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Mug Description Contest 3

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Hello and welcome to the third ever Mug Description Contest!

In this contest, the host will provide a short description, vague or detailed, describing what kind of mug the competitors will make.

If there is enough interest, I will keep acting as host in future contests.

Description: An assassin with a visible tattoo. Dressed in dark clothes, has an unnatural eye color.

Deadline: November 17, 2015

[spoiler=Example & Rules]

Confused? Don't be, here's an example!

Blue haired, Lord-like male. Scarred face and a cape.



Obviously, don't post already existing sprites as an entry.

Anyway, here are the rules. (Will be put in a spoiler in future contests.)

  • Any type of Fire Emblem styled Mug is acceptable. Spliced or Custom, this contest is made for both newcomers and veterans of the Fire Emblem spriting community. If you want to try a different style other than FE 6 - 8, go for it, as long as it's a Fire Emblem Mug.
  • Recommended color limit: 16 (15 on your mug +1 for background). This is rule is flexible, but being cautious with your color count as a general rule of thumb for good pixel art. You are allowed to deviate from the standard FE color choices if you wish to do so, as well.
  • If there's a voting thread, don't vote for yourself. If you think none of the other entries are worth a vote, don't vote.
  • Hosts may enter contests. As a public poll is used as the voting platform, hosts receive no benefits or unfair advantages from running the contest.
  • Only 1 entry per member. However, you may edit your entry while the contest is still active. Please edit your first post, or quote the most recent entry you wish you submit for clarification, or the wrong entry may be submitted for voting.

I'd be down for a new name for the contest.

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[spoiler=Massahuac, "Blind Justice".]

Blinded in a childhood accident.

Uses a dark magic to sense the world around him, letting him feel the pulse of his victims.

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Tomorrow is the last day!

EDIT: Due to popular demand, the new deadline is now November 20.

Edited by Yoshi

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