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Dragon Age Origins RNG + Voting Run


13 members have voted

  1. 1. What Skill We Getting?

    • Coercion
    • Herbalism
    • Trap-making
    • Poison Making
    • Improved Combat Training
    • Combat Tactics
  2. 2. What Talent We Getting?

    • Powerful
    • Precise Striking
    • Pommel Strike
    • Sunder Arms
    • Mighty Blow
    • Shield Bash
    • Shield Defense
    • Shield Block
    • Melee Archer
    • Rapid Shot

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So one day I had a brilliant idea "Lets do a KOTOR Run where I RNG my Attributes and Skills and let everyone else vote on my feats" but I decided that since there ain't a whole lot of builds that are really sub-optimal in KOTOR that it wouldn't be torture enough. So I looked up on how to Screenshot DA:O and decided to go with that instead.


So this basically this is as described above. I use a Random Number Generator for my stats and you all get to decide what combat skills I'm picking up. And as you can judge by the "masochism" tag I don't trust you all to not force me to switch between 4 sets of weapons all the time.

So this is going to be fun.

Before we can get to the meat though, we need to create our character


We have a choice of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, as well as 6 backgrounds, Dwarves and Elves (unless it's Mage Elf) get 2 origins to choose from however both Mages and Humans have only 1 background. Also of note is that Dwarves can't be mages unfortunately. As for as I know there is no difference in stats for all the races.

A quick summary of the Backgrounds:

Human Noble: Only Human background. Your the Son/Daughter of the Cousland family and your brother along with your house's troops. After he leaves though, your attacked by another Noble Asshole

Magi: All Mages are locked up in a big tower by the Chantry and Templars. After you pass a test to become a true Mage, one of your friends reveals he's dating a Chantry Priestess, which is forbidden, and you aid him in escaping

Dalish Elf: Elves who don't like living with their oppresive human overlords so they live in the woods. One day you and a fellow tribesman discover a Demonic artifact in a cave.

City Elf: Your about to be wedded to a lovely woman/man when all of a sudden a noble's son takes your bride/you to rape her/you at his party.

Dwarven Noble: Your the favored son of the king and are about to lead an army I think? I don't know, I've never played this route.

Dwarven Commoner: You are a casteless, Dwarves with out a special mark and are therefore are heavily discriminated against. As such you work for a local crime lord to get by.

Anywho, the poll is there, get voting and tomorrow around 3-4 PM EST I'll update it with the Skills Poll, as well as showing you my Character and RNG'd stats after that.

Eventually we'll also have to pick the specialization we get at Level 10.

I feel like I'm forgetting something but I keep checking and I have everything so if I am please tell me. If you also want Info on how to make me suffer either check this wiki or ask me.

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And of course I only realize what I'm forgetting after I hit submit.

Hang on editing in the Background Info

EDIT: There we go

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Go go elf so everyone will treat you as an inferior and call you knife ears until you point out you're a grey warden 10/10

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Elf warrior, obviously. Poorly-written racism allegory + worst class in the game by a mile = excellent playthrough!

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I'm not sure if I should extend the deadline because of the piss-poor amount of votes or if I should just load up the Combat and Overworld Skills Poll

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Fuck it, I'm just gonna go with it. Dalish Elf Warrior it is.


My RNG'd stats. I got 2 dex, 1 in cunning (I think), 1 in Willpower, and 1 in Magic. As far as I'm concerned, awful except for the dex, but I wasn't expecting to get a good build out of this anyways.


Overworld skills. These are mostly for crafting, but some, like coercion, help a lot. We can get 1 skill and that will either be:

Coercion: Will help us talk to NPC's and get some things we normally can't get without the skill

Stealing: We can steal shit from people if they're not alert

Trap-making: Self-explanatory. We can make traps that are mostly only good for rouges and we're a warrior.

Herbalism: We can make potions with this

Poison-making: Gee I wonder what this is

Surivival: We can't get the second level of this yet, cuz only 11 cunning, but basically it allows us to spot enemies on the minimap faster, as well as giving a small Nature Res Buff.

Combat Training: Allows us to get more weapon talents for Warriors and Rouges, and can mostly be ignored for Mages (Allows you take a few more hits before your spells poof out but you shouldn't be taking hits as a mage)

Combat Tactics: Allows us a few more script slots for planning out how our AI partners act in this game. Since you can pause battles at any time, this is mostly useless.


Da-da-da. The Talents, the main cause of my pain suffering I'll bet. Unfortunately we're not voting on them now, because there are a couple that can be gotten, that we can get if you all vote Improved Combat Training for skills. So we'll do em later.]

The poll should be edited in a few minutes of this post. Get Voting. Deadline for votes is the same as last time, around 4 PM EST.

