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Fire Emblem 6.5


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Just edited some things in Fire Emblem 6. Stats,class, weapons (Lightmagic rng 2-3), faster support and 1 custom shop in chapter 23 + installed the latest english patch (http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=41095)

Is it allowed to post a link to the rom here?

Hope SuperLuigi will fix Fire Emblem 6+ any time soon.

I lack a videoeditor. Need to find a free and open source once. Screenshots!


Lowered Karels level and added 1 weapon.


Liliana is the only mage that can use 2 magic before promotion. Yeah, Liliana is very usefull.


All mages can use more then just its magic when promoted.

More screenshots shall come.

Lance and Alan are already promoted in chapter 1! Yep, made them like Marcus.

Noah and Treck are super cavalier with insane growth. Why? Well they start very late in game and mostly left away.

Cath swaps classes when you see her 3rd and 4th time (haven't testrun it yet).


Harder Idoun-boss. It will take you 6-8 turns to defeat her. All depends on the support conversation!!! Oh and you might need to use Holy Maid.

I was thinking on changing wepon equipment on sidequests. That the last bosses where carring the dragon slayer wepons, Durandal e.t.c.

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