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Julius Nepos

SF Interviews 2.0 - Florete

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21. what steps can jaburu take to improve/what advice would you give in regards to threat prioritization in eimm :megathink:

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On 11/09/2018 at 7:53 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

12. What genre interests you the most?
13. Do you enjoy horror movies?
14. Which cliches in literature/media do you like?
15. Which ones do you dislike?
16. What’s your favorite anime archetype?
17. Which archetype do you identify with the most?
18. What is a quote that speaks to you?
19. What kind of music do you like?
20. Your top three musical artists?
21. Do you listen to happy or sad music when you’re feeling down? Why?
22. Tell me about an obscure musician I probably don’t know.

12) Slice of Life/Drama stuff I guess. 

13) Not really, I jump easily enough as it is with non horror stuff so I really don't really need those in my life.

14) True love/fated love or whatever because I'm a massive softie. Also, underdog stories are a lot of fun when done well + believably (as a result of hard work than just random chance).

15) Pointless love triangles for no reason, characters being put on a pedestal for no reason, blank slate characters for the reader to project themselves onto.

16) Uh... Idk if this counts, but characters who are conflicted between multiple sides (let's say their family and their ideals) and are forced to choose between the two.

17) Again, I'm not really sure if this counts but I'd say that in Coming of Age stories I see parts of myself and part of what I want to be? 

18) "I don't mind losing to someone, but I won't be beaten by myself."

19) I'm a useless weeb for the most part and just listen to whatever autoplays on Youtube or what people include in Discord music chats. I don't dislike English music but I feel completely out of touch with it for the most part and tend to like individual songs over artists anyway.  

20) Idk about top 3, but Nano, Kotoko and Faylan came to my head pretty quickly.

21) I can't do happy music when I'm feeling down. I tend to gravitate less towards outright sad songs and more towards ones with bittersweet lyrics. I don't think that wallowing in sadness is a good thing, but if something makes you upset then it's important to acknowledge it while also reassuring yourself that things will get better. 

22) Uh... maybe Against the Current? I'm pretty awful at describing music, so I'll just link some shit instead. One two  three. I'm really not a good person to ask this question because I tend to absorb most of my musical tastes from friends or coincidence.

On 11/09/2018 at 8:04 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

23. Can you dance? If you can, what styles of dance?
24. When’s your next concert?
25. Your top five video games?
26. Would you be interested in a virtual reality mmo?
27. What would your own virtual reality look like?
28. What’s your favorite video game genre?
29. Your top five anime?
30. What's the most episodes you’ve binged in one sitting?
31. Your top three manga?
32. Do you read manga flipping left to right (Japanese way) or right to left (usual way)?
33. Are you interested in traditional drawing/painting at all?

23) I haven't tried for years, iirc no way lmao.

24) Whenever Kim and I can do our duet, I guess.

25) Persona 5 and Danganronpa V3, and otherwise nothing else really comes close to those three so I probably would just leave it there? The rest of the list would probably be random nostalgia games (Pokemon Blue, Donkey Kong Country, the first Spyro trilogy and Sonic Heroes all come to mind here) but it doesn't feel quite the same. I guess I could put League there, but it doesn't feel quite right either. Eh.

26) If it was really good, sure? I'm not sure if I would actually use the RPG elements too much instead of just using it as a way to explore cool places and settings, because MMOs in general don't really interest me much because of their grindy nature and I kind of like having an endpoint to things.

27) Magic infused nature, I guess? There would be things like weird floating islands, a lot of different areas and climates and a couple of cool large cities scattered around, so that if I wanted to find people the opportunity would be there, but also I'd just be able to chill on my own with my thoughts if I felt like it.

28) RPGs, even if I don't stick with a lot of them. Good RPGs tend to have more interesting settings+characters than other genres and they tend to hit a good balance of "freedom to do what you want" and "oh god there's too much to do so I don't want to do anything now".

29) Hibike/3gatsu/YLIA already answered, but other good things I've watched I would say were Fate Zero/UBW, My Hero Academia, Re:Zero, Hanasaku Iroha and HunterxHunter. I'm kinda hesitant to say which are my favourites because I feel like I'm very prone to recency bias and my opinions tend to shift from time to time anyway.

30) I ran all of Fate Zero (26 episodes?) in one day. It was great, but I'm never doing that again.

31) My Hero Academia, 3gatsu, idk what the third is because I really don't read manga very often. 

32) Uh, right to left? I'm not totally sure if I understand this question.

33) They can be nice to look at, but I don't think I'd be super invested in them unless I understood the artists' intent for whatever reason (without it being incredibly obvious, because subtle symbolism and stuff like that is something that I enjoy, and when it's obvious that kind of ruins the fun).

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7 minutes ago, Kinumi said:

22. fmk xinnidy’s role pm kim’s role pm conq’s role pm (healthy)

Marry Conq’s Role PM because it seems like the kind of place to raise a stable and loving family. Fuck Kim’s because it was more chaotic but a lot of fun, and then kill Xinnidy’s Role PM as the leftover in spite of my appreciation of gnome memes.

