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Redoing a Normal Awakening Run.

Playthrough Question  

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  1. 1. Should I do Chapter 14 or head to Nah's paralogue to get second seals?

    • Do chapter 14 and wait until chapter 16 to get second seals
    • Go and get Nah and second seals
    • Keep relying on luck to get second seals from Anna until chapter 16

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Well it looks like I did a stupid thing and deleted my current playthrough (I was up to chapter 21 D:) so I figured that with all the fun and games of trying to start again, I would rather happily share this run with everyone. Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures, so I am afraid that I will have to bore you all with walls of text. If of course you are interested in seeing me scrape through Normal/Casual mode to improve my game playing ability.

[spoiler=Meet the game Avatar]Alrighty then, since I am going to attempt to do this properly, I will introduce you all to my avatar for this playthrough, Chloey (*cough*who will become OP really quickly if I have my way*cough*):
Don't ask for more pictures because seriously this is all I have. So if you want your own "Chloey", here is the details and build that you will need. Of course you can do whatever you like but if you want the closest you will need to follow the build below:
Build: 02
Face: 04
Hair: 02
Hair Colour: 17
Voice: Female 1
Birthday: Err totally obvious :/ Oct 19th
Asset: Def (To cover Chrom's lack there of defense caps for Lucina so that she gets a whopping +4 def and +2 res)
Flaw: Luck (Although if you want my first ever playthrough OG Chloey Magic is the flaw here :P:)

So now that we have the details all said and done now to the actual fun! D: What have I gotten myself into?! Heh, I hope you all know that I jest and the japes are going to flow as best as I can make them work :P:

[spoiler=The Goal]So I know that a lot of people do challenge runs on Hard Mode, but I wanted to do something different. The plain and simple goal here is to go without any units falling, whether due to them not being strong enough to take hits or getting into enemies that will lead to their deaths. Not an easy goal I can tell you! Help is going to be much appreciated.


Also this goal is so that I can go to casual without feeling guilty about my tactics not working. Seriously. I have never cleared the game on normal/casual without losing units. If I do this right then we might see a normal classic run in the future.

Ok, now that is all out of the way onto the playthrough itself...

[spoiler=Premonition/Tutorial Chapter...:XD:]We open to the all important battle cutscene. Why is this important you ask? Well I guess it gives us three of the game's characters duking it out in a fight, although why they are fighting is initially unclear.

We leave the cutscene to two characters standing together on what looks like the corner of the map...Oh boy this does not look good to me. Chrom is the first to start speaking. Is it really the final battle already? Also why are we fighting? Can someone please clarify why. Oh right, it seems that we are rebelling against some "Destiny". Oh ok well that makes some sense now...er not :/ also why do we have to kill someone? Chrom?

Slide guides appear and oh, we need to move closer to the guy in the middle of the map? Ok Chrom whatever you say. The thing I find I don't like is the creepy music. Since I am past the tutorial and can pass it on any difficulty, I should be fine here and not lose the two characters. Firstly though I will have to switch off the slide guides. That done I change the interface to show stats and low and behold I can now see Chrom's stats in their full glory. Looking at the map I can't see the rest of the shepherds so I am assuming that they are all dead and Lucina and the others are in Ylisse or that there will be someone who gives her the falchion. I hover over mr Sorcerer and find out that his name is Validar. He has an attack of 34. Great. Chrom has 14 res. This is not going to end well unless...Oh right Chloey's 17 res should be useful, but we'll see. Pairing Chrom up with Chloey ort to do the trick. Chrom gives Chloey the following bonuses:

+2 Str

+0 Mag

+1 Skill

+4 Spd

+4 Lck

+2 Def

+1 Res

and lastsly +0 Mov.

I switch Chloey with Chrom and Chloey gives Chrom an astounding

+2 Str

+2 Mag

+3 Skill

+3 Speed

+1 Lck

+1 Def

+1 res

and +0 Move (who is giving the most in this pair up? Chloey obviously. No wonder she turns into Grima with those sort of bonuses being ignored by Chrom :P: A jest that I might just have fun with comparing later with their support bonuses that we get later in the game :D:)

With is in mind, Validar will now do 19 damage? I am not sure. Chloey however allows Chrom a dual strike so I might as well use it!

Validar says that we are fools trying to fight destiny and Chrom attacks and kills Validar taking a total of 19 damage. Too bad that Chrom didn't Crit Validar. That would have been fun to watch. Plus the idea of Chrom 1 shotting ol' Val seems like a good idea! Not bad for the tutorial run, but there wasn't a lot that I could do.

We end with the most infamous cutscene and now we're onto chapter 1. Ugh I am so not looking forward to the fun that is to be had when we get to Invisible Ties D: really I am not. I do not want to see myself "killing" Chrom. really I don't.

ETA:Due to some very helpful advice we now have pictures :XD: I am so going to have fun now!!

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It's a shame that your old file was deleted D: but it's cool that you're posting a playthrough! I'm gonna look forward to seeing how it goes.
I know you said don't ask for pictures, but if you wanted to add them you could always use Miiverse to get them.
Also about your goal, what happens if a unit dies?

I'm gonna take a guess and say that you're gonna marry Chrom :P

Btw maybe you should change the title of your topic? Since you can't really tell by looking at the title that it's a playthrough

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Still haven't decided what forum to put this log in. . .but I will second the topic title change. Maybe I'll have a better answer tomorrow.

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It's a shame that your old file was deleted D: but it's cool that you're posting a playthrough! I'm gonna look forward to seeing how it goes.

I know you said don't ask for pictures, but if you wanted to add them you could always use Miiverse to get them.

Also about your goal, what happens if a unit dies?

I'm gonna take a guess and say that you're gonna marry Chrom :P

Btw maybe you should change the title of your topic? Since you can't really tell by looking at the title that it's a playthrough

I didn't thinik that I could use Miiverse to get pictures. Even if I could do something like that, I doubt that I have the know how to do so D:


Also if a unit dies it simply means that I am not able to go to classic mode. Stuck on the lowest level of the game. In the worst case. I have already tried a "deathless" go on my MaMu file and failed miserably, so this will be a challenge in a way.

Still haven't decided what forum to put this log in. . .but I will second the topic title change. Maybe I'll have a better answer tomorrow.

The thing is, I don't even know what to put for a title D: I am at a hopeless loss.

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Isnt the goal in everybfire emblem game to go there without anybody dying.

I wouldn't know :/ I have only played one game in the series so far and I am terrible :/

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Hey, nice playthrough!

As for Miiverse: that's what I use for all my screenshots. It takes a little bit of extra time, but it's worth it in my opinion. Steps are below:

1) Make sure your system is up-to-date and connected to the internet.

2) While you're on the home screen, look at the top bar with all the little symbols. See those little green people to the far right? That's the Miiverse button. Open Miiverse and make sure you're signed in with your Nintendo ID. If you don't have a Nintendo ID, then let it walk you through getting one, and then sign in.

3) Start playing your game. When you get to the point you want to screenshot, hit the Home button. This will pause the game for you.

4) With the game still open, start Miiverse. Wait an eternity while it loads. Once it loads, on the touchscreen it will show you screenshots of both screens for the game you are playing; tap whichever one you want to save and hit "Save to Screenshot Album". If you want the other screenshot as well (or picked the wrong screenshot), then afterward you can hit the option in the lower left corner after the next screen appears, which will take you back to the screenshot page.

5) Tap "Resume Game" when you're ready.

6) To actually get your screenshot: Go to miiverse.nintendo.net on a computer and sign in with the same Nintendo ID. Find the option on the page to go to your Screenshot album. Click on any screenshot in your album to get the full picture, then right-click the picture and "save image as" to any folder on your computer.

7) Fnd a free image hosting website on the internet - I use imgur.com - and upload the picture. You can use the BBCode link they provide for the least amount of work; just copy that and paste it wherever you want a picture in your forum post.

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Hey, nice playthrough!

As for Miiverse: that's what I use for all my screenshots. It takes a little bit of extra time, but it's worth it in my opinion. Steps are below:

1) Make sure your system is up-to-date and connected to the internet.

2) While you're on the home screen, look at the top bar with all the little symbols. See those little green people to the far right? That's the Miiverse button. Open Miiverse and make sure you're signed in with your Nintendo ID. If you don't have a Nintendo ID, then let it walk you through getting one, and then sign in.

3) Start playing your game. When you get to the point you want to screenshot, hit the Home button. This will pause the game for you.

4) With the game still open, start Miiverse. Wait an eternity while it loads. Once it loads, on the touchscreen it will show you screenshots of both screens for the game you are playing; tap whichever one you want to save and hit "Save to Screenshot Album". If you want the other screenshot as well (or picked the wrong screenshot), then afterward you can hit the option in the lower left corner after the next screen appears, which will take you back to the screenshot page.

5) Tap "Resume Game" when you're ready.

6) To actually get your screenshot: Go to miiverse.nintendo.net on a computer and sign in with the same Nintendo ID. Find the option on the page to go to your Screenshot album. Click on any screenshot in your album to get the full picture, then right-click the picture and "save image as" to any folder on your computer.

7) Fnd a free image hosting website on the internet - I use imgur.com - and upload the picture. You can use the BBCode link they provide for the least amount of work; just copy that and paste it wherever you want a picture in your forum post.

You are a lifesaver!! :D: I mean it!! Thank you so much! :D:

[spoiler=Verge of History]Since I now have the ability to post pictures I can show you the fun as well as a few words in between. I think that we will all have some fun now!! :D:

So after the opening cutscene we get this:


How nice, it looks like the guy who might be called Chrom is helping Chloey to her feet. That is very nice of him. Of course it looks like Lissa is leering at Chloey so I am not sure what to expect. Certain not what happnes next.

Chrom asks if Chloey is alright and she responds naturally enough:


Now let's cap off what we know so far because that is going to be important. Chloey knows who Chrom is and it seems that Chrom doesn't know who she is. I smell trouble. Really I do. The trouble comes when Chrom asks for Chloey's name...and if you guessed amnesia you were spot on:


so after some awkward talk trying to assertain who Chloey is, it is decided that they will travel to the nearest town to sort the matter out. Which leads us to one of the many jokes that I will be pulling for this chapter of the game,


Oh boy, watch it Chloey or you'll be in trouble!! We all know that acting like that will end in disaster for you dear. There is no telling what will happen now, quick better act as cautious as you can forgetting that Chrom was the guy that had helped you out!! Seriously why even?


