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Post Your FE Merchandise!

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I've mentioned my amiibo and Marth Nendoroid before, the former still being the bulk of my collection. But now I finally have some pictures to share.



My current collection of FE amiibo (Smash Chrom and Byleth are the newest additions. I'm only missing Marth and F!Corrin). Some were gifts, but most of them I bought myself. Roy, which was a gift, was imported from Europe; and so far is my only imported figure.

But would you believe that of the ones I bought, I did not preorder any of them? It's true! Stinkin' lucky, I was.


Rearranged closeup of FE Chrom, Alm & Celica, and Tiki:


You might've noticed three tin badges of Eliwood, Roy, and F!Morgan sitting on top of Lucina. Got these in 2016 at a convention (I think it was AM² or something like that). The selection was only from Awakening and Fates. Pity I hadn't played Fates yet, else I'd have gotten F!Kana instead of Eliwood. *shrug*





My Marth Nendoroid figure. Got it at the same convention along with the tin badges.






And lastly, my Awakening 3DS. I hardly play it anymore, so it's really just an FE collector's item at this point. But I still cherish it.



Not shown: My 3H Black Eagles t-shirt; an image showing the official art of several FE7 characters grouped together, ripped out of a Nintendo Power magazine; and a standard paper-sized promotional FE8 poster which should still be lying around somewhere.


Except for Path of Radiance and Birthright, I have all English localized FE games, including spinoffs. (Shadow Dragon and FEW are digital, the rest physical)

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