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Who will your Avatar (Kamui/Corrin) be?


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Name: Toulamei Affiliation: Hoshido

Spouse: Silas Second Class: Pegapony Sky Knight


Name: Shiyo Affiliation: Hoshido

Spouse: Kaden Second Class: Shrine Maiden


Name: Zaraki Affiliation: Hoshido

Spouse: Reina Second Class: Oni Savage


Name: Espa Affiliation: Nohr

Spouse: Flora Second Class: Monk or Ninja


Name: Adell Affiliation: Nohr

Spouse: Velour Second Class: Samurai


Name: Sayaka or Aria Affiliation: Nohr

Spouse: Odin Second Class: Maid


Name: Dodger Affiliation: Revelutionary (misspell intended)

Spouse: Shinonome Second Class: Mercenary


Name: Zedd Affiliation: Revelutionary

Spouse: Niles Second Class: Wyvern Rider

No idea what he'll look like

Name: Kuri Affiliation: Revelutionary

Spouse: Anna Second Class: Diviner

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I would add my customization but the site is down OTL

I'll do runs with both genders but the first two will be:

Name: Anne

Marry Leon

Name: The Cooler Daniel (if only that could fit..)




Marry Aqua

Revelations will probably be a randomized Kamui because randomly selecting stuff is hilarious

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My first two avatars will be something like this:

Name: Caddy (using this name and giving a short pink hair for my first female avatars has became a tiny tradition)

Path: All three

Spouse: Niles/Subaki/Laslow or Xander

Second Class: Sky Knight



Name: ...I'll decide that later. I'm bad with names!

Path: All three

Spouse: Niles/Kagero/Charlotte or Flora

Second Class: Samurai


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I would add my customization but the site is down OTL

Unfortunately the site has been down like forever. It got relocated to a steadier site though. I'll update the link on the OP when I'm not on mobile in a few. Edited by kisooni
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That ones does work but its the old version.

Here's a newer version, here you can also change the avatar's expression or randomize their whole appearance:


Ah yes, that's the one I was looking for. Thanks! I'll add it to the OP.

Edit: Didn't realize they added sweat and a randomize option. Glad the creator keeps updating.

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Name: Aryn

Gender: Female

Path: Nohr/Revelations

Spouse: Leo

Class: Dark Blood

Name: Coryn

Gender: Male

Path: Birthright/Revelations

Spouse: Azura

Class: White Blood

Default is the best as always! My head canon is that they are twins.

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Name - Blake

Gender - Male
Path - Birthright/Revelations
Main Class Options - Light Tribe, Spellcaster, Samurai, Bowman


Who will he marry - Orochi, Sakura, or Yuugiri

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Name: Charlotte

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 14th (White Day in Japan)

Birthright/Conquest/Revelation: I admit I'll play through each game with her at least once. But I associate her mostly with Revelations.

Asset: Str

Flaw: Res

Main Class: Nohr Princess - > White Blood/Dark Blood - > Dread Fighter

Second Class: Mercenary (Revelations and Birthright), Samurai (Conquest)

DLC Class: Dread Fighter

S-Support: Nishiki/Lazward/Kaze


Name: Y'golonac (oh god i doomed us all), the Defiler

Gender: Yes

Birthday: The beginning of time, November 12th

Birthright/Conquest/Revelation: Nobody wants him... (Conquest)

Asset: Str

Flaw: Skl

Main Class: Nohr Prince - > Dark Blood

Second Class: Oni Savage

DLC Class: None

S-Support: Azura (the only one who can go near him)


Name: Vicar Amelia

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 25th

Birthright/Conquest/Revelation: Birthright

Asset: Magic

Flaw: Luck

Main Class: Nohr Princess - > White Blood

Second Class: Cavalier

DLC Class: Great Lord

S-Support: Tsubaki


Name: Masamune (or Date)

Gender: Male

Birthday: September 5th

Birthright/Conquest/Revelation: Birthright and Revelation

Asset: Strength

Flaw: Magic

Main Class: Dark Prince - > White Blood

Second Class: Samurai

DLC Class: Unknown - possibly Vanguard

S-Support: Oboro


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I have so many avatars, but these 5 are my favorites:

Their hair have boring colors because I like to think that silver hair is the canon color.


Name: Clair

Gender: Female

Route: Nohr

Class: Dark Blood

Personality: Logical. Levelheaded. Ambitious. Grew up too quickly. Struggles to connect with people outside of her immediate family.

