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Potential 4 turn clear strategy for Chapter 13 with LHM


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So you guys may have seen in my HHM Ranked LTC run, a 4 turn clear of Chapter 13 is very possible in vanilla HHM using a Silver Lance critical with Marcus on the boss, and dropping Hector into the river so that Marcus doesn't get ganged up on by the enemies.

I believe the same result may be possible even with Lyn mode, assuming you are willing to kill off Rebecca in Chapter 12. This puts Lowen at the front of your formation, which means he can carry out the rescue dropping of Hector into the river (he has 1 mov to spare; if he starts in the spot he normally does without Rebecca dead, he can't make it), while Marcus can simply head around the other side of the map (the route with the snags) since he easily makes it to Boies in 4 turns (though he might need a ranged weapon to deal with the archer at the bottom of the map who will rush him and get in the way of him/Hector).

The only two issues here are Lowen surviving the initial two turns (in particular, he'll be lucky if he survives the first turn after being attacked by 2 PKs and 2 archers while carrying Hector), and Hector probably needing to rig a crit on Guy on the counter (and not get killed by the KIlling Edge).

I don't have the time right now to experiment and see if this is possible, but I just wanted to let you guys know; hopefully, one of you will be able to show that it can be done?

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Actually now that I've thought about this a little bit more, I don't see what is wrong with having Marcus rescue Hector and fullmove through turn 3, after which he drops Hector south to OHKO the cavs with Wolf Beil on the enemy phase. Then Marcus can crit the boss with his Silver Lance and all should be good...

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