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Julius Nepos

SF Interviews 2.0 - Florete

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I'm only asking you a few questions because I'm not a sadist.

1) Generic first/current impressions question and comment that we should talk more
2) Favorite fire emblem class in any game?
3) Rank all the fire emblem games best to worst, and feel free to elaborate on why FE12 is fucking terrible
4) What was my best league name?
5) Favorite boss battle in any game?
6) What is the real meaning of Christmas?
7) tits or ass

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4 hours ago, Refa said:

1) First/current impressions of me.

2) If you had to describe your taste in anime to a non fan, how would you do it?

3) What's so great about Stardew Valley, anyways?

4) Has there ever been something you really wanted growing up but you could never/have or experience until becoming an adult? If so, what is it?

5) What were your favourite Pokemon drawings that you made?


1) First: ngl I was slightly jealous because you just seemed like you got along well with everyone but overall I thought you had a good sense of humour and honestly even thought you joined after me iirc it felt like you just popped into existence as everyone's friend. It was really weird but kinda cool.

Second: THIEFGAME. Another me. THIEFGAME. My impression of you is basically the same but more nuanced, you're still laid-back and we bounce off of each other pretty well. THIEFGAME. You're kind of an enigma in that I don't know a lot of specifics about you I guess, but I think we just naturally click so it doesn't matter. THIEFGAME. 

2) My favourite anime always make me cry. Characters (and how they develop) tend to mean more to me than the story or the setting does. Black and white conflicts are kinda boring unless they have a very compelling cast. 

3) It's a pretty relaxing game. I haven't actually played that much of it,  but even when things go wrong I get more of an "oh no!" type of reaction than "fuck this".

4) Uh, I guess generally just being a little less shut in than I used to be? This wasn't a 'can't do' thing, but more that I'm willing to go out and do things on my own now rather than just be lazy and stay indoors all day.

5) lmao machamp/articuno/pinsir, just off the top of my head.

4 hours ago, Bartozio said:

1. First/Current impressions of me?

2. What are some of your favorite anime?

3. Favorite FE character?

4. Greatest moment in your mafia career so far?

5. Worst moment in your mafia career so far?

1) First: "I think this guy is mafia" -> Bartozio - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day 1! -> "oh"

Current: "Welp, I dunno who to lynch, time to pay the Bartozio tax." I don't know you too well but you seem like a really chilled out guy and I kinda struggle to imagine you getting really mad? I hope to one day save you from being tragically mislynched, but at the same time the status quo is kinda funny (and depressing).

2) My top 3 are Hibike! Euphonium, Sangatsu no Lion, Your Lie in April.

3) I like Micaiah a lot even though Iris flames me for it repeatedly. It's interesting to see how the setting warps around her and seeing how devoted her followers get is kinda cool and crazy at the same time and made the setting feel more alive to me. I also liked the fact that she had to make tough decisions during Part 3 and people actually gave her shit for it. Overall I think her character was well explored in Part 3 (she trusted Pelleas over her own better judgement, but she didn't actively agree, not being able to sacrifice Sothe for the good of the war and some other stuff) and then Part 4 sucks rip. Also generally I like her design and tbh I usually have a bias towards protagonists. 

4) I definitely did not play perfectly, but I think that I kinda carried CYOR2 against the odds (who the fuck makes a 14/5/1/1 setup with half of an info role PRIMS YOU FUCK) and I'm pretty proud of that one. Alternatively, fakeclaiming a cop inno on the mafia godfather as SK (I didn't actually have a scan) and going on to win the game.

5) Lynching Bartozio :PiplupCry: but uh more seriously, having our entire scumteam quickhammer only to find the kill that we were depending on to win the game hit a BPV. We forfeited maybe an hour later?

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260. Have you seen SAO? If not, look up a summary and tell me: what would you do in that kind of situation?
261. Do you think parallel universes or linear timelines are more likely?
262. Do you think time travel will be possible one day?
263. What makes something “beautiful” to you?
264. What makes something “cool” to you?
265. What makes something “cute” to you?
266. Who has your favorite laugh?
267. What friend are you on this chart?
268. Do you prefer planning or winging things?
269. Did you follow Survivor much after you died? If so, what do you think would have happened if you lived and I wanted to hard ally you? 00OJl3Y.png

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i was gonna ask what ur favorite pokemon fangame was but i've been informed it's touhoumon

so uh i'll get back to this

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270. Have you seen Cunk on Britain? If so, what did you think? If not, do so.
271. Do you watch Game of Thrones?
272. Do you like 100%ing games?
273. Most embarrassing moment you’re comfortable sharing?
274. What fictional location would you want to live in?
275. If you could master any one skill in the next second, what would it be?
276. Favorite punctuation mark?
277. Favorite font?
278. Have you ever seen Madoka Magica?
279. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

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They wouldn't let me ask you as Estelle. Oh well. 

