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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (v0.8.72 CH 2-2)

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Hello everybody !

I'm here today because I remembered about this project and I'm here to ask something ! I'm making a PAL modified version of the game, I do not pretend to be as ambitious as you, but I'm blocked with a problem.

I want to add more characters during the team choices at the beginning of the fourth part. You know, when you have to do Silver Army, Greil's Mercenaries and Hawk team. In my PAL version, Zelgius, Kezhda and Levail are recruitable (respectively at P3-3, P3-4 and P3-10) but they disappear when the part 3 is over. How can I put more characters during this moment when you have to choose your three teams ?

Is there a file ? I've tried bmap401 but it's for the prologue of the fourth part, and this team choice is before the prologue. I tried also the emap401a. It modify only the video sequence with the chibi characters and not the board with the three teams. So, I was looking for a dedicated file ? Or, did you have any idea to workaround ? 

Thank you very much for anyone who can help me about this problem, and sorry for my english !

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What programs/tools do you guys have to create your own romhack? Like you guys created your own romhack called "Radiant Dawn Redux". I'm interested to create my own romhack to play around.

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