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Which GBA Knight/General is your favorite?

Which GBA Knight/General is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Knight/General is your favorite?

    • Bors
    • Wendy
    • Barth
    • Douglas
    • Wallace
    • Oswin
    • Gilliam

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Ah, Knights. Such little movement, but such tanks. I'd say that out of this bunch of GBA characters, Gilliam is my favorite. He's always one of my best units in The Sacred Stones, as well as one of my favorite units and characters in that game. Oswin is probably the better unit, and I like Douglas and Wallace as characters, but I don't like any of them as much as Gilliam. Plus, Gilliam is left-handed. And I like his armor.




1: A character's starting class determines which list they go on. For prepromotes, what would have been their starting class in their game determines which list they go on. For example, Renault is a Bishop, but his starting class would have been a Monk if he wasn't a prepromote, so he goes on the Monk/Bishop list. Yodel, on the other hand, goes on the Priest/Cleric/Bishop list, he is a Bishop but in Binding Blade Monk was not a class so his starting class would have been a Priest.


2: If a character is not playable in the main story, they are not included.


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Oswin is a badass unit and I really like his character.

Starts with high stats, stats are good for attacking and defending, good support options, great promotion...

He's just a great unit in general (oh GOD that was the second time I accidentally made that pun today)

He's a great character too. I really like his interactions with Hector in Hector Mode. He's part of what made me like Hector Mode so much in the first place. It really adds a lot not only to him, but also to Hector as a character.

I'm voting for Bors because his face is absolutely beautiful

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I really don't know since I don't use Knights endgame but for all intents and purposes I just said Gilliam cause Sacred Stones bias :P

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Gilliam. Oswin's my favorite overall, I love his orange armor, and his stats are amazing. But Oswin's been getting a lot of votes, and I'd like to give Gilliam some representation because he's also really good.

I'm also one of the few people who likes Bors.

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I really don't know since I don't use Knights endgame but for all intents and purposes I just said Gilliam cause Sacred Stones bias :P

Oswin, Gilliam, and Brom are the only ones I ever bring to the Endgame. I mean, I do like the others, but none of them ever make the cut besides those three.

I'm surprised at how popular Gilliam is. Why do any of the others have votes though?

None of them but Oswin seem very popular to me at all, which is unfortunate because I think Gilliam is seriously underrated. As for other characters having votes...well every character has his/her fans! :3

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Wendy. I love her design, character and she becomes a very useful unit in spite of her starting stats. I think of her as one of the most badass female characters in FE and that easily makes her my favorite knight.
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My opinions keep changing between Oswin, Gilliam and to a bigger extent, Kjelle. Probably Oswin due to having better stats, but Gilliam THO. That beard and character are so good.

Well ya know...Kjelle isn't a GBA Knight, so...

And she's a sexist pig.

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(I voted for the Oswinner, but even I'm surprised by his margin. Anyway...)

Oswin > Gilliam > Douglas > Wallace

Unranked: The FE6 Armor Knight Trio

Oswin is just all-around awesome. He succeeds in the important areas of knighthood (HP, Str, and Def), and doesn't fall too far behind in the usual weaknesses (Spd and Res). He starts, continues, and finishes strong. Plus, he has a decent story presence in Hector's mode.

Gilliam is more of the classic-knight mold, having to deal more often with low speed. He doesn't start off as strong as Oswin, but he'll still be solid. Plus, SS gives him the choice between a tri-weapon General with Great Shield, or a tri-weapon Great Knight with better movement. Not too shabby.

Douglas was my General of choice in FE6 ('cause I didn't train up any of the trio). His stats are nothing to write home about, but I like his story role and recruitment (ah, I have fond memories of making all my troops run away, lest they engage him...).

Wallace is... weird. I love his personality - maybe if I gave him more of a chance, he'd be ranked higher. But in Lyn's mode, he shows up late and OP (unable to grow), while in the main game, he's a late (optional) recruit, who may-or-may-not-be promoted. I've never been successful in bringing him up-to-speed.

And I didn't rank Bors, Wendy, or Karl Barth, since I used none of them.

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