1. First impressions of me?

2. Current impressions of me? 

3. Have you forgiven me for Antiheroes yet?

4. Are you really not in love with Iris?

5. What is something you wouldn't stoop to doing to win a Mafia game?

6. OC or NOC?

7. Normal Mafia or EiMM?

8. What's your favorite Mafia game you've ever hosted?

9. What's your favorite Mafia game you've ever played?

10. Town, mafia, or SK?

11. Are you any good at IRL Mafia?

12. Do you want to be a part of the Counting Alliance Reunion?

13. What's one thing you want to see in the next Persona?

14. What's one thing you want to see in the next FE?

15. Whose your favorite FE boy?

16. Whose your favorite FE girl?

17. Do you ever want to be a father?

18. If you had to move to the US which state would you want to live in?

19. What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?

20. What's the most risque thing you've ever done?

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1. why are you so BRITISH

2. have you ever said 'oy m8 u shut yer gabber or ill feckin bust ye jaw i swear on me mum'

3. does a dirty american making fun of you being british offend you

4. i feel someone has asked this but what does SB mean

5.  why do you always get MLd like D1 i genuinely dont get it

6. impression of me before i started making british jokes and after

7. you can invite ppl for a super secret NOC mafia game where everyone will be active and play to their best of their abilities. who do you invite and why (and also who wins)

8. what are some of the best sites outside of SF in terms of mafia ability?

9. what games besides league do you play

10. someone told me refa was your cousin..wait fuck this was you i think nvm

10a. what's refa like IRL?

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280. If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you want?
281. What is something you’re looking forward to this year?
282. What about in the more distant future?
283. What website do you visit most often?
284. What age do you want to live to?
285. Do you tend to stick to your beliefs or are you susceptible to change?
286. What rhetorical fallacies do you find yourself committing the most?
287. What is the dumbest thing you’ve done that ended up turning out really well?
288. What would your autobiography be titled?
289. What chapters would it have?
290. What stereotype do you live up to?

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291. What is the most a stranger has ever done for you?
292. First and current impressions of serenesforest.net user Omega.’s questions?
293. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
294. The worst?
295. Is there any mistake you make repeatedly?
296. What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned?
297. What do you want to be remembered for?
298. If you could make one inedible thing edible, what would it be and what would it taste like?
299. If you were forced to relive one 10-minute period of your life again and again for all eternity, what 10 minutes of your life would you choose? (sleep isn’t an option here)

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4 hours ago, Koneko said:

1 // first / current impression of me?

2 // first / current impression of the nickname steven from stats class?

3 // who are your best champions for each lane in league of legends?

4 // if you had to marry someone in stardew valley, who would it be and why?

5 // what are you majoring in uni and what career do you plan to do after you finish?

1) First: basically the same as with Kim, I didn't really know either of you beyond the fact that you joined EiMMs and seemed to win kinda regularly? Honestly I kinda got the two of you mixed up at this point because your names were similar and I hadn't talked to either of you very much.

Current: I agree with Conq that you're easy to tease and it's really funny. You have funny stories to tell about your wild family like, every other day, you're easy to talk to and it was fun watching the league finals with you. Fuck TL btw.

2) First: "Wait this is amazing wtf lmao. Have the memes gone too far? Meh, I'm just not gonna think about it."

Second: I'm lowkey considering changing my league name to StevenFromStats, so yeah it's still really funny. 

3) I'll give my top 2 per role for all time, because I tend to swap picks a lot.

Top: Camille (honourable mention: Maokai)
Jungle: Ezreal, the meta jungler (honourable mention: Nidalee)
Mid: Lux (honourable mention: Viktor)
ADC: Kog'Maw (honourable mention: Ezreal)
Support: Fiddlesticks (the Fiddlesticks experience is all I need)

Camille: snowballs ridiculously well and scales just as well, does a bit of everything and in general is just pretty fun to play.
Maokai: memes, also he's broken half the time + having a tank is kinda good.
Ezreal: "I think Ezreal jungle is good" - SB "You're high" - Rein *Ezreal goes on to be played at worlds as a jungler*
Nidalee: I enjoy winning for 20 minutes, realising that I am still playing Nidalee afterwards and promptly losing the game 
Lux: I basically learned the game on this champion and I can basically play her without thinking. Also Final Spark is a cool ability name.
Viktor: When Viktor is good he does everything. When he's bad, I cry.
Kog'Maw: He has really good skins and glass cannons are fun. 
Ezreal: Get back in the jungle you nerd.
Fiddlesticks: I played this before it was cool (much to everyone else's disappointment).

I'm currently pretty much a Camille onetrick though, so this list is

4) I haven't actually played enough of Stardew to answer this lol. Maybe we'll find out in Multiplayer?

5) I'm doing a Computing course rn, I don't have a specific career in mind but I want something requires active thought, because I get bored kind of easily.. I've been told that I'd make a good teacher, which I kinda agree with and kinda don't. 

4 hours ago, Kinumi said:

4. thoughts on orange as a colour?

5. what tips would you offer to the general eimm playerbase?

6. what are your eimm strengths/weaknesses?

7. if you were a compulsive self-loverizer, who would you use it on?

8. if you were a compulsive loverizer, who would you use it on?

9. what would you have done in a situation like dp/nego's?

10. if you had a role named after you in all-stars 2, what would it be called?

4) It's a nice colour, but probably a little too bright for me to wear or anything. Super bright oranges are kind of yuck too, so it depends on the shade I guess. 

