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Mug Medley Game1 FINISHED - NEW HOST NEEDED - poll up



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UPDATE: So, realized I don't wanna leave this in limbo. If anyone wants to host, maybe volunteer/start up the new thread? My vote is Smirks or Toa as both are fairly active around the forums and in this thread. But yeah, anyone who wishes to take this on, feel free? Maybe somebody could tally up votes perhaps once a few people have volunteered? I dunno, anyways... have fun!

Found some old sprites that amused me from a spriting game on FEPlanet... I believe it was called, Mug Medley?


Basic Premise:

One person starts with a generic mug and performs ONE form of edit to it. Next person adds/edits ONE thing onto that sprite... we keep going for a while till we come up with something... amusing... or we get bored and want something new?

Wanna play? :D

Btw Major props to Smirks for this AWESOME banner. :)



I will start... by providing the base sprite... either perform small subtle changes... or duck costumes... you know, whatever you like. Keep it fun. ;)


-Bartre... with a simple recolor... and... go! :D

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When in doubt, throw a few pixels together and hope that it looks coherent. Wait, what do you mean that's not how to mess with a sprite?!


Now with Selena's earrings! Sort of. . .okay, I'm pretty sure I managed to mess up the shading by adding something like twenty pixels (give or take), sue me.

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It's like a mutant mental hospital hahahaha XD

Hah... too true!

Lets make another. :P


-Clearly all the chinless pirate needed to do, was stop using dark hair dye and get some sun to become BlondeBeard the Pirate! Look how much happier he is now. ;)


BTW, this was the start of where I was gonna go with that last guy. Scary Snowman... sweet dreams? >.>


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