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How important is the Avatar in all 3 stories?

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Do the stories and characters revolve around the Avatar? I mean besides Avatar x Character supports, are there any other cool and interesting interactions between Avatar and the world/characters?

Please tell me some examples if you remember.

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The avatar is the main character and lord of the game. What do you think?

That's a needlessly rude way of not even answering his questions.

The protagonist is a self-insert, and a very bad one at that, who suffers from pretty much all of the common problems with that kind of character. There's no small amount of player worshipping as the game tries to make Kamui - and to an extent YOU - a very big deal, whether or not it actually fits into the narrative.

Several characters are more or less defined by their devotion or love towards Kamui and are given next to no other personality or defining trait, leading to a lot of them feeling superfluous. Sadly, this is not limited to minor characters.

Since there are so many main character this time around in the form of the royal family, interactions feel rather hollow as several important characters fade into the background. Kamui also has the problem of not growing at all, and has a tendency to just sit through people's exposition and be told what to do, so it usually feels like the dialogue is there to explain what's going on rather than to focus on the characters being characters. What I mean is, many lines feel like they're coming directly from the writers themselves rather than the character.

To end on a more positive note, however, a lot of people feel like the Nohrian siblings in Birthright are portrayed very well, and I'll agree that Leo's role, without going into any spoilers, is more fleshed out than I thought it would be, given the sheer amount of important characters in the game.

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