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Biweekly Battle Sprite Competition VIII: ~Ex Machina~

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THEME/TOPIC: Biomechanics: Sprite a character/creature with (futuristic) mechanical modifications.




1) only 1 entry per contestant, either in the Full Custom division or in the Splice/Edit division.(Animated may be a division if enough entries are in to justify it)
-Please declare which division you fall under to avoid potential confusion.
2) No voting for your own entry!
3) Entries should be limited to 16 colors.(15 colors+ 1 background color) This is more of a guideline, but good to follow for style and challenge reasons. Colors may be custom or using GBA sprite palletes.

5) No posting previous/old works! This means no edits/recolors of something previously made as well.
-allowing previous/old works would give an unfair advantage to certain entries, two weeks is a good amount of time to work on an entry... how fair would it be to have to go up against something someone spent months or even a year on?
-creating brand new works, encourages creativity and artistic growth and development, kinda what the whole art forums are about... isn't it?

[spoiler=NEW Voting and Winners]

Voting will be split into two categories.
-Best in Theme
-Best Overall Battle Sprite

>Voting will run for 3 days

If there are a large amount of entries, Best in Theme will be divided into smaller categories based on whether an entry is custom, splice, or animation.

Winning placement will be decided by total number of votes across categories.
>The winner gets to choose two potential themes either from a list or of their own imagination.

>The winner and runner ups will vote upon the themes to select one.

>The winner gets two votes in addition to theme selection.

>Second place gets two votes.

>Third place gets one vote.

>Whatever theme wins the winner's votes will be used for the next competition.

Note, votes can be split, if you have two votes they do NOT need to go to the same theme.

[spoiler=list of sample themes]

  1. Avatar Adventures! Sprite your avatar.

  2. Man/Woman in the Mirror! Sprite Yourself! (proof optional)

  3. The Monster Mash! Sprite a Monster!

  4. The Great Gender Swap! Sprite a pre-existing character/class as the opposite gender!

  5. Baby Blues... Make a child/offspring of two pre-existing characters!

  6. The Reclassifieds... sprite a pre-existing character in a new class.

  7. Shades of the Emblem: Sprite a non GBA era character/class/creature.

  8. Heroes reimagined! Sprite a character/class/creature in a new way/design.

  9. Crossover Chaos! Sprite a pre-existing video game character in Fire Emblem style.

  10. Legends of Literature! Sprite a character from a book/movie/anime/television series

  11. The OC... sprite an original character!

  12. Pimp My Mount! Make a mounted unit

  13. Welcome to the Jungle! Animal spriting competition, no humans allowed.

  14. Modern Day Mayhem! Sprite a more modern day equivalent/design of a class.

  15. Mythological Madness: Sprite a mythological creature

  16. Legendary weapons: Sprite a character with a legendary weapon, of your own creation or preexisting.

  17. Terrors of the deep: Create an underwater creature, unit, or machine

  18. Death from above: Sprite a flying creature, unit, or machine.

  19. Heroes of the smoky skies: Steampunkify a class, character, or machine.

  20. Superheroes! Sprite a superhero, existing, or of your own design.

  21. R&D: Create a new class!

  22. Anthropomorphized: Sprite an anthro

  23. The Zodiac: Sprite a part of the zodiac

  24. History’s greatest! Sprite a unit or class from history

  25. End of the Line: Sprite a final boss-type character
  26. Puppets: Sprite a character with a puppet (the creepier the better!)


Any further questions or concerns can be PMed to the current host! (Toa) or posted either in the feedback thread or within this thread itself.

DEADLINE: Entries may be posted, and edited up until 11:59pm PST Wednesday, September 30th. October 7th.

Edited by Toa

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This looks like it should be an interesting theme! Ideas flowing already. ;)

Like the modified winners theme selection. Seems simpler/more streamlined than the complicated version I had. XD

Anyways, should be fun! Looking forward to the entries! :D

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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Let's kick this off!


Full custom (Just in case it still matters)

Edited by Lt.Smirks

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...I VERY much look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for this type of themselves in particular, Ciraxis! :)

I remember "Steve", very fondly. XD


Hey its cool, if a topic/theme just doesn't give you much inspiration, don't worry too much about it... Ya know?

Anyways, you know at the end of the day it's more about enjoying making the pieces/stretching those creative muscles/growing as an artist than necessarily winning.

Think back to all those AWESOME entries in some of the last BBSS comps, you had some there too that were damned good. They didn't win, but I would never say there weren't worth entering. We were all richer for seeing the creativity, design, artistry and just plain cool designs! :D

Besides, top three with the quality of spriters/artists around here is actually pretty damn good, regardless of how many entries... (You may recall for instance, there are a number of good battle spriters, myself included, who have NEVER cracked the top three in these so far, just for some perspective. ;p )

Anyways, lets not derail the topic though. :)

Smirks has a pretty strong entry, should be interesting to see what others come up with. :D

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Fear the mystery of the arm! What can it do? I'm not sure, but I bet it can shoot lasers!


Maybe not, how about mecha pirates?

Edited by Toa

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Oh snap... Is it almost the 30th already!? :0

Legit will have time if an extension given for this one bud. Day off on Thurs, but gotta get classwork done for tomorrow. ;-;

...apologies for asking for an extension... Again. XD

Edited by TheErrantShepherd

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I'm fine with giving extensions since having only 2 entries would be kinda sad. How does October 7th sound? also maybe we should be triweekly battlesprite comp

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Not sure how much time I'd be able to sprite today, so I may as well post what I got now.


I call it the "Ciraxatops"

Edited by General Ciraxis

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