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Tutorial: Hacking Fire Emblem's main menu theme ( FE 6-8 )

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What's up guys? This tutorial will be showing you how to change Fire Emblem's main theme for your custom main menu. I don't know if someone did one of these already but I'd like share this with you guys.

First step: Open up nightmare.

Second step: Load your music editor module

Third step: Locate the Fire Emblem theme. ( FE7's theme is at 0x005A or 0x05A )

Fourth step: ( You'll need the sound room in extras for this part ) Open GBA and your FE rom.

Sixth step: Head to "sound room" in extras and pick a song you'd like for your main menu.

Seventh step: Open nightmare back up and find the song that will be replacing the FE main theme in the music module.

Eighth step: Copy the track pointer ( Example: 0x8D09U87. )

Ninth Step: Locate the Fire Emblem main theme again in the module and replace the track pointer with the new one you wanted.

Tenth Step: Open up your rom and check it out!

Pretty simple. Anyway, have fun with this info and stuff.

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Thanks for the tut, but it is pretty complex. Why not just to swap their entries in the table? What's more, remember to modify the sample pointer as well. In most cases, we need to insert our own custom music to the rom, not just to exchange the vanilla ones.

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That's a decent start but it's a bad solution.

The sound ID is loaded somewhere and the music function is loaded so the much easier solution would be to just edit the parameter wherever it is.

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