S-Support: Xander


Name: Basete

Gender: Female

Route: Nohr

Class: Adventurer (i love the bow capes they have)

Personality: Jaded. Bitter. Cruel. Has difficulty understanding her role in the war.

S-Support: Zero


Name: Lila

Gender: Female

Route: Nohr

Class: Exorcist (best battle animations)

Personality: Introverted. Shy. Clingy. Apprehensive. Cries easily.

S-Support: Leo


Name: Sadako

Gender: Female

Route: Hoshido

Class: White Blood

Personality: Steadfast. Dutiful. Strongwilled. Willing to sacrifice herself. Insecure behind her perfect demeanor.

S-Support: Takumi


Name: Kaida

Gender: Female

Route: Hoshido

Class: War Priestess (you get to wear a big dress!)

Personality: Quiet. Bookworm. Traumatized. Sarcastic.

S-Support: Nishiki

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I'm using default male Corrin for Birthright and default female Corrin for Conquest.

For my PvP-focused Revelation play through, I'm making Sera from Digital Devil Saga.

[spoiler=somehow, the image turned up huge -_-]




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Quick question, where do you find all the children images with all possible hair color ?

I use a handy dandy little thing called FEITS on my desktop that's basically a "make your own support"... thingey.

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Yes, I know Kamui has an established personality but I don't like Kamui. Therefore, all my Kamui/Corrin's have their own personality for fanfiction purposes because I can give them one.


Name: Uzume

Name Origin: Derived from the Shinto goddess, Ame-no-Uzume

Route: Nohr

Secondary Class: Lance Fighter

Assets: +Skill/-Speed

Personality: Brash. Blunt. Stubborn. Abrasive.

Spouse: Odin

Reason for Marriage: The dark gods deemed it imperative that the glorious and coveted abs that Odin possessed had to be passed onto the next generation. Enter Uzume. Their child, Ophelia, shall bring about the most adorable battle cries to have ever damned the Hoshido forces. Kanna as well will bring them to their knees at the sight of his cuteness and unicorn/dragon-thing prowess.


Name: Daikoku

Name Origin: Derived from one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese mythology, Daikokuten

Route: Nohr

Secondary Class: Mercenary

Assets: +Luck/-Res

Personality: Self-indulgent. Aimless. Shrewd. Cynical.

Spouse: Charlotte

Reason for Marriage: She was drawn in by his wealth and uncanny luck. He was drawn in by her banging shape and tendency to swing around an ax like a grown man. Kanna was drawn in because she had little choice in the matter.


Name: Hotei

Name Origin: Derived from one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese mythology, Hotei

Route: Nohr

Secondary Class: Ninja

Assets: +Speed/-Def

Personality: Prideful. Ambitious. Impatient. Narcissistic.

Spouse: Niles

Reason for Marriage: Not only does he have an eye patch, which represents the gift of swank, he shares the voice of a man damned to walk the land even after death because of a stone mask and fabulous posing. At night, Hotei is lulled to sleep with whispers of "MUDA MUDA MUDA!" into his left ear.


Name: Kannon

Name Origin: Derived from Buddhist goddess, Kannon

Route: Hoshido

Secondary Class: Priestess

Assets: +Res/-Def

Personality: Mischievous. Haughty. Sly. Outspoken.

Spouse: Saizou

Reason for Marriage: The moment she laid eyes on his piece of man cleavage, fiery spirit and badass ninja mask, Kannon knew Saizou was to be hers. All treats she made to court him were stashed away and given to their son, Gurei, who ate them without bias or concern. Kanna watched, curious, as his mother never looked his father in his face, only at his chest.


Name: Hachima

Name Origin: Derived from Japanese god, Hachiman

Route: Hoshido

Secondary Class: Samurai

Assets: +Str/-Res

Personality: Chivalrous. Moralistic. Dignified. Narrow-minded.

Spouse: Hinoka

Reason for Marriage: While taboo despite the spoiler, Hachima could not resist Hinoka's powerful thighs nor her ability to take to the skies with nothing but her lance. Hinoka accepted, promising to train until her thighs were strong enough and her hands spun fast enough to lift Hachima's dragon form high into the skies.


Name: Sai

Name Origin: A Japanese name with several meanings depending on character used.

Route: Revelations

Secondary Class: Spellcaster

Assets: +Speed/-Str

Personality: Amiable. Selfless. Weak-willed. Fickle.

