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My first splice. Ever.

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Hello everyone. Today I tried making a Karla/Anna splice and I tried inserting it into FE7 with FEditor but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Help? Feel free to criticize.

UPDATE:I used Usenti to decrease the colors, inserted it etc...

BUT after trying to insert my Natasha recolor (With decreased colors) she...glitched out? I tried both FE7 and FE8 and I can move one of the tiles but the ones at the bottom stay there and glitch out everything.



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FEditor can't insert a graphic that uses more than 16 colors. Yours has multiple extra skin tones. Use a program like usenti to reduce the colors and it should work fine.

As for criticism; for a first splice it's pretty good. First thing I see is mixing FE8 tones with FE7. FE8 uses higher saturation and contrast in its colors whereas FE6&7 both use a lighter, softer palette. The hair on your splice is using FE8 colors and the rest uses 7/6. Aside from that there's a small grey piece on her arm that I think is a leftover and where the bangs meet the face could use a little more shading.

Looks good, Keep it up!

(also, a note on your tags: “There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure, a fool, a loser, a hopeless souse. Don't you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal, that is what people pick up.”-Captain Archibald Haddock)

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I notice the colors also. U did a good first try, my first try was Ross sprite that on my profile pix. I see a lot chances to make it better like the face and hair.

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