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Going to stream a Blind Thracia 776 Iron man run

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In an effort to actually motivate myself to beat this damn game, I'm gonna stream me playing Thracia 776. And to make it more entertaining it's going to be a blind iron man run of the game. Kill me now.

As per usual this will follow the normal ironman rules, but I'm going to change the reset rule. I'm going to implement a "reset state" in case Leif dies during a chapter. Basically I just make a save state at a point in the chapter and that I get to load the most recent state in case Leif dies. This is mainly to mitigate time spent on chapters so I won't be spending multiple hours doing the same chapter over and over again. The pros of this system is that I get to not restart the whole chapter when I lose Leif. The cons are units lost before the state are permanent unless a full chapter restart is necessary, bad positioning is permanent, bad levels are permanent, etc. Also I only get 3 of these per chapter so I can't abuse it.

Now technically this won't be truly blind till about chapter 6 since most of my runs end around chapter 4 or 5 so I know those chapters a bit.

Now that I've got that stuff out of the way, I need your help. I can't decide on whether or not to play on Elite mode or Normal mode. So I'm gonna leave it up to you guys. Vote here: http://strawpoll.me/5373998

I'll be streaming on my Twitch channel. It will happen at around 3 PM CST on Sundays. Any changes to my schedule will be posted on my Twitter.

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