Stupid question alert!! Especially since you are both armed, and unbound I might add. Better than being unarmed and bound girl. Use your eyes!! D:


Thanks Chrom, she needed to know that. Now that's out of the way, we listen to Frederick the Wary state out right that he doesn't trust Chloey (so not surprised). Then we find out where we are...Ylisse. Of course we haven't heard of the place before, so confusion is a natural reaction to have. To be told that Chloey is an actress is a little insulting. Come on Frederick, you really are going over board. Of course we also get introductions and Chrom tells us that Lissa is...delicate...


Lissa throws a tantrum by stomping her feet and carrying on. A shame we can't capture the entire sequence as a movie. It would be a highlight if there were any :D:

So anyway after much fun and games we quickly get interrupted by Lissa who yelles that there is a town on fire. Most likely the town that we were going to of all places. So now there is a fight to be had. At least that is what I am assuming since this is an RPG... and we have Chloey bolting after the shepherds (run Chloey, run Chloey, run, run, run):


We get to the town and sure enough, bandits are there making a nuisance of themselves as they always seem to do. It would be nice if they weren't so annoying all of the time :/


The usual scream of "help" and we have to help as best we can...


Pretty obvious there Lissa, after all the bandits are causing trouble and all of that. Chrom has the right idea about dealing with bandits. Although how exactly? I mean I know that he's got a sword and...oh wait, that is what it means. Chrom and the others are going to fight the bandits. Wow I am so daft sometimes.

Of course Chloey seemed to know that all along because she turns up just before the battle is started.


Don't be so surprised Chrom. She is practically hiding things under that coat of hers that you wouldn't even begin to know about. She has a tome and a sword. Not sure what else she needs, but I am pretty certain that she knows that she can help you. Which of course leads to my second joke:


Should check huh? That sounds like a dangerous policy right there Chloey, didn't you check before you ended up in trouble like this? Well I guess that is when Chrom says that he'll be standing back when she attacks. However being an amnesiac in the middle of a battle is not a good thing. Chloey what were you thinking you crazy, crazy woman? Obviously she thought that she could help and help she does:


With stats like that though, she needs some work, but at least she isn't totally helpless. Chrom migh have better str but as we will see Chloey beats his def handily when she gets to grow out.

Now where were we? Oh right, we're up to the part where we kill some bandits. So anyway I have Chrom support Chloey (I don't know why, but I know I should have put Chrom first) and go for the myrmidon towards the left hand side of the map. And I see something that is weird:


Chloey does equal damge, but one is more likely to miss than the other...hmm. Knowing my luck I'll miss so I go for the sword. Hilarity follows with a dead myrmidon and a dead barbarian:


{He missed by a mile and got dual stuck by Chloey while Chrom gave her moral support}



{The myrmidon was an idiot and attacked Chloey with his already dangerously low heath. She showed no mercy!}

Talk about a messy attack too. Chloey levels up after dealing single handedly with two bandits. You go girl! Show those boys who's boss!


Now that her magic is level with her strength, she may actually do more magic damage O.O oh boy am I looking forward to that!! So realising that Chrom needed some EXP, I put him in front to face off with the wind carrying mage that was in range.


Chrom takes some damage but is quick to take his revenge. Lissa is bought up to heal and we wait. The next myrmidon comes right on over and Chrom kills him easily (no damage to boot thanks to Chloey beefing his defense) then it's our turn again and Lissa goes for the shiny square. What's this EXP? Le gasp that sounds like a good idea! We wait a few seconds and I start from here:


Now we close in on the boss. Lissa goes to another shiny square and gets...more EXP ha what luck I have and Fredibear was with her too! I make a slightly silly mistake resulting in Chrom taking a whoping 4 damage during the enemy's turn. Oppsie D: we swiftly fix that by moving Chrom into range and:


Chrom takes another 4 damage and I know that he needs help considering this was during the enemy's turn. All hail healer Lissa! She comes in and heals Chrom and oh my god, I do not believe my eyes as holy crap Lissa gains a level!


Hmm, it looks like our Lissa has a few tricks up her sleeve. Given our luck so far I'd say if we kep these growths we will have some fun. We haven't even taken on the boss by this stage. I have Chrom finish what he started and lo and behold another level up:


Chrom says he feels a "huge" difference. Nice. Chloey and Chrom save the day. Clearly Chloey is not as helpless as they expected. Of course Frederick is even more concerned than before has to be annoying about the entire incident. Although it would have been prudent to simply thank the stranger that helps you..common courtesy says that you should at the very least thank the person for their help and not be an ass about it. I think that Frederick was asking for the joke we see later on and I simply have to share said joke at the poor knight's expence :D::








And I get one of my first laughs of the game. More to come of course once we get on to it.

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"Redoing a (put your difficulty here) Awakening run" or something like that. :P:

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"Redoing a (put your difficulty here) Awakening run" or something like that. :P:

You are a life saver!! Thank you very much!! Like I said I appreciate the help, however I can get it.

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. . .and with that, I'm moving this to Let's Plays!

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Thanks Eclipse :D:

Now on to Chapter 1 beacuse I have just finished it :D:

[spoiler=Unwelcome Change]

So after all the fun and games with the bandits we (by that I mean, Chloey, Chrom, Lissa and Frederick) are all travelling to Ylisstol after killing a few bandits (who would have thought :XD:) so anyway, we're walking along and Lissa is stating her opinion on the matter about bugs and darkness...which leads to yet another funny moment in the game:


Poor Lissa feeling less than pleased makes a few well placed japes about character building oh and did I neglect to mention the music sets this up nicely? Of course Lissa grumbling with this music is a kind of fun way to have some light hearted moment in the game. Before of course, things start to go horrifically south. However for now we can have a laugh at poor Lissa's expense since she opened herself to it...much like Frederick did before and will do again. Not to mention Chloey, but I digress that is for another part of the playthrough.


For some reason I got this near perfect shot of Lissa throwing a tantrum, nice work me :XD: I guess that I did have it in me to capture things reasonably well. Of course we find out that for all intents and purposes we miss the entire bear hunting scene D: that would have actually been fun to watch. Really. So we're soon sitting down and eating:


And now get ready for the most meaningful jape I have. There are two picky eaters amoung the shepherds and they are soon going to be fighting a war with little or no food to eat. I don't know about you, but that screams dangerous.

After a while everyone is asleep...except for a notable exception:


Also it looks like half of Lissa's dress is gone :D: I am sure that I am not the only one that thinks it's weird.

Chrom and Lissa have a talk with one another and we find out that there is something strange going on. Chrom wants to investigate it obviously and Lisssa won't let him go alone. They walk through the forest on a night-time stroll. Of course Lissa and Chrom realise that something is wrong because animals are not present. Then an earthquake quickly happens.


What follows is a cutscene where Lissa and Chrom are bolting through the forest at a pace that supposedly out runs an earthquake. Then Lissa has her life saved by a young "man" when the weird and quite frankly disgusting risen make their first appearance. However we as an audience don't know this at first. Of course we don't. And I missed a really good screen shot of Lissa's face when Chloey and Frederick arrived D:

The map begins. Of course I get Chloey to support Chrom this time as Chrom needs the levels and not Chloey. She is too easily leveled up at this stage and Chrom will be joined by two others that will need some EXP. I of course go for the sparkly square:


And he gets another damn sword. As if he needed it D: Lissa is of course out of reach from the risen with Frederick behind her, so at least she is safe :D: for now. The risen move and sure enough, two new random people come and join the group in a mini cutscene. My map now looks like this:


Lissa is definately going to be in some trouble. Before I move Chrom for the first attack of the second turn, I go to move Virion, since as we can clearly see I have disabled the slide-guides allowing for pair up before chapter 3. And this is what Virion had to say before I moved him, to my amusement:


Who says that? Seriously? Am I a Goddess? Last time I checked I wasn't a lady so perhaps Virion is just teasing me here. I don't know. So we move Mr Archer and pair him up with Sully. Only to switch them a little later on to get some of the risen. Dumb idea I know, but it does work. I have Frederick and Lissa head towads another shiny patch without being in range of getting hurt and of course we have Chrom attack that annoying mercenary. We get a dual strike and what's this...


Chrom you naughty man, +3 stats is not good. But at least his strength is growing in this playthrough. With my MaMu run he stayed at 8 strength until I had him kill most of the map in Chapter 4 (where I was stuck for nearly two years when I first got the game). During the enemy phase Chloey does several dual strikes and this is the best on I managed to get:


Aww look Chloey is right alongside Chrom as he lands the last blow! I find it hilarious that she was dual striking like that. Still it ups their support points so I am all for it! It's my turn and realising that perhaps there might be a good chance to level Lissa up, I go for the shiny square and this happens:


I will be marrying Lissa to Lon'qu, so this is bad news. Not what I wanted. *sighs* So now I have to make sure to change whom Lissa is paired up with. I then move Chrom to take out the archer. Chloey fails to kill the archer and Chrom doesn't dual strike...Ugh damn it Chrom, if you dual struck you would have helped Chloey to catch up to you!! Damn it!!

The leader for some crazy reason likes to go after little tacticians:


All while Chloey throws some thunder its face :P: afterwards I move Virion to make some damage. I was hoping that Sully would be a nice Cavalier and dual strike. Not even. She doesn't even dual guard either, allowing poor Virion to take some damage. I move Lissa to heal Virion and:


Why Lissa? Why? Three stats up. Really not good, but Lissa did gain some defense out of it so I can't complain too much. I wait and watch as Lissa becomes a target and make a split choice to have Sully (who has up until that point done nothing) have a go. What happens next astounds me:


Caught in the act, dearest Virion decides to dual strike. I soon find that I am grinning like an idiot and having already had Chloey kill the annoying Risen archer, I clear the chapter. Without anyone falling. Lissa though was dangerously close. Too close. Once I get some rescues and physics I will certainly be able to get her going. Then I will have to make certain that Lissa gets some training. The best way is to take some of those idiot units that I got from streetpass and use them as pin cushions so I can level Lissa up without hurting my own units. It's worth it for the leveling.