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:06 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

34. What subject did you like the most in school and why?
35. What subject did you like the least? (and why)
36. Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner?
37. Do you learn better on your own or in a classroom setting?
38. How do you take notes?
39. Did you get in trouble much at school?
40. What was the worst thing you did in a school setting?
41. Describe one or two memorable teachers you had.
42. Building on Kitty's question, how come you chose the major you chose?
43. Are you good at public speaking/presenting in general?
44. Do you ever rehearse phone calls?

34) I liked English Language because I actually did well in it at the end. I also just found breaking down the different ways people talk/write for different purposes interesting, and the coursework wasn't too bad because we had enough free reign with it to pick something interesting (although I don't really remember what I picked now lmao). I did pretty badly in it at first, but I appreciate the extra stuff my teachers did for me to help me turn my grades around in it because bc I think it was a big difference maker.

35) I had the same French teacher for like... 3 years? And she was the most boring teacher I've ever had, and killed any enjoyment that I was ever going to get out of the subject I think. And just when I thought I'd finally escaped her by not taking French at A-Level, she ends up being my second year General Studies teacher. When I found out, I wanted to stab myself, even though my previous teacher had been a complete dumpster fire as well. He was the "hello fellow kids" kind of guy, and I distinctly remember him yelling "epic fail" once and the entire class just looked at each other and cringed. I've never seen reaction quite like it.

36) Iirc the last time I did a test, I came up as like 45/45/10 visual/kinesthetic/auditory or something similar to that. I'm not very good at just being told something and accepting it (lol), I usually need to understand why something works for it to be more than a forgettable statistic or definition to me. Also I can have a kind of short attention span so I prefer reading to listening because I'm able to take things at my own pace rather than going too slowly or too quickly and losing interest.

37) Initial learning (like, first finding out about something) tends to go better for me in a classroom because it's easier to build from a starting point than do everything from scratch yourself. When it comes to solidifying knowledge/researching, I think I get on better with that while I'm on my own because I have more time to read around a topic and make sure that I actually understand it, rather than just regurgitating what I've heard from class or mystery website X.

38) Uh, they're usually scribbly messes that I don't look too much at which I guess is kind of a waste? I'd normally default to past papers, reading over teaching resources and similar stuff over my own notes just because I'm not particularly well organised. Writing things out helps me to solidify things in my head, but generally it's definitely more of a "for the present" thing instead of a future reference.

39) Nope, I was too quiet and well-mannered to ever really get into trouble for much. I'd miss homework every now and then because I was scatterbrained and irresponsible, but we had these charts that graded us from A-D for things like homework, behaviour, punctuality and stuff alongside our target grades while we were younger and I think I only ever got A-Bs, with maybe one exception? I only ever got one detention in secondary school, and it was for not getting my homework planner signed by my parents WHICH IS THE DUMBEST THING EVER AND I COULD HAVE JUST FORGED IT ON THE DAY LIKE HALF MY CLASS DID but I was like "nooo forging signatures is wrong" so I just took the loss. 

40) There was one time when it was snowing, and me and a bunch of friends were throwing snowballs against he wall of one of the school buildings. We were aiming for a bunch of letters that were stuck to the wall, and we ended up knocking one off the side of the building. There weren't any teachers around, so we ran over to grab it, buried it in a mound of snow and waited for it to melt a few days later. Tbh, nothing else really sticks out.

41) My Maths teacher for GCSE and A-Level played poker professionally for England at one point? One of the girls in my class found a video of it online and we spent the majority of the next lesson talking about it. In general our GCSE class was awesome because GCSEs were incredibly easy to the point that I'd say we wasted 50% of our time in lessons talking about random stuff (rip Dmitri the egg lover) and getting ridiculously off-topic and we still all got the grades we wanted. He was just a really cool teacher and was passionate about his subject, which goes a long way towards making classes more enjoyable imo.

42) I struggled at A-Level and mostly hated it. I'm not going to go too much into detail here, but the tl;dr of it is personal hangups and self-esteem issues and shit caught up with me and I wasn't really able to deal with it because alone because I was still really immature, but I was too scared to ask for help so I mostly bombed. I worked fulltime for the best part of a year after that and then went back to a completely different course. I did the first year with uh... basically no difficulties whatsoever and top grades, so they asked me if I wanted to move up to the University level course so I skipped ahead to that. I was kind of apprehensive at first because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle it, but I'm in a way better headspace than I was back in A-Level and the first year went way better than I expected. :muscle:

43) I'm okay at it. It makes me nervous and I don't really like doing it, but as long as I know the thing that I'm talking about I can get through it without too many issues. I just try to tell myself that the audience wants you to do well and be interesting/informative, and it's a little easier for me when I know that people want me to succeed.

44) Phone calls don't really bother me so I just wing them (outside of job interviews, maybe, but I've never really had a phone interview before since they've all been in person). They used to spook me a lot and I would just prefer emails, but as I got older I've realised that I just prefer to get things out of the way with direct responses, and being able to ask questions to clarify details at the time (instead of shooting off a huge ugly email chain) is useful. 

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14 hours ago, Kinumi said:

20, i think?. in what ways are we alike?

