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A Cold Winter Night

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'Twas a cold winter night

When all the world stood still

And upon the earth was a hill,

And upon that hill stood an old king, worn from fight.

The nobles have shunned him,

And the peasantry have sullied his name;

Now long gone are the days of his fame.

Yet, looking at the stars, he could see the their beauty to the brim.

The king said " Surely these stars must shine brighter than I. "

The king's name was Chrom,

And in his elder elder years he had been so calm

Yet, when his closest friend Robin betrayed him, he had been sentenced to die.

Now, as an old Chrom runs for escape,

His power and glory are no more

From riches to rags, he became poor

Now, he meets his final hour at his fate.

Chrom kneeled before the bitter sky,

" O Gods, " Chrom prayed " Is there anywhere else to go? "

The heavens pitied him, and from the sky, they showed the king his afterlife abode

Lights flared up around the stars, so much that Chrom began to cry.

It was a brilliant sight indeed, when the Gods themselves showed,

Chrom began to weep as the sincere fires in the night began to grow

And the stars formed together and made a gate with an arching bow,

And fire came down like rain and the ground the flames had furrowed.

Then an angel came down and kissed Chrom in the face

And, Chrom, in his last moment, raised his arms, taking no haste.

Then the angel ripped Chrom's soul form his body and saved him from the worldly taste;

His eternal form taken to peace by Heaven's grace.

In the dawn after, two peasants have come to work in the fields that they tread.

But when they saw the hill, they saw it scorched.

Afraid, they went over to see the site that was so torched;

When they got there, they saw the old king's body- - untouched, but cold and dead.

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