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Oh boy...this is going to be a lot of mugs here. A lot. Let me preface this and say that I have a 27 generations of a rp family made, 24 of which are almost all dead, and the 26 and 27 are yet to be born. This is for the rp I'm in on FEP. This family currently has 54 people born into it(that I have made mugs for) not including wives and their parents/siblings. Since a lot of them are dead, not a lot of effort was put into a lot of them. You may become sick of seeing a lot of the same colors. As they are a noble family in the rp, they almost all wear the same shade of dark purple and for the most part all have Carlyle's hair color. With that said, let me begin.


Hildebrand Hyperion and his wife Francesca the Generous. In the rp, which is based in Elibe, Francesca forged Dyrnwyn as a potential replacement for the Eight Legendary weapons should they not be found. She used it personally for many years before deciding to settle down. So she began offering the blade to her opponents, claiming she would marry whoever claimed the sword. However, Dyrnwyn was very picky about it's wielder. Anyone it found to be unworthy succumb to it's flames. In offering her sword, Francesca became known as Francesca the Generous. She met Hildebrand on the battlefield and disarmed him. She offered him the sword, and he was found worthy. She surrendered to him and fled the field, only to meet with him later. The two were wed later.


This is their son, Astor. He was also a wielder of Dyrnwyn.


This is Astor's son, Anton. Anton wielded Dyrnwyn as well. He had several marriages and a few heirs from each of them, seven in total. Three would die from failing to wield Dyrnwyn. The one who was found worthy became Anton's successor. That line would die out a few generations later to someone else on this list.


This is Roman, Anton's youngest heir. Roman knew not to cause trouble and stayed away from politics.


Andrei, Roman's son, was hardly considered nobility. So he left home and founded a mercenary company. He would meet his future wife there. Him and his wife would eventually be killed by the 'main' branch of the family because of our next character.


'Sweet' Saraya Hyperion. Not content to be the mercenary relative of a noble family, Saraya declared war on the 'main' branch of the family stealing away Dyrnwyn from family head. In response, they captured and killed Andrei and her mother. Her rebuttal was slaughtering the whole branch, becoming sole heir of the family. When she married, she forced her husband to take on her name, so the Hyperion name carried on. Unfortunately, she wasn't done with kin-slaying. She'd be forced to kill our next generation...


Dain, son of Saraya, was a monster. The pigmentation in one eye was almost non-existant, giving him one red eye. He often adorned his face with a smear of blood. He was family head long enough to sire an heir and relinguished it to his son. He then left, wielding his own sword Dáinsleif, slaughtering all who stood in his way. He incited a war, just to keep fighting. An aged Saraya cut him down with Dyrnwyn, left Dáinsleif hidden away, and brough his body back to be buried.


Lenox, Dain's son, was the head of the family longer than anyone. He spent most of his life repenting for his father's crimes.


Grier was Lenox' oldest heir. He wielded Dyrnwyn for a time. His family was stripped of their rank during his life, due to resentment towards their family because of Dain.


Grier's son Mathis worked as a mercenary for the nobility, trying to get back into their good graces. Unfortunately his bluntness and harshness did him no favors.


Rastus would be the one to return the family to their noble roots, by putting down an insurrection against the King of Etruria. Unknown to the king was the fact Rastus' allies, the Fens and the Carons, instigated the affair to help the Hyperion family.


Finlay was Rastus' son. He wielded Dyrnwyn in service of the king, becoming the first member of their family to attain the rank of Knight General.


Cal was Finlay's youngest child. Finlay and Cal's siblings became fatally ill, leaving the boy as the only heir. He was contacted by many suitors who assumed Cal to be a girl. He also 'wielded' Dyrnwyn, but the greatsword was too big for him to wield it properly.


Vere was Cal's son and took over for him. A few years later, he asked for Dyrnwyn and was found unworthy. Cal then took the reigns back from his son until...


Vere's son Burke came of age. He idolized his father, despite not knowing him for that long.


After Burke came Marshall. He was sorta just there.