20) I dunno how much of this is accurate and how much of it is my gut being wrong, but imo:
-We're both cautious/shy around new people (I think I'm just better at hiding it).
-We want to be authentic with others but are kind of scared that we'll get hurt by it.
-We're both deeply empathetic towards friends, or people we want to be our friends. 
-We overthink things a lot and don't always realise when someone actually likes us (rather than just being polite) unless they spell it out for us.

14 hours ago, Kinumi said:

21. what steps can jaburu take to improve/what advice would you give in regards to threat prioritization in eimm :megathink:

My prioritisation of threats usually goes:

Immediate threats: People who are going to shoot you that night.
Future threats: People who will probably shoot you later on if you can't keep them preoccupied with something else.
Wildcards: People who do weird things that you can't really predict.
Influential strangers: People who have lots of friends, providing that you aren't one of them.
Endgame roles: Things like roleblockers which can really screw up endgame plans.

I dunno how well this suits you and it's possible that I'm missing something, but I honestly I don't think it through too much and I think my intuition for this kind of thing is pretty good because I've played a lot of scumgames in NOC and it's kind of a transferable skillset.

22 minutes ago, Kinumi said:

23. which tomodachi life personality do you identify with most?

Easygoing Dreamer/Softie. I'm not sure which.

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24. idk if im wording this well (lmk if i need to clarify) but, gamewise, what does jaburu lose with each member's death/absence? or i guess how would


function compared to jaburu as a whole :megathink:

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:08 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

45. How do you become better friends with someone you share no interests with
46. Do you prefer story-oriented or gameplay-orientated games?
47. What difficulty do you usually select when playing a new game?
48. Do you prefer long-range or melee attackers?
49. Do you play any other MOBAs?
50. What game have you spent the most time on?
51. What game have you spent the most money on?
52. Your favorite one-liner from a game?
53. Do you usually have a nickname theme for your Pokémon?
54. What are some highlight moments in your Pokémon Reborn playthrough with PB?
55. What consoles do you own?
56. Which Fire Emblem games have you played?
57. Why is your favorite FE your favorite?
58. Opinion on horror games?

45) Try and become interested in the things that they enjoy. Even if you don't get it, if it's something they're enthusiastic about, a lot of the time people will be more than happy to gush about their favourite hobby to someone who will willingly listen (because a lot of the time you don't get a chance to do that).

46) Uh, gameplay > story in general, but DRV3 is kind of the exception to the rule? In that I don't think that it's particularly amazing gameplaywise, but the plot is definitely why I'm invested there. I don't expect any kind of good story from Fire Emblem and would just prefer IS to get the gameplay right because it's supposed to be a strategy RPG, but if you get good enough at it a lot of the games are kind of exploitable.

47) If I'm familiar and comfortable with the series, I'll choose a higher difficulty level. If I don't know it or I'm not confident, I'll start on Normal or the equivilant. I feel like a cheater when I play on Easy mode.

48) Range for the most part, but there are always going to be exceptions to the rule. 

49) No, League is (often more than) enough for me lol. MOBAs are a time sink and you need to dedicate a lot of hours to get to a baseline level to get good anyway, so I'm fairly sure that if I had to start playing League again now that I wouldn't really get into it again.

50) League.

51) Also League. >.>

52) Anything Kled says is hilarious.

53) It generally varies from playthrough to playthrough, but I've used Fire Emblem names a few times and stuff like that. When I did a lot of Nuzlockes, I would name every Abra that I caught Mark (Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV). They all died RIP.

54) Um, it's been a long time, but anything notable involving Serious Discussion, Corey on the bridge and I remember Amaria's incident very clearly, although that's a fairly recent thing.

55) Switch, PS4, 3DS, a bunch of things I don't use anymore (Wii/DS/PS2/PS1/SNES, maybe some other stuff that I don't remember).

56) To completion: FE2, FE6, FE7, FE8, FE10, FE11, FE13, Birthright, FE15

I've played basically every game except for FE1/FE3 to some extent. Conquest is sitting in Lunatic Endgame and I really don't have the heart to finish it because of no saving between chapters.

57) ...In spite of this, for the most part Conquest has the best map design in the series, in that it feels challenging (no easy exploits) while avoiding the statchecky feeling of the DS games and allowing for enough flexibility to do what you want.

58) Uh, I guess I prefer them to movies because I cant take them at my own pace, but I'm still not a big fan. Also they take longer than movies to finish, so that's kind of a turnoff too.

Edited by SB.

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:09 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

59. Do you have a favorite myth? What is it?
60. Favorite mythological figure?
61. Favorite mythical creature?
62. Do you pay much attention to fashion?
63. What is your favorite article of clothing you own? (pics if you can please!)
64. How often do you go shopping? For clothes or otherwise
65. Favorite brand of clothing?
66. What is comfy and easy to wear??
67. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
68. Briefly describe them if you do, but if you don’t, would you want any?
69. Do you regularly wear any accessories?
70. How would you describe your aesthetic?

59) I don't really have one in particular, but I read the Percy Jackson books A LOT when I was younger, so Greek mythology has always been kinda interesting to me. 

60) Loki? Trickster type characters are always interesting to me.

61) Dragons are a classic. 

