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List of the S-supports for all characters?

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Is there a list somewhere of all the possible marriages in Fates by Hoshido, Nohr, and Revelation? I know some of the S-supports are outlined in the Wikia, but are they accurate? Are there any characters that are like Sumia where she can only S-support a few people for some reason? Or characters like Anna that can only marry the Avatar?

If anyone has a list or a link to a list that would be great! (Or if you can confirm the validity of the Wikia)

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Mamui-only: Anna, Flora, Crimson, Yuugiri

Famui-only: Asyura, Izana, Yukimura, Fuuga, Nohr!Gunter

Mamui can S-support any female or Zero.

Famui can S-support any male or Syalla.

Other than some Kamui-only, any "1-gen + Hoshido" male can S-support any "1-gen + Hoshido" female unless they are siblings. Even cousins can S-support.

The same for "2-gen X 2-gen" or "Nohr X Nohr".

Shared characters like Silas, or shared children like Modoriko, are regarded as "Hoshido"+"Nohr" so they can S-support both sides.

Other than shared or Kamui-only characters, everyone has two options from the opposite country.

Here is the list:


No character can S-support "a few". They either S-support only one, or S-support "a lot".

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