.


Almost died there, sweet.


Kyle uses a Vulnerary to heal himself up.


Yeah, I'm STILL at the start at the end of the third phase. Can't do much until I can kill either that Mercenary or the Archer.


Franz gets doubled again, lovely. At least he lived and smacked the Mercenary for some light damage.


A combined effort from Orson & Franz drops the Mercenary.


Kyle has to use his Wyrmslayer just to do any damage to the Archer. How cute.


Dozla throws another charge of Recover over to Franz. At this point, the Archer can't kill anyone, no matter who he chooses.


Good thing Kyle healed himself because he got knocked down to 7 hp here.


On the next player phase, Orson & Franz double team the Archer to bring him down. Franz picks up his first level. No magic or speed, but I guess defenses are ok.


No Recover staff spam for once. Just a use of regular ol' Heal here to patch Kyle up.


Lots of 10 damage hits being thrown around. The Knight smacks Franz with one and Franz counters with one of his own.


On the next player phase, Franz finishes off the Knight and grabs a Door Key.


Random Fighter was approaching from the northwest. Orson just so happened to wander to the west and make the Fighter suicide into him on an enemy phase.


Going to raid the treasure room so Orson gets patched up.


Orson uses a Door Key and opens up the treasure room. A Fighter is all too happy to rush in and get doubled & killed by him as a result.


Kyle, in no danger of taking damage thanks to high resistance, whacks the Mage in the treasure room over a few turns and picks up a level.


Treasure room loot which I'm going to hold onto.


At this point, the strategy is going to be to let Orson lure out and weaken every enemy I run across, feeding kills to Franz or Kyle if I can. Going to abridge things a bit from here until I reach the throne room so...level montage!


This works!


This doesn't!






I'd like to mention that Orson's been getting 4-5 exp per fight where he at least hits something or kills them. Yes, he did get a level because he's been having to pull the majority of the work here because my other two attacking units are terrible.


More magic!


Still no strength or hp!


Here's more proof that Orson's been involved in a ton of combat. He managed to hit S-Anima during the chapter. Lovely!


As if to drill in the fact Orson basically has to kill EVERYTHING here, the boss can ORKO Kyle & Franz. Seriously game, I could use some actual combat CAPABLE units soon, thank you.


Oh yeah, did I mention Zonta can OHKO Orson if he crits? Because he can. Luckily, that never occurred while Orson chipped down the boss.


Dozla gets some serious mileage out of his Heal staff. No magic, but more speed & resistance is just fine with me. Considering his two magic levels in a row, I have a feeling he's got a good magic growth (Unless it's like 15% and I've just gotten hideously lucky).


Anyways, with Zonta at 3 hp, I said fuck it and decided to let Franz take the kill, ORKO chance be damned. Luckily, no savestate reload was required as Franz bags the kill and more magic for himself.


Before the chapter ends, Orson hands off all his stuff to the not combat capable units. His sorry ass is going to leave after this. I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL DUDE!

[spoiler=Growths & Comments (Kyle, Franz, Dozla)]Kyle's growths:

Hp: 0% Luk: 15%

Str: 0% Def: 80%

Skl: 25% Res: 35%

Spd: 95%


Franz's growths:

Hp: 35% Luk: 25%

Mag: 60% Def: 60%

Skl: 95% Res: 25%

Spd: 0%

Basically Hayden, but with his best defensive growth being defense with an ok hp growth. No speed growth sucks, but still, he's better than the failure seen above.

Dozla's growths:

Hp: 25% Luk: 0%

Mag: 40% Def: 15%

Skl: 85% Res: 100%

Spd: 50%

Dozla's going to be good I can tell already. Low hp & def growths as well as no luck growth, but the hp I'm not worried about thanks to his massive base. Just needs to keep on getting magic and he'll do good I'm sure.

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Fog of War? Fog of War!

[spoiler=Ch6 Part 1: Goddamned Fog of War I]k26kIDz.png

Welcome to the first Fog of War chapter. Considering I don't have multiple godlike units fielded here, I'm going to have to be extra careful as enemies could gank me out of the blue if I'm not careful.


Saleh's going to be one of my most important units for this chapter. He's going to be luring in as many enemies as possible and killing as many as he can. He starts by flying just to the southwest of the fort and using one of his Torch stick charges.


Everyone else shuffles southeast with Fado taking up residence in a forest. Anything that doesn't want to or can't go after Saleh will crash into him and either die or get hit really hard.


Now, here's an advantage of having two Dancers on my team. Since one can grant the other an extra turn, I effectively have infinite range, able to reach any point in a map in the span of one turn. Could be very useful in some situations.

That being said, I think it's time to bring both my Dancers up to lv20 for some extra bulk.


Duessel got a ton of luck & resistance plus a bit of speed & defense which helps. However, Gerik fared much better simply by having high speed and a decent amount of hp & defense. He could tank a couple hits if the situation calls for it during this chapter.


Duessel & Gerik get as close to the enemy's range without actually being in it, then Gerik ends the first player phase by using one of his Vulneraries to top off.


Saleh gets attacked by at least four enemies. He easily rips up the Soldier and leaves a nasty wound on the Mercenary. Knights are tanky bitches though that'll require some magical muscle to easily bring down.



Whatever didn't go after Saleh went after Fado. He racks up a couple kills himself this enemy phase, including one Fighter who ate a critical and died several times over.


See these green army units? If all three survive to the end of the chapter, I'll get a special prize. Saleh's going to have some very important work to do in order to save these villagers in a few turns.


Hayden & Saleh wipe out a couple of the weakened enemies from the enemy phase. Saleh picks up a level from his kill as well as an Iron Blade that dropped from the Mercenary.


