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Survivor: Serenes Forest

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A little backstory here: On this Spyro fansite I once created this Survivor style general trivia challenge game. Didn't host but it was still really fun to do. Even after I left that site, I loved the idea. Here's my proposal:

This game is based on the honor system. That means that looking up answers is not incouraged, but no one could really stop you.

The game operates on Days. There will be 12 or so Days where a member from the losing team is eliminated until the merge occurs. Then it shall be one large team with individual invincibility. People will be voted off each day, except for possibly one or so non-elimination days. Contestants will send their votes by PM to the hosts. This of course means any hosts will probably need a good inbox or something.

Looking to have around 10-12 competitors. Also would like to have a host, but it'd probably be a pretty difficult job. They'd get all the credit if this goes well. I know I've had this go well before, but it was never thanks to me.

Teams will be randomized I guess.


1. Franziska

2. Power Master

3. Draco

4. Glaceon Mage

5. Icemario






11 and 12 to be added if space is needed.

Host: Baldrick


Team *host choice #1*:

Team *host choice #2*:

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So, wait, how are people eliminated?

And how much work will we have to do?

The members of the losing team will all send votes to the hosts. The host will tally votes and then make a flavor text about it.

Contestants only have to answer questions in the various challenges and vote. There'll probably be team swaps and a day where an elimination could actually result in a team member hand over.

Hosts would likely have to do a lot. Write flavor text, create challenges, tally votes, blah blah blah. I'd host but that'd mean I could compete.

This was the first thing I planned. I wasn't the host, but it was whatever.


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Ah, then that sounds like it could be fun.

I'll join.

EDIT: I don't want to host, so I'll play.

Edited by Draco

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