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Some RD Hacking stuff I found

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I was screwing around with RD some more today and I found a few things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQCQSPoyV1s&feature=youtu.be

Sorry for the shit quality, I forgot to fullscreen dolphin before recording.

Anyway, this is probably common knowledge but untransformed Dheginsea does in fact have a battle model and attack animation. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, I warped my endgame Ike back to 3-13 to fight... himself and a few things were of note. First off, obviously the game stored my 3-13 Ike somewhere in memory because the Ike that I encountered was a Hero not a Vanguard. However, and here's the weird part, Ike's retreat quote showed his Vanguard portrait. Nothing groundbreaking I just found it kind of cool.

If anyone wants me to look into anything other weird scenarios or matchups with RAM hacking I would be happy to do that. I might even do ROM hacking requests too but that takes me much longer and is so much less rewarding that I can't promise I'll get anything done in like under a year or something ridiculous.

In case anyone wants to give RAM hacking a shot themselves, here are the addresses for the NTSC version of Radiant Dawn. Simply download the dolphin debugger and change the addresses' values as needed:

change player to enemy:
0066B838 01000000

0066B838 00000000

player control enemies:
0066B844 00000000

0066B844 01000000

control neutral:
0066B850 00000000


0066B844 02000000

control ally
0066B85C 00000000


0066B85C 03000000

Turn YY of Chapter XX Player Phase (Use the chapter before you want so when you clear the current chapter it loads the one you want)
803CAAC8 XX0000YY

Of note is that you can use this not only to recruit enemies, but also to change shift the party of the enemies, allies, others, and players. You can make the others players and the players enemies if you wished. That is, if you wanted, you could pretty easily attempt to beat 3-E using just Skrimir and Tibarn's armies and fighting against Ike. This is accomplished by taking the simple codes above (changing 0066B850 to 00000000 and changing 0066B838 to 01000000).

Taking advantage of this code, my friend and I were planning on doing a 3-E "Versus" map if you will in which he controls the dawn brigade and I control the GMs. I think that there's a lot of cool and fun stuff that can be done with these simple codes and I figured people here could come up with some better ideas than I have.

I have no idea if you lose your units if you end a chapter with the player units as enemies but that should be easy to figure out.

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