62) Not really, I'm kind of clueless lol. The most deliberate thing I'll do is wear odd socks from the same set because I know it annoys my parents (and that's mostly not visible anyway). I don't think my fashion sense is completely terrible, but I kinda wish that I knew more about it.

63) I'm not at home right now, but I really don't have a favourite item of clothing that immediately jumps to mind. I bought some kinda smart stuff earlier in the week for the sake of having variety in my wardrobe again (because I ruined my old favourite shirt by spilling hot chocolate on it RIP) 

64) Ngl the first time I ever went clothes shopping on my own was this Monday this week. Brooke said that she'd help me pick things out but I didn't end up following through on that partly bc I was nervous and it felt like a personal victory if I did it completely on my own, in a weird way. I'm more of a window shopper than anything else, aside from buying food and basic stuff like that.

65) Because of the above, I'd say that I really don't have one rn. I'll get there some day.

66) T-shirts and hoodies mostly.

67) I don't.

68) I don't really like how piercings look (aside from earrings), and I've never really got the appeal of tatoos either. I'm also fairly sure that I would get bored of them if I had one and want to get rid of it over time too, so there's that lol.

69) Nah. I've gone through watch phases, but I've never had one that I like enough to keep using (and I just prefer my phone anyway for checking the time because I use it regularly enough).

70) ...I wouldn't say that it's "I showed up", but generally it's just "what's comfortable and won't make me hate myself in this weather" and a bunch of mostly inoffensive clothing. I don't like shirts that are just straight up one colour with no variety very much, but I try not to stand out either.

Edited by SB.

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hi sebby (this is lenny)

1) first impressions of me

2) favorite mafia and/or eimm story

3) favorite animal, and why

4) if you were an animal, what would you be, and why

5) imagine you created an original anime. describe the plot, the main characters, and any other special features. 

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10 minutes ago, undine's breath said:

hi sebby (this is lenny)

1) first impressions of me

2) favorite mafia and/or eimm story

3) favorite animal, and why

4) if you were an animal, what would you be, and why

5) imagine you created an original anime. describe the plot, the main characters, and any other special features. 

1) In mafia: "Wait this person is actually insane do we need to shoot her???"

Outside of mafia: "Wow they outright said that they want to be friends with me, I guess I should give her a shot."

2) I've already said a lot of stories about regular mafia, but I remember in EiMM Brooke and I VCed for like 30 minutes straight to just scream at each other and panic about the game while getting nothing done lmao. It was absolute gold. Also, putting the fear of god bus drivers into Makaze in All Stars.

3) Hm... penguins are kinda cute and they do the "birds that can't fly" thing better than dodos and stuff... because they aren't dead, I guess. Piplup memes also probably help this. 

4) I think that I'd want to be a bird of some kind, but idk what I'd be really (and no Alette, I am not a sheep).

5) I'd probably use the premise for the story that I eventually want to write one day that has been swimming around my head for 3-4 years now? The basic premise of it is that a prince ends up meeting a runaway who tags along with him for a diplomacy mission that spirals out of control, and both of them help the other grow over time into more mature and grounded people over the course of the story. This is vague just because I don't wanna talk too much about it in public bc for one it keeps changing in terms of details, and two if I ever get around to writing it I don't want the whole plot to be out there or anything. DM me about it if you want to know more I guess?

1 hour ago, Kinumi said:

24. idk if im wording this well (lmk if i need to clarify) but, gamewise, what does jaburu lose with each member's death/absence? or i guess how would


function compared to jaburu as a whole :megathink:

I already wrote this once and lost it so the short version is:

Kimmty: Less pragmatic, more likely to be blindsided by people shooting at you

Kimveon: More bloodthirsty, more likely to get into conflicts that you don't need to take and taking aggro because of it

Sylvty: Less networking, probably going to have less allies overall

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:14 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

71. What physical activity do you enjoy doing the most?
72. Do you like watching any sports? Which ones?
73. Do you play any instruments? Which ones would you like to pick up?
74. What’s your favorite domestic animal?
75. Wild animal?
76. What hobbies do you have?
77. Are you more likely to go to a science or art museum?
78. What’s your favorite season and why?
79. you ever CAN'T COUNT?

71) Walking is nice because it gives me time to gather my thoughts. I'm bad at keeping up a consistent exercise routine, I try for a few days, don't keep it up because I'm lazy/easily distracted and then try again later. I probably just need to find a structured routine and stick with it.

72) I'll watch England play football sometimes (aka I only really did it for the World Cup) but otherwise nope. I didn't really get the whole sports fan culture in general until I started watching League, and now I understand it a lot better, but I don't really have any investment in a local team or anything like that.

73) I don't. If I could instantly master an instrument, I'd choose Piano, just because nice piano pieces are really pretty and also lowkey because it makes you seem intelligent and cultured @Omega. I still can't believe that some people think that Gorf is a cinnamon roll wtf.

74) Dogs just because I've been around them all of my life, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was more of a cat person deep down because they're more chilled out and less in your face.

75) Penguins (just answered a question on this with Len as to why).