With the exception of Hildebrand through Anton, all of those were made in the past few months. The next eight generations were made a lot longer ago, like within the past two years.


This is Marshall's son Mason. A rather late-bloomer, in terms of combat ability. He didn't really get good till he was old.


Mason's son Ernst was a man of the people. He preferred to fight with the rank and file.


His son Kristoffe was a paladin. That is all.


Then you get to his son Fergal. Unlike the human tanks the next three generations of his family are, Fergal was a Paladin specializing in lances. Due to political dissension, Fergal was denied the post of Knight General in favor of his rival who was courting a member of the royal family.

Displaying a cunning not seen commonly in his family, he sabotaged any attempt of his rival marrying into the royal family and essentially crippled his House in the process. To add insult to injury, years later, Fergal forced his rival to marry off his only heir, his daughter, to Roderick, thus incorporating their holdings into his own.


This would be Roderick. He wielded Dyrnwyn. He'd be the last on to wield it until three years before the rp's start. If I intepreted the timeline of the rp correctly(hundred years after FE6), he would have been the Great General of Etruria just prior to Douglas.


This is his yougest son Deiter, who became heir after his brother died trying to wield Dyrnwyn. He fought for all three sides of the war during FE6, fight for Etruria at first, Bern after the king's capture, and Lycia after the King's rescue. He never fought Roy's army, but regretted not getting a chance to fight alongside him.

So this is when the generations get fleshed out a lot more. Most of the characters from this point on have existed since '07/'08...I think. I've updated most of their appearances and did some reworking. I also kinda made a timeline split at some point too. Their timeline was more or less the same every time I played as an Hyperion in an FE rp, but I changed it up for the current rp over on FEP. I think I'll wait to post those and some of my newer stuff. I plan on posting the original versions as well as my updated versions, so that's going to be a lot of mugs as well. I don't exactly just want to fill everything up at once, after all. Although, I will post two battle sprites for characters I've already shown.


The first is Saraya wielding Dyrnwyn and Dain wielding Dáinsleif. Dáinsleif's was based on it's depiction in Symphogear GX and Dyrnwyn was based on an image I found on DA for a Skyrim mod.

So yeah, that's it for now.

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Okay, I think I counted the generation numbers wrong. There is actually 28 generations. My hand's going to hurt after all the typing I'm doing.

[spoiler=Generation 23]


This is Ludwig Hyperion. When I originally created the Hyperion family for the Dark of Night rp on FEP(a post-catastophe Elibe), Ludwig was essentially Hildebrand. He helped one of the nation founders into power and secured a noble ranking for his family. The country was called Endal, based in what was Etruria and on Ancient Rome. As of the current rp that I'm in, he's in his early 90s, trying to find an opponent to kill him, traveling the Western Isles for such a foe, hence the long hair and faded coat in the later pictures. The first mug is a young version of him made during a splice competition that FEP held about a year ago.


This is two versions of his baby brother, born around the age Ludwig was in his first portrait. The first mug was when I referred to him as Solon. Since I've used english/germanic naming for almost all the other Hyperions, I redid him as portrait two, Ruprecht Hyperion. Both were shunned from Ludwig and would resent Ludwig, passing it on to their heir.

[spoiler=Generation 24]


So first is a recolor of Elbert, uh, no I mean Sophus Hyperion. Like with Solon/Ruprecht, Sophus was similarly renamed with his new portrait into Arron. Both of them are fencers, both of them were looked down upon by their fathers, but the Arron version actually had a younger brother who took over instead because Ludwig is obsessed with physical strength. Sophus was essentially just there, forming a tradition of fencers for the next few generations, but Arron was an overlooked badass who, in his final moments, killed over fifty people during an attack, only to be killed by a betrayal(more on that later).


This is Ludwig II, Ludwig's favored son and heir. He was thankfully smarter than his father and choose the smartest potential heir instead of the strongest, but in the timeline where Ludwig II exists, that doesn't last too long. He would fall in combat during an attack on the family.


