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Julius Nepos

SF Interviews 2.0 - Florete

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On 12/09/2018 at 12:36 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

340. Do you tend to use the words love and hate freely or reservedly?
341. Did you take Iris’s love languages test if so post results please
342. How wholesome would you rate yourself?
343. What traits do you value in others?
344. What personality traits do you dislike?
345. What do you value most in friendship?
346. What makes someone easy to talk to?
347. Would you add more hours to the day if you could? What would you do with them?
348. Did you ever have an edgy phase? :squint: don’t try to lie
349. How do you deal with anxiety (if you experience it)?
350. If you could do your life over would you change much?

340) I'll use love freely if the other person (or people) involved uses it, but otherwise not really because it feels kind of intense lol. Hate is easier to say but for things I hard dislike I'll genuinely use stronger language.

341) Quality Time > Words of Affirmation > Acts of Service > Receiving Gifts > Physical Touch

342) I'm far from a cinnamon roll, but uh... fairly wholesome I guess? That sounds kinda dumb though lol.

343) Kindness, self-awareness, enthusiasm, motivation, empathy, intelligence, sense of humour, probably some other stuff.

344) Constant boasting, lack of awareness, generally being a dick for no reason other than to be a dick. 

345) Being able to bring out the parts of me that I like + being thoughtful and respectful of boundaries.

346) Being non-judgemental and laid-back or generally people with high energy levels I guess? Hopefully that makes sense.

347) I'd probably add another hour or two for more time to sleep.

348) I was kinda edgy during my younger teenage years, but not overly so I think? 

349) Wrt negative thoughts, I try and work out why I'm feeling that way (not always possible depending on how flustered I am though) and try to walk myself through my thoughts slowly and diffuse it I guess. I think this generally tends to happen when I've been sleeping poorly/not getting enough of it, 

350) I think I'd try and build good habits earlier, but I'd be afraid of changing too much because I wouldn't want to be a super different person, and different experiences can lead to different things I get.

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On 12/09/2018 at 12:36 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

351. What tiny event has made a big impact on your life?
352. What makes you nostalgic?
353. Do you believe in karma?
354. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
355. Do you consider yourself to be fortunate?
356. Do you have any superstitions?
357. What is your most unique trait?
358. What is your best trait?
359. What is your worst trait?
360. What are you self-conscious about?

351) Wanting to play Tactics Universe (leading to me joining SF and meeting a lot of people who changed my perspective on shit in a good way).

352) The goddamn Pixar lamp never fails to put a smile on my face.

353) No, but when I see it happen by chance it feels really good.

354) Kind of, but I think that you can bend it.

355) Yeah, I think I've had a fair amount of good luck come my way wrt meeting good people.

356) Not really? 

357) Not sure if it's the most unique, but whenever I sneeze I can end up doing it like 5-8 times in a row :weary:

358) I'm usually able to take something good from the aftermath of a bad experience/event, although it can take a while for the realisation to sink in wrt what I should have learned.

359) Indecisiveness.

360) Doing things wrong, but I'm trying to work through it.

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On 12/09/2018 at 12:36 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

361. What is the most admirable trait a person can have iyo?
362. What traits/habits do you share with your parents?
363. Do you have any siblings?
364. If you were feeling down, what could your friends do to help you?
365. Are you an idealist or a realist?
366. How different are you with friends as opposed to being alone?
367. How big or small is your personal space?
368. Do you tell lies often? Including white lies.
369. Do you adapt well to change?
370. Choose three words you want other people to describe you with.

361) The ability to admit when they've done something wrong without trying to make excuses.

362) My dad: we're both kinda jokey and laid back. My mum: We're both fairly private and like our space, and I think we generally work in similar ways wrt preferring to do stuff on our own because we're just more comfortable when we know exactly how things are going to work.

363) Nope, I'm an only child. I have a kinda big family though.

364) If I'm really down I tend to withdraw a bit. This isn't a bad thing at first (it helps me to clear my head and stuff) but I can overdo it sometimes and be left feeling kind of awkward wrt just talking to people again. I think generally if I'm upset about something in particular I'll go to someone I feel comfortable with to vent, but in general just talking to me about random silly shit helps to keep me grounded and from spiralling downwards.

365) Idealist, 100%.

366) On my own I'm kinda whimsical and impulsive, but when I'm with friends I'm a bit less floaty I guess and wanna make sure that I don't drag them along to anything they don't want to do. If I'm tired out I kinda act more like I do on my own wrt daydreaming a lot and kinda drifting in and out of conversations though.

367) I don't like being touched by people who aren't friends/family.

368) When I was younger I would lie a lot just to avoid conversation/shut them down because I was very awkward and uncomfortable with myself so I didn't like talking very much. Nowadays, I guess I'll still lie a little bit, but it tends to be more about omission and I don't tell deliberately malicious lies because that's kinda fucked up. Everything is fair game in mafia though.

369) Not always immediately, but I get there.

370) Trustworthy, dependable, understanding.

Edited by SB.

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On 12/09/2018 at 12:36 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

371. How would you sort me, Kim, Kitty, and Iris into the Harry Potter houses and why?
372. How would you sort the EiMM server staff into Harry Potter houses?
373. First and current impressions of the Jaburu alliance?
374. How influential are first impressions to you?
375. What is the most inaccurate first impression you’ve ever had?
376. How do you handle people you dislike?
377. What pet peeves do you have?
378. You are given 300,000 British pounds. You can’t invest it, save it, or give it to charity. What do you use it for?
379. You are given another 300,000 pounds that can only be given to charity. Which charities would you donate it to?