5) Talk to more people. If I get randed by more than one player in a game, I feel like I probably played badly because I 99% could have had the shots moved away from me had I played better. Only take fights that you know you can win.

6) My strengths are that I'm good at Networking (making people not want to shoot me and gather information) and I'm good at figuring out what a winning endgame looks like for me (and from there, I work backwards and think how to get there). My weaknesses would be caring too much about out of game stuff wrt not wanting to upset people over making the right call sometimes (I've improved on this, but I still have to actively talk myself into this) and generally I can get pretty paranoid and make dumb decisions sometimes as a result of it.

7) It'd be funny to use on Makaze considering our apparent history (I barely remember it aside from All Stars/Zeta lmao) but optimal play I guess would be sticking it on someone like Aquilla or PMM who live until lategame normally by not antagonising others.

8) Makoto + Whoever he has managed to declare war on this game. Also I could do Amy/Jiac so that Amy gets Jiac effected again.

9) As Dp? Shoot Nego. It sucks, but I don't wanna throw the game and have that hanging over me forever.

10) S____ Brit. I'm not sure what the first part would be, but knowing Paperblade it's probably going to be something derogatory. After So Bad, I fully expect it.

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sorry i'm just gonna dump these all on you because i don't wanna be sniped and i gotta go now but feel free to do others' questions first

300. Choose three words to describe yourself to someone you just met.
301. Now write a paragraph of at least four sentences giving greater detail to who, exactly, you are.
302. What do you personally believe the meaning of life is? (if you say 42 I’ll put a 42 on your report card)
303. What is something you really want to do but haven’t done? Why haven’t you done it?
304. Do you get bored often?
305. What would the perfect day be like for you?
306. What does the perfect vacation look like to you?
307. Are you honestly happy?
308. What is the most important thing in your life at the moment?
309. Is there anything you’d like to do to improve your life but haven’t? If so why haven’t you done it?
310. If you could write a letter to yourself seven years in the past, what would you tell him?
311. How have you changed within the past five years?
312. Where do you want to be in five years? Ten years?
313. Would you say you’re more confrontational or passive?
314. Would you say your memory is good, bad, or selective?
315. What is your happiest memory?
316. What’s the most memorable compliment you’ve ever received?
317. What is the best gift you have ever received?
318. What was the best vacation you went on?
319. What do you feel most grateful for in your life?
320. How would you describe your humor?
321. Are you more of a leader or a follower?
322. Do you stick with your New Year's’ resolutions?
323. What were your resolutions for 2018?
324. What is your hidden talent?
325. What achievement are you most proud of?
326. Would you say you treat yourself well?
327. Do you have good time management skills?
328. How do you manage stress?
329. Is there anything you’re currently stressed/worried about?
330. How do you handle disagreements?
331. What is your biggest passion in life?
332. How vivid is your imagination?
333. What hasn’t changed about you since childhood?
334. Do you still talk to any of your friends from childhood?
335. How do I talk to you? :blobsweat:
336. Where would you put yourself on the classic 5x5 alignment chart in EiMM? [good moral neutral impure evil] by [lawful social neutral rebel chaotic]
337. Where would you put yourself on this alignment chart? [adorable cute neutral cool cold] by [pure wholesome neutral edgy blackcoffee]
338. Where would you put yourself on this alignment chart in EiMM? [emotional empathetic neutral logical objective] by [steadfast loyal neutral independent rebellious]
339. What is love to you? (baby don’t hurt me is not an acceptable answer)
340. Do you tend to use the words love and hate freely or reservedly?
341. Did you take Iris’s love languages test if so post results please
342. How wholesome would you rate yourself?
343. What traits do you value in others?
344. What personality traits do you dislike?
345. What do you value most in friendship?
346. What makes someone easy to talk to?
347. Would you add more hours to the day if you could? What would you do with them?
348. Did you ever have an edgy phase? :squint: don’t try to lie
349. How do you deal with anxiety (if you experience it)?
350. If you could do your life over would you change much?
351. What tiny event has made a big impact on your life?
352. What makes you nostalgic?
353. Do you believe in karma?
354. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
355. Do you consider yourself to be fortunate?
356. Do you have any superstitions?
357. What is your most unique trait?
358. What is your best trait?
359. What is your worst trait?
360. What are you self-conscious about?
361. What is the most admirable trait a person can have iyo?
362. What traits/habits do you share with your parents?
363. Do you have any siblings?
364. If you were feeling down, what could your friends do to help you?
365. Are you an idealist or a realist?
366. How different are you with friends as opposed to being alone?
367. How big or small is your personal space?
368. Do you tell lies often? Including white lies.
369. Do you adapt well to change?
370. Choose three words you want other people to describe you with.
371. How would you sort me, Kim, Kitty, and Iris into the Harry Potter houses and why?
372. How would you sort the EiMM server staff into Harry Potter houses?
373. First and current impressions of the Jaburu alliance?
374. How influential are first impressions to you?
375. What is the most inaccurate first impression you’ve ever had?
376. How do you handle people you dislike?
377. What pet peeves do you have?
378. You are given 300,000 British pounds. You can’t invest it, save it, or give it to charity. What do you use it for?
379. You are given another 300,000 pounds that can only be given to charity. Which charities would you donate it to?

