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Criminal OC mafia signups

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Checked by Kaoz. That's right, THE Kaoz. Whoa. He should play mafia sometime.

[spoiler=Leave me here]
Leave me here so I'd rather
Run to the heaven that regathers
All the lost of the unmerciful

All the stayers of the endful
Who knew the feared of the fearful

Would only turn out to be so beautiful
And all the previous thought to be serious

Temporarily stayed to be so disgraceful
They fell into a deep hole

Sponsored by a malicious soul
Those who ran their breath as a disgrace

All the venomous will face

"The Rightful are coming... god save us all." "Should we fight them, defend our positions, be unrepentant?" "Do we beg for mercy, or flee into the night?"[/size]

The shack erupted into noise at the news, the greatest crime lords of the town caring not for subtlety. Some stormed out, either refusing to reform or to prepare to flee. The rest were silenced in one swoop: "Aye" one Captain Hook said, standing atop the table as if it were his crows nest, "we must offer our heads atop our plates, and pray they lose their appetite." And so the town's crime lords were split into two: The Reformed and the Unrepentant.

[spoiler=Da Rulez of the game:]
0. Any form of outside contact is allowed, but logs must be sent to the host regularly so they can monitor activity.
1. Each night and each day lasts 48 hours. Game starts on N0 and there are no kills on N0. N0 will only last 24 hours.
2. The player with the most votes on them at the end of a phase is lynched. You may vote to no lynch. Don't tie.
3. Lylo is unusually unsafe.
4. Night feedback may be tampered with.
5. There are items in this game. If you have an item, you may respond to your role pm with "##Give <user> my <item>" during the day to give said user that item.
6. There are no hiddens in this game because they suck.
7. Play to win, but have fun.
8. No screenshots. No editing. No full role pm posting. No quoting the host. No loophole abuse.
9. I reserve the right to sub you out or modkill you in response to a lack of activity. I will prod you first though.
10. If you have a question, ask me. I will respond accordingly.
11. Town Win condition is "You are allied with the Reformed. You win when you eliminate all threats to your faction."

12. Breaking any of these rules may result in a modkill. If you are modkilled your win condition changes to "You win if you escape the Rightful" and spoiler alert: you won't.

Welcome to Criminal OC mafia. Man it's nice to put up a game that I'm actually happy with! All the roles are just criminals, both famous and obscure, from all kinds of fiction so don't worry you should recognise at least few of them (probably most of them)! I won't accept IOs until the game fills at least and even then I'd prefer it if you just sub. OC is very manageable even with busy schedules because you're free to talk for only the 5 to 10 minutes you're around at any one time if that's all it is, when it's hard to make good NOC posts when all you have are 5-10 minutes intervals.

I recommend Skype/IRC for talking, check out our IRC channel at #sforestmafia over on the dark myst server if you don't know about it. Full details are in the info dump on the mafia forum. Remember: Mirc is basically free.


1. Izhuark

2. SB

3. Strawman

4. King Gilgamesh

5. Refa

6. Faerie Knight

7. PB

8. Junko

9. BBM

10. Rein

11. Blitz

12. Gaius

13. Darrman

14. Elieson

15. Mitsuki


1. Marth

2. Poly

3. eclipse

Game probably won't start until after/late into EiMM (Would like to start Sat 29th August) so don't worry about clashing with that. If this is a problem though do give feedback on whether this will affect you joining or not and depending on the feedback I may delay the game. Erm... I think that's everything, so have at it! =)

Edited by Executive kirsche

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Maybe just ask everyone who's joined if they don't mind the game starting earlier? Honestly, I don't.

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I'd prefer a short break before jumping into mafia again, but if everybody wants to play immediately it's not the end of the world for me.

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Even if it's a joke game, lots of people take it very seriously and I'd be worried about motivation, especially early into the game.

@Newbies: For clarification in case you didn't notice, this is a different type of game to your last one. In this game you can have private conversations with people and try to scumhunt that way (Posting in the thread is still fine though).

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lots of people take it very seriously

that's their loss

but yeah I'm all for waiting until EiMM is a couple nights in before starting this game. I'm not starting sign-ups for mine until it's over anyway.

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that's their loss

depends more on how you look at it, but, it really is surprising that there are no games running atm, lol.

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(because subbing into a OC game is insane)

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(because subbing into a OC game is insane)

it's not that ba....

who am I kidding, indeed it is.

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