This is Faustus, Ruprecht's son. In the original timeline, he leads a rebellion and gets almost killed by Maddox(see next Gen). In the current timeline, he bides his time and with the eldest son of that timeline frames the Hyperions for attacking an ally, provoking an attack that kills off an entire branch and makes an enemy out of the other. Years later, he walks in and claims the lands. He would then be killed a couple years later by Shad(see two Gens down). In terms of age, the oldest child of each gen of Ruprechts descendants will be only about ten or so years older than the oldest child of the next. In terms of age, Ruprecht is closer to Arron than he is Ludwig. Similarly, Faustus is closer in age to Maddox/Daren than to Arron.

[spoiler=Generation 25]


Daren Hyperion, one half of Arron's twin sons. Became a fencer like his father and was made head of the family. In the original timeline, he was still kicking into his 50s. Hence the second mug. At the time, I used a really dark shade of purple and a different border color. Plus the Elbert mug mysteriously lost like five pixels. But the current timeline, he surrendered to the attacking force to save his wife and unborn child, after sending his son, nephew, and brother to flee. He was executed later that week, then posthumously pardoned of his crimes. Last version is young version.


Maddox Hyperion, the hotheaded tank half of Arron's twin sons. Trained under Ludwig. In the original timeline, before his sons birth, he and Daren put down Faustus' rebellion(not knowing they were related, Ludwig was very spiteful) he deserted and became a mercenary. The second two mugs are formal attire he'd wear during a rather infamous rp during Dark of Night. It was a coronation, almost everyone was there, and it lasted for ages. The second version was from when it ended The second version is him as an old man. Hyperion age graciously more the most part. In the current timeline, Maddox left to hunt down Dyrnwyn. He would finally claim it, only to be fatally wounded a few months later by Corin, then dying in his son's arms. Last version is young version.


This is Deiter Hyperion, Ludwig II's son. He was as hot-headed and Maddox, and urged him to travel with him as a mercenary. However, Faustus' rebellion never happened in that timeline and with Lennox' birth, Deiter gave up. He would be the first person slain during the attack on their family.


Bishop is Ludwig II's other son. He was an aspiring priest. Also killed during the attack.


So this is Karn, Faustus' middle son. Trained as a myrmidon, he swore to avenge Faustus after his 'death' and plotted to kill Maddox. His older brother Leon would kill him instead. That was the old timeline. In the new timeline, Corin is Faustus' oldest son and irredeemable monster. He used Lennox to guide him to Maddox, killed Maddox, took Dyrnwyn, killed some more people, lost Dyrnwyn to Lennox, failed to die, and became the 'White Knight' of Aquleia. As the White Knight, he was the enforcer to a man who was behind a lot of plotting. He slaughtered many men, women, and children who dissented against his lord, the Marquess of Aquleia. (In the rp, Lycia became an empire that outlawed Anima and Dark magic and annexed Etruria after a brief war.) Oh, but even when he wasn't a horribly scarred man, he killed his own mother.


Leon Hyperion, the oldest/middle son of Faustus Hyperion. In the original timeline, as a way to repent for his father's actions, Leon and his sister Carla approached Daren to apologize and they both joined mercenary bands with noble goals to atone. Leon joined a group hunting monsters. I later redid his mug, giving him better resemblance to his father. Leon joined Shad's campaign to regain the Hyperion lands with Shad in charge. He would accompany Lennox in his duel with Corin, but both failed to ensure the dead was finished. Leon would later hold out in the family keep after the annexation as others all ventured off for various reasons. The last mug is an older version where he has come to hate his appearance for looking more like his dad then he had wanted.


This is Carla, youngest child of Faustus. She has a particularly youthful look for 24(first mug) but would mature greatly years later. The first two mugs are pretty old and the third one was made last year. In the original timeline, she joined a religious band. In the current timeline, she fought alongside Shad against her father, knowing he was only using her as a tool her whole life. She currently accompanies Lennox traveling the world. The last mug was before Faustus took them back to reclaim the Hyperion lands. Leon and Carla lived with their Sacaen mother(who Corin would kill) and Carla used to wear Sacaen attire. She was forced to switch to an outfit that was more welcome to Etrurians.

