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Some Screenshots of my FE7 Randomized Run

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I recently tried out the FE Randomizer program, and below is a collection of images from my run for FE7. I didn't want to upload a full blown LP, but I still wanted to share some of my experiences. As for the settings, I pretty much randomized everything, including items. My settings were roughly as follows:
Growth Variance: 100
Base Variance: 10
CON Variance: 10 with a Min of 5
MOV ranged from 5-9
Might Variance: 10 with a Min of 5
Hit Variance: 100 with a Min of 80
Crit Variance: 50 with a Min of 0
Weight Variance: 10, ranged from 1 to 20
Durability Variance: 49 with a Min of 50
Allow Random Traits (Best part of the item randomizer imo)
Here are some of the units I ended up bringing to the endgame, in no particular order.


Hawkeye was a boss in my run. He was the Oswin replacement and started out with a base of 26 luck! Plus, he came with a 50 use iron ballista! (3-15 range lol, see weapons images)

Growths: HP: 20 STR: 30 SKL: 55 SPD: 55 DEF: 40 RES: 45 LCK: 5


Priscilla's replacement. Yeah that 12 Magic sucks, but I think you can guess why I brought her to the endgame...(see weapons spoiler)

Growths: HP: 30 STR: 15 SKL: 40 SPD: 90 DEF: 70 RES: 55 LCK: 5


One of my best units from start to finish. He replaced Dorcas and came with some pretty awesome bases (30 HP, 7 MAG, 16 SKL, 8 SPD, 11 LCK, 7 DEF, 11 RES)

Growths: HP: 5 STR: 85 SKL: 20 SPD: 90 DEF: 55 RES: 20 LCK: 5


The Jeigan/Marcus of my run. She had moderate bases, but a good class and good growths overall. The game threw tons of axe users at me (I used 3 Berserkers, 1 Great Lord, and there were 2 Fighters and a Pirate on my bench.)

Growths: HP: 65 STR:55 SKL: 40 SPD: 65 DEF:45 RES: 10 LCK: 20


Bartre/Hector also had pretty good growths aside from HP obviously.

Growths: HP: 25 STR:90 SKL: 45 SPD: 85 DEF:50 RES: 40 LCK: 45


I used Kent's sub for a pretty good portion of early/midgame due to her uber bases, but had to drop her later due to that lackluster STR.

Growths: HP: 125 STR:5 SKL: 80 SPD: 50 DEF:10 RES: 5 LCK: 5


Florina's sub had pretty good bases, so I used her as my primary sword user for a large portion of the run.

Growths: HP: 85 STR:25 SKL: 50 SPD: 5 DEF:70 RES: 5 LCK: 90


Argh Renault, why'd you bring over your crappy STR from vanilla FE7?! Legault's replacement had pretty good bases, and I needed a flier, so I had to make do with him for a while. He wasn't useless due to being a flying tank and the fact that 20 MT spears existed.

Growths: HP: 5 STR:5 SKL: 40 SPD: 75 DEF:80 RES: 35 LCK: 5


Farina's sub. It took a bit of effort to train him, but he was the best flier/lance user I had.

Growths: HP: 65 STR:40 SKL: 35 SPD: 25 DEF:30 RES: 35 LCK: 10


Probably my best axe user. I ended up bringing him as my axe main to the final chapter. He came with some sick bases, with most of them in the midteens.

Growths: HP: 105 STR:25 SKL: 45 SPD: 5 DEF:30 RES: 45 LCK: 30


I ended up dropping Ninian for this guy, the Hawkeye replacement. He had enough base STR and SKL to nullify his abysmal growths there.

Growths: HP: 50 STR:5 SKL: 5 SPD: 80 DEF:95 RES: 80 LCK: 20


Blah. Hector's sub really didn't do much until after promotion due to his horrid bases and combo of low MAG/SPD early on. (16 HP, 2 MAG, 3 SPD, 0 LCK...ugh) He became useful when I was able to procure a Bolting Tome for him.

Growths: HP: 5 STR:40 SKL: 50 SPD: 50 DEF:25 RES: 45 LCK: 45

Doesn't seem special at first glance. Actually, it took me until the mid 20 chapters before I realized it had a brave effect!
Whee, infinite use brave weapons are always fun!
This was one of the most useful swords in the game. It has a hidden lancereaver effect as well. Silver swords aren't too bad either with 21 MT, 106 HIT, 25 CRT and 2 WT, but 1-2 range is far more useful.
Infinite use bolting? Yes please! And I got two of these suckers to play with hehe.
Probably the best S ranked weapon I got. It might even be better than FE4's legendary weapons due to actually having a brave effect this time!
This was hands down the most useful weapon of the run, considering I had it right from the beginning. I used 2 of my Hammerne staff charges on this sucker. I don't think I would've been able to save Pent's replacement in the desert without this weapon. You'll see why at the end of this section.
This doesn't look like anything special, until you realize it has an Eclipse effect. Normally Eclipse effects kinda suck since you can only whittle half of your enemy's HP and you can't crit nor double. But due to the innate brave effect, plus this extra effect...you basically OHKO every enemy in the game! Probably the most OP weapon in the entire game. The crit effect is wasted though; it would've been nice if that was added to its hit rate. I used my last Hammerne charge on this weapon, for obvious reasons. Now imagine this weapon with 1-2 range, infinite uses, and a unit with the Ambush Skill from FE5...*drools*
OMG, this is probably the 2nd most OP weapon of the run. Ignore res, with uber crit, and...a brave effect!!! Besides, you get like 3 or 4 of these in the game...so yeah haha. These suckers caused me to restart a lot, and if I didn't have that iron ballista, there's no way I could've saved Pent's sub in the desert from the Luna shaman. This weapon pretty much was the reason why Fiora was a viable endgame unit despite her paltry 12 MAG.

Other Notes:
-One of my lords was a monk but I didn't get to promote him until way too late due to the fact I got my only thief on Night of Farewells >.< Ironically, I didn't get any S ranked light tomes in the Final Chapter, so I guess not having an S ranked light user turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
-Having 2 infinite use boltings and an iron ballista really helped me out a lot. This run would've been much more difficult, perhaps impossible (in the sense of recruiting everyone, especially in the desert and Night of Farewells) without these weapons.
-Luna shamans were the bane of my existence lol. I probably died like 10+ times because I forgot about them.
-Lances got shafted in this run. Steel lances, Emblem lances, Javelins, and Short Spears all had the Eclipse effect. Only the Spear and Brave Lance were useful, but I didn't get many of those. Steel lances were annoying though since they had super high hit rates, so it was rarely a good idea to throw your best unit into a pack of 8 of them.
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