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On 9/8/2018 at 8:07 AM, Kinumi said:

381. what are some of your unpopular video game opinions?

382. what’s your favourite game console?

383. do you prefer games with a clear, straightfoward goal or sandboxy kinds of games where you can aimlessly do anything (think animal crossing, tomodachi life)?

384. how highly do you prioritize sidequests?

385. how long have you been playing piano and violin?

386. which one do you enjoy playing more?

387. what instruments do you think are the most pleasant to hear?

388. do you like ballads?

389. what are some of your other favourite ghibli movies?

390. do you like sudoku?

381. I don’t think I have any, mostly because I don’t have many video game opinions. The ones I do aren’t that unpopular (MOBAs are a timesink etc.)

382. PC, just for versability, library, and the fact that I actually own it.

383. I prefer a straightforward goal because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment when I reach it. That said, I enjoy sandbox games if there are a variety of objectives I can meet.

384. I try to 100% all sidequests in every game that I play, which usually means I burn out early while consulting 5 different guides and never finish the game.

385. I started learning both when I was 5 and played until the end of high school. I was given the option to drop one at some point, but I couldn’t choose which one I liked less between the two so I stuck with them both until I left for uni and didn’t take lessons anymore.

386. I enjoy the versatility of piano more and how easy it is to transcribe songs onto the piano (more room to do stuff when you have 2 hands). It’s also easier for me to sightread on the piano, and piano skill doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as violin skill because it’s easier to get consistent tone on a percussion instrument than on a string instrument. Picking up the violin again after not playing for several years was also killer because my posture, finger strength, ability to shift easily and quickly, and ability to play with a smooth tone without screeching were all sunk. THAT SAID, I think playing the violin when I was still in my peak condition was more enjoyable than playing the piano, just because it was more satisfying due to having to manage the skills I mentioned. I also played a lot in orchestras and chamber groups, and that’s a lot funner than playing solo because you get to play a more expanded and exciting repertoire, and it’s also funner to play with friends in an orchestra (not to mention all the fun stuff we did on tour).

387. A string quartet (2 violins, viola, and cello). String instruments are just so silky and smooth to my ears. There’s nothing quite like that vibrato sound either.

388. Ballads are fun yeah, although I don’t know many of them. I like how they usually have more serious/coherent subject matter.

389. I don’t want to list them all so I’ll just say Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa, and Grave of the Fireflies.

390. The weirder the sudoku variant the better! I also like a lot of other Nikoli (original publisher of modern Sudoku) puzzle types, and I have Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection on my phone/laptop which is basically just a reskinned implementation of a lot of these puzzles.

On 9/8/2018 at 8:10 AM, Kinumi said:

391. is there anything you would want people to know before befriending you?

392. how confident are you in your sense of identity? are you still learning who you are?

393. do you consider yourself to be empathetic?

394. what greeting do you find yourself using the most often?

395. lol, lmao, or hahaha

396. what single inanimate object would you want to eliminate from existence?

397. if you were arrested with no explanation, what would your family and friends assume it was for?

398.what single word (different for everyone) would you use to describe each person in my role pm?

  Reveal hidden contents

6596b9261a.png and also tom 

399. what kind of cult would you start? wtf is the icon of your healthy role pm?

400. tell an inside joke with no explanation or context

391. If I don’t say anything in response to something you said, it’s probably not because I’m ignoring you but because I don’t know what to say.


Guide Assets Ibuki 20
It's pretty embarrassing so I don't really want you to make me say it, but... It actually doesn't matter at all whether or not you remember! 'Cause...Hajime is already standing right here. I feel like you're someone who's willing to go far away to search for yourself...
Guide Assets Ibuki 09
But your true self...doesn't actually exist anywhere. The person standing here right now is who you are. The person who's changing every day... That's you.
Guide Assets Ibuki 22
I believe finding yourself means accepting that you're someone who is constantly changing. Even when you're worrying about things, you're still you.

Anyway, I don’t really have a sense of identity and it’s not really important to me insofar that I tried building a coherent sense of identity for myself once, realized it was full of fluctuating contradictions, and decided to just not worry about it. I have certain characteristics that apply to me, certain interests, and a background story. To me, that’s part of my identity, but not a definition of who I am. Most things are mutable, and I don’t like pigeonholing myself into categories because it might become a mental block that stops me from growing into who I want to be. Now THAT SAID, having a stronger sense of identity would help me make certain decisions easier and help me connect with people more. Once I figure out the answer to “what do I want to accomplish with my life,” I’ll probably mold my identity to fit that and work towards it.

393. I’m probably around average. I try to shut off empathy because it gets in the way of my decision making most of the time.

394. hi (both online and irl)


lol - a chuckle

lmao - laughting

LMAO - sides splitting

ahahahahahahahahahahaahaha - so much schadenfreude that I’m banging my fist on the desk

haha - not actually a laugh, but a nervous tic added at the end of a sentence to make things more jokey

396. Not really an object, but the “open office” (not the Apache one) needs to die a fast death.




Family - Attempted suicide.