This next one is going to have a lot of variations.

[spoiler=Generation 26]


Woo boy....This is Shadrach 'Shad' Hyperion. The first mugs up until the suddenly younger version are ancient. Everything after that was made in the past year. Originally, he was a character made for the Dark of Night, an edit of a mug based on myself. The first mug was his original attire, with torn off sleeves. Battle sprite was included in the image. The second one is the first attempt at a 'noble' version. The third is an older version with the same concept. He lived a pretty basic life in that timeline. Then you get to the alt-timeline and things make a change. Before the rp even starts, he essentially goes through a Lyndis campaign in his backstory. So the attack happens on his family as the young version. He and his cousin flee for Ostia, where they have a safe house. They'd live there for eight years before heading back on a journey to retake their lands. He gets joined by his maternal uncle, Wolfram, his childhood friend/former fiance/spy Cassandra(in the middle of her marriage to Leon), the head of the family who attacked the Hyperions, Tyber Fen. Lots of stuff. Finds out his mother died during childbirth and he now had a eight-year old little sister named Maria. After a two year journey, he killed Faustus and became head of the family...in time for Lycia to suddenly turn evil. I'm currently rping him. The fifth and sixth attires are what he is currently wearing, with the shorter haircut. It was based on Xu Shu's attire in DW8. Then a hooded variant. The eighth outfit is a hypothetical scenario where he becomes Knight General for the Etrurian resistance. The Sacaen outfit is a disguise he is going to be switching into soon. The next outfit is the first proper Hyperion garb made for him(the rest were hand-me-downs), with the next two being variations. Then there is a retired outfit and an older version of himself. Oh, and since I was playing Tales of Zestiria and noticed how I could practically recreate Shad with the customization options, I made two cosplay versions, one with Sorey's normal outfit and alt outfit.


This is Maria Hyperion. She is the first mage in the family, due to strong magic influence from her mothers side of the family. Shad learns magic too, in the current timeline, but he learns it only after running into Wolfram. Maria had been trained in it young age The first two mugs are from the original timeline, the other three are from the current timeline. First one is little kid version, the second one is much older. Then third is little kid version living with Tyber Fen and his family. Second one is at the current point in the rp. She's hiding out in Bern as a refugee from magic persecution, but she gets bored and leaves sneaks out of the safehouse to have fun, carrying with her sweets, water, and magic tomes. She's ten. Then there is future Maria, maturing slightly differently than she did before. She ends up marrying one of her adoptive brothers, Tyber's oldest son, with him taking the Hyperion name. It was a political apology for killing most of her family, but it was a little strange.


So Lennox is Maddox' son. In the original timeline, the derpy faced version was an axe wielder who never met his father. The next version is his updated version wearing the same outfit. Then there is his shirtless version. In this timeline, during his time in Ostia, he becomes a pit fighter and gets really good at hand-to-hand, grappling, and using a sword. The following one his his current version, which I based on Robin's attire. Next is him as the hypothetical Great General of the Etrurian resistance. Unlike Shad, his final attire is the Sacaen garb. He eventually becomes romantically involved with a Sacaen tribeswoman named Illya(which I'll post later). She was expelled from her tribe, so he promises to help her start her own tribe. Lennox is also the current wielder of Dyrnwyn. Oh, and the last one is Lennox after they fled Etruria.

So these next ones aren't born yet. These are Leon/Cass' and Carla/??? children.


This is Faust, Leon's son with Cass(will be posted later). He is the rival to Shad's son, and potential wielder of Dyrnwyn. The pair can both use the sword and have monthly duels over possession of the blade. He dyes part of his hair the same color as his mothers, to help stand out.


This is Sigrun, Carla's elder child. Not much else.


And Sigurd, Carla's younger child. Ditto for this.

[spoiler=Generation 27]

This haven't been born yet either...obviously.


