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Community Ideas: Dark Magic Tomes

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So far, the only Dark Mage-exclusive tome obtainable/accessible in Fire Emblem Fates is Nosferatu. Obviously, this gives Shadowgift users low viability unless you're a Witch. So for fun (and ideas for Intelligence Systems to write down if they ever find a way to implement these into the game), what kind of brand new or old Dark tomes do you suggest they put into Fates?

Now for the ground rules:

  • You can only make up to 5 suggested Dark tomes
  • Only recurring Dark magic are acceptable. This is not like Awakening, sadly. Sorry fanboys. Some exceptions like Poison, Waste, or Mire may apply.
  • They must be balanced in order to fit the nature of the gameplay (ex.: Strong but slow, +5 Def but -5 Res, Might halved after use for one turn, etc.)
  • Must be so that Dark Mages/Sorcerers and Shadowgift users are no more viable as other Magic-based units except Witches because less face it, they're unadulterated sh*t wreckers.
  • Your reasoning for said Dark tomes must be at least adequate.

My personal suggestions for more Dark Magic tomes are:

  • Fenrir - 3 Might, 60 Hit, 0 Crit, -20 Avoid. 3 Range. Cannot double attack. A Rank.
  • Eclipse - 0 Might, 30 Hit, 0 Crit. 3-10 Range. Halves enemy's current HP. After usage, cannot be used again for 3 turns. B Rank.
  • Luna - 0 Might, 65 Hit, 20 Crit. Negates enemy's Resistance. All stats -2 when equipped. C Rank.
  • Ruin - 5 Might, 60 Hit, 50 Crit. Critical hits deal 2x more damage instead of 3x. C Rank.
  • Goetia - 17 Might, 65 Hit, 10 Crit, -30 Avoid. -30 Critical Avoid. Ability to double attack -5, enemy's ability to double attack -5. S Rank.

And yes, they all have 1-2 range.

Note: The following reasoning below is going off by Conquest playthrough scenario. Your experience may differ when you're wrecking sh*t as a Witch when utilizing Dark Mages/Sorcerers in other routes or Shadowgift.

Fenrir is pretty much the Expert weapon of the magic-oriented class. You're 1 and even 2 Range counter options are turned off,but in return you can snipe you're enemies out of their range as well! That and Fenrir sounds badass as hell. =3

I removed the Might from Eclipse because I don't see how it has any effect on halving your foes' current HP (unless anyone would like to prove me wrong). Anyways, unlimited usage means unlimited chances of lowering the boss's health for an easier fight. If you're worried it'll be too overpowered, HAH! When you use it, regardless if it hits or not, you have to wait for it to recharge for 3 turns before using it again.

Luna. Resistance ignorance. All stats decrease. 'Nuff said.

Ruin is an excellent choice if you have a crit happy unit like Odin.

And finally, Goetia is made to be the foil of Excalibur. Do you use the Excalibur for the accuracy, easy doubling, and delicious crits or this for the out-of-the-box high damage potential and high risk, high reward trade? That is the question.

Anyways, share your thoughts on my analysis and happy commenting! ;)

BTW, I just joined this forum. I hope we'll get along! ^v^

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Personally, I find that having Dark Magic by category diminish its purpose, because in the past FE games Magic Triangle advantage was a thing for determining certain areas of strategic gameplays. Since Awakening, I find that Dark Tomes have no real backbones to exist, considering the fact that any Dark Mage/Sorcerers/Shadowgift users are capable of running every Tomes....

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Fenrir- 14 Mt, 70 Hit, 5 Crit, 1-2 Range. Targets the foe's Defense.

Swarm- 2 Mt, 60 Hit, 0 Crit, 3-10 Range. Cannot double attack, critical, or activate skills. Grants consecutive attacks.

Plague- 4 Mt, 90 Hit, 0 Crit, 1-2 Range. Grants the Snake Venom skill.

Vertigo- 11 Mt, 75 Hit, 0 Crit, 1-2 Range. Whoever would normally double attack, the opposite unit double attacks. Enemy's ability to double attack +5.

Petrify- 3 Mt, 65 Hit, 0 Crit, 1-2 Range. Cannot double attack, critical, or activate skills. On a successful hit, ends the battle and inflicts Freeze staff effect on the target.

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Dark magic is best magic.

  • Flux- 8 Mt, 75 Hit, 0 Crit, 1-2 range, -2 ability to double, -2 luck +2 def/res.
  • Apocalypse- 13 Mt, 60 Hit, 5 Crit, -20 Avd, -10 Crit Avd, 1-2 range, -4 ability to double, -2 def/res. Effective vs. dragon units.
  • Despair- 0 Mt, 80 Hit, 10 Crit, -30 Crit Avoid, 1-2 range, +2 Skill, -2 def. Grants the Lethality skill.

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