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Which GBA Troubadour/Valkyrie/Mage Knight is your favorite?

Which GBA Troubadour/Valkyrie/Mage Knight is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Troubadour/Valkyrie/Mage Knight is your favorite?

    • Clarine
    • Cecilia
    • Priscilla
    • L'Arachel

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Despite of my distaste for Light magic users...

It's L'Arachel; because there's nothing more hilarious than a princess who doesn't behave like your normal princess. She just makes Sacred Stones look like a wild ride into hilarity thanks to her... DIVINITY!

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L'Arachel is considered a bad unit ?



We need to talk.


She's a staff unit. In FE8. She's the easiest Est to train (C Rank would be better for her,)

And she appears in a chapter specially deigned for her to abused the Torch Staff (which allow her to quickly reach C Rank).

She may not be adapted to your playstyle, but saying she's hard to train is pure fallacy.

Costly ? Sure.

Boring ? Maybe.

But hard ? Nope. Absolutely not.

As my vote, why L'Arachel is the obvious first choice (amazing unit with amazing personnality), Priscilla is a close second.

Being the only mounted staff user/Mage unit in FE7 makes her automatically great. (She doesn't needs anything else than a thunder to deals good damage to the ennemies.)

She will be more of a Utility Unit, indeed, but she's perfectly able to handle herself in battle, and that's all that matters.

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I like L'Arachel a lot. She is really funny and I love her "crew", Dozla and Rennac. She is a really powerful Valkyrie too.

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Won't due my usual rankings, since I've only really used two of them. I chose L'Arachel. A bubbling personality, royal lineage, and wide support options all work in her favor. Unfortunately, she does show up pretty late - and I'm also bitter at Magvel for dropping Troubadors a point in movement. Nonetheless, she has promotion options, and with heal-abuse, she can become a potent dual threat.

Priscilla certainly isn't bad, she makes a nice healer option. My problem with her is, the one time I used her, I didn't get to promote her until the second-to-last chapter. She just takes that long to level up, being locked to staves. Maybe if I gave her more favoritism, or early-promoted, she'd have ended up better.

And Clarine and Cecilia, I didn't use either one, so I won't rank them.

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When I hear GBA valkrie I immediately think of those godly arena fighters who show up with capped stats to prevent you from grinding. I get that some unit had too do it, but why on earth was it them, if not for comedy value?

For the playable I had to go L'arachel.

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