This is Shad and his wife Alice's son Luka. Somehow, Alice's(Will be posted later) genes won out over the Hyperion standard. He wields Dyrnwyn most of the time. Name came from MGQ


So this next one takes a little explaining. This one I just made two days ago. This is Luna, Shad and Alice's daughter. The last mug was the original I made based on Akatsuki Kirika from Symphogear G/GX. Then I edited it to use the Hyperion color scheme. Then added a 'combat' attire. Then added armor variants to both casual and combat. Then fooled around and added Kirika's headgear from when she is using her Symphogear. I kinda binge watched the whole series a couple of weeks ago and just went back through seasons 1 and 2 a couple of days ago. I'd like to say that's the only anime inspired mug here...but I'll be lying. I'll post that one next time, with the other characters I mentioned would be posted later.


This is Bell, Maria and Lowell's oldest son. Trained is lances and in healing, he uses a staff with a spearhead on the end.


Rin, the second oldest. A bit of a tomboy, she becomes a cavalier.


Finn, the middle child. A bit eccentric, he doesn't take up any martial or magical forms of combat. He instead becomes a scholar/historian like his grandmother and granduncle.


Owen, the second youngest. Often ignored, but prefers it. Becomes trained to be a spy by his aunts.


Chloe, the youngest child. She is training in magic like her mother before her.


Arron and Briar Hyperion, the twins of Lennox and Illya. The FE6/7 skin tone is intentional. You'll see when I post Illya's mug.

Oh god. Two...hours....I have spent...two hours typing this all up. My neck is sore, my wrist hurts...Now I know why I don't spam all of these at once normally. I still have a lot more...but that's all for now...

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These are clean, but they seem really safe. Your palette has been reused over and over. And the faces are all very recognizable. Which is kind of lol since they have elaborate backstories but their faces are very close to vanilla characters.

There are some good and easy tricks to avoid that. Splice different jaws and eyes at similar angles to what they are now. That's a surefire way to get some distinction going on. You've done it a few times in your collections but I think you're good enough to try some more difficult splicing.

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I know. Ever since I made the Hyperions, I established that they all wear purple and have the same hair color. When I did that, I didn't think I'd ever flesh out the family for twenty seven generations. Plus, a lot of them are just background characters that I didn't want to get too involved in making. That's one of the reasons Luna in the Gen 27 has four variations was because I put a lot of effort into it kept making more. If I did that with the older ones, I think I'd probably still be halfway posting them.

I do have some others I'll post later today that has more variety in colors compared to the last hundred(?!) or so mugs I must have just posted. But since I'm already posting again...I guess I'll post the Illya mugs I made.


So this is Illya, and her design was based on Fremy Speedraw from Rokka of the Six Flowers. I fell in love with the character when I watched it, so I made this. Instead of her flower, I opted for a feather headpiece instead. Before I put that part on though, she had like a '80s hairstyle going on. It was kinda funny. The first two versions is how she would be in the rp, when she begins to travel with Lennox. The last one was back when she lived with her tribe, before being kicked out.

So that's it for me. It's a little after five am, and I have to get up for work in a five/six hours.

Edited by Swift_Assassin

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So here's some more mugs coming up. This time, some of the wives and their families.


This is Daren's wife, Kelsey. The first version was just a cheap fill in for a family tree, as a cavalier that Daren served alongside. The second version is her updated version where she is Kelsey Caron Hyperion, a mage, who practically grew up with Daren. He married her in hopes to introduce magic into their family tree. She died a few months after the attack giving birth to her daughter Maria while in the care of Tyber Fen.


This is her brother Wolfram Caron. A scholar, historian, and expert in Dark Magic. In the rp(set a hundred years after FE6), Wolfram discovered Niime's hut in Ilia and made use of her vast records left there. He is also interested in bringing back the dead and is unknowingly going down the path to crafting morphs. The first version was when he was younger as Daren's friend, the second version is his current attire, and the third one is a joking version I made when I realized he's going down a dark path.