Another weakened enemy takes an arrow to the face courtesy of Tethys, granting her a level.


Fado goes ahead and drops the only other Knight in the nearby area.


Gerik gives Hayden another turn. Despite the odds, I'm going to see if he can kill the Mercenary. If he does, great. If not, he's got enough people in front of him to keep himself well protected from the enemy.


Hayden's first hit whiffs, but another turn provided by Duessel allows him to try again. He lands the killing blow this time and picks up a level.


Nothing happened at all on the next enemy phase, but this next player phase is very important. I need to get setup for a nasty wave of enemies coming my way next turn. Fado decides to slink out into the plains and uses a Vulnerary.


The first half of the nasty wave of enemies begins approaching from the north and east as a pair of Fighters assault Saleh. He's awesome and dodges the one hit that might have been a bit annoying to deal with due to poison and kills the jerk holding a Halberd, gaining his unequipped Iron Axe to put into the pile.


When I meant nasty enemies, I didn't include another failed attempt by a Soldier to do any damage to Saleh who then got speared in the face twice and killed by Saleh.


And here we go. Near Fado are three Cavaliers, one of them still in the fog currently. Near Saleh are the weakened Fighter and two Cavaliers with an extra Cavalier, Troubadour, and Archer hidden in the fog to the north.


Stats of the two visible Cavaliers near Fado. These dingbats do not fuck around, that's for sure.


Fado & Saleh both heal up. They're both going to be coming under some heavy fire on the next enemy phase.


Hayden blows away the weakened Fighter, then is give another turn by Gerik to get out of the impending murder zone.


The first clash of the next enemy turn has a Cavalier whiffing a hit on Saleh. Saleh responds by smacking the dingbat twice and leveling up.


Another Cavalier also whiffs a hit on Gerik.


Two Cavaliers strike Fado. Good thing he was at full hp as that 10 hp he has now is after only two hits.


Amazingly, the Archer whiffs an 81% chance to hit on Saleh. Too bad the damage from the counterattacks got undone instantly.


Quite a few enemies that need to go down this turn. Tethys begins by shooting down one of Fado's attackers.


Hayden weakens one of the Cavaliers near Saleh.


Fado kills the other Cavalier that attacked him while Lute finishes off the Cavalier that Hayden attacked.


Saleh adds Cavalier #4 to the death list with a couple spear strikes.


Another turn granted by Gerik allows Saleh to strike down the other Cavalier near him. Only one of them still breathes and he can only target either Fado or Tethys on the next turn, both of whom can take the hit.


Duessel gives Hayden another turn so he can get out of range of the Archer.


Finally, Innes throws down some magic against the Archer for light damage.


Fado & Saleh take some nasty hits on the next phase with Fado even missing his counterattack. Both of them will be fine though.

Part 2 should be coming very soon.

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[spoiler=Ch6 Part 2: Goddamned Fog of War II]Dr1i3wk.png7ZswZqM.png

Saleh now needs to make haste over to the green army villagers. He moves east, uses an Elixir, then gets another turn from Gerik so he can move further east.


Tethys & Colm weaken the last Cavalier on the map, the latter of which picking up a level for himself.


Now, you may be wondering why I'm fielding Amelia, despite being told she doesn't promote properly at lv10. Since the mechanic is broken for her, I only feel it's fair to feed her a Master Seal after she hits lv10. Besides, if she wants to keep getting levels like that, then hell yes I want to use her because that means I might finally have a reliable sword user (Kyle sucks, he doesn't count).


Fado uses a Vulnerary, just in case I need him to tank near the end here.


An extra turn granted by Duessel allows Tethys to shoot down the Troubadour.


Here's why Saleh's going to save the day. A big ass spider is about to cause sadness for some green army units, but he's going to intercept it before that happens.


Gerik easily dodges two attacks sent his way while Duessel takes a hit from the Archer. Whatever because that Archer ain't surviving the next turn.


Much like how the big ass spider doesn't get to see the next enemy phase. Wouldn't have even mattered if Saleh missed any hits. Due to being in the mountains, the spider can only move a maximum of one tile, meaning Saleh could just shift over in the direction it went and keep blocking it until it dies.


Hayden manages to connect this time, allowing Amelia to rake in some sweet experience by finishing the Archer off.


Duessel gives Amelia another turn so she can get out of the impending enemies about to invade on the next enemy phase.


Fado heals up a bit more.


Gerik still dodges everything.


Tethys shoots down the Soldier and levels up.


Innes & Hayden blow up the remaining Knight. At this point, the chapter is effectively won as the rest of the enemies can be lured out and killed one at a time.


I suppose this is important as well.


Moving to the north, a random Mage tries to hit Gerik, but fails.


He's then promptly removed from the map by Hayden & Amelia, the latter picking up a good level simply because it has speed.


Saleh uses another charge of his Torch to light up the area, revealing a Priest that Amelia can stab for the next few turns.


Yet another Soldier suicides into Saleh.


Amelia finishes off the Priest for another level, leaving only the boss to deal with.


Good thing this guy doesn't move because he'd be a royal pain in the ass to deal with. As such, Amelia's going to chuck Javelins his way until she hits lv10.


Like so.


Hayden takes some pot shots at the boss as well to pick up a level with some precious hp in it.


Lute even gets in on the leveling thanks to swiping the Crimson Eye from Hayden for a moment.


Tethys then begins to fill the boss full of arrows until he falls over and dies. She picks up a level for her efforts.


She also now has her promotion item ready when she hits lv20.



Now, to decide on what promotion route to take Amelia down. Cavalier would give me access to a sword user finally while Knight, while locking her to spears only, would reward her with a chance to become a General down the line. Tough call actually.

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