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My Castle Stages

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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of the different my castle stages that are available to choose from. I've been trying to find them everywhere (especially the one with lots of boats and water) but have been largely unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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There's the Nohr variation, Hoshido variation, and another one, which is the boats. I think you can unlock more? Not sure. But those three are certain.

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Castle style avaibility, see also Kawaki Chatei:

Hoshido: Hoshidan capital, Wind Tribe, Izumo

Nohr: Nohrian capital, Cihevalier, Muse

Invisible Kingdom: Like every other My Castle feature, you get everything from both sides (but you don't get anything else in additIon)

Hoshidan capital:




Wind Tribe:


Izumo is the one with a giant rock in the middle. Can't find any pics for it.

Nohrian capital:







(You won't find boats like the ones seen in the opera house)

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Thank you both for your help. :)

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