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Hoshido Chapter 20: Ties to Archanea and Tellius? (Minor spoilers)

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So I finally got around to playing Fire Emblem if for myself recently and among many things, I noticed what appeared to be some curious references in Chapter 20 of the Hoshido campaign--the one that takes place in the Black Dragon Fortress.

Earlier, I discussed this with Kirokan and we both agreed the references were very ambiguous, but I thought I'd mention them all the same.

Near the start of the chapter, Ryoma explains how the Black Dragon Fortress came to be:

"Black Dragons were the names given to dragons who walked the earth ages ago. They were large, powerful dragons. I heard they used their corpses to make fortresses in this way."

While the text doesn't explicitly state it, I'm fairly sure Ryoma is referring to the Black Dragons from Tellius.

Those who played Radiant Dawn may recall the Black Dragons were massive and powerful dragons, ruling over the rest of Tellius's dragon clan.

Perhaps that's not enough evidence, but this next quote from Iago makes it crystal clear it's designed to be a Tellius reference.



This ancient Earth Dragon...

...the Black Dragon King's body.

So it's not just any old Black Dragon's body, but a Black Dragon King's. Even in Tellius, there were at least two such dragons with this title: Deghinsea and his son Kurthnaga.

Perhaps the fortress is the body of Deghinsea or Kurthnaga or another king; it doesn't matter, as the developers wouldn't state "Black Dragon King" without meaning to allude to Tellius.

Lastly, the other interesting thing. Kirokan and I kind of disagree here, but I think Iago is saying that the Black Dragon King was an Earth Dragon.

If true, this would have pretty big implications to the greater lore. In earlier games, the Earth Dragons were a terrifying evil that led to the wars in Archanea and Jugdral and it's implied that Grima is descended from these Earth Dragons.

Currently, it's generally accepted (or at least not refuted) that the Tellius games occur at the beginning of the series's timeline (if there's such a thing), since it's the nearest tale to the origin story.

As such, perhaps the Black Dragons are the predecessors of the Earth Dragons. Likewise, are the White Dragons the predecessors of the Divine Dragons? Long ago, people already noted the similarities between Tellius's White Dragons and the Divine Dragons in the DS remakes.

The other question is where does Fates fit in everything? So far, it seems to take place after Tellius (because of the existence of the Black Dragon's corpse) but before Awakening. However what about the First Dragons? How are they related to the Tellius dragons and other dragons? What the heck are the Star Dragons?

Or maybe I haven't played enough of Fates to find out...

TL;DR: Hi guys.

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Ooooh, good catch. Very interesting indeed. I can't give this a good reply quite yet, but I look forward to delving into it once I'm home.

Might wind up being a bit spoiler-heavy, though, as these discussions sometimes are.

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Well, the Black Dragons do look similar in terms of appearances to Medeus's Shadow Dragon form in FE3, so I could see this being a thing.

If this is the case tho, I wonder just how bad the degeneration of dragons was, since if the Divine Dragons=White Dragon Laguz, then there is a major power shift that occurs during the Dragon degeneration that would explain why the Earth Dragons seem to hate the Divine Dragons and Humans so much. They simply want their old seat of power back.

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You also want to take Hydra/Anankos into consideration since it's left vague if First Ancestral Dragon means just to the royals of both countries or if it extends to dragons as well.

Star Dragons are dragons of another world who supposedly reside in the realm that all the kids are put into.

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