Gryffindor: Kitty ("i'll beat that guy up kim")
Hufflepuff: Kim 
Slytherin: Iris (ambition + resourcefulness)
Ravenclaw: Sylv (you come across as very studious + the most pragmatic member of jaburu probs)


Gryffindor: Paperblade
Ravenclaw: Euklyd + Amy
Hufflepuff: Monde

373) First: "Are they actually gonna ally the full game and not kill anyone after that"

Current: "Never mind, they know what they're doing"

374) They make me want to talk to someone less/more, but they tend to fade away pretty quickly once I get to know them.

375) I expected Conq to be way different than he was just because he's really fucking good at a lot of things, but instead he's really humble. Dammit Conq, you were supposed to be an asshole.

376) Avoid them when possible, and when I can't it's just business. I don't need to give them a reason to like me and then want to spend more time with me.

377) People who are too loud/can't read the mood.

378) Buy a house, future proof it for the next however many years, pay off student loans, travel, probably some other stuff and not necessarily in that order.

379) Medical research, probably Cancer because of deaths from family, but if I was doing this for real I'm sure I'd research around it first.

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On 12/09/2018 at 2:46 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

380. What interesting thing have you seen on the local news recently?
381. Do you pay much attention to international news?
382. What do you like most about mafia?
383. What do you like most about EiMM?
384. What are your first and current impressions of EiMM?
385. How would you describe your EiMM playstyle?
386. Your Real Mafia™ playstyle for town and scum?
387. How honest are you in EiMM on a scale of Zeo to Refa?
388. Do you think you’re good at lying?
389. What playstyles mesh well with yours?

380) Watching the news is for uh... more aware people than me tbh. Stuff about exam stress was vaguely recent + relateable.

381) I barely pay attention to localish news :ablobsweat:

382) That feeling when you actually lynch a maflord instead of town!Bartozio again RIP. As scum, winning against the odds or going deeper than anyone expected you to go (SFMM4, Antihero).

383) You have absolute freedom to do what you want, even if some playstyles are more successful than others depending on the meta.

384) First:

Dear Rssp1, you are SB, the Lazy Brit.

“My entire gameplan was one massive shitpost.”

You aren’t sure how you even got here or what this EiMM thing even is. How do you play? How do you shoot? You’ll probably figure it out later so you aren’t really worried about it, ay? EiMM is for shitposting anyway.


*insert All Stars 2 Role PM here"

Fun game, I like the fact that you can work with whoever you like, can get too emotional sometimes if you get too invested I guess.

385) Hard to say bc it's been a while since I've actually gotten a game in, but I think I'm good at working with people and facilitating agreements I guess (that both sides feel good about) and I just try to talk to lots of people so that I know whats going on and can react to the gamestate if I need to.

386) Town: Try and make people easier to read earlygame, gamesolve later on.

Scum: Work out what a good endgame looks like and move towards that. If a buddy is dead weight then they can go, but if there's an alternative that's probably better unless the only viable win condition is deepwolfing.

387) My lies are the best lies. Idk though in all seriousness, I won't lie about random shit so I'd say I'm honest about 90% of the things I do, but if I have to lie then I don't have any qualms with it. 

388) I think I'm about average, I'm just good at picking which lies to tell.

389) Anything that isn't super rigid I guess. If I can negotiate with someone reasonably, I can work with them.

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On 9/9/2018 at 9:53 AM, SB. said:

8) recommend me a good avatar so that I don't have to post 492 more.

9) I LIED how does it feel knowing that this is the most I've posted outside of Mafia/RP in years?

8) I have a meme option for you



And an option that probably fits your style better



9) I'm happy you're finally coming out of your shell.

On 9/9/2018 at 9:30 AM, Refa said:

175) Who are the cutest Touhou girls? I'll make one of them my SF avatar after Shinori's game is finished, honest.

175) Uh, Tenshi, Sanae, Youmu maybe? I lost my collection of Touhou pics a while back so I guess here's a selection you could pick from if you wanted.





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@Conqueror Memes are totally my thing though.

On 12/09/2018 at 2:46 AM, sylveonzoroark said:

390. What is your ideal (realistic) role?
391. What is your ideal (unrealistic) role?
392. How emotionally invested do you get in EiMM?
393. How do you pronounce EiMM?
394. How do you pronounce MotK?
395. Stab Shoot Sheep Jaburu
396. Would you really namekill me if it came down to that? :blobsweat:
397. What’s your most memorable EiMM moment?
398. NOC moment?
399. How much of success in EiMM is attributed to luck iyo?


391) Graveyard talker.

392) Less so than in the past I think? It's mainly stab paranoia that gets me tbh.

393) Ee Eye Em Em.

394) Em Oh Tee Kay.

395) Shoot Kim before Conq tries to yandere ally her (alternatively if I'm not working with her she could just shoot me outright), sheep Sylv bc I think they'd have less people they'd be unwilling to kill (so it'd be a better shot) and kill stab Kitty because leftover there rip.

396) I don't namekill lol, but you seemed like the most fitting person for it in Role PM.

397) Fucking Makaze spectacularly (for everyone else). The best part of that was that I completely forgot about it until Zeta rofl.

398) Winning CYOR2 after ALL MY TOWNREADS DIED AS SOON AS I GOT THEM TO STRONMAN KILLS (fuck you prims), winning SFMM4 after my team ran it down mid within 3 days.

399) 10%? Usually bad luck is something you can mimimise by taking more precautions or making less mistakes imo.

Edited by SB.

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