Spouse: Unknown

Reason for Marriage: Not particularly interested in marriage, unless someone catches her eye...

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Name: Chisuzu

Route: Birthright / Hoshido

Secondary Class: Swordmaster (?) -- I know I want her to be quick and use a blade.

Assets: +Speed / -Magic (Not written in stone; needs research)

Personality: Her seemingly sweet demeanor is a mask that hides the trauma she experienced during her time among the Nohr.

Backstory: Though she was young when taken by Garon, Chisuzu never abandoned hope that she would one day be reunited with her birth siblings and mother. She is warm toward the Nohrian siblings, but it's one half out of loneliness and one half as an act of survival. Suffering from periods of depression where she was unable / unwilling to properly eat, as well as periods where she was starved out of spite or punishment by Garon, she retained a smaller, more fragile build and is older then she looks or acts. Chisuzu has a tendency to use her appearance and childish habits to lure people off guard so that she can use them at will. Ironically, in her desperate need to return to the home she lost she has ultimately become a vast majority of the things it would not prize.

Spouse: Kaden, Hayato or Subaki. (Haven't quite decided yet.)


Name: Katryn

Route: Nohr

Secondary Class: Cavalier (this could change)

Assets: +Str / -Luck (Again, could change)

Personality: Although she puts on a brave face for the sake of her siblings, a lifetime of abuse from Garon and the Nohrian court has taken its toll. Katryn suffers from deep-set self loathing that can cause her to act recklessly with little to no regard for her own safety.

Background: Captured at a young age and raised in a fortress that kept her sheltered from the outside world, Katryn has been fed a set of parallel "truths". The love and devotion of her Nohrian siblings has kept her groing through the long years she has spent here. However, the treatment of all those save her siblings and a few loyal friends have caused her to develop the idea that she is worthless and that there is something inherently wrong with her. She's the first into any dangerous situation and would gladly sacrifice herself for anything that would move forward the Nohrian cause. When she meets her Hidoshian siblings and mother--whom she assumes gave up on her long ago--this idea keeps her from trusting them despite anything that transpires. To Katryn, the only way she will ever move past her own self-disgust is if she can prove to herself that she can do something for the Nohrian siblings who stood by her throughout her ordeals in their country--a courtesy she is certain, thanks to Garon, that she really did not deserve and will never be worthy of.

Husband: Niles. (Meeting him adds to her issues initally--she takes on the weight of all the bad things that have been happening to people outside the fortress and is angry at herself for her ignorance about anyone's suffering other than her own. That, in turn, actually gives her something she can fix and works as a form of therapy for her. By leading the Nohrian troops and invading Hoshido, Katryn figures that she can use Garon's war to bring a better quality of life to those unable to do that for themselves. ) (Note: If Niles doesn't end up being my kinda character, she could also end up with Leo or Jakob.)

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Name: Either Corrin or Kamui, still deciding which to use

Gender: Female

Alignment: Nohr

Secondary Class: Pegasus Knight

Appearance: Relatively similar to the default, I may make some changes

Husbando: Silas

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Name: Kristelle. I like that name. : ]

Route: I'm going to use the same chick for all three routes

Asset/Flaw: Maybe +Speed/-Luck? Seemed to work fine for me in Awakening.

Secondary Class: Mmmm, I can't decide right now... just gonna choose what my heart tells me to when I get to that part, hahah.

Spouse: Subaki for Birthright, Laslow for Conquest/Revelation

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I have no idea what my Corrin will be but I'm actually not very fond of the name, Corrin. The meaning behind the name is "spear" but I want more deeper names for my characters.

  • While I have no idea what classes I'll set any of my creations up with I'll be naming my first male on the Nohr side, Amandus . It means, "Worthy of Love". I think it's a very fitting name for someone who was kidnapped at birth and loved very much by people born of different blood.


For a female play through she will be named, Ameiah , which means "God's Gift".


  • On the Hoshido route I will be naming him, Kouta which means, "(Kou)Peace, (Ta)Thick, Big".


For a female play through she will be named, Yuuka "(Yuu)Gentleness and Superiority, (Ka)Flower". And I'm going to make her wear a flower pin.


  • On the Revelation Route I will be naming him Jed which means, "Beloved Friend".


For a female play through she will be named, Alice which means "Truth, Noble".


Edit: I'll see about that avatar creator when I can finally access it. It seems to be going through a server overload. Too many people are on it right now.

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