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Sacred Stones support planning sheet

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I was bored so I made a support planning sheet for FE8. It automatically correlates data to duplicate cells (ie Rennac/Dozla to Dozla/Rennac), so you should only edit what's above the black boxes. It also sums the values of each row on the right side so you can make sure no unit has more than 5 support conversations planned. I'll link the version in my google drive, so you'll have to save a copy to your own before you can edit. Doesn't support the "A B C" system that FE uses, so just pretend 1 = C, 2 = B, 3 = A.

Hope it's of some use to someone.


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Unrelated, but I just realized that Tethys x Rennac is the only +1 growth support in the game. I'm filling out a support log for this game.

If they ever go back to a turns-only system for whatever unlikely reason, I hope they don't put those in again.

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