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Misses Elise-chan!

Petition to remove Cloud from Smash and put in Black Mage instead

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Petition to replace Cloud with Black Mage


[spoiler=Letter of resignation]On another note I would like to thank Serenes Forest for teaching me so much about Fire Emblem and introducing me to the other games (which I find to be way better than Awakening). I've was able to play through FE1, FE3 Book 1, FE4, FE6, FE7, and FE8 thanks to translation patches provided by this community.

At first I was an annoying troll, but I realized this was a cool place and changed somewhat, but most still disliked me. I've come here to say thank you to this community and I will now resign from my position as an SF member. Enjoy the petition.

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change.org should really only be used for stuff that matters.


There was clouds in Smash for a very long time... I don't know why everybody would be mad, it is part of the scenery.

Why would anybody wants to remove a cloud except if you want it to be sunny?

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