76) I absolutely hate this question lmao, it's like the worst part ever of writing about yourself. I think that I care less about what I'm doing (as long as I don't actively dislike it) and more about who I'm doing it with, or if I get some sense of progression/accomplishment from it. I'm pretty bad at sticking with hobbies, but I want to pick up drawing or something in the future just because it'd be nice to be good at it and I like seeing other people's creations. 

77) Science on my own (more information to take in and stuff like that), Art with friends (it feels like an easier conversation topic or something like that).

78) Spring! The weather is nice (but not too warm, like Summer can get) and imo Winter is the worst season just because it can be really cold and miserable (and it's easy to get depressed in Winter I think with how dark it is all the time) and being done with that feels good.

79) Can't count, can't read, I can do it all (or maybe I can't do it at all, heh).

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:16 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

80. Do you eat ice cream in a cone or a bowl?
81. Salty or sweet?
82. Do you like spicy food?
83. How do you like your eggs?
84. What’s your favorite cereal?
85. What is your favorite breakfast food?
86. What’s your favorite chocolate?
87. Favorite candy?
88. Favorite fruit?
89. Favorite vegetable?
90. Favorite meat?
91. Favorite pizza toppings?
92. Have you ever tried Neo Kobe pizza? If not, would you?
93. Tell me about some food an American probably doesn’t know.
94. Do you have a sweet tooth?
95. On the topic of food, do you cook?

80) Cone is more common just because my family buys it, but whenever I have a choice I'll choose bowl, because it's more about the ice cream itself than the cone.

81) Sweet!

82) Spice is nice. I don't like things super hot to the point that it burns your tongue, but I think a little too hot is better than a little bit too bland.

83) Scrambled eggs are the best.

84) Frosties, I think.

85) Scrambled eggs and bacon, or maybe pancakes? It's a hard choice.

86) Either Mars Bar or Galaxy, it kinda depends on my mood? Although I don't really know when I prefer one over the other, but I guess I'd choose Mars rn.

87) Sour Skittles! Although if I have too many at once they stop tasting of anything, lol.

88) As a fruit (and not a flavour) I'd say bananas, but anything mango or strawberry flavoured is always pretty nice.

89) Carrots.

90) I like chicken a lot. It's hard for me to get tired of it.

91) Chicken, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms (not all at once).

92) I had to google what this is. Probably not, I like my pizzas too much to potentially ruin it with soup lol.

93) Uh, Toad in the hole is basically a sausage (or several) buried in a massive Yorkshire pudding (idk if you'll know what this is either) and it's pretty nice, although I haven't had it for a while.

94) Definitely.

95) Nope, but I'm trying to learn by helping my Mum out with cooking. I could probably make paella on my own or something, but there aren't a lot of things that I'd say I could make with confidence lol.

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25. ok i’m not sure if i’m wording this well either, but what would you say should be the primary objective(s) earlygame vs midgame vs lategame? like if n1 = networking, what should be on your mind the rest of the game :megathink:

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28 minutes ago, Kinumi said:

25. ok i’m not sure if i’m wording this well either, but what would you say should be the primary objective(s) earlygame vs midgame vs lategame? like if n1 = networking, what should be on your mind the rest of the game :megathink:

Earlygame: Get info and make friends.

Midgame: Figure out what a winning endgame looks like for you (who is alive there) and plan your actions around that.

Endgame: Things should be mostly decided by now, just make sure that your "friends" aren't all planning to murder you behind your back.

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:16 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

96. What is your morning routine?
97. Your evening routine?
98. What’s your favorite form of precipitation?
99. Do you like hot or cold weather more?
100. Have you ever gone skiing or snowboarding?
101. Opinion on the beach?
102. Are you left or right handed?
103. Spiral or composition notebook?
104. Gel or ball pen?
105. Pen or pencil?
106. What’s your favorite number and why?

96) I don't really have a specific morning routine or anything, I just eat/shower/etc after waking up (or end up sitting on my phone for way too long in bed and then do that).

97) I'm not really productive in evenings unless I really need to get shit done, so I usually get all of my work done during the day and then spend the evening relaxing and just doing whatever I feel like. Ideally, I'm in bed at midnight every night, but uh... things don't always work out that way :chiakiyawn:

98) I like watching light rain or snow, as long as it doesn't overstay its welcome I guess. 

99) I'm used to the cold because of our wonderful weather, but after this summer I think I'm gonna miss the warm weather.

100) I went skiing and once and I was pretty bad at it. It was a long time ago though, so I'd be willing to try it again.

101) They're nice when the weather's good, but I haven't been there in good weather for a really long time. 

102) I'm a righty.

103) Spirals are kind of annoying imo. 

104) I prefer ballpoint pens because I'm too messy to use gel pens. When I used to, I would always brush my hand over them and smudge my writing, so even though it kinda looks better, it would not be better for me.

105) Pens are nicer imo. Pencils look kinda lame in comparison and also I don't like sharpening them because pens are just more convenient.

106) 7, prime numbers are cool and 2/3/5 are kinda lame numbers so it's the lowest one that isn't lame? 

