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Make a Fun Chapter 3: It's over!


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So this idea was inspired by Sqawl when we both frequented teb like 1.5ish years ago.

He was inspired by Make a Good Level and wanted to translate the general idea of Make a Good Level over to Fire Emblem.

And thus, Make a Fun Chapter was born!

The basic idea was that hackers would have several months to create a chapter that was fun. And the chapter would be played by a judge (which was sqawl), ranked and he would decide on who the winner was or something. I don't remember completely. The competition never actually happened unfortunately... but I always liked the idea.

Idk if this would be a thing, but if it was, then it would be spread to like 2-3 times a year.

So I'll just jot down some rules/guidelines or whatever and see what you guys think. this is just a big unprofessional looking wip because because.

submission guidelines:

1. Only 1 chapter per entrant

2. This isn't a ragefest contest submission. You don't need to make the chapter insanely hard. You're encouraged to make a chapter with unique and well thought out goals, mechanics and map design that you think is just fun to play on.

3. Whatever you think makes a chapter more fun, you can throw in. You have no limits. You can make a reskin of a chapter, rebalance a chapter for a better experience or go full out with custom events, portraits, gimmicks and everything else.

Fun can sometimes be an ambiguous term if it isn't defined first. But there's always been dialogue on what makes a fun/ good chapter. So if that needed to be defined then it could happen.

voting guidelines:

After me or someone else (this competition can have more than 1 LPer) plays through all the submissions. Voting opens up, and the winner is decided through that. Maybe the winner can get something special?


MAFC #1 Playlist

MAFC #2 Playlist

MAFC #3 playlist

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Yeah we (including Snakey) were talking about this in FEXNA thread[EDIT: herp I mean Skype chat], uhhh, a couple months ago maybe? Ragefest is nice and all, but its appeal is completely different, and this would be a good way to help balance things out so the FE community doesn't totally end up with some kind of sadist reputation.

Taking a page from recent Ragefest discussions, though, something like this especially seems like it wants to have multiple awards rather than a flat-out winner. Aside from helping differing opinions of "fun" not conflict too much, that would probably help keep a lighter atmosphere, as would the removal of restrictions like "must have custom mapping and eventing". I get where Marc would want that, since he knows the vanilla events enough it wouldn't be as challenging or interesting to him, but it's actually kinda fun to see what you can do in FEGBA without changing events, or without changing maps--heck, maybe someone could make a really fun straight-played reskin and it would do well because of the nature of MAFC.

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Okay so if we did this 3 times a year, the first MAFC would be in February. Still don't know about individual prizes but if the due date is Febuary 1st then the presentation date with Snakey and I would be like Feb 7th ish.

So what do you think of Febuary 1st as a deadline?

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The big thing about MAFC that sets it aside from Ragefest is that it is solely a contest to make a fun chapter, while Ragefest is about pandering to one person (Marc) and making him rage just as much as it is about difficulty. For example, I knowingly designed my RF4 entry to have not just real difficulty, but also bullshit fake difficulty to make Marc laugh deliriously when he found himself in an unwinnable scenario for the umpteenth time. It (like almost all RF entries) wasn't received well.

Here's the original post from TЕB if you're interested in looking at it. It can be changed up, have inspiration drawn from it, or completely ignored.

[spoiler=original post]Make a Fun Chapter, as the name implies, is a contest to make a fun chapter, inspired by the Make a Good Level contest of raocow's talkhaus.
You'll have several months to make a custom chapter in either FE 7, 6, or 8, and submit a patch. I will play through the submissions in video recording (or screenshots if something borks up) in the order in which they are submitted when the time comes.
The tentative submission period runs from now (mid-March) until the end of the month of June (this will probably change as I figure out when I'll have free time on the real life side of things). It originally went until May, but I recalled that a lot of people here have school until June so I've decided to extend it until then.

Obviously the results will be pretty biased if I'm the only judge: there are a lot of different views of what is and isn't "fun" out there. If you're interested in judging, then let me know. You don't have to record yourself playing each submission, but I would like a good description of what you found good and bad about each chapter, maybe with some highlights in screenshots, as well as a score.
Because I expect three or so submissions at most, the scoring system used be a judge will be left up to them. I will probably be using a scale of 1-5, 5 being best and 1 worst, and then listing the submissions in order of best to worst if that's necessary.

Some basic guidelines:
·Submit your chapter in the format of a .ups patch and make sure to say which game it patches to. NO SUBMITTING ROMS, full stop.
·All gameplay must be contained in one chapter. If you replaced a chapter other than the prologue, you are allowed to change the prologue so it sends you to the relevant chapter, or maybe you have a super-long dialogue scene with events that you don't want the player to have to sit through each time the chapter is restarted. Just no bullhell like "My Chapter pt. 2xx: Now You Fight THESE Guys!".
·Your chapter must have custom events. While you are welcome to re-use other assets of the vanilla game (maps portraits etc), be sure to try to use them in interesting new ways if you do. Nobody wants to play through "Vanilla chapter but with different weapons".
·Your chapter should focus primarily on gameplay. Story is a great bonus, but something that is fun to play is the primary objective.
·The difficulty is up to you, with "slightly harder than vanilla FE7" being encouraged. However, you're welcome to make an easy or hard chapter. Just make sure it's reasonably playable and beatable.
·Gameplay gimmicks, while not required, are encouraged. Switch things up as much as you please.
·Submissions will be reviewed in the order that they were submitted, so it's in your interest to be first to go and leave a good impression.

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I am actually already working on a submission for this. Reviving an old defense mission reject and breathing new life into with a new map and tighter focus with my new hacking skills compared to when I made it. Planning to add some cool stuff to it but the main goal is defend your ass off against rampaging dragon 2.0!

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I'm glad there's a lotta interest for this, but it'd be nice if the people who are interested would post to say so xD

Polls are nice but clicking is a lot less committal than "hey I'm totally gonna do this"

am glad to see someone's already working on stuff, though.

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Good, then let's lock in and set the submission due date for Feb 1st.

If there are additional questions / ideas just post here.

I'll post due date updates periodically, possiblity biweekly or less because realistically most people will probably try to get on crunch time within like the last month to 2 weeks lol ciraxis

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I'm totally allowed to just submit the chapter I made for the contest all the way back when this was a thing on TEB right?

I don't have a problem with things from other sites or contests being retooled, as long as you can make them fun for the contest

but Ghast has the last word on if things should be completely new or not.

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snakey brings up a good point.

should new chapters for pre-existing hacks be allowed in the competition? That may bolster progress for some new hacks out there.

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should new chapters for pre-existing hacks be allowed in the competition? That may bolster progress for some new hacks out there.

That sounds like a great idea tbh, as long as hack creators are willing to show off new things.

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I remember when we tried to do this. I still have my old submission actually. Sqawl did you ever end up judging the two entries?

Anyways if I wanted to do this is there any limits to what games can be used? If I wanted to do an older game are custom events/maps required?

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