Now that that is all done, we end the chapter with this:




So Lissa thanks a young "man" and in "his" words:


So "Marth" proceeds to tell us that there is something going on that isn't good. No details or anything really. Just that what happened was just a prelude to what is to come. And then "he" walks off:


Talk turns to going back to Ylisstol and after some time we see...


I am of course inclinded to agree with Chloey, that is a lot of people and the Exalt:


Chloey shows some concern about the Exalt being out among the people and we come to a joke at Chloey's (or our) expense when we find out that the Exalt/Ruler of Ylisse happens to be none other than Lissa and Chrom's older sister:






And then Chloey somehow gets an invitation to meet the Exalt...who Chrom calls "Emm". Now that could be several names but I'll wait and see...


Not what I was expecting but alright, I'll leave it as is. Of course Frederick being Frederick doesn't trust Chloey (again what else is new). And Chrom looks like he wants to hit the knight with a hammer (I wonder if Frederick realises that one of Chrom's classes allows him to use axes as a viable weapon option. I may have to actually do that when all is said and done, perhaps even getting Chrom to attack an outer realm Frederick just to do that :XD:)

The chapter ends with Lissa leading us away while Chrom and Emmeryn "hold council". And we're done.

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I find it pretty funny how, Lissa has a song named after her getting a fly in her mouth.
Virion and Sully tho. I've always liked Sully but disliked Virion until recently.

Good luck on Chapter 2! That one is always annoying.

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Ok, so while I was mucking around yesterday I decided that I would get another chapter done of Awakening, plus some tactician notes to boot this time :XD: I hope that this post isn't exceedingly long. If it is I appologise in advance because I actually tried to make the notes as minimal as possible despite the fact that we cover a lot in this chapter. "Tactical notes" are in the spoiler tags and will cover the actual stage itself rather than story based notes which we will be having fun with later.

One thing I would like to cover is what happened before I got into chapter 2 to continue the story:

[spoiler=C-Support Chrom x Chloey]Chrom and Chloey had their C Support. I will make it crystal clear that I do not like F!Avatar and Chrom's support conversations C-A. They are horrible and annoy to no end and really could have been handled much better than what they were. These supports must be endured if I want Lucina to have her best possible mother, so I do. That does not mean that I like them. The S-Support is alright though and I like it depsite the dorky Chrom that we get for it.



I don't need to go into details as to how this ends since we all know that Chrom would have taken a rock to his face if F!Mu had her way. Like I said I hate this support conversation and prefer the M!Mu one to this. At least they could have adapted the M!Mu to F!Mu if done properly.

*Quoting Invisible Ties Fan-Fiction where such a adaption was made*:

""Uh...Chrom," Chloey began, and she saw him look at her and she knew that it was for the best that she voice what she was worried about, "Can I...can I ask you something?"

Chrom looked at Chloey, his face unreadable as he said, "Uh-oh, should I be nervous?"

Chloey frowned, not even sure how to tell Chrom that her concern was to his safety and yet...she had to say it, "When you found me collapsed and without memory, why did you take me in?"

Chrom tilted his head and said, "Well...because you were collapsed and without memory?"

Chloey looked down at the ground and said softly, "That's it? Pity was your reason?"

Chrom wondered what was going on and said calmly, "Isn't that enough?" She sure was acting strange and he didn't know what to say to her. Plus it was a little disconcerting when those blue eyes were not looking at him and they were hidden by her long blond hair.

Chloey it seemed was struggling with her own demons and she looked up suddenly blue eyes focused on him now, "Did you ever stop to think if it was a trap?" He stared into her eyes now, she was upset it seemed, he sighed,

"That is what I have Frederic for,"

Chloey frowned even deeper than before, "But why didn't..."

Chrom sighed, "Chloey, if I see someone hurt or in need I'm going to help them. That's just who I am and there's no changing it. Or would you rather that I'd left you face down in the muck?"

Chloey's face contorted with pain, and Chrom realised that he'd struck a little low, but he was not prepared for what she was about to say, "No, of course not. I'm thankful for what you did, I truly am. However it scares me all the same. Chivalry and longevity don't often go hand in hand Chrom,"

Chrom felt a soft smile on his face as he started to laugh, "Ha! I wish I had a gold coin for every time I got this lecture." Chrom noticed that Chloey sighed,

"I can only offer advice I'm afraid," She replied, "You really should be more careful in future,"

"I'm sorry, but no," Chrom said calmly, earning a frown from the small woman, "It happened again today I'd do the exact same thing,"

Chloey frowned, "But..."

Chrom stopped her politely, "Peace Chloey. I have heard your counsel and I know you mean well. But as I said this is who I am. I can't change that, nor would I want to,"

Chloey heaved a sigh, "I...I understand. If that is your decision, then so be it...just try to be careful Chrom. For my peace of mind, if not your own,"

Chrom looked at the tactician and noticed that she wasn't looking at him again and there was the faintest hint of what he thought was a blush, although he couldn’t be certain, he replied, "I will, I promise,""

See how much better that is as a C support? Also note that then the B and A supports aren't as bad when viewed from this C Support? That's what I think anyway. Sorry for the rambling :D: I just felt I had to make the point crystal clear.

[spoiler=Chapter 2: The Shepherds]90_by_thesilentchloey-d9h8lf3.jpg

So now we meet the shepherds...or rather the rest of them. This is also the chapter where Chrom's "cannon" wife is introduced. Seriously not going with the Chrom/Sumia pair up because:

~1. Lucina gains nothing from Sumia that Chloey (aka avatar) doesn't provide already

~2. Sumia is already outclassed by Chloey by the time we actually recuit her Chloey's training usually makinbg her more than able to handle the archers that can one shot Sumia

~3. I have long since been set in my ways with Chrom/Avatar pairing if I'm doing a F!Mu playthrough, this one is no different in that regard

~4. Lucina gets class freedom and has the ability to do lots of things that she just can't with Sumia. I don't like the way Lucina is limited by her other mothers in class options

~5. All of Chrom's others brides automatically assume that he is cheating on them with Lucina when she talks with him revealing who she is to him and lack the degree of trust that we see with F!Avatar. She totally trusts Chrom isn't cheating and unlike the other women understands that there is a risk that his actions could be seen as bad.

~6. The most important point is that Chloey hands down the exclusive tactician class as well as all gender permitting classes. Lucina therefore gets Ignus as an attacking option that she would not gain from any other mother. My research has long since yeilded that what the other mothers give Lucina are either of no use in higher difficulties (Olivia's +4 Luck and special dance) or are skills that Lucina can gain herself through reclassing.

So with that covered we now move onto the actual reason that you are here reading this particular thread: the game play.

Chapter 2 starts with Lissa leading Chloey to the shepherd's garrison.


As we can see there are two people that are visble at the moment other than Lissa and while I already know who they are, I won't spoil it for everyone else. Kidding of course. We have the shoved down our throat as Chrom's cannon wife, Sumia and of course that one guy that is over the top about himself, Vaike, or rather Teach, as he prefers to be called. Chloey arrives not long after Lissa and has a bit of a nervous look around:


As we can see she is the centre of attention, the worst place to be if I am being honest, as I am more of a reserved type of person at heart. Ah but I do digress. Maribelle shows up stating that she was concerned for Lissa, and declares that she has sprouted 14 grey hairs worrying about Lissa after Lissa says "Hey Maribelle," as calmly as you please. What I find funny is that Maribelle while not the most open person does have a heart of gold. I quite like her even if she can be a bit sharp towards the "lower class"

Speaking of lower classes Lissa proclaims rather happily that Chloey is the shepherds new tactician and Vaike promptly belches after asking if Chloey can belch as well. Maribelle brings us the most predictable reaction:


Of course she also tells Chloey off because Chloey apparently didn't have the desired reaction. Maribelle then storms off before Chrom comes in while Sumia and the others do their best to comfort the tactician.


Chrom arrives and tells us that the shepherds are going to Regna Ferox. Of course we get the none to subtle Chrom/Sumia shoved down our throats when Sumia goes to greet Chrom and...


and right on her face as well *wince* that had to hurt. This is of course because Sumia trips over everything and it is supposed to be "cute". I really don't like it one bit, but that is just me. I timed it well enough I suppose, mostly Chloey's reaction to the whole thing. The shock of seeing someone fall flat on her face. Nasty. Anyway we pass this and we are soon heading out,


We meet Stahl and have mention of Miriel and of course get to joke about Vaike being forgetful. Other than that it is alright, I guess.

We then see Risen. I don't need to tell you what happens next, but I'll humour you with it. Chrom curses that the risen are there and we find out that they are risen. Wow shocks are gone now. With all of the shepherds in their base locations on the map I decided to try a much different tactic than usual. And now we will have my notes on the matter.

Turn 1

Stahl x Sully above Lissa to keep the risen from her

Virion + Frederick staying to the left of Lissa to draw the left handside barbarian risen

Chloey x Chrom moved to Lissa's right in rane of the right hand side mercenary risen

Lissa sandwitched between Stahl/Sully Virion/Frederick and Chloey/Chrom

Vaike taking the rear minus his weapons.

The mercenary goes for Chloey and does 4 damage, while Chloey does 9 damage in return giving her a level up:


Then Virion is attacked for 2 damage (thanks to Fred)

Vaike and Lissa are undamaged

Turn 2


Miriel joins us and finds Vaike's axe and says that she will punish the man for losing his axe.

~Lissa heals Chloey+4 HP

~Stahl/Sully attack the mercenary risen for 11 damage leaving the barbarian on the right

~Virion chips for 13 damage, Miriel finishes the barbarian

~Moved Chloey/Chrom to lure another wave of risen and had Vaike take his axe from, Miriel with Miriel being less than pleased about it.


During the enemy phase Chrom dual attacked with Chloey against expected outcome Chloey still sustained 4 damage. Chloey was meant to chip damage the enemy for Miriel. Third turn resulted in a change of plans.

Turn 3

Miriel x Vaike for pure defense purposes for Miriel.