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:19 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

107. What are some of your favorite female names?
108. Male names?
109. Are you a morning or a night person?
110. What’s your favorite scent?
111. Have you read Paranatural? 
112. If so, what do you think? If not, why haven’t you?
113. What Ghibli films have you watched?
114. Would you be interested in a Spirited Away group watch?
115. What fanfiction fandoms do you delve into?
116. Did you read Orange?
117. Sell Your Lie in April to me in one (1) paragraph.

107) Hannah, Emily, Ruby

108) Kieran, Lucas, Isaac

109) ...Neither RIP. Maybe I'm just not a person? Heh. 

110) That nice smell that you get after rain sometimes, maybe. 

111) I haven't!

112) Because I've never heard of it until now. Myabe later. After orange.

113) I've actually only seen Spirited Away (it was on TV at my Grandma's house once). I hear a lot of good things about them, but I've never ended up seeing any others.

114) Sure, it was a pretty long time ago that I watched it.

115) Persona (5 primarily), Danganronpa (V3 primarily), occassionally Fire Emblem/MHA/Pokemon

116) I have not. :ablobsweat:

117) The tl;dr is that in spite of the predictable plotline, it still brought me to tears a couple of times because it got me invested into the characters. It's far from a perfect show (it can be really hamfisted and repetitive with its imagery sometimes and stuff like that) but seeing Kaori bring Kousei back to life, and then the dynamic shift to Kousei supporting Kaori again was a pretty satisfying way to progress.

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601. Where would I be on this chart? Where would you be?
602. What do you like about League? I thought I asked this already but apparently not :think:
603. What were some strengths and weaknesses of FE15?
604. Hoshido siblings or Nohr siblings?
605. Favorite map in Conquest?
606. Scariest movie you’ve watched?
607. Scariest game you’ve played?
608. In what ways are we alike?
609. What was your favorite Percy Jackson book?
610. What scene in this series stood out the most to you?
611. How much faith do you put in myers-briggs tests and personality types?
612. If you were to make your own game with no limitations, what would it be like? What kind of game would it be and what game mechanics would you implement?
613. What are your favorite things to talk about?
614. Do you prefer escalators or elevators? Which is scarier?
615. What club would each member of Friendship Inc. create?
616. If you could switch bodies with a girl from discord, who would it be and why? Thanks Refa
617. What did you like and dislike about Kimi no Na wa?
618. What was your favorite year of your life?
619. Favorite way to spend the weekend?
620. Who among your family members do you like spending time with the most?
621. What do you like and dislike about your work?
622. What is your definition of success?
623. If you could do anything besides what you're doing now, what would you do?
624. If you had the chance to start a business, what would it be and would you pay tribute to Friendship Inc.?
625. If you founded a nation, what would you call it and what form of government would you implement?
626. What’s your favorite planet?
627. What do you enjoy most about fire emblem?
628. Favorite instrument to listen to?
629. What clubs were you a part of at school?
630. What clubs do you WISH you were a part of?
631. Did you like elementary, middle, or high school more?
632. Are you interested in photography?
633. What’s your favorite landscape?
634. What are your favorite paintings?
635. Do you enjoy the sufferings of players as a host?
636. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve googled?
637. How many tabs do you have open right now?
638. If you could ask a single person one question and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?
639. If sacrificing your own life would save the lives of a specific number of strangers, how many strangers would need to be saved for you to sacrifice your own life? What if the people were friends? How about family?
640. If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be?
641. Who taught you the most important lesson of your life?
642. What's something you say you'll do but you know you never will?
643. What are you most grateful for today?
644. What do most people misunderstand about you?
645. What’s a relationship dealbreaker for you?
646. What’s a dealbreaker for you in a book/fanfic/anime?
647. Do you forgive easily or are you prone to holding grudges?
648. Are you able to cut ties and burn bridges if necessary?
649. What’s something you can’t go a day without doing?
650. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done?
651. What is your favorite color combination?
652. How did you meet your best friend?
653. What’s something you struggle with regularly?
654. What’s the greatest struggle you’ve overcome?
655. What is the biggest problem in the world right now iyo?
656. If you were selling yourself on the black market, what price would you put on yourself?
657. What’s the biggest lie your parents told you that you believed?
658. What is the edgiest thing you’ve ever done or said?
659. Do you trust yourself?
660. Have you ever cried out of joy?
661. If you were forced to vote for one the biggest dictators of history, (Hitler, Mussolini, Mugabe, Mao, Saddam, or Stalin), for prime minister, which one would you pick and why?
662. What is something that is trash to other people and a treasure to you?
663. What trait do you envy in others?
664. What was the toughest decision you had to make recently?
665. What makes you feel supported?
666. Who’s the most beautiful person in the world?
667. What’s the most beautiful thing in the world?
668. What is one question you keep asking yourself but can’t answer?
669. Do you tend to apologize often?
670. How do you show your love for others?
671. Favorite Persona 5 ship??
672. Favorite ship in general?
673. Do you actually manipulate people in EiMM?
674. What would you sell your soul to the devil for?
675. Would you trade all your hair (plus eyebrows) for becoming 25% more intelligent?
676. Which of your friends would you choose to be your sidekick if you were a superhero?
677. What would be your superhero name?
678. If you could ask your 50-year-old self one question, what would it be?
679. If you had the chance to go on a field trip to outer space, would you go? What if it was on the condition that you had to go with the person you despise most?
680. Would you rather live in the Sahara Desert or Antarctica?
681. If you owned a bar, what would it look like? And would you give me some discounts?
682. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?
683. Would you have the heart to kill your best friend if they were turning into a zombie and asked you to end their suffering?
684. Would you rather know all the languages of the world or uncover all of the unknown history of the world?
685. What do you think would happen if 1% of the world’s population suddenly gained telekinetic powers?
686. Do you think the world would become better or worse if all the continents suddenly came together like Pangaea? (pretend there wouldn’t be any property damage or earthquakes)
687. How different would humanity and its history be if the continents had never separated?
688. How different would today be if the internet had been invented three hundred years earlier?
689. What would you like to be the best in the world at?
690. What guinness world record would you want to achieve?
691. What common piece of wisdom or advice doesn’t make sense to you?
692. What piece of advice do you wish everyone listened to?
693. What are some small pleasures that make you way happier than they make others?
694. Who would you want to play in a movie about the history of the UK?
695. Do you think you would survive if you had to grow and make your own food? What if you had three months in advance to learn how to do this?
696. How would your life change if your life was like a video game and you could savescum and respawn after your death?
697. If you were forced to travel back in time and were told you were never coming back, what period would you choose and why?
698. If you could travel to the future, what year would you go to and what would you expect to see?
699. What would you recommend to your friend if they had an off day and didn’t know what to do?
700. What would your website be called and what would it be for?