This is Briar Evangelista Hyperion, Maddox' wife. She was a spy in service to the family with a rather sadistic streak. She retired to give birth to Lennox. At the attack of the Hyperion family, she was almost killed by Corin trying to save Arron, but was saved by an agent of the future Marquess Aquleia. Left rather broken from the affair, she forgot all ties to the Hyperion family and serves the Marquess as his eyes.


This is Farrah, Faustus' wife. She was killed by Corin when Faustus took the family to Etruria.


This is Hadiya, Farrah's twin sister and Illya's mother. She expelled Illya from the tribe and allied herself with Faustus and Lycia in attempts to leave the nomadic life behind.


This is Calisto, Hadiya's husband and the actual head of the tribe. Despite his skill, he's quite sickly and had been giving more and more responsibilities to his wife. He isn't aware of his daughter's expulsion from the tribe.


This is Cassandra Carvax Hyperion. The first two versions are the original timeline where she would marry Shad. In that one, she was a spy passing as a dancer, who retired when she got older. The other versions were when she was forced to live on the streets following the attack on the Hyperion family. This version was 'saved' by Faustus and agreed to marry Leon, just in time for her original betrothed, Shad, to return from their eight year exile. She then married Leon, which she is very spiteful about. The last one is also after retirement.


This is her brother, Marcus Carvax. He served the Hyperion family and was almost killed during the attack. He wandered for years before returning to Shad's service in the attack to reclaim his lands. The last version is his current appearance, hiding in enemy lands traveling with Shad. He recently left Shad to head to the Bern safehouse to guard Maria, who would be missing by the time he arrives.


This is Alice Richter, Shad's wife in the current timeline, although that hasn't happened yet. The first mug was from when Shad and her first met, which was when he saved her from an attack in the Ostian market place. They would meet over a decade later when Alice's brother sent her to spy on Shad. They wouldn't realize for a while that they already met as kids. She comes in several variants. Civilian which is her cover attire. Armored versions for combat. Hooded versions of both. And longer, messier hair that happens later with versions for all of them.


This is her brother, Arthur Richter. He is a Ostian General and a close friend of Lennox. Lennox and Arthur are the only two who know that Shad saved Alice, due to Shad being knocked out and Alice being to terrified to see who saved her. As such, he is trying to force the two of them together in marriage to get Shad on his side.


This is Uther Richter, their father. I made the older version just messing around trying to use some mugs I barely take a second look at, then made the younger version.


This is Alicia Richter, their mother. She's a knight of Ostia who would retire and joined a band of missions as an escort.


Hey wait, I thought I said Wives This is Lowell Fen, Maria's adopted brother and husband.


This is his father, 'Tyber' Fen. He is actually Remus Fen and was almost killed by Corin as part of the plot to take out the Hyperion family. When he came to, he though himself to be his brother Tyber, who left to let him believe that. He'd take in Kelsey and the unborn Maria, raising Maria with the intention of having her take over the Hyperion family unless one of the other heirs appeared. Unfortunately, Faustus appeared first and Tyber didn't trust him enough to make Maria known to the man.


This is Remus' older twin brother, the actual Tyber Fen. He used his brothers confusion to take on the name Urai Zann and plotted. He was allied with Faustus already, but was also working with Lycia as the King of Etruria's advisor. He convinced the king to submit to the Empire and for his help Urai became the Marquess of Aquleia. He did some self destructive things to himself to make him look much older than his brother so no one would get the connection between them.

Okay, that it for those. That one didn't take as long as the previous bunch.

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I like Ilya and Farrah (and her twin) the best, but I can't tell whats going on with Ilya's eye.

Briar, Callisto, Uther Ritcher, and Wolfram's heads look a little small. Especially Wolfram, it looks like he's missing part of the head.

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So this next one I've been working on throughout the day.


The first one is made by the Kamui generator thing, the second was based on the first, mostly tried recreating the face and getting a little vaguer towards the body.