I had Lissa heal Virion and moved Stahl/Sully in range of the second barbarian. Placed Miriel/Vaike down one across one to the right of Stahl/Sully. Moved Chloey/Chrom next to Stahl/Sully and Virion/Frederick next to Miriel/Vaike

During the enemy phase the barbarian comes for Stahl/Sully and misses, Stahl hits for 11 damage.

Turn 4


~Healed Chloey +4 HP again

~Miriel ended the barbarian with no level up.


~I switched Chloey out for Chrom and headed towards the sparkly tile to the left of the map for the next turn


~Moved Virion/Frederick to draw in the lance wielding soldier on the right. Left Stahl/Sully in place. Frederick dual guarded Virion saving Lissa to heal Virion again

Turn 5

Moved Chrom onto the sparkly tile:




Had Virion attack the soldier and Frederick the damn fuckwit dual strikes right when I don't need it. Virion Levels up (no screen shot because Chloey was an idiot). Lissa heals Virion and levels up:


I moved Miriel/Vaike and Stahl/Sully.

Turn 6

Moved Chrom/Chloey, Virion/Frederick and Lissa. Moved Stahl/Sully and Miriel/Vaike onto the bridge to draw down more enemies without certain others being in the way of EXP.

Miriel took 6 damage from the mercenary and delt 9 damage in response and Vaike missed a dual strike. Stahl ends up dealing 11 damage to the barbarain that comes his way missing the attack while Sully sits there on her horse. No doubt providing moral support.

Turn 7

Miriel attacks the mercenary risen and gains her first level up of the chapter after Lissa heals her for the damage that she took:


"Propitious Growth if I may say so," Says Miriel. Too bad she didn't get any defense for that level up. Stahl ends the barbarian. My map looks like this:


I move Chrom/Chloey in front of Miriel/Vaike and Virion/Frederick in front of Stahl/Sully


Turn 8

~Moved Miriel to take on the risen soldier on the left of the map and had Lissa heal her in preparation for the potential damage that she could take from the risen soldier

~Stahl/Sully moved to the left to draw out the mercenary risen to the right of the map. I moved Virion to the shiny square and:


*groans* Not what I needed at this point in time.

During the enemy phase Miriel is attacked by the soldier and fails to one shot him. Meanwhile the mercenary goes for Stahl/Sully. The mercenary misses and:


A dual strike from Sully gives Stahl an iron sword and there goes the merc. Stahl levels up


Three stats up isn't too bad. It's progess as he calls it.

Turn 9

~Moved Stahl/Sully switched for Sully to gain some EXP. Sully is in the right hand side fort. Healed Miriel from the predicted damage with Lissa. Used Miriel to end the soldier and enjoyed watching the risen fall. We got an iron lance out of it.

Turn 10

Sully ends the soldier and gains a level. She also gains a +6 stats...a jaw dropping +6 stats. She claims that it is "One giant leap across the chasm of greatness,". It is her first level up and I have never seen her level up like that! Not once in a playthrough and never that first level.


~Moved Miriel in range of the barbarian to the left of the map. During the enemy phase Miriel's luck holds out as the barbarian misses. Lissa is close enough to heal Miriel if she was in trouble (which she would have been if she got hit). Chrom/Chloey is next to Miriel/Vaike with Virion/Frederick next to Sully/Stahl.

Turn 11

Miriel ends the barbarian and fails to gain a level up, but is very close to her second one of the map. I split up the following pairs:



~Moved Chrom/Chloey ended the turn with Lissa on the fort to get some healing

Turn 12

Healed Stahl with Lissa and Lissa gained a level up:


~Repaired Virion with Frederick as I checked to make sure that we wouldn't have a repeat of Frederick dual striking again. Upon realising that Virion was too weak without the help, sent in Virion/Frederick to do a hopeful 13 chip damage. Finally got what I wanted although Virion took 4 damage to get it. Then I used Miriel in the hope that she would kill the chief and end the map. No such luck as I swiftly discovered that the previous level up wasn't up to scratch even though she gained +1 mag. I get the following result:



No Miriel, you are not of a level where you can dare say that. Don't you even. That +1 stat would have been severed better as +def not HP at this point in time. You are a bloody pin cushion right now and need all of the stat growths that you can get you fool!

So after the most disappointing level up I send Chrom/Chloey in to finish the job. Mostly it was just to give Chrom some support points with Chloey and not for the shock that I was about to get...a +6 stat gain level up:


I am pleased with this level up. Looks like no one can stop Chrom now! At least if he keeps growing like this at any rate. We all know however that isn't the case especially since Chrom didn't level up like the last chapter prior to this one (if one cares to look at last chapter). Still I'll take it.


So that was the map, but the story is far from over. Now here comes the last little bit of fun. Chrom, Lissa and Chloey all find a rather sorry looking pegasus:


The poor thing is clearly hurt, but not hurt enough that it won't rear up and try to kill Chrom for helping it. Of course at this particular moment, Sumia appears and what does she do? Fall flat on her face of course:


Because some who is good with animals needs to have a horrible sense of balance and that wouldn't kill her from the back of a pegasus at all. (Also I used the same image because I felt like it...that and it will likely be a running joke. I am so sorry Sumia...really I am) Sumia some how calms the "orny" pegasus and sends the rest of the shepherds ahead against the suggestion of her commander who could have easily ordered otherwise but didn't. Obviously with all of the risen about there is no need to worry about the girl that falls flat on her face a lot :/

Anyway we leave Sumia to care for the pegasus with the knowledge that she will "catch up" with the rest of us.

In other news this chapter's effort unlocked another C-Support conversation. This time between Stahl and Sully. I have always liked their support conversations and it is a shame that the writers didn't make Chrom and the F!Avatar like it. Anyway I am sure I have said enough of that really. Sully says something that every time I see it, I always laugh since it shows just how mellow Stahl is:


I just love the way she is full on no nonsence and doesn't take shit from anyone. I know that I am looking forward to Stully's S-Support conversation (Stahl and Sully of course that is my name pun for the pairing not the one I came up with either. Chromia{Chrom/Sumia} and Lucbin {Lucina/Robin} are two that I may have come up with and of course our favourite one that I have seen arouns is Chrobin {Chrom/Robin} ). The support is level and it works well enough as well as the ending being the best possible one for Stahl. Also I like the fact that Sully has been one of my most reliable units, once she has some training on her. As a tactician I strive to make sure that everyone has a fair go, even Frederick and Donnel. Or late comers like Aversa and Gangrel. We'll see how Chapter 3 goes. Of course we will get Kellam and Sumia so a lot of fun there to be had of course. I will mention though that Stully is a good couple and usually work out rather better than expected.

ETA: I would like to thank everyone's support up to this point. I hope that you will all enjoy chapter 3 when I get to playing it. I am doing a bit more on my M!Mu run because I want to finish the game and delate the M!Mu file because I did a lot of screw ups.

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I've played over half of the Fire Emblem games and I'm still awful don't worry about it

Well I was hopping to get better at it actually D: that and I want to try and go beyond normal. *sighs*. Anyway it is now time for the attempt at Chapter 3, since that is the first chapter that I can "officially" use pair ups :XD: but since I turned the slide guides off I have been doing it from the start. Hopefully we'll have a B Support to report!! *laughs* That would be fun. Anyhow the same here will apply as Chapter 2 as I liked the organization of the post :D:

[spoiler=Chapter 3 Let's go after the Squishie yet magically inclined Tactician that can Crit us]


So we are now doing the infamous Chapter 3...infamous because of a lot of things, but I'll get to that in a moment.

We open up to what looks like a fort and Chrom and Frederick are talking about chatting with the Feroxi for an alliance of some sort and Chrom adds seemingly sheepishly:


Remember this line because it is going to come back to haunt us later on let me tell you. So Frederick suggests that it be best to "pool supplies" and decide which shepherds to deploy. The mistrust is really annoying here, but I know that some day he'll turn around. Until then, I will have to be sure to thank Chrom for his ever so subtle reminder that Chloey:


and we unlock the preparations menu! About damn time we had that option! I always wish it could have some much sooner than this but I will live. I have played the game a few times now :XD:


Now I can start my standard work and actually fully prepare myself for the slog ahead. Warning the following are tactical notes and they are going to be just like last time.

Pre Battle Prep

The first and most important part of my pre battle activities is to check levels. I don't give a shit about the stats at this point in time. I will usually bring my absolute weakest units along with Chrom and Chloey. Chrom because I have to and Chloey because...well she's always by Chrom's side so why would I change that?

Given that everyone is reasonably equal in level except for Frederick, I then move onto the next part of pre battle prep, looking at the inventory to make certain that no one is going to be breaking their weapons in the middle of a battle and that they have enough to get them through the battle. Only after these two steps are done do I go onto the next step.

Check the map and see what enemies I am up against. If there are units that will have an easier time than others I may shake the line up. Those that do not stand a chance will get used as a support bot for those that do. I tend to grind levels a fair bit I have discovered, or at the very least make certain to evenly level up my team. Given that everyone is at their lowest (not counting Fred) is level 3 I have done a pretty good job, I will however have to watch them like hawks as Sumia joins us in this chapter at the afore mentioned post on chapter 2. Now for the record I am not marrying Chrom to Sumia. Not while there is a better mother for Lucina in the form of Chloey. Chloey gives Lucina everything she wants and makes Lucina capable of being a god unit by the time I am done with that girl. Ah but I don't need to digress, I need to focus on the task at hand.

Once I have checked the map and am certain that I have adjusted weapons/units as best I can I go into battle:

Turn 1


The first point of business is to of course watch the stupid Chromia cutscene, "Lovebirds" as if it should be called that *gags* what a poor name for it. Chrom is not in love with Sumia at this point in the game, hell they don't even have a C-Support so why call it that. I think "The Rescue" fits much better. We aslo see the irony of Frederick getting a dose of his own bitter medicine prior to the cutscene in question:




I like Raimi a little; but honey, didn't you see the blue hair and the mark of the Exalt on the young man's shoulder that sticks out like a sore thumb? Wouldn't that throw you a hint that it might actually be your allies? Also are you really sure that you want to tempt me to finding a Mire tome and hitting you with it? I know you have horrible resistance so I can easily arrange it for you dear, if you so desire :D oh, alright I won't Mire you, but I will at the very least hit you with some thunder to your face because why not?