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If you knew you were going to die exactly 24 hours from now, what would you do?

What if you had 1 week?

1 year?

10 years?


What's the appeal of Persona 5 to you? (I've never played any persona game so give me the layman's rundown.)


Danganronpa V3 spoiler-heavy questions below:


What were your thoughts on how the ending was handled and do you think the series should be dead and buried, or is there room to explore the setting/premise further in a meaningful way?



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On 11/09/2018 at 8:24 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

118. Come up with a haiku on the spot.
119. Houses or apartments?
120. Cities or suburbs? Why?
121. Describe a recent dream you remember.
122. Do you often remember your dreams?
123. What is the worst nightmare you remember?
124. What superpower would you want and why?
125. Being more specific, what quirk from MHA would you want and why?
126. Speaking of superpowers have you read or heard of Worm? If so, what do you think??
127. What phobias do you have?
128. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

Oh fuck I don't know
It's five seven five right ahhhhhh
What am I doing

119) I mean, houses just always seem better, but apartments I guess help you to blend in and they tend to be cheaper and stuff so I get why they're popular.

120) I'd want to live in a city at some point in the future, just because it's an experience I've never really had before. I guess when life settles down more peaceful area would be ideal, but the idea of having things to do around me more easily on demand.

121) I don't remember my dreams too well, but during Giraffe after I accidentally leaked shooting RAD and Iris kept flaming me for having loose lips I had a dream with a bunch of EiMMers in it. I don't remember what happened too well exactly, except that I in the middle of a sentence Iris put her hand over my mouth and brought up the loose lips thing again. It turned out that I'd rolled over to a kinda weird spot and the quilt was basically in my mouth (I woke up right after) and that's why it happened I think lmao.

122) No, not really. They fade pretty quickly.

123) I had a recurring nightmare from when I was maybe 6-8 where I was being continually chased by a Lego lion on a skateboard (which was also made out of lego). I don't really remember anything particularly bad, but I'm sure that I've had things that are way worse than that, I'm just drawing a blank on them.

124) In a world of superpowers, speed. In a world without superpowers, the ability to set a point in time and then travel back to it at will (so you could try something out, or find something out from an uncomfortable conversation and then undo it). Full blown time travel sounds like a fucking headache and I don't really want to break history or something lol.

125) Creation (Momo's quirk) for its flexibility. I don't really think that I'd want a combat Quirk just because I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't use it very often, and Make Anything just seems pretty damn good.

126) I thought I'd heard of it, but I was thinking of something else after a quick google search. So nope, I haven't.

127) I'm afraid of needles and afraid of falling, I guess? Heights don't bother me on their own so much as when I don't feel like I'm secure in where I am (I'm mostly fine on rollercoasters and stuff like that, although the things that go straight up and sit there for like 30 seconds definitely make me hold my breath).

128) I prefer quiet Birthdays (I mostly feel like its just a day) and that usually just involves family stuff and doing something small with friends at another point during the week. I don't really like the fuss of it too much (Birthday wishes are nice, but I don't want to be the centre of attention or anything for too long).

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21 // How did you get into the Kagerou Project series? Which character design do you like most out of all the characters?

22 // Thoughts on the new song?

23 // Are there particular osts from a film or show that stood out to you? What were they and what made you attracted to them?

24 // If Friendship Inc. all decided to meet up in real life, how would that play out?

25 // Create a meme dream league team with the current LCS players!

26 // Thoughts on the fact Maka would want to be called by their first nickname in this pic?

27 // As a pokemon trainer in general, what would your team consist of (include moves/items if you want \o /)?

28 // Are there certain dishes that you like to cook the most? If you don't cook, what dish would you want to learn the most?