For Clarification, you all will be voting on the Talents of my party (Which is going to be Me, Alistair, Leiliana, and Morrigan probably).

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Sorry about the slight lateness, computer was acting up. Anyways, looks like Stealing it is then.

And now, for the talents, the final part of character creation I believe.


As a Warrior we have access to the Two-handed, Weapon and Shield, Archery, and Dual Weapon trees as well as our own Warrior tree.

At this level we already have Pinning shot (as shown), so we can get:

Warrior Talents

Powerful: More health and less fatigue from Armor while active

Precise Striking: Slower attack speed but more attack damage and increased Crit Chance

Two-handed Talents

Pommel Strike: Knock Down with a Two-handed weapon unless the dude passes a check

Sunder Arms: Reduces enemy Attack unless the pass a test

Mighty Blow: Deals crit damage and imposes movement speed penalty unless a Phys Resistance check is passed

Weapon and Shield:

Shield Bash: Deals damage and knocks down unless target passes a check

Shield Defense: Penalty to attack but increased Defense and a chance to shrug off Projectiles

Shield Block: Enemies can no longer flank us on the shield carrying side

Dual Weapon Trees:

Dual Weapon Training: Off-hand weapon deals more damage

Dual Striking: Cannot inflict backstabs or Crits but more damage

Dual Weapon Sweep: Inflicts a lot of damage and that's it.

Archery Trees:

Melee Archer: We're no longer interrupted when firing if we're attacked

Rapid Shot: We fire faster at the sake of no crits

Poll will be updated in a few minutes of this post. You know what to do. Deadline for voting is the same as before. Also going to keep the skills poll up because we level up after the intro. This also means your voting for 3 talents as well

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Oh shit uh...

I have no idea how to reset a poll so there are still 1 vote each on Poison Making, Coercion and Improved Combat Tactics on the Skills Poll.

Anybody have any idea how to reset votes on a poll?

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I decided to just go with it because people are probably more interested in me playing than character creation.

I have all the screenies ready, I'll refresh the poll after I update (found out you can just delete the poll option then put it up again).

Holy shit though. This is my first time Screenshot let's playing as well as LPing in general, and I did not expect this many images. Doesn't help that the only way I have to take them is with the Print Screen button which saves the screenshots to a folder within the BioWare folder, and it's all jumbled numbers which makes uploading them a pain in the ass and also makes me really worried that I'm uploading the same image twice or that i'm missing some.

So quick question. What's the standard scale of images for screenshot LP's?

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So I discovered the fun of the backspace key not deleting an oversized image so I can size it back down but instead sending me back a page. Then I had to go somewhere and didn't get a chance to upload the first update. Ugh.

[spoiler=It Begins]


And we're off with Stealing, Dual Weapon Skills, and Pinning shot.

All of which would backfire horribly.


Backstory. Not very intresting backstory at that. The Dalish Elf path is boring because there's very few spots where you can shit-talk people


Maybe they wouldn't fear and despise Elves if the Dalish stopped chasing unlucky passer-byes with bows.


Man I screened this at the perfect time. Dat Pose.

As you can guess by the text, we're hunting this guy down.


This is Tamlen. He's a dick, and an idiot, and the whole Dalish Origin revolves around him


The humies mates show up, and Tamlen's just "You shouldn't walk into forests that you didn't know were occupied by Dalish!"


Unfortuantly, the humans are just as stupid and think Human Rights matter to elves.


So your going to get some sort of lawyer that says "Oh hey, this dude does have the right to stop you!"

That line makes no sense


I think Bandits would be armed, and also try to rush you down.

Who are the racists supposed to be again.


Unfortunately you speak to Tamlen McDouchenuts. Everybody not an elf is a bandit in his presence.


Human Noble Origin gives you better shit bro.



Tamlen takes things extremely literally apparently


We might as well tell them off and have them never come back. Killing them will start a mob and simply letting them go breeds more racism and starts a mob.


But Tamlen is an idiot, as stated earlier.




These dudes speak of a cave they stumbled across. Tamlen uses it to hurl more accusations towards them.



Tamlen stops being a dumbass for a moment and gawks at the invisible thing in his hand.



You were only able to out-run it because it was Sloth from the Magi Origin. If it weren't a recycled asset you'd probably be dead.


"Despite the fact that you just proved it's existence to me with a stone tablet filled with forgotten language I still don't believe you!"



As you can see I do.



They scamper off.


I think those carvings are more than enough proof.



Bruh, they said there was a Demon inside there. Might want some back-up fucker.




And now we start playing! Let's check our inventor-



So yeah, we start out with Sword and Board instead of Dual Weapons and even better, we don't get an off-hand weapon until after this section of the Intro.


We make our way to cave and all of a sudden, Wolves.

