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It's been a month, so here's an update. It's mostly a Maria post...but.
I did a underwear version of my Illya full body. I've actually updated it again since I've uploaded this to my photo bucket, but I haven't uploaded that for some reason.
Here is Maria's coat attire, which was based on Illyasviel's outfit. That's not new. The new part is the shoddy hat I've tossed on her.

Due to a new full body portrait I did of Maria, I noticed a bit of inconsistency between Maria's arms in these full body portraits compared to her other ones. I also fixed Maria's shoulder in the swimwear version as that was really wonky too.


And due to Konosuba season 2's eminent release (less then eight hour to as of this post) Maria cosplaying as Megumin! I kept Maria's old boots as compared to Megumin's. I also slightly edited my previous incarnation of Megumin's hat from my attempt at her earlier last year. All that's missing now is for me to add her cape.

That's all for now.

EDIT: Changed the Megumin cosplay a bit. Forgot her choker.

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I sincerely think you should probably work on more basic fundamentals before making more fullbodies. The shading is inconsistent, and the anatomy is all over the place.

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Hmm. So, since for some reason, almost none of my previous works are loading on this page, I'll just post the one thing. So, yeah, I made a few mugs within the past few months, but barely touched any full bodies since Teapot's reply. It wasn't until Myke replied to my thread over on FEP that I got back into it. I don't mean any offense by that. It's just that Myke had provided an example with his critique that helped. I mainly focused on the following Maria full body because of your comment on anatomy.


So, it's going to be hard for me to exactly list off changes made between the first version and the current one, as their was three interim versions. Actually, I'm going to post those too. Okay, so the first version is obviously the one in my previous post. I think. Like I mentioned, none of my sprites are showing up on this page. The second version I moved the stomach and hips down, made the hips more defined, moved the left elbow up, reworked the bottoms so they appear more natural, worked on the right arm, and added some new shading. Then I realized it was a mistake to move the hips, reworked the thighs, and added some more shading on the legs. Next version had me change her right hand/arm and add some more shading to the legs. Unfortunately, I left in some stray white pixels, which I later removed. Last and current version includes some more changes to the thighs, adding some definition to her inner right foot, changing the shape of her right leg and foot, changing the outline of her bottoms, stomach and thighs where it touches skin to use the darkest skin tone instead of outline, and added some more shading. It's not perfect, but I feel that I'm getting there with it.

EDIT: Okay, nothing is showing up on this post for me either. Let me know if it's just on my end. Photobucket was doing maintenance right before I uploaded the last one, so perhaps it has something to do with it.

EDIT 2: Okay...so for me, the only one loading is the current version, meaning the one I last uploaded. What's weird is that the the older version and one of Maria with the Archer install from the previous post loaded there too. I don't know what's going on. It's not doing that on FEP.

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So after none of these ended up showing up when I posted last, I'm trying a slightly different method. That being the Insert other Media button and using the link. Maybe that'll work. Right now, it seems to be showing up, but I don't know if that'll change. Okay. So the first one is just a short-hair version for an easy base. Second is normal hair. The rest are fixes of previous incarnations where I fixed the shoulder, reworked leg shading/shape, etc. It would have been more effective in all the previous ones didn't just disappear, but whatever.


This is a new one and still somewhat a work in progress. I had all of the F/KLPI installs I did, but after making the full-bodies of Maria, they don't gel well with the body shape, so I remade the Saber Install...and did a full body of it. Then did a version with Maria's color scheme from the formal and coat attires above. Then did versions of the previous two without armor and adding in the shows from her Chloe von Einzbern reskin, which I've yet to update with the new changes.


And this is just an edit of Daren to look like Kiritsugu Emiya, with a recolor based on some colors associated with him. Would have posted this sooner, but I'm still not even sure if any of these pictures are going to show so...That's all for now.

EDIT: Of course, nothing loaded. Damn it. Okay, trying different method now. Trying them as attachments. Apparently Photobucket refuses to work on this site, at least for me.

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*cough cough* Oh god. So...much...dust.*cough cough*

Okay...so I'm back. Not that I'm really active here anyway, or that anyone really replies to this thread anyway...but yeah. I've got some stuff to post. Since my last post, photobucket gave me the ultimatum to pay up or no one sees my images on third party sites. So I've made the jump to Imgur finally.

So this post is going to be, mainly, new Shad related mugs since May.



So, the first one here is me adding a bloody and angry version of Shad. As for the full bodies underneath it, I did some work fixing the feet a bit and fixed it on these ones, the exceptions being the new ones at the end, which is a full body version of the Shad above them and then him putting on one of his fathers old coats. That mark on his left arm is supposed to be blood seeping through from his cut in the previous full body.