29 // Favourite colour palette?

30 // Each petal of a four leaf clover represents faith, hope, love, and luck. Which would represent each of the milk tea friends (Iris, Kim, Kitty, Sylv) and why?

Edited by Koneko
grammar is not my strong suit

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On 11/09/2018 at 8:27 PM, sylveonzoroark said:

129. What is your favorite holiday? How do you usually celebrate it?
130. Could you give a one-hour lecture on something? What would it be?
131. Pastel or saturated colors?
132. What’s your favorite flower?
133. Describe what your room looks like to me.
134. What would you do if you hit the 1.6 billion jackpot? What would you do with all that money?
135. Who is scary to you?
136. Who is the least threatening in Kim’s Healthy rolepm?
137. How did you and Refa become spousesfriends?
138. Are you interested in psychology or sociology at all?
139. How often do you swear? And what is your favorite swear word?

129) I like Christmas because it tends to bring people together that otherwise live very separate lives (family, friends who live in different places, etc). I don't think I do anything particularly special to celebrate Christmas, I just try to help out and enjoy it.

130) I don't think so lol. For one, I'm not used to talking for that long so I'd probably lose steam, and I'm not really sure what I would present on anyway. I could do 1-1 conversations for hours, but if it's just me, no thanks. 

131) Pastel is a little nicer to look at overall overall, but saturated is better for drawing attention to I guess.

132) I'm not sure about favourite (I'm terrible with names of things and flowers are no exception), but in general I like light blue flowers because they look kinda soft and dreamy. Alternatively, it's hard to go wrong with red roses.

133) It's not particularly big. The door is on the right side of the room, and straight ahead of it is the side of the wardrobe (and well, the rest of the wardrobe) which extends all the way to the other side of the room. My bookcase sits in the second half of it because I'd probably run out of floorspace if I didn't have it here! My bed rests against the opposite wall to the rest of the room in the middle, and in the opposite corner to the door the desk is semi-neatly (i say semi because it's me) tucked into space there next to it. It's a wooden one that extends out, and mostly holds my lamp, laptop stuff and a pile of books that I don't have room for. The desk drawers are kind of a mess and I should really clear them out (and it also reminded me that I also own a Vita to amend and answer to a previous question lol). There's a tall, wooden chest of drawers in the last corner of the room with the TV resting on top. The window is opposite the wardrobe. The walls are light blue and don't have any posters or anything hanging up, I used to have a couple but when I redecorated I took them down because I was fairly happy with the room as it was without them. 

134) Quit my job and go travelling for a bit? I don't know how much I'd splurge (probably more than I would expect just because 1.6 billion is a lot!) but tbh I don't know what I'd do with it and who I would share things with.

135) I don't think anyone on SF/EiMM Discord scares me outside of the game. Maybe some of them make me feel uncomfortable, but that's not a fear related thing. Inside of the game, I think I'm most scared of players that I don't know well, or wildcard players who do random things because trying to work out how to deal with them is difficult.

136) I'd say Iris because she never plays, but she still recruited everyone who got me killed in Survivor THANKS FOR THAT IRIS. Probably Damian because we've always been chill and I can't remember ever having a real argument with them for all the time that I've known them, and it's not like they're a shrinking violet who wouldn't confront me on shit if I was doing something wrong.

137) Drafts->Something? Idk how to describe it, we're just fairly similar people and so we clicked pretty quickly and when our interests overlap we're generally good at egging each other on, I guess. Idk if I'd call it a friendly rivalry because I don't think that's quite right, but it's not totally wrong either. We've known each other for long enough (and we're similar I enough to each other too) that we can screw with each other without worrying about the other person taking it the wrong way, and it's the kind of relationship that doesn't deteriorate over time if we stop talking for a bit. It never really changes which is nice because I sometimes worry about not talking to people enough, but with Refa I never feel like I have to force anything because we understand each other on most things without really having to say that much about it. 

138) I have a vague interest in it (I blame Persona and/or Iris for this)

139) Regularly, if you didn't get the idea from some of my previous answers lol. Twat is probably the funniest sounding one imo.

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9 hours ago, Omega. said:

If you had the time and resources to take up 3 hobbies of your choice, which would you choose and why?

Something creative (I've considered origami or something before tbh just because it's really chilled), something weird and obscure (I don't actually believe in it, but the symbolism behind tarot reading stuff like that is interesting to me) and then something more practical like DIY stuff because it would be handy to have.


8 hours ago, Conqueror said:

1) If you knew you were going to die exactly 24 hours from now, what would you do?

2) What if you had 1 week?

3) 1 year?

4) 10 years?

1) Cry.

2) Cry, but for longer. Try and make sure the people I care about know that I appreciate them.

3) The above, but also try out weird things and go to new places that I've never been before. 

4) I don't really know. It's  This one is difficult because I'd be really hesitant to go and form new relationships knowing that I'd be gone and making someone feel for you when you know you're on a timer seems really sad. Also because it's a longer period of time, it's harder to just splurge everything all at once so I don't really know. I think these questions are hard to judge unless you've been in that situation.

Other stuff in another post because it could get long.

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