At least it's not rats (Oh hey guess what's your first enemy in Human Noble?)


They're dispatched rather easily


Mage Wolf confirmed.


This dead deer gives us 75 exp and lore about deers. Don't ask


Same thing with this random tree stump.


This path gives you a piss-poor amount of money but lots of things to sell.


Guess how this line of dialogue is going to end


I think a demon fits that criteria.




You know it's a good sign when there's Cocoons on the ceiling.


Look away Arachnophobes.

These things are easy. They only have Web (which is pretty annoying admittedly) and weak stats. Regardless, this background is one the hardest for one reason. Which you'll see later.

Anyways, Tamlen Rapid Shots these losers.


Ended up drawing him Aggro from one spider but he killed it before it could attack him.


Hooray for Armor that's worse than our starting armor.

Don't have the image for it (Image cap) but, this path is clearly made for rouge. Two Chests and a locked door are in this dungeon, and only Rouge can unlock them.



Path splits here. I still ended up going in a circle once anyways.


Stepped through this door and I was surronded. Even better, there's a trap thats in front the door that you cannot see without trap-making This route was designed with a specific skill-set in mind, which is why I said it was the hardest earlier.


Thankfully these spiders are easy.


This door needs Rouge skills in order to be unlocked.


So we go through the other door and trigger a trap that takes off half our health and alerts enemies instead.


Thanks game.


Shown here: Web. It's an annoying Talent that prevents your character from doing anything, but it really doesn't change how you fight these things at all.


Case in point: They still go down easily.


We killed all the enemies from that room so I insta-revive but come on game what the fuck.




No I don't.


I just want to get this over with please. I love this game but hate this Origin.


Hope you like fighting skeletons in a poison cloud. In hindsight I should've just moved out of the cloud but seriously. This changes nothing about the way you fight these guys and just serves to take off a tiny bit of health before you escape the cloud. If they were ranged enemies, I'd understand but they're not.


Unfortunately I'm a dumbass and don't move out of the cloud. So I end up wasting all my health poultices.


Which is bad because of this asshole. Ignoring the fact that he's recycled from the Magi path, he seems to have a passive which randomly adds Nature damage to attacks and has Overwhelm, a Talent which pins down one of your party members and takes off half their health. It normally uses it when your low on health so it's generally a kill move. Yes I did indeed wipe.


I have Tamlen tank him and he's brought down on the second try.


It ain't an off-hand weapon but it's not useless.


I would if I could



Did you forget the statue literally just outside.


Tamlen sees something shown off-screen. I don't why they didn't just animate something going across the mirror but whatever.




You do realize we just fought a demon bear shithead? This thing is probably demonic.


Tamlen is brilliant :Kappa:


Riveting visuals. Show don't tell game.


Probably a sign you should get away from it.


You deserve it.





Don't be.


Anyways, we wake up with a massive fucking migraine.


And I don't have to deal with the idiot anymore.



Most of this dialogue is boring, and I really have nothing to say about it.


No shit I don't have an Off-hand weapon and I only have Pinning shot and Dual Weapon skills.



This guy explains how we got back to camp and then calls the keeper over.




Again, boring dialouge, at least I get to inform people of Tamlen's idiocy.


Probably not enough to look into a mirror guarded by a Demon Bear.


Unfortunately, no Dankspawn

And Unfortunately, more boring Dialogue, at least the Image limit gives me and excuse to cut it out.


You have one answer though: Tamlen's an idiot, and missing.


The thing about him being important is debatable.


Fine, I'll rescue the Douchebag.


Of course.



I'll make sure to come back without Tamlen as soon as possible.


Thank god for that.


And we finally get to play again. I didn't screencap it but we leveled up. RNG gave me +1 Dex, Str, and Will, which is pretty good! At the time I started capturing this only the Dual Weapon skills had votes so I got the final Dual Weapon skills (Sweep).

Thats it for now. Part 2 will probably come tomorrow.

@Excellen Browning: Won't stop me from trying.

Also can someone give me the exact Image limit for future updates?

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I almost expected you to go with the City Elf origin, since it ties into later story stuff, but given what happens there I guess I understand not wanting to make light of it. God, I forgot how bad the Dalish origin is, though.

I think the image limit is 100 images, right?

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To be honest I am not interested in the story of this game anymore, more how you tackle the hard fights.

Also what are you going to do with companions?

The only companions I'll be using outside of the required ones like the old woman I forget the name of are Alistair, Morrigan and The Dog . I'll put polls up for their skills as we get them.

As for the first part: Hmm, I might consider only showing the more humorous parts of Dialouge (Read: When I shit talk people through Dialogue options), but for now I'm going to show a bit of story just because there aren't a whole lot of hard fights in the early game.

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