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Sacred Stones Empty Space

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Well I've gotten no replies to any of my questions and I know I'm probably behind on rom hacking as most people seemed to be doing so in 2010-11.

I am trying to add FE-7 and 8 sprites/portraits, chapters, music in one. I've found so far the only way to add without replacing is adding in HXD so I wondered where free space is in sacred stones.gba.

Starting at offset 00E47180

FF FF FF FF FF......

FF FF FF............

and above that

00 00 00.....

00 00 00........

appear in many places. Are all of those chunks free space to add characters and will this add to my nightmare character modules?

Also, do you know any other offsets I am free to edit without ruining my rom?

Blazer if you see this how did you put FE7 and FE8 characters in the same game as seen on youtube and is that rom available to download?

Thanks, sorry I'm so nooby at this stuff.

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