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So I've been a fan of Rekka no Ken for awhile and was happy to have the opportunity to download Ursula (wish she was Limstella or Sonia, but better than nothing). I have maxed out her stats and been fooling around with builds--does anyone have any suggestions?



Gale Force/Luna/Armsthrift/Limit Breaker/All Stats +2

Weapon: Aversa's Night with Mt maxed out.

Stats (Not factoring in All Stats + 2):

40 Strength

58 Magic

48 Skill

52 Speed

54 Luck

48 Defense

55 Resistance

I picked Sorcerer for the access to dark magic and increased defenses. Was wondering if other skills such as Astra, Sol, Vengeance or Tomefaire might be better on her, but don't know what I'd drop for those.

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