Now that I can control them, I make the following pair ups:

~Chloey x Chrom

~Sumia x Frederick

~Sully x Stahl

~Miriel x Vaike

Lissa is left on her own at the moment.

I then move Chloey/Chrom over to Kellam on the left of the map and switch to Chrom to talk to Kellam to recruit him then back to Chloey to deal with the archers that would make short work of Sumia and one shot her in their sleep. I did warn you all that Sumia is pathetic at the best of times, and this chapter really shows it


A real failer of a move by IS, but we can at the very least have a laugh at what comes next.

This is normally the point where I would have one side of the map swamped with the shepherds and I ditched the strategy in favour of a more efficent one of the pincer movement, splitting the shepherds roughly in half. I don't normally do this as I like everyone to be in range of a healer at all times. I gave Kellam his javalin because archers are pricks err annoyingly good at finding the units that can't strike back at them over a distance. At least that is what they have done in the past when I have played this game. Then I had Sully/Stahl park it next to Kellam, because why not. I also swapped their weapons so that they could get even EXP with a sword and a lance respectively.

Durring the enemy phase we find that the archers go for Chloey -_- the currently still squishie tactician. She does however give as good as she gets dealing more magic damage thanks to her level growth in the previous chapter. Chloey boldly 2 shots the first archer for about 9x2 and hits back for 8 on another meanwhile on the other side of the map Vaike takes 5 damage from a lance weilding soldier while Sumia is basically ignored...

Turn 2


Firstly I have Lissa heal our favourite squishie Tactician. Then moving to the right of the map, I had Sumia/Fred attack the soldier that Vaike had so painstakingly chip damaged in the previous turn. I swapped Vaike for a Miriel lead and attack the soldier that was waiting behind the one that Sumia promptly knocked out. Meanwhile on the left hand side of the map I had Sully take out the weakened soldier that Kellam had so easily chipped at. Sully fails to gain a level and Lissa is still at risk so I move Chloey forwards to deal with one of the archers:


And we got the light show at just the right time too!! :XD: I do like a good hit. Oh and the little Squishie tactician leveled up as well:


More magic? Is this a sign of things to come? That I will inevitably end up on the path of a mage? Keh, heh, heh, well you'll just have to wait and see won't you? I won't spoil that for you!! :D

With that said and done I wait for the enemies decide what they're doing:




It's a Miriel spotlight as she burns her way through to victory and let's not forget that Chrom doesn't like being shown up by Miriel at all:


The first dual strike of the map goes to Chrom. Of course with the enemy being that dumb, might as well point out that Chrom had gone and over killed with the sword hitting, which I find quite amusing...

Turn 3

Not a lot happened in this turn, mostly I had Lissa heal Chloey (again which does make me wonder am I babying my units?) I sent the weakened Miriel after the mercenary and moved little Sumia to the shiny square. Lissa gained a level up:


And rather than being useful Sumia got me a bow that I didn't need D: Chloey/Chrom and Sully/Stahl were all moved towards the left door as well as Kellam.

Turn 4

Moved the injured Miriel towards Lissa and Lissa towards Miriel. Left everyone else where they were.

Turn 5

Moved Sumia/Fred towards the left door and moved Miriel that bit closer to the left door. Of course Lissa had to heal Miriel so I promptly did that. Made the others wait again.

Turn 7

Moved Miriel/Vaike and switched Vaike to heal the 5 damage that he'd taken in the beginning of the map. Moved Sumia/Fred closer to the others and made the others stay put again. :XD: Oh I am a horrible tactician!

Turn 8

Moved Chloey/Chrom to unlock the door, we had Sumia take out the knight. Sumia however didn't have enough strength so I moved Sully to finish the job because Sumia is...well Sumia:


I also moved Lissa and had Kellam pair up with her. Vaike and Miriel were also moved:


Turn 9

I moved Chloey/Chrom towards the shiny tile, praying that I would not get something useless like the bow from Sumia. I had to have Lissa heal Sumia because...well it is Sumia after all. I moved Vaike and Miriel again and this time they were in the enemies' range. Miriel was kind enough to dual guard for our friend Teach:


Vaike missed of course -_- because it would be too much to ask him to hit cleanly.

Turn 10

Chloey got to the shiny square and almost caught up to Miriel in terms of weapons :XD:

Vaike Chipped the Merc while Sumia knocked out the fighter.

Lissa healed Vaike and Sully finished the merc :D:

Turn 11

This turn was focused on healing and moving units arround.

Turn 12

Chloey/Chrom was moved into range of the fighter with the infamous hammer (which we may see on the next map, if I need it) while Sully/Stahl was moved behind Chloey/Chrom. Vaike/Miriel was moved to the left of Sully/Stahl while Sumia/Fred was moved to the right. Lissa was placed behind them with Kellam. During the enemy phase Chloey played dodging games and dished out 8 damage with her sword.


Like I said Chrom really doesn't like being out done by Miriel...

Turn 13

So with everything that happened I moved Sumia/Fred, while Vaike had a great time knocking out our hammer weilding fighter friend :XD:. Chloey/Chrom moved to the merc just out Raimi's range and Chloey got herself a D Rank in swords:


Which means that coming up against "Marth" Chloey might be able to pack more of a punch than before *raises eyebrows*. I swaped Sully for Stahl as a lead and the Merc decided that he didn't like the squishie tactician as a target and went for Vaike. The fool got knocked out before he could say "Feroxi". Vaike did take a little damage though :P

Turn 14

I had Sumia go after the knight, and Sumia actually looks set to level up! I decided to set up some extra support for Chloey so I had Stalh/Sully and Miriel/Vaike hang near enough to Raimi's range that they wouldn't get attacked but Chloey would have the help that she needed. I moved Chloey into place and she missed her first strike D: she did connect with the second though. Squishie Tactician gains another level up:


More Mag...oh deah she is really being condemed to be a mage now isn't she...D:

Raimi heals and attacks Chloey because squishie tactician is just too tempting a target to pass up for what might be an easy kill...and then this happens after the second strike:


The first Crit of the game!! And it was Chloey!! Not Chrom, but sweet little shy as all hell Chloey XD I am so proud of my squishie tactician! She even said, "You're Finished!" before the KO! *giggles*

And with that I cleared the map D:


So now we go to the story notes...

Raimi is still smarting after that crit, I would be too if someone threw thunder in my face like that. She appologises (of all things) and tells us that she will take us to meet the Khan. Why am I thinking that this "Khan" is a man? Surely I am not the only one who thought that the first time. Of course we are about to find out that there is more than one, and the one we were expecting was plenty. That is all for this chapter, but there are a couple of things that I have unlocked:

1.Donnel's Paralogue

2. Chrom and Chloey have another Support conversation lined up

3. Wireless features at last!!

4. Miriel can talk to Vaike...(drat, I need Ricken not Vaike!!)

Well this chapter was longer than I had hoped, but I had fun all the same. Time to get ready for the next instalment of Chloey's attempt at clearing normal/casual without losses. (I am hoping so anyway)

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Now we are going to do Donnel's Side Story...*gulps*

[spoiler=Support Miriel x Vaike]

So I had fun watching Miriel x Vaike's support. We hear chatter of centrivical force and all sorts of "rational" words from Miriel. She of course is disproved in her threory by Vaike who claims that it is instinct...


This is of course something that scientist Miriel must investigate throughly...if I allow her to have further supports with Vaike.


[spoiler=Support Chrom x Chloey]

Like I said I don't like Chrom and the female avatar's support...I really don't like it. I'll just let the pictures talk for themselves...


My point exactly what the hell is Chrom doing near the women's bathing tent, and why didn't he hear Chloey ask him to wait outside? Unless Chrom wanted to see her naked...ok that was awkward as all hell...*shuffles away*...


[spoiler=Sickle to Sword]

Now I will be perfectly clear about this chapter, namely that I screwed it up at least twice before I decided that I was happy with it. However rather than waste time I will cut to the chase with how I went about it.

Pre Battle

For those who saw chapter 3, you will know who was where. This is of course where I train normally, so I always come here before chapter 4. It is the only way to get Donnel and get vital levels if I missed them in the previous chapters. Given that most of the team is behind Chloey and Chrom I would have loved to sit the pair out, however I want to get them married as quickly as possible so it is a no go with sitting those two out (damn it!). I do however sit out the following units:

Frederick, Sumia, Vaike

The ones I bring to this chapter are:

Virion, Sully, Stahl, Kellam, Miriel, Lissa, Chloey and Chrom

Donel joins us as well. Now for those of you who have done this side story, you know full well that Donnel needs to be leveled up to join the shepherds. That is the aim of what I will do. Naturally I check the character's inventory and am forced to admit that there is nothing I can change until I unlock the DLC after chapter 4 (and to do some support grinding as well because I always do that)

Turn 1



~Used Chloey to chip damage the barbarian in range

~Pair up Donnel + Kellam

~Virion chiped Barbarian that Chloey had attacked earlier

~Donnel/Kellam killed barbarian

~Pair up Stahl x Sully

~Moved Stahl/Sully to the left of the map into the range of the barbarian to the left

~Moved Miriel next to Stahl

~Moved Chrom as close to Chloey as I could

~Moved Lissa in the middle of both groups, out of the archer's range


This is before I moved Lissa. Of course in case I had to re-set in the off chance that Virion or Chloey crit an enemy that is meant to help Donnel gain exp (that has happened before)

~Archer attacks Virion (surprise, surprise)

~Barbarian goes for Stahl and misses

Turn 2

~Donnel Chips the archer

~Chloey and Virion were made to wait

~Lissa healed Virion

~Miriel ended the barbarian on the left of the map, while Stahl assisted with a dual strike and Miriel gained a level:


~Stahl/Sully attacked the barbarian closest to them and Sully not wanting to be out done by Chloey get's a dual strike critical hit stating, "I'll Kill you Twice!" which also happens to be my favourite line from Sully when she gives a critical hit:


Sully also gains a level for the bargan:


~Archer comes down and goes after Miriel D:

~The archer who attacked Virion went after Lissa D: luckily said archer did not do too much damage to Lissa and she can heal herself

Turn 3

~Donny chased after our archer friend and killed him nicely

~Lissa was moved away towards Chloey to heal up

~Pair up Chrom x Chloey

~Move Miriel towards Lissa to heal injuries...I really do wonder if I am babying my units

Turn 4

~I had Chrom/Chloey move towards the left of the map.