Friends - Anti-government activity


398. This was way too hard and half of these are probably wrong


Conq - this was the hardest one. adaptable maybe?

Euk - adorkable

Iris - passionate

Kim - exuberant

Kitty - caring

Refa - agreeable

SB - witty

Sylv - grounded

Serela - cheerful

Xin - practical

Tom - charming

399. It’s Tenko from DRV3 making her signature face.

400. Awareness of Color :Kappa:


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4 hours ago, Kinumi said:

11. how would you use a thunderdome?

12. favourite aliases from healthy?

13. iyo, who are the top 3 cutest eimm players ever?

14. what did jaburu do right/wrong during smash? during healthy? either general stuff or specifics idm

15. based off the past two games, what are my biggest weaknesses? what can i do to improve?

11) Immediately during Night 1 to start a war without saying a word to anyone (get popular people involved and watch all their allies kill each other). I have three reasons for this: 1) I really just want a dome to actually go off one of these days. 2) If you know the war is coming, you can stay out of it. 3) It'd be really, really funny to watch.

12) Pompous Ass, CPR dog, lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to, OH NO WHY IS EUKLYD DMING ME, Esclabor, fortnitegamer2000wins

13) PMM, Nice Sage, Kim

14) You actually played like allies, working together to gather information and communicated well within your alliance and with others outside of it. Jaburu is kinda in a weird spot in that it's pretty much a public alliance, but you still manage to make it work. I think that target prioritisation is probably the biggest thing for you to improve on as a group (figuring out who the biggest threats are ahead of time before they turn on you). This was more noticeable in Healthy without Sylv, but it was still present there too in that you got kinda blindsided on N5 when you all lost BPVs.

15) One suggestion I have would be to think more about what other players in the game are doing. Would they have a reason to lie to you, and how likely is that scenario? I'm not saying that you should distrust everyone, but for example you took Sully at his word in Smash when he had good reason to shoot you.

4 hours ago, Kinumi said:

16. what can i do to make my role pm's more enjoyable/interesting/whatever for hosts in future games?

16) You do a good job as it is tbh. You say what you're thinking and make funny posts + charts + memes. Outside of more charts or something I'm kind of drawing a blank because you've had one of the most entertaining role pms to read for me anyway.

4 hours ago, Kinumi said:

17. whats your favourite gradient

Uh, blue->green is kinda nice if that's what you mean.

2 hours ago, IfIHadToPickADude said:

1.) Are you absolute certain you want 999+ questions asked? Can you even handle that?

2.) Are you even human? 'Cause something about accepting 999+ questions seems a little suspect.

3.) Thoughts on the Etrian Odyssey series?

4.) Thoughts on these three tracks from Etrian Odyssey?

5.) Thoughts on Danganronpa?

6.) Thoughts on Ghost?

7.) Thoughts on the Ace Attorney series?

8.) Favorite/Least Favorite Fire Emblem trope?

9.) If you were able to bend reality to your will, what will be some of the first things you do?

10.) Favorite Oceania country?

11.) Least favorite country from North/Middle/South America?

12.) Least favorite Fire Emblem game?

13.) Anything you think is overhyped?

1) You might not know me, but I'm kind of a maniac. I'd be disappointed if I didn't get asked 999 questions at this point.

2) Rejecting questions is lame (unless they're bad questions, like stuff that makes other people uncomfortable) so I'd rather just answer them tbh.

3) I played one of the games for maybe 2 hours? It wasn't my thing. It felt like it was kind of a pain to get into wrt difficulty and learning curve, and the draw your own maps thing was more of an annoyance than a neat little thing. Also I heard that there was lots of grinding involved, and I would rather avoid that if possible.

4) They're good? I'm not stunned or anything, but they're solid. I get Bravely Default vibes, but a little worse.

5) I have lots of thoughts on Danganronpa. Will gush in another post.

6) They are spooky. I dunno what you're referring to specifically and google is obviously sure either. Whoops. 

7) I played half of the first game and it was okay, but I didn't really get drawn into it. I enjoy the character's names, if nothing else, and maybe I'll give them another try at some point because the last time I did was maybe... five years ago or something now, and I could see myself possibly enjoying them.

8) Favourite: Camus/Christmas Knights. Least favourite: I can't really think of one off the top of my head. Maybe Oifayes, but that's just because pure Jeigans are cooler game designwise imo.

9) Flying would be cool, and I could probably use it to skip out on a bunch of menial tasks. I think I'd be hesitant to make huge changes right away because it would make things disgenuine, if that makes sense? But finding a way to deal with pollution, world hunger etc would be somewhere on my to do list if I had the power and had some time to think it through.

10) New Zealand is the best Zealand. I've never been there (or outside of Europe in general) so I really don't have an opinion on any of these countries.

11) Chile has a dumb looking flag, so I'll pick them,

12) FE12 can burn. I don't like FE4 very much either, but it's not actively offensive. 

13) Probably a lot of things? If I'm not interested in something, I just tend to keep to myself because there's no point dragging down a conversation unless someone is trying to convince you that your point of view is wrong (in which case, go ahead and flame the fuck out of them or w/e).