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You've definitely got that imagination I remember from years back, aha. I wish I could come up with so many ideas and have the desire to actually create them. Would love to see you branch away a tad from the Hyperions though - you've gotten a lot of experience just through the bloodline; time to surprise us. ;P

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I made one before I added generations earlier then Dieter, it was a gigantic resolution for my monitor. I'm at work now, so I'll post the resolution later, but it was also the old timeline with even older mugs and my darker tone of purple.

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Okay, so this is going to be a lot of small things. Battle Sprites.

ShadSprite_zpstllad2li.pngShad in his future attire.

LennoxSprite_zpsmnz59qnr.pngLennox in his current attire not wielding Dyrnwyn

MariaSprite_zps7dusndhv.png Maria, current attire. Wearing hard to see white shorts.

LudwigSprite_zpstocdahzk.pngLudwig looking much taller than he actually is. Made this to look like a boss character, hence the bigger than usual appearance.

AliceSprite_zpsllgll4br.pngAlice, with twin daggers secured to her back.

CassandraSprite_zpsxooryfd8.pngCassandra with her shortsword

IllyaSprite_zps2amvmsxb.pngIllya unarmed. In the rp, she uses a crossbow since her mother injured her swordarm, Greil style.

BlackRoseSprite_zpsfnap7dbn.pngBriar in her Black Rose attire, with the armor flipped due to laziness.

CalistoSprite_zpsdoz853ek.pngCalisto, with some negligible editting. Didn't put much effort into him or Briar.

LowellSprite_zpsvmevnqfi.png Kid Lowell, lance at the ready.


WolframSprite_zpsc76w7vsk.png Wolfram.

ArthurSprite_zpsvywse8u4.png Arthur in his General Attire

OwenSprite_zpsvgg5q9nl.png Owen, because easy edit is easy.

LunaSprite_zpsjrxqc95w.pngLuna, wielding a scythe based on Igalima from Symphogear

That isn't everything. This next one has a bit of a mood setter for it. You don't actually need to play it, but it's kinda appropriate for the setting.

LennoxSprite_zps0wshjb20.pngLennox in his future attire with Dyrnwyn

CorinSprite_zpsh9wur9zm.png Corin in his White Knight version



When the two have their final fight, Corin is going to be the unhinged bastard he has become and create a battlefield littered with swords on the verge of breaking. He even steals Dyrnwyn and the weapons of Lennox' companions and scatter that on the field as well. At this point in the fight, neither side landed a hit, but Lennox would have found Dyrnwyn amongst the disposable swords. The hitrate is so low because Hyperions are pretty fast and there aren't stats for blocking attacks. The picture of Unlimited Blade Works I shrunk down for the background I found on a free background site, which I can't recall.

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Okay, here is another new mug. As per usual, I tend to make these between 3 and 5 am....I don't know why. I just do. Anyway, here is my attempt at Bell Cranel from "Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" aka Danmachi.


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Here is some edits and a new mug.


This is Leon, back when he lived with Farrah and Carla in Sacae. His attire is meant to be the exact same attire Shad is wearing in his ninth mug on the lineup above, as he passed it down to him to wear as a disguise. I was originally just going to make his hair longer in the back, but it seemed like I was giving him a mullet, so I tossed in some of Karel's bangs(both versions).


I tweaked Bell's original mug a bit after noticing I didn't define where his chin was. Then I added his unarmored attire from later in the series where he is just wearing black.


And this is the new mug. I think I'm going to use this guy and the one from the previous as friends of Lennox and Arthur from their pit fighting days. Haven't come up with names for them, but that'll come when I have a need for them.

Oh, and I realized I didn't post a generation or two of Hyperions. The following characters are Luka's children, son-in-law, and grandchild.


This is Gabriel, who I originally conceived as one half of a pair of orphans abandoned by their then amnesiac father, but I don't know if that's going to stay the same. I had made a completely different version of Luka where he was a pirate and during a catastrophe(which was one of the ideas for the rp setting) he would have been washed up on sea with the wreckage of the boat he was on and call himself Marcellus. But I don't think I'm keeping that idea. He was made from a Splice competition that was held on FEP.


