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Which GBA Wyvern Rider/Lord/Knight is your favorite?

Which GBA Wyvern Rider/Lord/Knight is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Wyvern Rider/Lord/Knight is your favorite?

    • Milady
    • Zeiss
    • Heath
    • Vaida
    • Cormag

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Milady is great, Zeiss is great, Cormag is great, but...I would have to say that Heath is my favorite, he's just awesome! I really like his backstory and his design, his hair is really awesome. And I totally think Heath/Priscilla is canon, if you disagree you're wrong! (Please don't get your shorts in a twist, I'm kidding, I know it isn't confirmed canon or anything.)




1: A character's starting class determines which list they go on. For prepromotes, what would have been their starting class in their game determines which list they go on. For example, Renault is a Bishop, but his starting class would have been a Monk if he wasn't a prepromote, so he goes on the Monk/Bishop list. Yodel, on the other hand, goes on the Priest/Cleric/Bishop list, he is a Bishop but in Binding Blade Monk was not a class so his starting class would have been a Priest.


2: If a character is not playable in the main story, they are not included.


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This is tough because I like them all, especially Cormag, Heath and Miledy. Gotta go with Cormag though, he's got a little more depth to him, plus ridiculous strength is nice.

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Cormag all day ery day.While I also like Heath, I was never a big fan of Viada and I have never played FE6.

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Heath doesn't deserve to have to spend his life with that satanic spawn Priscilla.

I love Heath. He's my favorite Wyvern Rider period besides maybe Jill.

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I'm surprised that so many people like Milady. I expected Cormag to be popular, wasn't sure about Heath or the others, but I'm surprised at Milady.

As characters, I like all of them. The thing is all of them are sort of filler that you can use if you want to.

Except Milady. She, on the other hand, is a unit that joins at the right time in the right place having amazing bases that let her hit and tank hard right off the bat. And at that point in the game your army is filled with kids and dumb axe users who can barely connect a hit, so Milady feels like an even more welcome addition.

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Miledy. I love Cormag yet Miledy is my favorite because she ends up as one of my best units because of her wonderful growths (Thank you RNG goddess) and i like her appearance slightly more than Cormag. Great characters yet miledy comes out on top imo.

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Heath. Wich is weird because in the begining I hated this guy. But his personality, design and his supports made an effect on me now he's on my top three favorite wyvern riders.
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  • 7 months later...

Miledy. With a great character and arguably the Haar of FE6, she is a high contender for a favorite character in the series of mine. She is also my 3rd favorite character in Binding Blade (only losing to Lilina and Fir) and overall my favorite Wyvern Rider in the series.

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Kind of hard for this one, because the NPC villains are way more interesting than this. I chose no-one.

As far as play value is concerned:

I didn't find Milady to be the "be-all end-all" unit that lot of people say. Low luck that makes sending her against Swordmasters and Berserkers surprisingly risky, sometimes even with weapon advantage, and a relatively low avoid that became a liability when enemies ganged up on her. Cormag on the other hand, was all right in terms of gameplay, I guess.

Really, Gayle and Valter from the dark side, Cherche and Gerome from Awakening, and Camilla from Fates trumps Milady, Zeiss, and Cormag.

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Cormag because SS was my first FE and I really liked him and his growths are good. Whenever I play SS I always have him beat Valter because I feel like he has a right to do it.

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Milady. Cause aw, look at that base.(?)

She shows up with great bases in the perfect time, and geared with somewhat pleasing growths...

dear me that hard mode bonuses

Zeiss will be chosen for better stats, but he joins later than Milady, so why bother train?

Heath always easily got RNG screwed on my playthrough, but he has interesting backstory, which piques my interests a bit.

I don't know... I always say no to pre-promotes, that's why Vaida gets straight to the bench.

Cormag will be my second choice... Yet his personality is somewhat plain for me in Ephraim's route, which decreases my view on him.

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This...is harder than I thought. Between Milady, Heath, and Cormag...

I......have to go with...Milady. I voted for Cormag at first, but then I remembered how potent Milady is in FE6 and that pushed her in front of Cormag a bit.

If this was the series as a whole, it would've been Jill, no questions asked.

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