~ Also moved Virion towards the pair

~Lissa healed Miriel

~Pair up Virion x Miriel

~Moved Stahl/Sully towards the gathering shepherds

~Moved Donny/Kellam next to Virion/Miriel

Turn 5

~Moved Donny/Kellam in range of the barbarian towards the upper part of the map

~Moved Stahl/Sully up to help Donny

~Barbarian goes for Donny and while Donny doesn't kill the barbarian, he does gain a level:


Turn 6


~Virion/Miriel failed to chip like I wanted, they ended up killing the barbarian D:


Damn it Miriel, if you hadn't have dual struck, we would have been fine!

~Moved Chrom/Chloey into range of the other barbarian

~Moved Stahl/Sully into the range of the barbarian to the left of the map

~Moved Donny to gain some EXP

~Chrom/Chloey fought the barbarian and Chloey scored her second critical of the game, "Checkmate!"


Thus ending the bandit with 33 damage :D: (She has a habit of criticals it seems...not just in this playthrough, but in my M!Mu playthrough as well when I decided to hire her! :P:) Also she gained a level:


And broke the run of +mag as well :XD: however Chloey is not the one that needs the levels...Chrom had better catch up!

~Donnel took a arrow and an axe to the face and had worrying HP

Turn 7

~Lissa healed Donnel and she gained a level:


~Switched to Kellam to take out the barbarian

~Chrom/Chloey killed the archer that attacked Donny

~Stahl/Sully weakened the theif that had a killer lance


(I will assume that Stahl finally caught up to Sully!)

~Upper left archer attacked Chrom (Chloey failed to dual guard)

~Thief ran away like a coward

~Bottom left hand side theif attacked Kellam and lost 10 HP

Turn 8

~Donny killed the coward theif

~Moved Virion in range of the archer that was threating Chrom

~Moved Chrom/Chloey near the second theif

~Moved Lissa to heal Chrom

~Moved Stahl/Sully to block the thief from getting to Virion/Miriel

~Theif attacked Chrom, the later only gaining +3 stats. I did say that Chrom was not good with level ups at times


Turn 9

~Moved Chrom/Chloey towards the shiny square on the left of the map

~Moved Donny/Kellam next to Virion/Miriel

~Had Lissa heal Virion

~Virion ended our archer friend and...


~Moved Stahl/Sully to the right if the map towards the shiny square of the map

Turn 10

~Moved Stahl/Sully to the shiny square


~Moved Chrom/Chloey to the shiny tile to the left:




~Moved Virion/Miriel next to Chrom/Chloey

~Moved Lissa to heal Virion again

Turn 11

~Moved Donny/Kellam towards the barbarian on the right of the map

~Moved Stahl/Sully one square down to the right of Donny

~Moved Virion inbetween the archer and barbarian's ranges

~Moved Lissa to heal Stahl and Lissa gains a level. She will be ready for a second seal after one more level:


~Moved Chrom/Chloey one square to the right of Virion/Miriel to prepare Chrom to take out the archer on the left of the map

Turn 12

~Moved Lissa to heal Chrom

~Moved Donny/Kellam to into the range of the archer

~Moved Stahl/Sully behind Donny

~Donny took 4 damage.

Turn 13

~Moved Donny/Kellam to persue the archer as having Chrom/Chloey finish off the archer sounded like a waste of fun

~Moved Chrom/Chloey to block said archer from getting at Lissa

~Archer aimed for Donnel again

Turn 14

~Healed Donny with Lissa

~Went after our archer friend

~Moved Chrom/Chloey again to block archer from hurting Lissa

~Archer went for Donny

Turn 15

~Donny ended our archer friend and gained a very good level up:


~Moved Lissa to heal the farmer

~Moved Virion to store the door key that he had :P:

~Had Chrom store his chest key

Turn 16

~Moved Lissa and took the chest key that Donny had and opened the chest to reveal a rescue staff. Which as I am sure that many players know is the best way to get your healers to raise their staff level

~Moved Donny/Kellam towards our barbarian friend to the left of the map.

~Moved Chrom/Chloey just out of the barbarian's range

~Moved Stahl/Sully next to Chrom/Chloey

~Moved Virion/Miriel

Turn 17

Moved Donny/Kellam into range of our barbarian friend and had Lissa move close to heal Donny if need be. Our barbarian friend takes a swipe at Donny. Seeing that Donny did get hurt I thought that the process would be more drawn out however Donnel had a very plesant surprise for me in the next turn...

Turn 18


"Yeeeeeehaw!" That barbarian is as good as dead. Add to that Donny takes the third critical hit of the map. :D: The fourth in the game!! However I do wonder when I get to hear Chrom give a critical hit. Really I want to see it happen now!

Lissa heals Donny and levels up:


Not the best, but it is something. I then moved the rest of the shepherds towards the last remaining archer and the boss...


Turn 19

I moved everyone towards the boss making sure that Virion is in range of the archer. He fails to end the archer, but that is ok. At least the archer has some damge.

Turn 20

~Donny/Kellam take care of the archer and I have a jawdropping moment with Donnel:


+7 O.O...I thought that was not possible, but I guess the lad is proving to be a viable addition to the next map. That or the DLC that I will be using post chapter 4 for some support grinding. That and I like to have Chrom married before beginning chapter 5...for obvious reasons...

I move evryone closer to the boss...

Turn 21

~Used Lissa to heal Donny

~Moved Stahl/Sully to the left of the boss

~Moved Virion/Miriel one square down and across from Stahl

~Had Chrom go after the boss:


Of course the man not only misses, but he gets dual struck by Chrom/Chloey (and I missed the perfect picture). Foolish man attacks Chrom and quickly dies. Chrom finally catches up to his tactician too:



[spoiler=Story Notes]

After defeating the band of bandits, we of course cut to a happy Donny, pleased that his home is safe. Donny gets praised by Chrom and we actually get to meet Donny's mother. She is a nice woman that had of course been worrying about her son quite a bit. Releaved that he's safe she reminds him to thank Chrom and the shepherds. Donny however has other ideas:


His mother naturally worries about her son and at first she isn't so keen, but with the kindhearted and honest words from Chrom she relents telling her son that glory is waiting for him. Then Donnel gives what I think is the most sweetest line:


Also I would like to rather smugly point out that Donnel has grown an impressive 3 levels with my careful actions. Not just the 1 needed to recruit him, but 3. I think that it would be wrong to discount the achievement here, but it does show what is possible. Without babying him too much. Once I got Donny to level 3 he was killing enemies on his own. I am, looking forward to what I can achieve with the famer.

On a side note I unlocked the following supports:

Stahl/Sully B

Stahl/Miriel C

Donnel/Kellam C

Sadly though no Chrom/Chloey. However the pair will hit their A Support after the next chapter...and their S Support not a moment soon enough if I play DLC grinding like I normally do.

However that is not all. After a bit of gold juggling I also got a second seal from Anna:


Re-classing Lissa into a Troubadour was and is a must. Her stats changed naturally:


And now I am ready to take on Chapter 4!

Edited by TheSilentChloey

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Oh, hello all! I have some interesting things to share. Namely that someone completed Chapter 4 and finally opened up the DLC massive level growths and support grinding ahoy! Also I got the predicted A Support with Chloey and Chrom unlocked at the end of this chapter :D:. Now then onto the playthrough!

[spoiler=Stully B Support]

So we had unlocked Stahl x Sully's B Support at the end of the last chapter and boy was it worth it! Sully talks with Stahl and we see that she is determined to see through their training as the Bull and Panther and we see that Sully has some words of wisdom for Stahl:



Clearly Sully knows that Stahl can do better despite the fact that Stahl has told her what he thinks, so she has the bright idea of them shaking hands. She makes him realise a few things:


A better rider? I never noticed that much of a difference between the two of you, except that you dear Sully came with a lance while Stahl came with a sword. There is nothing wrong with that now is there? However if Sully says it like that then I guess we have to trust her on that.

[spoiler=Donnel + Kellam C]Considering that we got Donny in the last chapter, it is high time that he chat with Kellam who is right by his side. It is nice to see the pair talking to one another. If not for the scare that poor Donny gets:


Why is it that absolutely everyone misses Kellam? How and why? I don't get it, I see him on the battle field I tell him where I need him to be and yet. Why are the others not as attuned to his presence as I am? Ah no matter. We find out through this conversation that Kellam grew up as a farm boy much like Donny:


Nice to see Kellam as more than a one dimentional character. Of course Kellam offers to help young Donny, seeing as this entire conversation is actually about the berries that the young lad is productively growing and working on. Donny Thanks Kellam for his help and sure enough:


With those support conversations done we now will turn to the actual play through now I promise!

[spoiler=Two Falchions Pre Battle Stuff]


Having handed Raimi's ass to her in chapter 3, we meet the East Khan, Flavia. While we're waiting let's have a look and see some of the fun we had prior to arriving:


For those of you who remember us doing Donnel's Side Story, you would have seen that our Lissa was second sealed to another healer class, the Troubadour. Now she has a pretty little pony to ride around on healing everyone! Still though I guess we're not here for that D:

Some time passes and Chloey and Chrom have a little bit of a conversation as Chloey at first assumes that the Khan is away. Chrom however corrects his tactician gently with:


And then adds as an after thought that battle is Feroxi politics. Which leads to Chloey making a little joke about the Khan:



Of course Chloey isn't so certain as to what is going on but as Flavia arrives it is clear that she doesn't actually appear to take any offense to Chloey's comment. In fact as she talks with Chrom most of the conversation is mildly entertaining to say the least. Especially with Flavia declaring that:


Then we find out that Chrom wasn't quite paying attention and that Flavia is but one of the Khans. Chrom of course had yet to realise that. So we come to what might be a complication. At least until Flavia mentions a tournament that is held. She notes that the Khans do not actively get involved in this tournament and that it has been fought by outsiders:


So before I start Fan-girling over my favourite Feroxi Khan (yes I like Flavia because she is awesome!) I had best get onto what actually happens!