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26 minutes ago, SB. said:

13) PMM, Nice Sage, Kim


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12 minutes ago, Kinumi said:


They're number 4.

Edited by SB.

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Mysteries are cool but I'm lazy, and it's nice to have a closed room cast of mostly memorable characters in each game. Monokuma is great and I don't think the series would be the same without him, and I enjoy Danganronpa's self-awareness and willingness to play with their tropes so long as they do it well. It's definitely weird and a little crazy, but the overly complicated murders and shit is fun and it was nice in V3 to actually be solving them for myself for a change rather than just reading along with LPs on autopilot.


Naegi is a kind of shit protagnist until Danganronpa 3, where I liked him a little bit more. I sort of get why he was bland and generic (first game syndrome), but he was really carried by his supporting cast which is kind of lame.

Sayaka is a kind of whatever character (sorry Conq!) but her dying to me was completely out of the blue and definitely made me think "shit anyone can die here" when reading the first LP and I think that she could have had more potential had she lived longer. 

I think I'm one of the only people who actually liked Hifumi, partly because I never took him seriously and partly because he constantly made me laugh because he's a massive fucking nerd. KILLING IS NOT WELCOME IN A SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT however and Ishimaru getting smacked was lame, although I'm not sure where his character would have gone after he FUSED SOULS WITH MONDO I KIND OF FORGOT THAT PART. I wish that he lived instead of like... Hina I guess.

Togami is just incredibly entertaining to watch, as the smug asshole that he is, which I'm kind of glad about because I think Danganronpa 1 had the most "meh" characters and was carried more by its premise than the other two games were. TELL THEM, NAEGI is also a great meme.

Kirigiri was cool and intriguing, and I kinda felt for Makoto in that I wanted to trust her as well, but was never 100% sure. I also just happen to enjoy characters who try and break the game in their own way (Kirigiri's investigations) and Trial 5 in retrospect was by far my favourite trial of the first game. Actually, that kind of goes for all of the games, but it definitely captured the feeling of "this shit is rigged", and obscuring information within the trial was interesting and not really touched on again in V3. Kirigiri's willingness to sacrifice Makoto really sold her character to me (and this isn't just because I think he's boring lmao) by showing that yes, she will do something morally dubious if that's what it takes to win. Part of me wishes that Makoto actually died there to have a larger impact, but I guess that would have made V3 a little less impactful wrt Trial 1.

Weedlord is great. Thanks Weedlord. I don't really care about the other survivors very much.

I didn't see the twist coming becuase I was binging this shit on LParchive, but I dunno if I would have. I think that DR1 played with its setting and the mystery behind the situation very well (unlike 2 where it's basically an afterthought lol) but the ending was kinda... sudden and meh. I liked it at first, but SYMBOL OF HOPE NAEGI kinda felt like an easy out. I was still hype af to jump into the DR2 LP though.


They really didn't give a fuck about the setting/plot lmao did they? I'm a little salty that the entire killing game was orchestrated more heavily by Komaeda than Monokuma in terms of causing chaos, but Nagito is a magnificent bastard at least so there's that. I think that this game was really carried by its characters, which were more lively than their DR2 counterparts for the most part, but Akane, Mikan and Kazuichi are all dogshit. You won't convince me otherwise. Why did two of them have to survive?

Hajime is a cool MC dude. I liked that he was actually like "hey what the fuck is going on here guys" when everyone else was just chill, and generally he was more assertive and brash than Naegi so even though he was the player proxy, he had a lot more character and oomph than Naegi did I think. The Izuru Kamakura thing was also pretty cool, and I thought that fear of the future was a less... whatever point of conflict than hope vs despair. I liked the ending better before Danganronpa 3 happened though just because it felt too easy lmao, but I liked how Hajime was able to gather his resolve in the last trial with Chiaki's help, because it felt like a more satisfying outcome than Danganronpa 1's last trial.

SPEAKING OF CHIAKI adanasdimnsadiasndinfsaiwiwjqi Trial 5 hurts my heart. Chiaki was super kind all game long, and then having to convict her for something she'd done totally unknowingly was brutal. Especially while everyone else was arguing for her innocence, UNDERSTANDABLY BECAUSE I WOULDN'T WANT IT TO HAVE BEEN HER EITHER, and the responsibility being put on Hajime to condemn her was fucking brutal. I don't like DR3 Chiaki much because she's kind of a massive Sue, but watching her die again still hurts.

Komaeda is my least favourite rival in the series just because he's kind of close to complete and utter insanity, but he's still a good character and everything. I liked how he was basically a corruption of Naegi and was as more interesting take on the hope schtick in basically every way. I thought that he would be mostly harmless after Trial 1 and I'm glad that he proved me wrong lategame, albeit in the worst way possible BY KILLING TWO OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS IN THE SAME TRIAL.

Fuyuhiko had a satisfying character arc and I'm glad that he still remained a little rough around the edges, even at he end. Peko sucked tho lol I really don't like characters who are just like "yeah I'm a tool" because it's so dumb and idt I can ever get into that.