This is Ashley. She prefers Ash, because, going with that orphan story, she thought she would probably have a safer life if people assumed she was a guy. So she would pass as a man for a long time. Eventually another orphan, who I'm going to post next, discovered her secret and would eventually marry her. After that, she was a bit more open to her femininity, eventually changing how she wore her hair and what she wore. This was originally a full blown guy with a slightly different face, but around that time I was playing AC:Black Flag...and got the idea from James Kidd. The second versions with lipstick was made because of a scene where Kidd used her blood as lipstick.


This is Adrian, the other orphan I mentioned. He grew up with Gabriel and Ashley, eventually discovering her secret and marrying the latter. He was very immature as a boy, but matured into a respectable individual.


And this would be Adrian and Ash's son, Barrett. He was going to be kidnapped as a kid which prompted Ash and Adrian to hunt him down. They would be caught in an ambush, however, and slain. The group held on to the boy for a while longer before the guard finally raided the group. Barrett was then sent to an orphanage, since no one knew who his parents were, and grew up into being a street rat.

Okay, so I originally promised a few edits and one new mug...but technically the last group of mugs was made early last year, so I didn't go against it.

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Okay, great chat everyone.

Here's another new mug. This one is based on Yufeng from Lances n' Masques. I'm also including an image for reference.


Hair could use a touch up, but I'm okay with it for now. I find this coming up a lot recently with mugs I've just stopped working on that I've picked characters that have ponytails(or the like). I've tried it with the Kamui based mug earlier with some success, it barely shows on the blue haired girl I posted a few posts back, Taika came out kinda okay, and I honestly think I was lucky even making ones for Yufeng here. But I've given up working on Edna(ToZ), made Taika because I failed to make one of Nikaido Mari from Anti-Magic Academy, and don't even want to try to making a mug of Shirabe(Symphogear) to go with the Kirika one. Crap. I think I just thought of a way to Shirabe's now. I think I'll work on that later, probably when I have nothing to do before going to bed.

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Apparently, when I said later, I meant I'm going to have the whole thing done in two hours.


Yeah...Tsukuyomi Shirabe in her casual clothes in the first half of season 2, before she adds a scarf. Didn't add the relic necklace, since my attempt of that on Kirika was kinda shitty. And so you know what I'm actually referring too...


Akatsuki Kirika was thrown in with the Hyperions because I reused her mug to make Luna.


And that above is more or less a picture for reference of the two. It's fanart of them, but that was quicker to find.

Edited by Swift_Assassin

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The battle sprites look good to me, Luna is my favorite.

About your mugs

I think his neck has a weird angle and I don't feel like it connects well with his head.

I think she suffers from a big neck too or maybe it's just me lol.

These two are my favorite ones of your recent posts, I like them.

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The neck on Leon is a little messed up, but for Yufeng, her collar is just really big. It covers her chin at times, which makes it look bigger than it actually is.

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Okay, so despite thinking that this next mug isn't as good as Kirika's mug above, here is another Symphogear mug. I'd say it's about on par with Shirabe's mug. I'll also include a picture for reference. Next up, Yukine Chris, with her Symphogear G casual clothes.


Not much else to say. Oh, wait. Now I remember. Time for a respam of Shad.


Tweaked it a bit, so it's no longer just Wil's face. Someone over on FEP made a mug that was just Wil's face with Noah's hair. Nothing special, but it looked very familiar. Then I realized why. The mugs that eventually evolved into the original iteration of Shad, was that exact same face/hair combination layered at just the same point. Even went back to that configuration later on, except keeping Wil's thicker eyebrows. When I realized how easy it was to make his face, I thought it was time to tweak it just a bit. So if you want to compare the old to new versions, go back to my second post in this thread and look at Gen 26.

So that's it for me.

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Your mugs seem to be improving in proportions, colors and design. Keep it up. :)

Some of the latest have been very clean splices. Look forward to seeing more.

Edited by ErrantShepherd

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