We head to the arena once Flavia declares that she likes Chrom. I suppose that our loveable blue haired Prince doesn't realise that he is slowly but surely going to end up with his tactician as his wife :XD:

We arrive at the arena and what's this...Marth is waiting for us?! A cut scene follows and I am in shock. Marth has the some sword as Chrom! What the...ok now things just got interesting. Based on what I know I shouldn't be so surprised but still. Everytime I watch that cutscene is it interesting and fun. Oh and that means that it is time for the rest of our fun to begin!!

[spoiler=Two Falchions Tactician's Notes]

Pre Battle Prep:

~Switch Stahl/Sully for Sumia/Frederick and Miriel for Vaike

~Give Sumia a much needed new iron lance

~Give Vaike another axe (just in case his current one decides to break on me)

~Check the map like a mad woman to make sure that everyone will get a level out of this chapter...not that Chloey and Chrom need it

Turn 1:

We have Chloey comment that Marth and "his" men are skilled and that we should watch the enemy's range. So we will mind our distance. A side note is that this chapter had me stuck for a good two years because it was so hard for me to beat it the first time. That is the longest that I have been on any chapter so far.

Oh and here we have "Marth" because I can:


And the bottom screen:


Is it just me or is Chloey already affecting Marth's stats? I am not so sure but we'll have to see!

~Paired Chrom x Chloey

~Paired Frederick x Sumia

~Moved Sumia to the shiny square. We got a glass lance D:

~Moved Chrom/Chloey next to Vaike

~Moved Lissa next to Chrom

~Fighter goes for Vaike and does some damage

Turn 2:

~Vaike attacks the fighter and gains a level. Dumb Chloey forgot to screenshot it.

~Made everyone wait

~Mage goes for Vaike and does 10 damage

Turn 3:

~Chrom ended the Mage with Chloey in a beautiful dual strike:


~Lissa heals Vaike

~Sumia ends the fighter and gains the level that she was supposed to in chapter 3:


~Moved Vaike near Chrom

~Mage misses by a mile.

Turn 4:

~Sumia ended the mage:


~Everyone waited again

~Knight went for Sumia/Frederick and Frederick dual struck

~Fighter went for Vaike

Turn 5:

~Chrom/Chloey attacked the fighter and Chloey dual strikes once again!


~Moved Sumia

~Used Lissa to heal Sumia

~Made Vaike wait

~Knight went for Vaike

~Fighter went for Vaike

Turn 6:

~Chrom ended the Knight


~Moved Lissa to heal Vaike

~Sumia Frederick blocked any potential attacks to Lissa

~Fighter went for Vaike again

Turn 7:

~Lissa healed Vaike

~Chrom/Chloey dual struck the fighter


~Had all wait

Turn 8:

~Moved Chrom/Chloey

~Moved Vaike

~Used Lissa to heal Chrom


~Moved Sumia/Frederick


Isn't Lissa a cute Troubadour?

Turn 9:

~Moved Chrom/Chloey

~Moved Lissa and healed her

~Moved Vaike

~Moved Sumia/Frederick

Turn 10:

~Moved Chrom/Chloey onto the shiny square, Chrom gave Chloey a tome and stored a potion.



Chrom and Chloey's relationship improved

~Moved Lissa

~Moved Vaike

~Moved Sumia/Frederick

~Marth goes right for Chrom and the pair have an interesting conversation. Chrom asks who Marth's father is and Marth stats that "he" has said enough for one day. Chrom states that he is grateful to Marth for saving Lissa, but that he has to fight for Ylisse.




And then Chrom proceeded to dual strike Marth without Chloey. Of course Chloey didn't dual guard like I wanted to, but at least Chrom didn't take as much damageas what he could have.

Turn 11:

~Used Lissa to heal Chrom

~Chrom went for Marth and Chrom/Chloey took out the map D:



I made a wonderful timing of the screenshot :P


Wait what do you mean by expected Marth? I suppose that we will not find out D:


[spoiler=Chapter Notes 4]With the battle over we cut to Chrom talking with Flavia about the results of the tournament. Chrom succeeds in what he set out to do which was to make an important alliance between Ylisse and Regna Ferox. Flavia tells us that she will be celebrating the victory and wants us to join her.


We finally meet Flavia's "Other Half". Of course we don't quite know that yet, at least until Chrom asks. So after a brief chat with Basilio (come on do you think I wouldn't talk the oppertunity to have a jape at Lissa's expense?):






We are introduced to the former champion Lon'qu who Lissa just can't see how in the world Marth beat and goes to take a closer look at said former champion...


Who by the way has a fear of women of all things


...ok so how is a female tactician able to give him orders then? Or does Chrom have to give them? It does make for an interesting thought and stories. Basilio generously offers Lon'qu to help us out:


And Chrom being the polite young man that he is asks Lon'qu if he has any objections to joining the shepherds. Lon'qu is to the point:


And Chrom promptly welcomes Lonie for the ride that is the crazy shepherds who protect Ylisse and try to maintain peace. Without warning him of the crazily violent tactician who will throw figs at you because why not? Lonie signed up for it of course! That and he'll be spending a lot of quality time with Lissa. *laughs evilly* What can I say? I like Owain with dark coloured hair and can't really pair Lissa up with anyone else.

After all of the fun and games we at last arrive to Ylisse. Of course we find that Emm is more than happy to see us and to find out that we got the alliance that was needed. Chrom makes a note of the Feroxi strength and I can't help but smile, at least until Phila rushes in. I feel a sinking feeling even before I see what she is saying. Hold onto your seats everyone, all hell is about to break loose.

Gangrel decides that it has been too peaceful, so what does he do? Why kidnap the Duke of Themis' daughter of course. Add to that said daughter is a very familiar shepherd...


Yeah the selfsame. I kknow that Maribelle did not make a very good impression earlier but given that she is in danger, I can't just leave her to be harmed. Emm obviously has the same idea when others are trying to speak sense on the matter:


No Emm those are not the only choices that you have. You could set a trap fo Gangrel? Or perhaps send a small rescue squad? Or just ignore all caution and go to parley with Gangrel...which is exactly what she does...but not completely alone:


Nicely done Chrom. At least Emm will have some protection now :D: Of course the Tactician is fetched and the shepherds prepare for travel when we meet the youngest shepherd, Ricken...who is the butt end of a few jokes that I will not repeat here...but they are welcome so long as they are in spoiler tags...we don't want flame wars from Ricken fans after all!


Again with the perfect timing. I got the shot before he even spoke!

Anyway Chrom and Ricken talk and Chrom says that Ricken is too young for the mission at hand and tells Ricken to protect the garison...which can never end well when you have a young man with hot youth in his veins...never ends well...


So upon completing the chapter I have unlocked a few things...

~The barracks


~Chrom x Chloey A Support (Uh oh)

~Chrom + Lissa C Support

~Vaike x Lissa C Support (No Vaike, you are not going to marry Chrom's sister)

~Frederick x Sumia C Support (About time you talked to her Frederick! Perfect waifu material for you. That and get ready to have Chloey being jealous because she can't bloody cook!)

So with these things unlocked we all know what that means...Support and Level Grinding. I will post some of what I get up to with levels and support levels. I'll even let you know who was S support capable as well, because why not?

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Just a quick general game update because I can. Given that Christmas is soon upon me, I will have to work out how best to share this playthrough with you all. Game play wise it's all good. I don't think that I have managed to S-Support yet as I am saving it for the next chapter, which will be chapter 5. The Plegians of course. We got several level ups as well (Sumia my goodness you are keen to beat Cordelia at something aren't you) and I am saving a bit of gold up for the second seals/master seals. Chloey will of course be the game breaker because I need a couple of reclasses before we pick up Morgan (and Lucina opps). That and I'll be working on some behind the scenes fun. So sit tight, and I'll keep you updated.

[spoiler=Some of the fun of DLC]

Chloey gained two levels and can S-Support with Chrom,

Lovely Lissa hasn't gained any levels, but has had her first support with Lon'qu

Lon'qu has gained 3 levels since joining us

Stahl and Sully can marry

Sumia and Frederick are close to an A

We need Ricken before Miriel marries someone else!

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After much DLC grinding I am now at the point where many of my units are hitting second seal/master seal level :D: Chloey is not as OP as I would like, but we have another tactician who is very special! I had unfortunately Vaike determined to die on a risen skirmish which would not have gone down well in classic mode D:

Of those that are second seal ready we have:

~Lon'qu at the highest with a level of 13

~Sumia the first to reach level 10 of my combat units

~ Stahl level 10

~Miriel level 10 thanks to Frederick's help

~Virion level 10, again thanks to Frederick

[spoiler=Support Up Dates]Since the last update I now have 4 S-Support couples:
~Chrom x Chloey
~Frederick x Sumia
~Stahl x Sully
~Lon'qu x Lissa

I figured that this will be the last update before I go into chapter 5. I will now have to work out who to deply for chapter 5 (and make use of said units). Let's see how I go on the actual chapter where my troubles begin shall we?

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Nothing really shameful about playing casual mode (specially if you want to do risky moves like me).

Classic is really if you are really either good at this game or if you reset each time someone die ( you could have choose classic since this kinda what you're doing no?)

Good luck if you plan to do children paralogues like Nah or Yarne.

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Nothing really shameful about playing casual mode (specially if you want to do risky moves like me).

Classic is really if you are really either good at this game or if you reset each time someone die ( you could have choose classic since this kinda what you're doing no?)

Good luck if you plan to do children paralogues like Nah or Yarne.

The plan is simply to complete normal/casual without the loss of a unit...any unit. Only when I succeed at that will I allow for classic mode (because I don't want to re-set, and I don't want to lose units). Yarne and Nah should be fine. I have done those paralogues before though I will admit not deathless. Nah's was a case of using the rescue staff from a healer while Yarne's was a try to pack movement as best I can to get to Yarne.

Edited by TheSilentChloey

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Getting Nah or Yarne is not the main problem, it's surviving the paralogues.

