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Which GBA Monk/Bishop is your favorite?

Which GBA Monk/Bishop is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Monk/Bishop is your favorite?

    • Lucius
    • Renault
    • Artur

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I would have to say that Renault is my favorite of these three. Lucius and Artur are definitely the better units, and I like all three of them as characters, but I love the mysteriousness of Renault's character. I love all the things that are implied and heavily hinted at but never directly stated in his conversations. He's just a cool mysterious character, I only wish he had a sooner joining time than he did.




1: A character's starting class determines which list they go on. For prepromotes, what would have been their starting class in their game determines which list they go on. For example, Renault is a Bishop, but his starting class would have been a Monk if he wasn't a prepromote, so he goes on the Monk/Bishop list. Yodel, on the other hand, goes on the Priest/Cleric/Bishop list, he is a Bishop but in Binding Blade Monk was not a class so his starting class would have been a Priest.


2: If a character is not playable in the main story, they are not included.


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Artur because he's a freaking good unit, great personality, his supports with Lute are so cute (I ship them so much) and he looks really cute. All in all a great character and that's why I like him.
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Artur......by a smidge. Lucius comes very, very close, but Artur's support with Lute(which is really sweet by A-support) and the fact I like using him, Lute, and Ewan together(which actually works well if done right), he does more for me.

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Lucius > Artur > Renault

Lucius - what can I say? I love feminine male characters. He's got great supports. Oh, and he has stellar magic, speed, and resistance, and is the ideal candidate for Aureola.

Artur - If memory serves, his stats are pretty similar to Lucius'. Bishop is a great class for the lategame and Creature Campaign, too. I never found his character all that interesting, though.

Renault - He comes terribly late and terribly leveled. His supports would be great, if you had the time to actually build them up. Seriously, Renault would be leaps and bounds better if he joined during your first trip to the Dread Isle.

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So our little moustachio Moulder doesn't count since he starts as a priest? If so, I'll go with Artur, although I tend to make him a Sage by the end for some reason.

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Lucius, mostly just because I like his color pallet better than Artur's. I wish it were easier to get Renault's supports, because he has some great ones.

Also I make Artur a sage almost every time.

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