I'm going to make another post for some Maria stuff I've done since May then another post after that for something else.

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So for context on these Maria full bodies, since May I've watched the entire Monogatari series.All roughly 35 hours of it. I was a bit taken aback by the frequency of hair style changes that occurred. Characters that started with long hair cut it off and characters with short hair grew it pretty quickly. If I play a game that lets me customize my character and lets me customize them whenever I feel like it, I do that too. Hell, the prototype version of Shad had that going on. I had six different versions with six variations of hair length and outfit attached. So I kinda moved that on to Maria.


So this was the first test of it. She could pass for a boy with her hair this short. But I thought it looked a bit too neat for how I plan to have her hair cut in the rp. So...


Here is Maria with her hair cut, kinda unevenly by Shad. Due to how I make these, in a bunch of layers, all I had to do for the most part was change the head and remove the long hair. I have a couple other versions that I haven't uploaded onto imgur yet, but it's pretty much the Archer install outfit and the Saber Install outfits from May with this hairstyle on it. Pretty easy to imagine I suppose.

Now I have one more post before I probably go back into lurking. So let me get to that.

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So I'll post this in order of when I made it...sorta. Symphogear AXZ is currently airing, so that spurred this all on. First was this.


Episode 10 ended with Akatsuki Kirika using her Swan Song and ending the episode near death and bleeding from the eyes. She got better, but Kirika is my favorite character in the show, so I was concerned for her. And a masochist as I ended up spriting it. The mug itself is now out of date, but I'll get to that. Due to that, and due to me updating the full bodies of Maria and Shad that led me to want to do a full body of Kirika in Igalima. But it's a form fitting suit and I don't have a form to fit to. Till..


So I've made a full body for a base. Kirika in her underwear. The second version there is Luna, aka me reusing my Kirika stuff for Shad's daughter. So now that I had a base, I realized my old full bodies of her didn't match it anymore. Also, this is actually the third version of this.


The first image there is just for comparisons sake. This is Kirika's Symphogear GX casual clothes. On Luna. I readjusted everything so it fit the full body appropriately and looked a bit more like her reference image I based it on.


So when using her activation crystal, the first part that materializes is this form fitting suit. I figured it would be a good start first before I moved onto the gear itself.


And these are the final versions, so far, of the Symphogear GX and AXZ versions of her suit. That third one is Luna's color scheme. This was a bit of a pain at times, but I wanted to do this for a long time. Then I did this...


This was based on some Kirika fanart someone did. It doesn't match it entirely, because the image was a dynamic action pose, so I've had to infer a bit. Not as good, but whatever. The first version colorscheme is based on how it is in the fanart, the second is based on Luna's color scheme.


So after all those above, I went back to update the Symphogear G casual clothes full body that I did. So, like with the GX one, the first two are the original versions I did and the second two are my updated versions.

This ended up being a longer post than the other two, but the other two were pretty much just updates of older ones...most of which don't show up here anyway...but that's beside the point. Anyway, that's all from me for now. Off to lurking again.

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So...yeah. Been a while. Last thing I posted about was watching Symphogear AXZ and now next season is airing. I've done a lot more things since my last post. But I think my problem is posting too much stuff at once. So, I'm going to ease into it. I've done more full body sprites and I've reworked some of the ones in my previous posts. But I'm going to skip ahead to my newest work in progress and go backwards from there, slowly.



So Shad, the guy from three posts ago, I've redone his entire body from the neck down. His proportions make more sense, but that won't show too much in this. He's certainly built differently, but I digress. I'll get to that. First, I've been playing me some Three Houses. So, I threw together Shad wearing the school uniform. Kinda. I have to change the pants and shoes, those were just recolors of other things not shown here yet, but I think I did a pretty good job of it. Hubert had some good official art I saw that made it real easy to reference, even if I'd prefer the hood look that Ashe or Bernie has. The cloak was, again, taken from something else I've done, so it's not meant to look like the heads of the houses.

Well, that''s all for now. Trying not to overwhelm everything.

Also just realized that a lot of my older stuff on here has that horrible Photobucket watermark now. Ugh.

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So...That went about as I expected. Anyway. More finalized version of Shad, a version of Lennox wearing it(also the only full body of Lennox on here that isn't hosted by photobucket and thus looks emaciated when fuzzy), and just their great-grandfather Ludwig. Ludwig is a bit half-assed since his build was more just splicing parts of Lennox and Shad together then making the coat to match his mug, but whatever.

Maybe next time I'll post Shad and Lennox not wearing 3 houses outfits.

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