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[FE8] Fire Emblem: Dust to Dust

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Is it possible to play through the main game of Sacred Stones (or at least the creature mode) with team RWBY and JNPR?

Like what classes were modified to create the two teams, and can I change existing characters in the main game to them through Nightmare or Gameshark?

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I would love seeing team SSSN as pirates and they capture RWBY and left Scarlet as guard, Yang tries to flirt with him so that he lets them go but he says: "HA! nice try, but i'm not into girls, better luck next time". That would be fun.

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that would be gold
sadly Circles seems to have vanished at this point, I just wish some of the assets were available for free use
especially the portraits

also, the last post on here was over a year ago, BY ME... I think we just screwed up.

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