Sonia and Gundham were a cute ship (fuck off Kazuichi, nobody wants you here). They were both really ridiculous and funny, and Gundham going out the way he did was good shit. He was incredibly hammy, like holy moly, but he was so good at the same time and he took the spotlight in every scene he was in. I was less attached to him than some of the other characters, but losing him still hurt a lot. 

The twist with "you're all the Ultimate Despairs" was cool, but I don't think that it was built up very well so much as all thrown you in endgame which is kind of a drag. I also thought the motives in 2 were kinda lame (3 and 4 especially, even though crazy!Mikan is an improvement over her regular character tbh) so yeah I'm glad that this game had very likeable characters.

V3 tomorrow, it's 2am and I probably have more to say than I have about these two games. 

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On 9/8/2018 at 10:12 AM, Kinumi said:

401. has your answer upgraded from an 8 to a 10 yet?

401. You actually got downgraded to a 6.5 after Refa posted 520 questions in one go, rip.

On 9/8/2018 at 10:21 AM, Kinumi said:

402. did you enjoy last night?

403. are there any songs whose instrumentals you enjoy more than the song itself?

404. rank story, art, gameplay, soundtrack, and characters in order of how much they matter to you in a game (also feel free to include any elements i didn't mention)

405. do you like swimming?

406. do you like writing? what kind of writing??

407. are you fond of poetry?

408. what kind of puzzles do you enjoy solving most?

409. do you consider yourself to be an artistic person?

410. if you have access to mspaint or something similar right now, can you draw something you think i’d like? nothing that requires too much effort, please

402. Late, but yes, I enjoyed it. It's been a while since I did something like that, and the atmosphere of the group was fun.

403. Hmm, I can't think of any off the top of my head. To me, the instrumentals are important to a song but almost never supersede the song itself unless the vocals are just completely terrible.

404. Gameplay > Characters > Story > Art > Soundtrack. If the gameplay isn't decent I probably get bored within a few hours. Characters help keep me invested along with story, but characters slightly win out because a bad story with good characters is probably still more interesting than a good story with bad characters (that I'd probably get frustrated at). Art and soundtrack are goodies but not necessary, but art is more important as it's possible to play a game muted.

405. I...can't swim. Well, I can do a few elementary strokes but only for about the length of a swimming pool before I screw up my breathing. I've always had a fear of the water/drowning, I guess maybe linked to some bad swimming pool experiences when I was young.

406. I like writing little vignettes and short stories just to explore an idea or someone else's mindset. It's been a while since I finished anything though.

407. I like poetry in general, although I haven't really explored it much. One poem I really liked was The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

408. The puzzles I like the most are usually puzzles where I can use information/skills that I already possessed beforehand: e.g., there was a puzzle involving geology and stratigraphy I really enjoyed. Otherwise, I enjoy puzzles that are cleverly made or have interesting twists that make me go "aha."

409. No. Musical, maybe, but not artistic by any means.

410. image.png.6acb7d6521052d603a309675aad97d51.png

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omg cute mspaint :sheepaww:

also since sb is deferring my qs i'll just dump the rest i have

380. What interesting thing have you seen on the local news recently?
381. Do you pay much attention to international news?
382. What do you like most about mafia?
383. What do you like most about EiMM?
384. What are your first and current impressions of EiMM?
385. How would you describe your EiMM playstyle?
386. Your Real Mafia™ playstyle for town and scum?
387. How honest are you in EiMM on a scale of Zeo to Refa?
388. Do you think you’re good at lying?
389. What playstyles mesh well with yours?
390. What is your ideal (realistic) role?
391. What is your ideal (unrealistic) role?
392. How emotionally invested do you get in EiMM?
393. How do you pronounce EiMM?
394. How do you pronounce MotK?
395. Stab Shoot Sheep Jaburu
396. Would you really namekill me if it came down to that? :blobsweat:
397. What’s your most memorable EiMM moment?
398. NOC moment?
399. How much of success in EiMM is attributed to luck iyo?
400. What makes the perfect ally?
401. Do you think you’re good at reading people?
402. In what circumstances would you throw the game?
403. Is there any legal role that you think should be banned?
404. Is there any illegal role that you think should be unbanned?
405. Do you like the new or old meta more?
406. Have you ever played mafia irl?
407. What aliases do you tend to rand?
408. Your hardest ally is tied to one train track and five less-hard/soft allies to the other. Choo choo motherfucker, a train is coming for your hard ally. Do you push the lever to direct the train to your five softs or do you let it run over your hard ally?
409. Do you have a flowchart for EiMM?
410. How would you define a power player?
411. What would your irl flip video be?
412. What would your irl death flavor be?
413. What’s your opinion on my EiMM playstyle?
414. Your impressions of Jaburu’s spreadsheet for Smash?
415. If Refa were dead, which SF mafia player would you marry?
416. Would you play epicmafia with us again??
417. How likely is it that Jaburu would get n1’d/namekilled if we all played in the same game again?

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V3 V3 V3 OH BOY (spoilers inside)

This is actually the only Danganronpa game that I played through on my own (as opposed to reading LPs and never being bothered to actually play the games myself, heh). I absolutely love V3 with both setting and cast, and it felt like the individual characters had a lot more impact on the outcome than in the other games where there were a lot of characters just on for the ride.

