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Andrew Heo

[BUG] Transformation Gauge doesn't refill when fighting untransformed

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EDIT: I'm stupid and suck at this game. Ignore everything that I wrote.

So I recently downloaded a Wii save file at


from the user BlueHedgehog24. The save file provides different save points, one of which is saved at Part 3, Normal mode. I used that save file and proceeded all the way to Part 4, Chapter 5 (the Feral Ones map).

When an enemy attacked an untransformed Janaff, he did not gain any transformation points after combat, as shown in this video here:


http://i.imgur.com/YA0SjJv.jpgThis image shows Janaff's transformation gauge after the Feral One attacked him.

http://i.imgur.com/pBhvGbw.jpgThis image shows Ulki's transformation gauge, who was out of range of the enemy. Notice how both sub-humans laguz have the same transformation points.

My question is that is this a bug with the save file, or with my game?

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It didn't go up because they weren't hit and I presume they did damage. I believe they need to be hit and do zero damage in response in order for their gauge to go up.

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