Those forged weapons in Nah's paralogues with the Mire Sorcerer.

The Yarne's paralogue is less hard but still frustating no matter which side you choose (and you should totaly fight both sides)

Of course, it's not that hard for both if you team is like already strong (like when you are around chapter 20) and not direcly after chapter 13 like I'll always do.

Edit: Idk why but I sound like if I'm giving you an advice which is not the case.

Edited by Nym

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Getting Nah or Yarne is not the main problem, it's surviving the paralogues.

Those forged weapons in Nah's paralogues with the Mire Sorcerer.

The Yarne's paralogue is less hard but still frustating no matter which side you choose (and you should totaly fight both sides)

Of course, it's not that hard for both if you team is like already strong (like when you are around chapter 20) and not direcly after chapter 13 like I'll always do.

Edit: Idk why but I sound like if I'm giving you an advice which is not the case.

I thought we were talking about it :XD: but I will keep what you said in mind when I go for Yarne and Nah, most definately!

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Ok so I am working through chapter 5 and below is where I am currently at. Being sick is not fun, but I have been improving and am mostly on the mend (at least as far as I am concerned). Pictures will be posted later as I still have to download them onto my computer and re-post them (or just use the play journal feature which I do not want to do :/)

[spoiler=The Exalt and the King]Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King

Pre battle notes:
Chapter 5 is an interesting chapter for a number of reasons. For starters we get to see who King Gangrel actually is and for another, we find out a little bit about why Plegia is "at war" with Ylisse. This chapter is of course the one that adds to my suffering. We won't see it yet, but it does and if I lose a unit, then this whole run is to be scrapped (and I am very much sad to say that Vaike kept trying to kill himself on a risen skirmish so by default I have failed already, although I didn't say without resetting but I am not about to use that loophole at the moment). The beginning of this chapter opens with Emmeryn, Lissa and Chrom (who is newly second sealed I might add) go to begin talking to Gangrel. From what I will condense the conversation is as follows:
Gangrel more or less demands Maribelle for the Fire Emblem, which Emmeryn is not willing to do. Emmeryn tries to offer a more practical solution and Gangrel turns her down and basically starts a second war with Ylisse that neither side wanted or really needed, even if it was in revenge of the last war. All it says about Gangrel is that he is one hell of a fool. Note to self do not marry this guy at all...unless shipping with Aversa because why not? Digression I know, but the conversation ends with Gangrel's men attacking Emmeryn and Chrom standing up and protecting her.
Meanwhile poor Maribelle is told by Aversa that she [Maribelle] will be known as the one who distroyed House Ylisse. However just as we think that we're going to lose her, none other than Ricken comes and saves her. I know that there are a lot of jokes out there about Ricken and I am not going to repeat them. I can laugh at him even though Ricken is one of my favourite units. That said saving his friend is a very brave thing to do. It is nice that he takes Aversa completely by surprise and frees Maribelle. While Aversa calls him "little" Ricken quickly gives her a what for with "Don't talk down to me witch!" and some wind magic, that Aversa should have seen coming, although thankfully she did not. The struggle is very much going to be real.
Battle Prep:
Units Deployed:
~Chloey (Also second sealed, to cavalier to make weapon leveling easier)
~Amelia (a special log book unit who is here to stay +mag -str for my fan fiction Invisible Ties)
~Arcfire (bought via spotpass)
~Bronze Lance (main weapon)
~Steel Sword (Second weapon bought via spotpass)
~Steel Lance (bought via spotpass)
~Steel Sword (bought via spotpass)
~Steel Axe (bought via spotpass)
~Bronze Lance (main weapon)
~Iron Sword
~Bronze Sword
~Steel Lance
~Steel Sword
Battle Start:
Turn 1:
~Moved Mariblle 4 squares down
~Moved Ricken 4 squares down
~Moved Amelia 5 squares to to attack the barbarian for 14 damage
~Moved Miriel 4 squares up and 1 square to the left to take care of the barbarian
~Moved Chloey to support Chrom
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 2 squares up and one square to the left
~Moved Vaike 2 squares left and 2 squares up
~Paired Stahl with Sully
~Moved Kellam 1 square left 2 squares up
~Paired Frederick with Amelia
~Sully/Stahl stayed put
~Plegian barbarian located on the bottom of the map moved towards Chrom/Chloey and Chrom finally gets his first critical hit of the game, "Now I'm angry," he says as he easily dispatches the barbarian while Chloey gives him a nice stat boost
~Miriel easily handles the dark mage that comes her way without even flinching
Turn 2:
~Pair up Miriel/Ricken move the pair 2 squares up and one square to the left, switching Ricken as the lead
~Moved Sully/Stahl 1 square down and 1 square to the left and took out the dark mage in the bottom corner
~Paired up Kellam/Vaike and moved Vaike up 4 squares and switched for a Kellam lead
~Moved Amelia 4 squares up and switched for a Frederick lead
~Moved Maribelle 1 square up and 4 squares to the left
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 6 squares left
~Ricken is attacked by the myrmidon and Miriel dual struck and ended the myrmidon
~A barbarian went for Ricken and did 4 damage
~Mage attacked Kellam
~The marked barbarian and myrmidon moved down
Turn 3:
~Ricken attacked the barbarian that attacked him last turn
~Seperated Kellam/Vaike with Vaike being moved to the right
~Moved Frederick/Amelia 1 square down and 1 square to the right to end the barbarain with the activation of Luna (and have him say, "Pick a god and pray,")
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 1 square left 4 squares up to attack the barbarian reinforcement that appeared last turn that will drop a hand axe when he dies. Chrom clearly wants to match Chloey in the critical hits and has his second of the map, "Your end has come!"
~Healed Ricken
~Moved Sully/Stahl 2 squares to the right and 5 squares up
~Mage goes for Vaike and does 8 damage (looks like Vaike is doing the dying again D: which I really hope that he doesn't)
~The myrmidon attacks Vaike for 4 damage and gets killed
Turn 4:
~Healed Vaike
~Had Ricken/Miriel attack the mage Ricken takes 4 damage
~Myrmidon goes for Ricken and does 8 damage Ricken gains a level. He has the following stats pot level up:
Str: 4
Mag: 9 +(7)
Skill:6 +(2)
Spd: 6 +(1)
Lck: 11 +(1)
Def: 7
Res: 3
Turn 5:
~Ricken killed the myrmidon
~Kellam ended the mage
~Healed Ricken
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 3 squares down, 1 square right, 3 squares down again attacking the dark mage Chrom manages a neat dual strike
~Myrmidon and a barbarian move down
Turn 6:
~Moved Maribelle 1 square to the right and 3 squares down to heal Vaike. Maribelle gained a level and it was not what I was hoping for. Her stats:
Str: 3
Mag: 6
Skill: 4
Spd: 6
Lck: 6
Def: 3
Res: 6 (+2)
~Paired up Vaike with Kellam
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 1 square to the right and 6 squares up
~Moved Frederick/Amelia 1 square up 1 square to the left
~Myrmidon attacks Ricken and does 3 damage
~Barbarian goes for Kellam and Kellam gains a level
Turn 7:
~Kellam ended the barbarian
~Moved Frederick/Amelia to take out the myrmidon with Amelia and her bronze sword, and Amelia gained a level up:
HP: +1
Str: +1
Skill: +1
Def: +1
Res: +1
~Moved Ricken/Miriel 4 squares to the left
~Moved Maribelle 3 squares up and 1 square to the left to heal Amelia
~Moved Sully/Stahl 2 squares up
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 1 square up and 2 to the right
Turn 8:
~Moved Ricken/Miriel 3 squares up into enemy range
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 2 squares right and 2 squares up
~Moved Kellam/Vaike 2 squares up and two squares to the left
~Moved Maribelle 3 squares left to heal Kellam
~Dark mage went for Ricken/Miriel Ricken doing an impressive 17 damage
~Plegian Barbarian went for Ricken/Miriel and missed Ricken
Turn 9:
~Ended the Dark mage and Ricken gained a vital level where he gained +8 stats:
HP: 22
Str: 5
Mag: 10
Skill: 7
Spd: 7
Lck: 12
Def: 8
Res: 4
I guess that no body will talk down to Ricken now :P:
~Made everyone maintain positions
~Barbarian hit Ricken and did some damage
~Myrmidon went for Ricken and did some more damage but Ricken 1 shotted the myrmidon with ease
Turn 10:
~Moved Maribelle to heal Ricken
~Moved Ricken/Miriel 3 squares left
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 1 square left
~Moved Kellam/Vaike 2 squares left and 1 square up
~Moved Amelia/Frederick 5 squares left
~Moved Sully/Stahl 3 squares left 1 square up
~Left wyvern rider went for Ricken/Miriel Ricken Ricken gained another level up:
HP: +1
Mag: +1
Spd: +1
Lck: +1
Turn 11:
~Moved Chrom/Chloey 2 squares right and 3 squares up into the sparkly fort
~Moved Ricken/Miriel 3 squares right and 1 square up
~Moved Kellam/Vaike 1 square to the left
~Moved Maribelle 1 square up to heal Ricken
~Orton went for Ricken/Miriel and missed his chance to hit. Ricken killed the boss for 29 damage although Orton didn't care because he states that war will soon be on Ylissean soil.
Turn 12:
~Moved Ricken/Miriel 4 squares up
~Kept everyone put
~The last wvyern rider went for Ricken/Miriel and missed. Ricken swiftly ended the rider's misery
Map end.

So with the end of the map comes the more interesting fun of Maribelle calm Lissa who is crying to see her friend safe and sound. Of course Chloey is there too to speak with Maribelle and somehow manages to gain Maribelle's intial trust as she (I mean me but you know what I mean) saves our young noble lady friend. So Maribelle expresses her gratefulness and we then cut to Emmeryn talking to Chrom and Chloey quietly about having to prepare for war. Something that Emmeryn did not want to do at all. So while Emmeryn states that we need to protect the people of Ylisse there is a little discrepancy here :/ if for example there is a war going down why not make absolutely sure that the Fire Emblem is safe? Or what about protecting the Exalt, or evacuating the people from places that are likely to get hit? That is just my thought on the matter.

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