KAEDE DIED TOO YOUNG ;-; I was actually spoiled on her death because of an offhand comment I made to a friend about "man what the PoV character actually kills someone that'd be wild" and then it actually happened. Having an actually assertive protagonist was good because it felt like we were actually driving the plot forwards, and her contrast with Shuichi later in the game is something I really like as well. Also, Saimatsu is OTP. Kaede killing Rantaro (or at least, thinking that she killed Rantaro) led to trial 1 just being a huge emotional rollercoaster, which just had me thinking "fuck..." at the end and putting the game down for months, even though I enjoyed it.

Speaking of Rantaro, I was like WTF when he died because the Ultimate ??? would always live until lategame, and all of his cryptic shit was giving me Kirigiri vibes until he just got dunked by the ball. He's also just really chill for the most part and I think that an AU where Rantaro lives interests me more than Kaede living AUs (although the latter are a lot more common), at least on a conceptual level. Maybe if Kaito actually needed the bathroom, Rantaro would take him to the library and Kaito would actually get nailed by Kaede's trap, meaning that Tsumugi wouldn't intervene to force a killing, and everyone would be like "wow Rantaro is so fucking suspicious", and also I just kinda wonder how the game would go without Kaito as a positive influence (because Shuichi kinda needed Kaede and Kaito to grow and gain confidence in himself). It's interesting headspace to explore, anyway.

I didn't actually like Shuichi too much at first (especially because I was hoping that the protagonist shift would be to Maki, when Shuichi was kind of a doormat) but he definitely grew on me over time. I like how he actually made an attempt to catch the mastermind earlygame (even if that kinda got discarded later, welp) and he had a solid character arc, even if the game shoved it in your face a little bit at points.

I think Shuichi/Kaito/Kokichi was also the best trio in the series with how they play off of each other. Kaito helps Shuichi a lot wrt teaching him to trust himself and have belief in others, but then Kokichi is able to shake that belief in Trial 4 with Gonta to show that you need to doubt others sometimes and that your actions need to have a basis in logic as well. Belief vs Doubt is an interesting dynamic, and Shuichi ends up planted firmly in the middle. In general I think Shuichi ends up being a very balanced and grounded character, while still coming across as his own person with insecurities and weaknesses that prevent him from just feeling bland and generic like Naegi to me. Also, I he gained a lot of points in endgame.

I already talked a little bit about Kaito but fuck dude, everyone needs a friend like Kaito. He's ridiculous, kinda stupid and over the top, but he has this infectious kind of energy about him and his larger than life personality always makes me smile. At first I thought this guy would just be Leon 2.0, and that it was all just an act, but nope. He's just a genuinely good dude who believes in others, and that kind of pure belief can really be a difference maker and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't wanna be a little bit like Kaito lol. He's such a bro.

Kokichi is the kind of guy who I would hate hate hate hate hate to know irl, but he's the best character in the series for me and should have won Antihero Mafia. Fuck you Paperblade. I thought that Kokichi was just generically kind of annoying at first and kind of Nagito-like in that hs just seemed to be there to cause chaos, but after realising that the guy wasn't actually completely off his rocker (only slightly! heh) he grew on me a lot. In general he and Kaito have the most fun dialogue to read (whether they're on their own or playing off of each other) and it's really fucking cool to see Kokichi take control of the game, if only for a little while. This isn't even a "yeah Monokuma cba in DR2 so Nagito just goes batshit and lies about a bomb" kind of takeover, Kokichi fucking breaks the spirits of most of the living cast in order to try and and end the game.

In general, what V3 did really well was having different characters all trying to stop or nullify the game in their own way. Kaede encouraged everyone to try and escape through the tunnel minigame, even though everyone kinda hated it. Shuichi had his plan to try and expose the mastermind, and then Kaede modified it, even if it went horribly awry. Rantaro's suspicion of everyone else and attempts to get into the library were cool and he definitely kept the air of mystery around him when he died, which was kinda neat. Part of me wondered if he was actually gonna somehow he bullshitted as the mastermind (hey Junko) just because he died so early. Angie's "let's live here together forever" thing was selfish and manipulative as fuck, but it's another approach to stopping the killings (and would have gone fine actually, had Kiyo not been Kiyo, since Monokuma was doing jack shit by that point). Also Angie is hilarious and I love bye-onara, it's really funny to say.

What Kokichi did though was definitely my favourite just because he forced the issue so hard that the mastermind actually had to take action to stop him. He basically hijacked the entire game and through me through a fucking loop. I was like... "I don't think he'd actually be the mastermind but WTF WTF WTF" and honestly mid trial 4 (from "the culprit is Gonta" onwards) until endgame is one hell of a ride in general. But uh yeah the point I'm getting at here is that in Danganronpa 1 it felt like only Kirigiri was really trying to find a way out, and in Danganronpa 2 nobody was really doing anything aside from damage control, whereas V3's cast explored the setting a lot better and were generally just more colourful than any of the previous casts.

I could probably say more but this is really long as it is and you can just ask me more about Danganronpa if you really want to.

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